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The NRA has doubled-down on Dana Loesch’s attack on The New York Times. They’ve crafted a new video [below] highlighting Times’ reporter Adam Goldman’s contention that Ms. Loesch promised to “fist” the newspaper. She actually said the NRA was going to “fisk” — as in debunk — the Times’ misleading news. Now the cynical amongst you . . .

would say that Mr. Goldman intentionally misheard Ms. Loesch. While the less dubious amongst you might cut Mr. Goldman some slack — applying Hanlon’s Razor (“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”).

Meanwhile, The Times reporter hasn’t issued a corrective Tweet. What does that tell you?

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  1. of course he did, this is their SOP. he knows his audience, emotionally fueled, fact resistance bacteria….err leftists.

  2. If the New York Times, and their co-conspirators, were capable of telling the truth you would be out of a job Robert.

  3. Meh, the mind is complicated. Most people attribute their ideological opponent’s motivations as malicious. It’s not a stretch at all that he mistakenly hear fist. I’ve never heard fisk used in conversation. I would even go so far as to say that this isn’t due to the reporters “stupidity.” I could easily see myself making the same mistake, though having the NRA talking about fisting anyone or anything does seem like unusual language for them to be using.

    • I have to say I have heard the word fisk used although it is one of those “new words” born from the internet so I suppose it depends on what circles you are in. By contrast I have never heard anyone threaten to fist someone or in this case an organization! That would sound too bizarre to me and I would listen more carefully before I jumped on Twitter. Goldman is a moron.

    • I’ve never heard “fist” as a verb used in conversation either.

      I think the guy’s been watching too much porn at work.

    • Maybe if the NRA hadn’t used the word ‘fist’ in their tweeting of the video it wouldn’t have confused as many people.

  4. I dunno… Can’t imagine why anyone would read that garbage wrap to start with. But does anyone think that protesting and trying to refute lies actually makes people who believe them change their mind?

    Don’t we have better things to do? Let’s go SHOOTING! 🙂

  5. I love Dana Loesch’s Twitter reply although she could have called Goldman an illiterate moron instead of just a moron!

  6. It isn’t an attack by the NRA or Mrs. Loesch, it is a constant reminder that what the New York Time’s produces is propaganda, which Mrs. Loesch and the NRA are countering with the truth.

    Fist vs Fisk, sounds dodgy and more than a bit painful, must have scared snowflake Goldman something awful!

  7. Taking about “fisting” around some liberals makes them nervous and makes their bowles quiver.

    The NYT lies all the time about civil rights movement. Guns were everywhere in the civil rights movement in the 50’s and 60’s. Dania is doing just fine.

  8. I remember Popeye the Sailor Man using fisk in his theme song:

    “If anyone dares to risk me fisk, it’s boff an’ it’s wham un’erstan’?
    “So keep good behav’or, that’s your one life saver
    “With Popeye the Sailor Man.”

    Maybe Adam Goldman likes to eat spinach and Olive Oyl and just got confused.

  9. I’m a fairly well-educated person. I graduated from a top-20 law school, and I’m a voracious reader.

    I’ll admit, I can’t recall hearing the word “fisk” before. I’d be inclined to dispute the NRA’s line of defense here, but I just can’t fathom any person writing copy at the marketing department of the NRA would be so stupid as to use the term “fist” in this context.

      • I will admit I’ve never heard of this before, and had to look it up. What’s interesting is the first few articles that pop up about it indicate record searches for the word after the NRA used it.

        That said, it would be interesting to see the old gray lady getting fisted.

    • You’ve never heard the word “fisk” before? I could believe never hearing it in live conversation, but did you honestly not know the word?

        • I’ve heard ‘fisk’ used to describe when someone has been duped into losing money or other worldly possessions. Something to the effect of a con artist fisking a mark or a rube. Kind of like saying someone has been taken to the cleaners at the poker table.

          Of course, not as a spoken word but used in cheap literature.

          Although, after googling to try to confirm this I may have been confusing ‘fisk, with ‘fleece’.

        • It is regularly used here on TTAG. Peruse a few Bruce Kraft articles and the comment sections from articles over the last few days.

    • “I’m a fairly well-educated person. I graduated from a top-20 law school, and I’m a voracious reader.”

      …and you ended up in TTAG?

      You poor bastard…

      *snicker* 🙂

      • “Top 20 law schools”

        Isn’t that like being among the top 20 tallest midgets??

        And my apologies to the rightfully offended midgets.

        • Haha, you’re not far off. I only threw that tidbit in there because there are many really lousy law schools in this country. Just graduating from “a law school” isn’t much of a bona fide, honestly. Even “top 20” law schools churn out their share of obtuse individuals.

    • I’ve seen this definition and etemology in a few places, so it might be correct.

