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The NRA’s PR team aren’t known for speed, surprise or violence of action. When it comes to reacting to current events, they tend to let the mystery be. This new video is the exception that almost breaks the rule. NRA Commentator Don Raso’s video below takes on the pearl-clutching media’s reaction to Dana Loesch’s call for gun owners to raise the “clenched fist of truth.”

That said, Mr. Raso’s “America: love it or take a vacation in Syria” rant isn’t a direct assault on the mainstream media’s howling indignation at Ms. Loesch’s polemic. It’s more like piling on. Doubling-down. That kind of thing.

What’s missing: any mention of guns. Sure, there’s a quick clip (not a magazine) of a pol declaring that “the NRA is a front for gunmakers.” And . . . that’s it.

Other than a veiled comment in Mr. Raso’s closing remarks — designed to poke the MSM bear. “I for one, will not tolerate [flag burning],” Mr Raso declares. By force of arms, the progs will project.

While I agree with Mr. Raso’s defense of American values, this kind of NRA ad is counter-productive. It does nothing to advance the cause of gun rights and everything to plant the NRA flag in Republican territory.

Critics who’ve accused the NRA of becoming an adjunct of the Republican Party are not without reason. And, now, evidence.

I know that Democrat politicians are, to a man and woman, anti-gun. But this NRA – Trump alliance closes the door on the possibility of bi-partisan gun right restoration in years to come.

Your thoughts?

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    • More likely you are simply confused – one of your two polar opposite premises is incorrect. Although logic clearly indicates which one is correct, the choice is yours, at least for the sake of consistency and to avoid hypocrisy.

    • If you’re a Democrat, you need to ask yourself one question: am I a socialist? If the answer to that question is “no” then congratulations, you’re an idiot. The DNC has only two kinds of people: socialists and useful idiots. The GOP is woefully inadequate, but at least they aren’t a wholly owned subsidiary of the Comintern.

      • You’re the useful idiot. Republicans have used your love of firearms for years for votes…and provided you with nothing. Like an ignored housewife, you keep coming back to the familiar instead of exploring your options. When the primaries come – you keep voting in the same douchey incumbent who is “for your gun rights” but doesn’t own a gun, doesn’t carry one (as evidenced by the Scalise shooting) and knows he’s got your vote pocketed. At least Inohofe has a track record of voting for 2A issues. Lankford does not.

        But outside of your state, where’s national reciprocity? Where’s your NFA repeal? How many silencer companies are going to get bought or go bankrupt, waiting for silencers to become non-regulated. Why can’t these politicians keep this idiot Trump from shooting himself in the goddamned foot.

        Tax reform. Repatriation of corporate money in foreign banks. We’d be looking at a 6 year bull run in the economy if GOP politicians got shit done.

        They control the house, senate and Presidency and they still can’t get shit done. They can’t even figure out healthcare. You better pull the thumb before pointing the finger on who gets treated like what, and acknowledge that Republican politicians treat YOU like a useful idiot.

        • Guess you’re reading comprehension is a little weak, or you just missed the part where I said the GOP was woefully inadequate. And I’ve voted against my douchebag R rep for the last two elections. So GFY comrade.

    • It’s this simple Todd. If your party ever gets its way, one day you’ll be proudly standing in line at your local police station, to turn in all your guns.

    • There is pro-gun thought and pro-gun in deed. If you’re a Democrat, you’re voting Democrat, and those people are anti-gun. That makes you anti-gun in deed.

      As to still being pro-gun in thought? Well, that’s made moot by actions, so who cares? Heck, even Diane Feinstein is “pro-gun” when it comes to her own guns.

      • You fail to allow that someone can have more on their mind than guns.

        What if he’s pro-choice? Voting for a republican will do just as much to blow up that right as voting for a democrat will hurt the 2nd.

        (yes, yes, to those that are about to type furiously ‘murder is not a right!’ blah blah blah you’re missing the point of the post)

        • Well you get to pick the things that are the most important. Words are cheap voting demtard is proof freedom isn’t really your thing because you know the children who didn’t get aborted matter… /sarc

        • You are right Hannibal. For some people, murdering helpless unprotected unborn children is more important than protecting the same person that has survived the womb. And if you think that keeping those that have survived the womb defenseless and more easily murdered because they have been denied the ability to KABA, week, voting for Democrats gives you more blood/bang for your bucks

          After all, a person really does need to keep their Priorities straight.

        • His point is that if you consistently vote anti-gun, then you are anti-gun regardless of your thoughts. If you think abortion is too important vote pro-gun, then, at the end of the day, you are not pro-gun.

          If I were to say “I’m really compassionate about the poor, but I’d rather spend all my money on myself,” then I wouldn’t really be very compassionate.

        • So I am curious Hannibal, what do people that vote Democrat find appealing about wanting the ability to murder the most helped among us, (unborn children), and making those that have survived the womb, more easy prey for the homicidally inclined?

