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Courtesy Walther and Twitter
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With over 80,000 people filtering through the NRA Exhibits at the Indiana Convention Center this past weekend, some pilfering of goods was inevitable. But one of the attendees actually cut a Walther PPK/S off of a display and allegedly pocketed the gun.

This is why we can’t have nice things:

When he lifted it, he may or may not have been aware that all display guns lack firing pins. In any case, Walther would like to have a word with him. We’d guess the Indianapolis Police would, too.

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  1. Note to everyone (else): Don’t go ordering a single Walther PPK firing pin-it might attract the wrong kind of interest and attention

    • Looking for an older white guy at the NRA show. That really narrows it down.

    • No firing pin? It’d be sweet if he sold it to some gangbanger and said gangbanger went to bust a cap in a rival and….click! Rival responds with Bang! Bang! Bang! Ooopsie! A colossal eff-up.

    • It couldn’t be Eric Swallowswell because he doesn’t have twin brothers — instead we need to be looking for a set of identical triplets.

  2. If and when that jerk is caught his he should NOT be allowed to own or be able to by any firearm ever.
    He gives all responseable gun owners a bad name, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!…MAGA

    • Theft of a firearm is a felony.
      He won’t be allowed to own guns ever again if he’s caught.

    • “If and when that jerk is caught his he should NOT be allowed to own or be able to by any firearm ever.”

      It’s unfortunate that you support gun control. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” I don’t see anything there about allowing government to infringe for stealing a firearm from Walther at a Fudd show hosted by Negotiating Rights Away.

      I hope he is caught as well but I do not wish for more government infringement on exercise of the unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms.

      • Too bad we can’t just bring back good old fashioned public whippings or the stockade. I think either of those would do far better then prison. Figure, you save the state money, his time, and his rear end (literally), meanwhile he still gets a severe punishment he won’t soon Forget.

        • I don’t disagree with you. When the punishment fits the crime, not cruel and unusual, I’m fine with it and think there is utility for a society. After the punishment is completed though, the individual cannot be deprived exercise of their right to keep and bear arms. It’s a dangerous slope for a free society to try and scale down while still protecting liberty.

  3. Just when I think I’ve seen every stupid thing there is to see… something like this comes along…and his neighbors will all say, “he was so quiet…such a nice man…”. Darwin warned me, I should have listened. -30-

    • I found the gun…it’s on the loop…but where’s the hole?

      I was assured by all the Democrats that I could just walk off with any gun I wanted. Am so confused…they would never lie to me.

      Aha, I know… *retrieves wire cutters from pocket*

  4. As someone who has set up at a kajillian antique shows,flea markets and yard sales all I can say is “watch your booth”! Don’t know him…

  5. Good idea with the firing pin, although I might have rather let him try and send it back for warranty repair not realizing that it’s a feature (not a bug) while the SN is flagged.

  6. What a sack of living dung!
    Someone go find and beat his ass.
    What is it with “thieves” anyway?
    I just don’t get it..?

  7. I’m thinking the thief can’t be a person that knows much about guns. I don’t frequent many gun shows but even I know that they take the firing pins out. I suspect one of two things will happen. He will be extremely surprised when he tries to use it and gets a click instead of a bang or he’ll try to source a firing pin at some point. Let’s hope it’s the former rather than the latter. If he is stupid enough to steal the gun who knows what stupidity he’ll try to do with it.

    • My experience is that they don’t take out firing pins at gun shows, at least the ones where they sell individual guns. I know many require vendors to put a zip tie through the action to prevent ammo from chambering accidentally. — Trade shows, on the other hand, where they show off guns but don’t sell them, is another matter.

      That said, if this maroon thinks it’s a good idea to lift a not insignificant item from a highly visible event like this…he’s got a brain with all click and no bang.

    • What sell stupid to me is that he stole something that’s not that valuable. That will go for like… 600 new? There’s tons of more expensive things to steal at NRA expo.

      • The M2 w/jumbo red dot on pedestal mount at Ohio Ordinance booth would be mucho fun but difficult to carry. Perhaps the BAR.

  8. Someone said the back of his jacket read. “Make America Great Again”.
    Could it have been???? Look closely, his face is a little orange. hmmmm!

  9. Uhh. Pretty sure that’s Farago. Guess that deal wasn’t as sweet as we all thought.

  10. “This is why we can’t have nice things”

    It’s really too bad that there are those that think they’re “entitled”…

  11. Shame the resolution on the camera isn’t better. You could probably read his name tag with a little tweaking.

  12. As Dolly Parton said in 9 to 5, “Well I say we hire a couple of wranglers to go upstairs and beat the shit out of him”

  13. The twitter link returns:

    “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!

    You can search Twitter using the search box below or return to the homepage.”

  14. In the age of 4k… people still use 32 pixel camera’s…. Wanna bet they will have better camera’s next time?

  15. Someone stole a tactical light, from a booth just before I got there. I hope they get that guy, too.

  16. You all wondering, Why the PPK? Aren’t you

    Obviously that was a disguised Walther employee. A cunning marketing tactic.

    “You are so easily fooled”—Walther management.

  17. This has me wondering how accurate cell tower triangulation and GPS tracking is inside large open buildings.

  18. damn shame those cameras are so low res. you can see the badge but not his name or badge number. It would be hysterical if they could, show up at his door…

  19. Only thief I see is them folks hosting the event that take your money and do exactly the opposite of what you paid them to do.

  20. Ya know, idk if anyone already mentioned it, since my last post, but perhaps he’s not a real thief? Maybe wanted to make a gun show look bad/dangerous for anti 2nd Amendment groups. Then, if caught, he could legally claim insanity. Get your booths ready for anything and tackle, mace, pepper and taser his butt into ludicrous speed, before they take him away. Boy, that would send a message out! lol

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