      Fisk: verb
      (slang) to refute or criticize (a journalistic article or blog) point by point.

      After the use of this technique by Robert Fisk (born 1946), British journalist, to criticize articles.

      There’s also a paragraph on fisking in Robert Fisk’s wikipedia page.

    • The only thing graduating from a law school guarentees is that it is highly probable that you are an azzhole.

      However if you’re a POTG, I guess you may be one of the rare exceptions to the above generality.

  10. In fairness, I’ve heard Dana in several of the unedited and unrehearsed vids on NRAtv and she sometimes has a bit of a slur…
    She can still be my spokesperson anytime, keep that fist handy Dana.

  11. Liberals get giggly and seem excited when they hear such words, or believe to hear such words. I bet Goldman now wants to get fisted!

  12. 1) Sounds like fisk to me… but also sounds very close to fist.

    2) NRA is the one that screwed up here and put FIST, not FISK, in the tweet.

    3) The entire ad is so overly self-righteous and overwrought that it sounds more at home on MSNBC for style, if not substance.

  13. I personally like to amend Hanlon’s Razor to say not to assume malice the first time, and we’re probably into the upper millions by now when it comes to the Gray Lady.

  14. I have long been under the impression that people usually hear what they want to hear, so I suspect that is what this reporter, down deep is truly wanting to happen in his life.

  15. apparently Adam Goldman is preoccupied with being fisted ….maybe he should leave his personal life out of his commentary!

  16. Good. The NRA, the Trump administration, and everyone else who isn’t drinking the Leftist Koolaid need to start calling the media to the carpet for their yellow journalism. It’s time to stop being silent and stop letting them mislead the public unchallenged. There will always be sheep who will believe the media narrative, but there may be people who will listen to reasonable counter arguments, especially now when the lies and half truths in the media are so blatant. It’s time for all of us to speak up.

    • Damn right.

      And for the first time in history, we CAN speak up. It’s only the blink of an eye in historical terms, but can you imagine how screwed we would have been if Sandy Hook had happened 15 years ago?

      Fortunately, just about everyone had some meaningful contact with at least one (and probably dozens) of pro-gun people who were making pro-freedom arguments and backing them up by being decent human beings.

      I think that’s why the legacy media establishment is doubling down on their ideological propaganda and getting hysterical on social media. They’re starting to realize they’re outnumbered, and hoping they can drown out all the dissenting voices by sheer volume and repetition.

  17. “Meanwhile, The Times reporter hasn’t issued a corrective Tweet. What does that tell you?”

    The byline shows this was posted on Aug 7; he tweeted this on Aug 4: “Dana Loesch claims she says “fisk” in the ad, not “fist,” which is in their hashtag. 2/2″

    We POTG need to not do this kind of stuff that we’re criticizing media/journalists of doing!

  18. “Fisting” a (sexual) practice I’m sure is common in BOTH, I mean ALL the 38 different gender bathrooms at the NYT’s headquarters.

  19. I really don’t know about the future of America…If all these Douche bags get their political party in full power once again…The assault on Our US Constitutional-Bill of Rights will be incredible! Some people are obviously fighting hard in some “Free-States.” To secure liberty and Freedom…Unfortunately, in My state with the logo; “Welcome to the DNC/RINO, Socialist, left-wing, authoritarian police state…Where everything is illegal, and if it isn’t licensed by the state…Then it is by the corrupt, left-wing, fascist, Authoritarian Police Departments…So Welcome, prepare to kiss liberties and Freedom good bye…..Maybe you’ll get criminalized along the way…But, definitely YOU’LL pay a $#!t load of taxes, and illegals alien have more rights, privileges, and support than you will! Thank YOU for dropping bye….” That kind of state….The type this so called corrupt fake news reporter (actor) commenting on the NRA…Because America is still full of stupid people in the general public…Who are incapable of understanding politics hostile to liberty and freedom…Both Political parties suck…You definitely can trust anything from the DNC…And the RepubliCONs AREN’T very reliable either! Matter of fact, ones our governor right now…A Big Business/Big Government RINO, who sides with the DemoCRAPS on anti 2nd Amendment issues…I originally thought he was a DemonCRAP! I’m thinking a 3rd party political party….If things DON’T straighten out in a few years…I think there just might be a Civil War for our Constitutional-Bill of Rights, our Liberties and Freedoms…Which Political forces are trying desperately to remove! If Trump is going to Protect our 2nd Amendment freedoms he needs to make it a “Capital Crime” for any government official, Law Enforcement agency, Business, organizations, private landlords, etc… From infringements, My RIGHTs DON’T stop ehen I go place to place…Or enter someones property, or if I rent, or by my employer, or any government entities, PERIOD! No if, and no buts…We the people who support our Constitutional-Bill of Rights must make sure people like this reporter DON’T get to be the architects of our demise….


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