          I mean, how is that supposedly being more “compassionate”than those “hateful, bigoted, intolerant and racist” conservatives that want the unborn protected and all the ones, ( what ever color, gender or ethnicity) that have survived the womb have the ability to more easily defend their lives by keeping and bearing of arms?

          It seems kind of reversed. It seems like the Democrats are the more bloody and murderous minded and the conservatives that are the more caring and compassionate ones.

      • Almost spit out my coffee on this one…..The Patriot Act, the ever growing police surveillance state, the constant expansion of government….just to name a few of the recent, blatant republican stances which do not respect the Constituion….there are countless others. Yes, the democrats are the anti gun party, but to say that because the republicans support (sort of) the 2nd Amendment that the party respects the Constitution is not realistic.

        • Re: the Patriot Act, just because spineless Obama failed to do the right thing by repealing it, does not change the fact that Bush was wrong to create it.

          I’m a Christian, a husband and father, a Patriot, and a Republican in that order.

          Clinging to party above all else will ruin this country faster than terrorism or debt.

    • Anyone pro gun that heard the leaked audio where Hillary says “Heller got it wrong, and I intend to fix that.” that voted Democrat is a fool.

    • I wouldn’t let your democrat friends know that you’re a proud gun owner. They’d put you up against the wall just like they would the rest of us.

    • It’s divisive, polarizing, far-right comments & attitudes from the likes of people responding to Todd that make the gun owning community such a hostile place to anyone but the staunchest Republicans. Don’t fall in line with the extremists? Well, you must be a Demtard or a moron or some other such derogatory attack.

      • So you’re saying you didn’t actually read any of the responses, got it. Or do you just not have a cogent argument against why the Democratic Party is the enemy?

    • Check it out: voting D is voting for gun control, so DO NOT come here and expect us to accept you. If guns aren’t that important to you, ok, fine, whatever. But that would be like me going to a heavily pro-gay community and saying, “hey guys, I have no problem with you, but I’m a Republican. Accept me!” No. Doesn’t work like that. Whether or not you personally approve of guns, you vote for their removal, either directly or indirectly. So fvck off and don’t expect any acceptance here, because you sure as hell won’t get it.

  1. You are wrong on this call. Freedom needs to have strong assertive protectors not pearl clutchers in Camo.

      • That’s the best metaphor I’ve seen.

        I like Yankee for his detailed gun reviews, but every time he talks politics I want to shake him. I don’t even know wtf he believes, but the fact he considers himself “left of center” is proof he doesn’t know either. If you are pro 2a and unrestricted 1a, you are right of center, period.

  2. I’d say the democrats slammed the door shut on bi-partisan 2a rights restoration a long time ago. When was the last time you heard a dem suggest reducing gun regulations?

    • Kirsten Gilibrand here in NY was very pro-gun while she was an Upstate politician (Representative). Upstate NY being very pro-gun, especially the district she represented.
      Then she became the junior Senator under Chuck Schumer and immediately turned. Speaking out in favor for “Gun Safety” Legislation etc.. (She vowed to never let the “Hearing Protection Act” pass)
      What does that say about Democrats?

  3. >>the possibility of bi-partisan gun right restoration for years to come.<<

    There is no possibility of bi-partisan anything, ESPECIALLY the restoration of our natural, civil, Constitutionally-protected rights.

    We are two nations with a shared government. Those two nations have radically incompatible beliefs on how life ought to be conducted.

    • Really, it’s two incompatible beliefs on the role of government. One side thinks the government’s role is to enable equality of opportunity through freedom (which means you’re free to fail…gasp!), and the other side thinks the government’s role is to create equal outcomes through forced redistribution and reliance on the state.

      • Exactly. What the socialists fail to understand is that their redistribution schemes are wholly dependent on the output of productive people. If those people ever conclude that working hard has become a fool’s errand, the socialists’ house of cards will collapse.

        • You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.

          What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.

          The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.

          You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.

          When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

    • Bingo. Bi partisanship is long dead. America is divided beyond the typical political dissagrement. This shit isn’t going away, and it’s personal. This dwarfs the divide of the 60s, compares more to the one of the 1860s. This past election saw families split up, divorces occur, and friendships end, over which candidate you supported. Each side is pulling father into its respective ideological corner and their supporters cutting off connections to the other side. I’m not even preaching the opposite, because I did it too. It’s downright bitter, and its not going to end with some kind of peaceful compromise. Either one side wins, or we Balkanize. The only real possibility I can see to avoiding conflict is “city stating” the major urban centers. But I doubt we’ll see that occur in due time.

  4. Did you somehow think we would ever get any support from the democrat disarmament lobby. What have you been smoking????
    I’ll go with the NRA & Republicans as opposed to hoping we would see democrat hacks deign to throw us a crumb of support for the 2nd Amendment.

    • As we saw in today’s post about Gun Violence Restraining Orders, the Republicans are not to be trusted with our gun rights.

      The only power you ever have in a negotiation is the power to walk away.

      • The west coast republicans have a problem. The north east coast republicans have a problem. But the southern republicans have not problems. And do we keep a close eye on them.

