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I recently flagged the fact that the right of local police chiefs to approve or deny concealed carry gun permits is one of the key battlegrounds for gun rights. In the effort to remove that power and turn the entirely of the United State into a “shall issue” safe haven for gun owners, the cops stand in direct conflict with the Second Amendment goals of the National Rifle Association (NRA). As we pointed out yesterday, the NRA isn’t adverse to pillow talking with people who may not be fully supportive of gun rights. You can see this tension in Don Earle’s comment [after the jump] underneath NRA Supreme Being Wayne LaPierre’s usual paean to the brave Boys In Blue, who do so much with so little despite revolving door justice that puts creeps on the street . . .

The fact is police enjoy a far lower mortality rate than the general run of the population when it comes to gun deaths. Unlike most citizens, they’re armed all the time, which quite obviously makes them far safer than the rest of us. For unarmed citizens, however, the police can usually be pursuaded to take a work break from their busy coffee schedules to swing by to attach a tag to their big toe.

As a gun owner, I find myself endlessly annoyed by the lamebrained incompetence of the NRA. No one wants to see police officers get shot, but how about the rest of us who are not police officers? A cop can visit the post office or walk past a school without disarming. I can’t.

The same police chief who won the latest NRA shooting competition may very well be denying permits to law abiding citizens in may issue states next week. He’ll gladly sign off on special Federal permits for his fellow officers, while denying them to everyone else.

I am NOT here to put down cops or argue that criminals shouldn’t be prosecuted and punished. By the same token, I can’t pretend that cops aren’t often on the opposite side of the table when it comes to a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms.

On its face, LaPierre’s simple minded puff piece appears to be nothing more than a transparent attempt to appease the Brady Bunch crowd and/or drum up business from entry fees, memberships, donations, etc..

If that’s your business model, then so be it, but don’t fly the false colors of being a defender of the Second Amendment while going about it. The NRA has bargained away more of our rights, and set more bad precedent, than all the anti gunners in the world combined.

“Shall not be infringed” is a line in the sand. It’s not a negotiable instrument subject to deal cutting behind closed doors.

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  1. Thirty years ago, we didn't have any self-defense rights to bargain away. The NRA was just about the only organization working for us. The NRA was the gun-crazy organization, out of step with the nation in general and certain "responsible" gun owners in particular. My, how times have changed.

    NRA makes backroom deals for incremental change. Great! NRA diplomacy is working. The SAF (kudos, Alan Gura) is our advocate in courtrooms, and we are winning there. Finally, local and state groups like Wisconsin Open Carry are our "shock troops" on the street. That's also working.

    It is in our best interest to support all three.

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