NRA convention cancelled
2016 NRAAM (Dan Z. for TTAG)
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The National Rifle Association’s annual meetings and exhibits, scheduled for April of this year in Nashville, was just one of thousands of casualties of the the 2020 pandemic. As for the NRA’s 2021 convention, scheduling it again for this coming spring has seemed to many of us still to be a little too optimistic, even with a Covid vaccine beginning to be distributed today.

So the NRA’s decision, just announced, to hold the meetings and exhibits in September instead makes a lot of sense. You’d thing by then, with fairly widespread vaccinations, holding it 10 months from now seems doable.

Here’s the NRA’s press release announcing the new date:

The National Rifle Association’s 2021 Annual Meetings and Exhibits will be held September 3-5, 2021. Originally scheduled for mid-May, the event will remain in Houston, Texas at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

As many uncertainties around COVID-19 restrictions persist, the National Rifle Association rescheduled its 150th Anniversary celebration to help members and exhibitors make the necessary plans to attend. Approximately 850 exhibitors will provide an exhibit hall that offers attendees a one of a kind experience with thousands of firearms on display from all their favorite manufacturers.

The 150th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits is open and free to all NRA members. Some events require a ticket, which can be ordered in advance. Members should watch their monthly membership magazine or go to for updates and the latest information.

Those interested can donate here.

About the National Rifle Association
Established in 1871, the National Rifle Association is America’s oldest civil rights and sportsmen’s group. More than five million members strong, NRA continues its mission to uphold Second Amendment rights and is the leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the military. Visit

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  1. ESP is telling me this will not be a crowded event, or even if it will be allowed to take place at all by the Leftist scum in power by that time…

    • Well, Bill Gates says such things can’t be allowed until at least 2022…

      Of course he also said 8 and Me were good OS’s…

      • They won’t be satisfied until small businesses have been obliterated, and big business completes the takeover. Oh, and Win 8 sucked!

        • Windows 8 was the ult… penultimate step towards the perfection of Win10. To say otherwise is heresy.


          sudo -rm rf/Microsoft needs to happen. And not just to Microsoft unfortunately.

        • Personally, I’ve been pretty happy with Windows 8.

          Windows 10 is easier to use in many ways, but I am NOT looking forward to the day when I have to replace my Windows 8 machine at home with one that runs on Spyware: The Operating System (or whatever Microsoft does next, which will undoubtedly be worse).

        • Holy shit Ing, you’re a minority of like… one.

          Tip: Stop using Microsoft products. There are better OS options and then even have a GUI if a terminal/command line intimidates you.

        • “Holy shit Ing, you’re a minority of like… one.”

          Make that 2.

          Compared to XP, it’s light-years ahead.

          I’ve tried a couple of the Linux ‘flavors’ (Ubuntu and… another one, I forget.) and I just haven’t gotten the ‘hang’ of them yet. And that *really* frustrates me on them. Attempting to install programs on them is something I haven’t been able to figure out yet. At all.

          I *WANT* to fall in love with Linux, but the dame code won’t let me…

        • Raspberry Pi 4 B, power cable and a case. Flash Ubuntu onto a 128Gb micro SSD or five.

          Fuck around and learn about it. Total cost like $140. Worse case get a book like Ubuntu Unleashed.

          All those smart devices people add to their houses? You can build them off this set-up far more cheaply, without the security nightmare and while learning.

          Or try this building something like this: Oh lookie, a private server running ATAK+siging+satcoms for the poors. In a box. That you can build legally.

        • Yeah, theoretically that’s the best option…but I don’t tinker with the guts and code for the same reason I don’t mechanic my own automobiles.

          The process isn’t enjoyable in itself, and the time it would take away from other things I need and want to do has never seemed worth it. I need the damn thing to *just work*. It’s a conveyance that gets me from point A to point B, and that’s all.

          But of course that’s not really what any “smart” gadget is; tech companies do an appalling amount of crap *to* you while their black box is doing things for you.

      • “Well, Bill Gates says such things can’t be allowed until at least 2022…”

        It’s gonna be very ‘interesting’ the reaction they will get if they elect to play that card… 🙂

        • *They* already have.

          Just look at the polling on Covid and you’ll realize why they have. 71% believe that a mask “keeps them safe” even though no one has ever suggested that it does more than stop you from spreading it to others.

          People just inserted what they want to believe, hardly surprising. I’ve been talking about this for years.

          But hey, no worries. We can just go back to whining about “price gouging” in the ammo market. I’m sure that will prevent the world from coming down around our ears.