      • The difference between the two parties is Republicans can do bad things, but Democrats can’t do good things.

        • Exactly right! Unless you’re one of the downtrodden with their hand out wanting someone else’s wallet – then you think lib pols are the bees knees!

  5. I agree the NRA is foolhardy to align themselves this closely to any administration, much less the current one on such issues. If we get too in bed with one group of pols we are doomed to be taken for granted. We need to follow up, ensure they are doing what we want them to and then perhaps we can consider them having earned our vote.

  6. “I know that Democrats are, to a man and woman, anti-gun.”

    There’s literally tens of millions of pro-gun Democrats, let alone gun owners.

    That sort of bullshit is exactly why the NRA thinks these disgusting, insulting, divisive ads are a good idea.

    • If you’re a dem and you voted for hillary or bernie then you are a part of the problem.

      Want to prove otherwise? Start an inside movement to get the democratic platform changed to push for constitutional carry. The dems claim they’re for civil rights. Make them prove it.

      • Interesting. I don’t see how this video is disgusting? What is disgusting to me is the factual video contained within! I am glad to see the radical left being called out for their anti-american actions and held responsible for their actions. You didn’t see this kind of response when obama got elected and then turned 1/6 of the economy under government control (obamacare). No destruction or blood in the streets, why should these despicable low lifes get away Scott free without getting called out? When has the left EVER compromised or modified their stance to accommodate anyone else’s position? Documentation is the key for future accountability.

        • I was making fun of the poster above for calling this video “disgusting.” It’s such an emotional, pearl-clutching statement that mocking is the only suitable response.

      • I think you captured the pearl clutching perfectly. Which might be why Old Fashion 08 missed the sarcasm.

    • No. Those are just millions of people who haven’t yet realized how radical the Ds have become. How can you possibly claim to be pro-2A while voting for a host of people you know, or should know will do everything in their power to restrict you’re gun rights? I guess it proves my point about there only being two kinds of Democrat.

  7. “It does nothing to advance the cause of gun rights and everything to plant the NRA flag in Republican territory.”

    Yeah, because the Dems have been so supportive and have a clear track record of being champions of the 2A over the years. Give me a break. F all of them and their anti constitutional rabble. We don’t need them or anything even closely aligned with their values.

    I say keep doubling down. The more they burn, destroy, and murder innocent people in the name of liberalism, the more people will ostracize them from society. We need to take a scorched earth policy with the left and pour salt in their fields.

    • You’re kidding, right? I’m fighting every day for gun rights restoration. 15k+ articles and counting.

      I’m simply pointing out that nothing lasts forever; the NRA should play the long game. It’s entirely possible that Democrats may one day see sense.

      As another commentator pointed out, by being closerthanthis with the Republicans the NRA loses some of its bargaining power.

      • RF may be fighting for gun rights, but it appears that attacking the NRA is almost always on his agenda. Seems Pavlovian to me. Very similar to progressive-liberals that almost always twist the truth and fabricate false facts to attack Trump and the GOP. They apparently can’t help it – it is in their nature.

        RF: don’t be that guy. The NRA is on our side. Give ’em a break already.

        • I want the NRA on that wall. I need the NRA on that wall. But my job as a journalist is to question everything. Everyone. All the time.

          Put another way, I’m pro gun rights. 100 percent. But I keep an eye on both my enemies and my allies. Would you really want it any other way?

        • In defense of RF, the Springfield/RRA story broke because of a critical eye turned inward.

          I like the NRA most of the time. The rest of the time, I’m ready to dump them and build a new redoubt.

        • I often disagree with Mr. Farago’s stance on the NRA, but I’ll be the first to admit they ain’t perfect. I think he is too ready to criticize them. I think that is a popular position.

          This position comes from the fact that the NRA isn’t a pure 2A organization. It’s really more of a national gun club than a national civil rights group. It started as a marksmanship advocacy group. As a gun club, it pushes for pro 2A policy, but that is not the core of its being. As American politics became more anti-2A, the marksmanship advocacy got reduced because advocacy for the 2A became necessary to protect all other pro-gun issues*. The NRA is probably more pro 2A than it has ever been. Additionally, gun control/2A issues have been more partisan than ever.

          These two things mean that the NRA is more Republican than it has ever been. When the vast majority of people who passionately support the 2A are conservative, a group made up of people who passionately support the 2A is going to be conservative. Democrats haven’t welcomed conservatives (by any definition of the term) for a long time.

          *Things like marksmanship and gun safety are not 2A issues any more than literacy and penmanship are 1A issues. They are important to the effective exercise and maybe even continued existence of the right, but they are not the right or its legal recognition.

        • Pardon my French, but the NRA can kiss my ass. Smart people give to their STATE pro-2A organization. They’re the ones lobbying in your state capitol, every day, on behalf of gun owners. They do more in an afternoon for your gun rights, than the NRA does in a month.

          Lazy morons who like free duffle bags give to the NRA. You’re literally paying Wayne LaPierre’s million dollar salary, you clown. For what? To occasionally latch onto a lawsuit filed by a STATE pro-2A group?

          Wayne makes $972,000 – An annual membership to the NRA is $30. It takes 27,771 of you numbnuts to pay for his salary, for one year.

        • RyanC, you usually get what you pay for. How many new federal 2A infringements did Antis get through the legislation since Sandy Hook? That’s right, zero.

          Didn’t they try hard enough, or was there NRA with WLP front and center stopping them again and again? The guy delivered and did his job. Bloomberg and his cohorts couldn’t achieve anything at federal level, so they moved on to the states with their poisonous agenda.

          As salaries of top management of huge, nation wide organizations go, million a year is on lower end of spectrum.
          Now it looks like the NRA is getting out of constant defensive play and pushing back.

          Why can’t we support both national organizations like SAF, GOA and NRA and our respective local state groups?
          My ISRA card doesn’t fight with my NRA card as long as they are not in the same pocket.

      • What trends, what rhetoric, what movements within the Democratic Party has you convinced they will ever ‘see sense?’ For f*ck’s sake, the idea that a man becomes a woman by putting on a dress and saying so is now a significant portion of their party platform! They hate the 2nd Amendment, and now they are starting to show that they hate the 1st Amendment, too. They are not just the other party across the aisle, not anymore. They are our enemies.

        • If you study political history in the US you will see that the parties shift platforms and policies regularly- and have basically completely been remade a couple of times as well. There was a time, not long ago, when the dems used to represent the working class instead of all the leadership being coastal limo liberals. There’s no reason to trust a word that comes out of their mouths on guns, but there’s also no reason to shut the door on it. You never know when they might decide to stop tilting at windmills and do something useful.

        • RF’s statement about the democrats “seeing sense” is the most profoundly stupid and naive comment that I’ve seen on this board in a long time. The path is clear in which the Democrats are headed and it is the California model and then ultimately the European full-on socialist Marxist-lite model.

          Even with all the warning signes and waving red flags of Europe committing cultural social suicide the Democrats will keep heading in that direction because they just know they are so smart and will “do it right this time”.

          There isn’t a chance that the Democrats will change direction even if ISIS flags are fluttering over #10 Downing Street.

        • Hannibal, the NRA can shift just as easily as the DNC. I agree that it shouldn’t have to shift. It should focus on the 2A and gun issues. But I can also see and understand why that isn’t the case.

      • I don’t believe that it is even remotely possible that the Democrat/Socialist Party can ever be on the side of Liberty. There have been dozens of attempts and experiments with socialism throughout the world and all, without a single exception, have led to tyranny. The American Socialist Party, aka the Democratic Party, is currently in a fight to the death to win. Now is its best chance to permanently grab power, or it will be destroyed. I believe that it is willing to risk a civil war to attain its goal. There is absolutely to purpose to pander to them and any attempt at appeasement will be swallowed as a weakness. There is a reason why their most prominent leaders are Schumer and Pelosi.

      • The democrats will never come to their senses, they’ll just keep doubling down and pushing communist-lite candidates on us.

  8. The pendulum is going to swing back with the next administration and gun rights are going to suffer for these ads.

    • Because if it wasn’t for these ads the Ds were going to be all in for 2A restoration once they regain power. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    • Leftists don’t care about having a reason to curtail gun rights they just F’in do it and activist judges back them up. That’s how they roll. Just look at NY/CA.

    • if anything, the pendulum will swing further right just to chastize the looney leftists. People are sick to death of their bullshit.

  9. No Problem here because he is right and so is Dana! Sick and tired of being “pc”. No more. We are Americans first and then gun owners at a time when both are being attacked. Time to fight back with “the fist of truth.”

  10. The main reason I don’t like the idea of “…plant[ing] the NRA flag in Republican territory…” is that there are so damned many Rep pols who have no qualms about stomping all over my right to defend myself, my family, and my property. To be sure, the Reps are “better” than the Dems, but that’s like saying that having a 40 lb rock dropped on your foot is better than a 60 lb rock…and you’re forbidden to own and wear steel toed boots.

    • You say that as if Republican state-level lawmakers haven’t steadily relaxed or eliminated infringement laws throughout red states over the past 10 years. Look, there are plenty of shady, corrupt Republicans, especially at the Federal level. But at the state level, and overall, Republicans are still the party of personal freedom and actual civil rights. There’s really no contest. The Libertarian Party is a bad joke, and the Democrats are openly Socialist.

  11. “But this NRA – Trump alliance closes the door on the possibility of bi-partisan gun right restoration for years to come.

    Your thoughts?”

    As others above have noted, that ship ship sailed *long* ago. They have declared *literal* war on firearm rights.

    I’m fine with giving them what they want on that issue.

    First, get the Hearing act passed. Then, pass 50-state carry.

    And if they threaten filibuster on 50-state, ram it through via reconciliation, cloture, or whatever.