      • We need to start brainstorming some creative ‘Resistance’ strategies of our own.

        Two can play at that game… 🙂

        • There are only two that you need and that historically work well when combined.

          1) Ignore them.

          2) a) Ignore enforcement
          b) If “a” fails then Injure enforcement agents
          c) If “b” fails then Terminate enforcement agents

          Sorry. That’s the truth. Don’t like it? Too bad. You essentially have two choices. Grovel and beg from crumbs or fight back. When you fight back they will try to stop you. At that point you’re at a fork in the road between 2.a and 2.b.

          Like it or not, human interaction is based on two things; Respect and fear. It’s very, very clear that respect is dead and gone in a governmental context at this point. That leaves fear. Who fears whom? Jefferson explained that one.

          This is why I said yesterday that the road we’re on has no good exits. The only solution at this point is to reverse course and I doubt that will happen because certain groups are simply too invested in continuing to travel this road at the expense of everyone else.

      • if the communists succeed in stealing GA the way they did the Presidency, the Untied States of America will cease to exist on January 20, 2021

        • It’s a done deal, the ballots are already printed delivered, and are on the premises already, they know the scrutiny they will be under and will be one step ahead. While everyone will be waiting outside for the 3 am ballot drop with their trusty iphone cameras in focus, Ruby her daughter and the rest of the co-conspirators will miraculously find just enough pristine unfolded mail in ballots from the new secret hiding place to (steal) the deal. The cameras will running, the outcome will be the same, and nothing will be done about it…welcome to VENEZUELA!!!!!!!

  2. Not that I much care about the NRA but I doubt rather greatly that this will go off in September of next year.

    They’re already out in force laying the groundwork for the argument that “we’re not ready for normal” for at least another 14 months.

    • We’re only asking for fourteen days, excuse me, I mean two years to flatten the curve. You don’t want people to die do you?

    • “…I doubt rather greatly that this will go off in September of next year.”

      There will be an annual meeting, there was one this year in Tucson. There may not be a large gathering with exhibits if the commies keep up the COVID crap but there will be an annual meeting. NRA is not in charge of what rules the space may be under, the same has been happening to gun shows. If the event center decides there can be only ______ number of people in the hall at one time there’s not much NRA nor any other organization can do about it.

      By the way, the ballots for NRA Board will be moved back as well to the June issue to permit lining up the voting for 76th Director at the Annual Meetings.

    • “The USCCA will be in Nashville next year.”

      Seriously- you consider USCCA to be on a par with NRA? Seriously? I guess you’ve never been to a real NRA Annual Meeting.

      Let’s see now… An insurance program v safety programs, training programs, lobbying programs, law enforcement programs, competition programs, programs for women, programs for children. And vendors from literally every facet of the industry in attendance along with the latest of all their products and wares.

  3. For decades I wished I could afford the money and time to travel to attend one of these. Could never do it, not on my own dime.

    Doesn’t matter now. Wayne LaPayMe is killing the NRA and all my member protests (dozens of written complaints, emailed complaints) have mean zippo. No different than any of us millions of typical members.

    So, not a member anymore. My Second Amendment money goes elsewhere, such as the SAF and FPC.

    When Wayne is a sad chapter in NRA history I’ll be delighted to re-up with them. Maybe that will be a new NRA, built out of the ruin Wayne has made of it.

    • I have a membership at a gun club which requires me to be an NRA member. So I send off my money and hope that Wayne buys a nice looking suit this year. I also cheerfully send the two or three e-mails I get from the NRA every day to my trash can. If I could find a good place to shoot that wasn’t infested with meth heads, drunks, and other crazies and didn’t require an NRA membership, I’d tell Wayne and his boys to kiss my hairy red butt at high noon in front of Wally World on a Saturday with a brass band to draw a crowd.

  4. Wayne LaPew 🦨🖕💩👜took to much of our money and wasted it on a lavish lifestyle, then offered insurance illegally, anybody get a refund? Join 2nd Amendment, or GOA for life for what these hypocrites ask for 5yrs! Remember they agreed with red flag laws!

  5. Noting all the problems that the NRA has been dealing with recently, it’s probably fortuitous that the Convention was postponed.

  6. Fuck the NRA.

    They’ve been silent when Trump banned bump stocks, they’ve been silent on red flag laws, they’re silent on Polymer 80, they’ve been silent on the Honey Badger, they’re silent on all of the pistol brace nonsense.

    Meanwhile FPC is out there taking names and kicking ass; and posting dank memes.


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