    They made us choke on Obamacare, let’s shove gun carry rights right down their throats. See how they like it.

    (In my opinion, the video was kinda mild. Dana should have done the rebuttal with Dom…)

    • “let’s shove gun carry rights right down their throats”

      I was thinking the opposite direction and an entirely different orifice.

      • How about we “meet in the Middle” dems will embrace gun rights when we start stringing the rope up for enemies both foreign and domestic……

        • Again, I’m not suggesting ANY compromise on the natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

          I’m simply saying that the NRA’s hyper-political rants puts the civil rights org too close to the Republican party, many of whom are RINOs.

          Bottom line: gun rights shouldn’t be a purely party issue.

        • “Gun rights shouldn’t be purely a party issue.”

          But they ARE. And WE didn’t make it that way.

        • I believe the NRA should stand ABOVE party politics, regardless of the political climate. That is all.

        • Kinda hard to stay above “party politics” when one side has been villifying you for decades…..

  12. Needed to tie more into pro-gun. It’s as simple as some images of rooftop Koreans and a warning that Americans will defend their property from any “resistance” riots.

    Hell, NRA needs to use rooftop Koreans more in general. Minorities defending their property with guns as part of an organized militia is something that second amendment defenders should repeatedly use against liberals.

  13. You don’t work with democrats, you drive them before you and hear the lamentations of their women.

    Besides the gun rights argument is not going to be settled by law, but rather by immigration and how badly real Americans want to preserve their nation.

  14. While I voted for Donald, I have a mixed opinion of him. I have a mixed opinion of both the D’s and R’s because I don’t approve of take it or leave it party platforms. But I have to agree with everything Don Raso said in the video. It’s what even Trump could not dare to say during the run-up to the election.

  15. I have no problem with this video. Its about time the liberals are called out for the shit they stir up. Too much PC in our country.

    • I have no problem with the message of this video, either. I have a problem with it coming from the NRA. This video is the kind of thing Trump or other Republicans should be creating. The NRA should stick to our guns.

      • ” I have a problem with it coming from the NRA. This video is the kind of thing Trump or other Republicans should be creating.”

        Thanks for that nice clarification. If the NRA starts spending resources to promote a broad right wing agenda, the amount of effort spent on specifically defending gun rights will be diluted.

        Additionally, your points about the dangers NRA (and gun rights in general) becoming to closely aligned with a single political party are well-taken. The goal shouldn’t be so much to aid the political party that has been, in recent years, more friendly to gun ownership, but to make restriction of gun rights is a dangerous position for politicians of any party to hold.

        • The overarching issue in America today is personal freedom vs state tyranny. Gun rights are just a subset of the big scheme. One cannot defend or attack this subset in isolation.

  16. The republicans and the NRA go together. That’s a fact. Its a fact also democrat gun owners can’t face the truth that their party is anti gun civil rights. I think that Colorado was proven that.

  17. I think it’s funny that people assume that the Republicans are immune from NRA castigation. If some Republicans start abandoning the 2nd amendment this can happen to them too.

  18. I have no problem with this ad, because it calls out “The Resistance” for their insipidness and hypocrisy. Not the Democrat Party, The Resistance.

    Some day, the sensible majority in the Democrat Party is either going to wrest control from the radical leftists currently in charge, or they will start a new third party which will quickly capture most of the centrist and middle-left voters. When that day comes, this ad will be seen as what it was – an attack on anarchists and useful idiots.

    • So when BHO, Hillary, and Pelosi all explicitly say they are the Resistance or in support of it are you trying to tell me that the Democratic Party isn’t the Resistance and vice versa?

  19. Meh…I’m fine with the rant. The democrats hate guns and gunowners. Some RINOS do too…mediocrity is what we get.

  20. I slammed my door on Dims back in 92. I was a life long tax and spend Dim myself till then. Personally I don’t care what they say or do today. They mean nothing.. I don’t even see them as useful idiots. That’s being too kind.
    Go for it NRA keep up with the truth.

  21. So TTAG wants the NRA to “stick to our guns” and not present videos like this which has nothing to do with our guns while at the same time TTAG criticizes the NRA for not supporting Philado Castile who had nothing to do with our guns.


    • Time=0.0
      NRA…”We support Philndo Castile”

      Time= 1 second later
      MSM….”NRA supports doped up people carrying concealed assault guns!!!!”

    • Yep. Castile was not one of the “law abiding gun owners of America” who the NRA is constantly claiming to represent. If there was a case to stay away from, that one was it. Way too much nuance for the bumper sticker logic needed to push the people in the middle.

  22. The ad coulda been more pro gun. Just a few seconds of Mr. Raso shooting didn’t cut it.
    Speaking of Mr. Raso, the dude is ripped. Probably has muscles in his pee.

  23. Long before we became faced with the present dilemma, our Founding Fathers faced very similar conditions. I find nothing wrong with this PSA, or Dana’s. We must stand up to our oppressors or perish as slaves. The NRA, while representing the Constitutional rights of all citizens, is a voice of the right. Do we believe in our rights or do we not? Is one of those rights less equal than the others? Do we believe that each individual is responsible for his/her own actions, or do we believe that society is wholly responsible for caring for each an for taking responsibility for their actions? Have we ever seen where socialism has been successful? Or have e seen individual actions as successful. Society is nothing if it has no heart, no roots, no traditions. As this PSA clearly shows, we do have traditions, like honoring the flag, as this proud American has stated. We can not be soft on what is destroying our country.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke
    “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their county; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny like hell is not easily conquered yet we have this consolation with us, the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value.”
    ― Tom Paine
    “The battle, Sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. Besides, Sir, we have no election. If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston! The war is inevitable; and let it come! I repeat, Sir, let it come!”
    ― Patrick Henry
    “They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power.” ― Patrick Henry
    “A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue then will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader.” – Samuel Adams
    “Let a crown be placed thereon, by which the world may know, that so far as we approve of monarcy, that in America the law is King. For as in absolute governments the King is law, so in free countries the law ought to be King; and there ought to be no other.” ― Thomas Paine

  24. Pretty much at this point you are with me or against me. Anyone who works against my Second Amendment rights is my enemy and will not get my support whatever party. The time for joining hands is over and I will not get in their boxcars for you that sing Kumbaya.

  25. As long as no threats are made I fully support these videos and I’m so glad a clinched fist for truth revolution has started.
    The reality is we are in a middle of a cold civil war and everyday the left takes one step deeper across the line. it’s quite sickening.

  26. The ACTIONS of the left have killed any hope of bipartisanship by fracturing the bonds of family and friendship that have kept this melting pot lasting for 241 years. While the money men, our true enemy remains free to do their own bidding hidden behind a distracted and divided populace. When the music stops, they will all be safely away under guards with guns in areas like New Zealand.

    It’s good that RF continues to demonstrate his critical thinking and questioning our ally in the 2A fight IS a good thing, how else will we hope to keep them to the rigid standards of our rights?

    Yet, I disagree Mr. Farago. This ad is as necessary as this article is. It is FAR beyond time for law enforcement, the DHS, FBI, etc to label Antifa, BLM, and especially politicians and celebrities who are the “resistance”, as dangerous groups who must be treated harshly if they think to sow violence among the innocent! This ad is exactly in keeping with that message, it calls out the organizers of these demonstrations of disobedience, of disrespect for our flag, for our country, for our veterans who sacrificed everything so that people like me could be typing my support of this NRA ad into my keyboard. We owe these men and women far more then they ever receive.

    Keep making more of these ads, NRA! It’s about damn time the truth is told somewhere in public discourse!

  27. Another dumb aspect of the alliance with Trump is that Trump isn’t really pro gun. The second he thinks it would be more politically convenient, he’ll turn on us.

    • I don’t care what Trump thinks but rather what he does, such as getting Gorsuch on the SCOTUS.
      There is also going to be a ton load of lower court judges that are pro 2A.

      If he turns on us, I’ll worry about it at that time, but you Never-Trumpers have been 1000% DEAD WRONG in all of your predctions on what Trump will or will not do.

  28. Sorry Robert. But the NRA , to the regressives, already is an instrument of white racism, homophobia, misogyny, Islamaphobia,, repression and is a terrorist organization. Did I miss anything? Oh, and is a front for gun manufacturer’s. We need no other proof that the regressives have descended into madness, if the definition of madness is that they are completely divorced from reality.

    The NRA is one of the few organizations that is truly color blind, and does not care if you worship a god or not or what gender you want to call yourself, or not. All you need to join is a desire to learn to shoot a firearm safely, and a desire to be part of an organization that fights to protect our second amendment for all law abiding people.

    So I’m not seeing a place for “bi-partisanship” when most of the people that you want to be “bi-partisan” with, unjustly and irrationally hates and fears you and wants you dead and wants to disarm you to make that an easier proposition.

    • You misunderstand me. I’m not saying that bi-partisan support for gun rights restoration is possible now. The NRA’s political stridency closes the door to any such effort in the future, when the political climate may (I hope) will change.

      It also alienates gun owners who support Democratic voters now, who may be lured to the right side of the issue. Like, say, when they tool-up.

  29. Demon-crats have been lying to themselves so long they can no longer stand or believe the truth, this kind of truth make them look in a mirror and they don’t like what they see! mostly are an old bag of bones nearing the end of life cycle so not believing in freedom of any kind they stroke their Egos about how superior they are by fooling the Uneducated becoming elected over and over; then they think they have a mandate too pass Anti-American laws!

  30. I guess the NRA should be aligned with CAIR, BLM, the Muslim Brotherhood, Unidos US, and every other anti American subversive group instead.


  31. The NRA – Republican? It might seem that way because so precious few Democrats have any respect for any aspect of the Constitution, and especially the 2nd Amendment.

    The statement is however false on its surface. The NRA gives a rats ass about anything but the 2nd Amendment. If you are a Democrat supporter, a Republican supporter, or a Malthusian supporter, they don’t care. All that matters is that you are in the fight to support the 2nd. There are innumerable instances where the NRA has come under criticism for supporting Democrats for reelection whose positions on other issues is anathema to conservatives. No matter, if that Democrat fights for the 2nd, they are good enough. To say otherwise requires the ignoring of the facts on the ground.

  32. “Critics who’ve accused the NRA of becoming an adjunct of the Republican Party are not without reason. And, now, evidence.”

    The Democratic Party platform supports gun control and the Republican Party platform supports the 2nd Amendment.Why would the NRA be anything other than Republican in our (defacto) two party system?

  33. “Organized anarchy” ?

    Other than that, who cares if their doubling down? Its long past the time we use the tactics of the Left against them.

  34. It only makes sense to leave room for “the other side” to come around if they’d be coming around to a position you can live with. That ship sailed a while ago.

  35. It’s dumb. They should stay focused on gun rights. I challenge anybody to explain:

    1. How this makes more people into gun owners
    2. How this advocates for the second amendment
    3. How this helps defeat anti-gun legislation
    4. How this helps to break all the OFWG stereotypes about gun owners.

    Somebody in another forum told me it does these things by making it clear to undecided fence sitters that there’s a war out there and they should pick up arms because the left wants to fight them. Yeah maybe, I don’t see people buying guns because idiots on college campuses have rioted. This is the kind of thing that makes sense if you watch too much Hannity.

    The other argument is the NRA should pick the Republican side because the Republican party supports the 2A. Maybe – but we shouldn’t put that much faith in one party, and there’s lots of folks who (for good reasons) are repulsed by the Republican party but would be gun owners. How many people do you know that because “conservative” after they became gun owners and realized all the BS?

  36. Democrat gun owners….. Pro-Gun Democrat politicians…. Dem voters, don’t be fooled. When THE PARTY calls, they will all toe the line. The PARTY LINE! They will vote however they are told to vote, or they will get booted out in their next primary and replaced by another pro-gun sounding Democrat WHO WILL TOE THE PARTY LINE!! As long as the Party is run by hard line anti-gun Leftists, no moderate or middle of the roader will be able to vote their conscience and stay in power long enough to get anything done. The Left don’t mind putting up moderate sounding candidates in conservative areas, because they know when push comes to shove, they will vote the party line. Sorry to burst your bubble, that’s just the way it is.

    • The Democrat party is 29% of voters, the Republicans 26%. The remaining 45% are independent. I want those independent voters to understand the second amendment and support it. Catering to the fringes here doesn’t really help make that a reality.

  37. “I know that Democrat politicians are, to a man and woman, anti-gun. But this NRA – Trump alliance closes the door on the possibility of bi-partisan gun right restoration in years to come.

    Your thoughts?”

    The NRA Trump alliance was correct. They got Gorsuch.

    The door to bi-partisan gun rights restoration has been closed for years to come for years long passed. I lived in a few different districts over the years. It’s been over a decade since I’ve had the chance to vote for a pro-2A Democrat. But even then, voting for a Democrat puts antis in positions of control in the government. The leadership and judges will not share this minority Democrat view, and if they do, just look to Harry “I personally oppose abortion” Reid and Chuck “I promised that in my individual capacity as a Senator and not Senate Minority Leader” Schumer.

  38. I have just deleted TTAG from my emails, and unsubscribed from your list. Funny the word “Truth” is in your name, but the simple truth is, without the NRA, Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren would have long ago taken your guns from you. And you would most likely be under some scrutiny from the Obama regime holdovers in the DC swamp for even discussing guns. There is no Truth in your website, and it is no longer being viewed on my computer.

    NRA just received another donation. Everytime you anti’s speak poorly, us NRA members put our money where our mouth is.

  39. I see nothing wrong with what the NRA is doing. The Democrats are fully against our gun rights and I am 100% OK with the NRA allying with the only political allies we have. Republicans. Yes I know that not all Republicans support the 2nd amendment either. I live in California and there are plenty of squishy california republicans who don’t have the spine to stand up for R2KB&BA. But for Dems you can’t trust any of them even ones who purport to be pro-2A. Democrats are always going to go for more gun control.

  40. IMHO Dana did nothing wrong and was much more restrained than the “inclusive” progressives out there.

    Further, I agree with Don.

    The progressives are the _real_ racists, bigots and fascists. They will never like, respect or allow us (conservative Americans and people of the gun) to exist. They see the Constitution as an obstacle to establishing their own 1984 style though control. The will never accept freedom or liberty of the individual because it’s all about the collective and the state.

    We need to strongly advocate for our values. That means clear and direct language. That means actively and vocally debunking the lies and false promises of those inside and outside of this nation that seek to destroy it.

    Kudos to these brave commentators. I’d wager their personal threats are piling up faster than spent ammo at a full-auto shoot.

  41. LOL @ America is now Organized Anarchy. I must live in a different America. I am amazed at the amount of upheaval and infighting we endure everyday while still maintaining and enjoying a functional country, stability and safety. Where exactly is this guy living that it’s Anarchy? LMFAO….. hyperbole much?

    GOP / Trumpism propaganda.

    Will not give a dime to NRA. #NotmyNRA

    Stop mouth piecing for your generalized political view points, and let’s start seeing some RESULTS that give us back more gun rights.

    If I cared enough about the burning of textiles, I would donate to organizations that addressed those issues. The NRA should have nothing to do with it. And I invite the specops guy to ‘not tolerate’ someone burning a textile, waiting for that to be on the news. Until then, he’s got a loud mouth/tough guy tone about it for sure.

  42. Quote————–I know that Democrat politicians are, to a man and woman, anti-gun. But this NRA – Trump alliance closes the door on the possibility of bi-partisan gun right restoration in years to come————-Quote

    Each election year the NRA publishes in its magazine “The American Rifleman” a grading system on the politicians and their records on gun rights. Not all Republicans are pro-gun, some have been know to be blatantly anti-gun and not all Democratic politicians are anti-gun either. It shocks me that the NRA would deliberately alienate politicians that would vote with them on gun rights. As a matter of fact its down right crazy. But what is even more ignorant is the far right fanatics that vote straight Republican and are also to cheap and stingy to belong to the NRA and take the NRA fact sheet right into the voting booth with them. They are always there own worst enemies.

    Yes I do agree Democrats and Republicans need to work together on everything as they could cut down on crime with guns without banning any of them.

    1. Mandate all guns be locked up in a safe making it much harder for a criminal to simply walk in and run off with them. Safes would also cut way down on the thousands of children maimed for life and killed with loaded guns left laying around the house. Quick access desk safes by such out fits like Hornady make access to a loaded gun practically instantaneous while at the same time keeping them out of the hands of children or even adult guests that know nothing about how to handle a loaded gun.

    2. Mandatory burglar alarms that would again make it tougher for criminals to just walk in and clean the place out. The new wireless systems are getting more and more affordable and if you have the money to buy a gun you have got the money for a security system.

    3. Vetting of all gun sales. All of the States with lax gun laws funnel thousands of guns into States with tough laws making all State laws meaningless. The Brady Bill has worked for decades and it proved it was not designed to take any guns and never has but it did not vet second hand gun sales. Today no matter what State you live in and how tough the gun laws are you can buy a second hand gun on the street faster than you can buy a hamburger. No civilized Nations tolerate such insanity as most have had these 3 laws on the books for decades. Confiscation of guns had nothing to do with the above 3 laws that’s another fight altogether.

    This is just one example of how both political parties can work together to turn the U.S. from a “shoot em out on the streets or the mall each day” to a more civilized society. Its long overdue as if the carnage keeps getting worse the anti-gun people will panic the Nation into all out confiscations and bans and its been prove again and again the Supreme Court is no supporter of the Second Amendment and it is they that give you your gun rights not the Constitution, it never has and never will

    • Oh dear. . . . where to start with this silliness? You could start with reading FBI crime stats for the last three decades and gaining some understanding of the real crime rates in the US, which have been falling for years.

      • Don’t forget the financial burden of forcing people to buy a safe AND burglar alarm when they buy a gun. And the fact that an alarm won’t matter to someone who is really determined to break into someone’s house.

        Then there’s the fact the OP actually believes a criminal is going to go through a background check when they buy/trade a gun. I wonder if a criminal will say “I’m going to ram this stolen truck through the front door of the gun store and steal everything I can before the cops get here, but first, I should fill out the required forms and run a background check on myself before I leave.”

    • Cisco, you need to understand the difference between Democrat voters, Democrat politicians and the Democrat PARTY! The PARTY is firmly and solidly anti-gun, and when you vote for a Democrat, no matter what they promise you, when THE PARTY calls, they will come. Your “common sense” ideas are all just incremental steps in THE PARTY’S never ending war on private gun ownership.

  43. Just because most of the world is a toilet bowl of oppression (for the average person) does not mean that criticism of US government policy is somehow an endorsement of those regimes (i.e. go on vacation in Syria).

    Many of the liberties that the American People once held are dead or dying (everything you post on here is being watched, for example). People like this man need to realize that these liberties allow people -that he does not agree with- to do things that he does not approve of. If he believes that people have an inherent right to bear arms, then it only follows that they have an inherent right to burn a flag (as stupid as that might be, it has no physical violent effect on another person).

    This video doesn’t appear to be much more than an endorsement of Donald Trump, who is not much greater a champion of individual liberty than Hillary Clinton.

    I say “BOOOOOO!” to people like this who use their “authority” and experience to support policies which erode the basic rights of American Citizens at a level that a bunch of turds (dangerous albeit) in the desert could only dream of.

  44. The writer is dead on here.

    The video is supposedly about private ownership of firearms?

    The NRA (and this guy, apparently) is more concerned about flag burning, supporting Trump, and US foreign policy.


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