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On Wednesday, June 26, NRA and CRPA will be hosting a free live webinar discussing the upcoming ammunition background check requirements scheduled to take effect July 1.

Originally enacted in 2016 as part of Proposition 63 and Senate Bill No. 1235, the new ammunition background check requirements will generally require anyone purchasing or receiving ammunition at a firearms dealer or ammunition vendor to first undergo a background check prior to receiving any ammunition.  Exactly how the background check is conducted will depend on the individual purchasing or receiving the ammunition.

The webinar, which will include a detailed discussion of the various ways in which the required background checks will be conducted, is scheduled to being at 12 P.M. PST.

If you are unable to attend, don’t worry; a recording will be saved and archived for later viewing.  Should you wish to attend the live broadcast, be sure to register in advance as space is limited.

To register in advance and attend the live broadcast, click here.  

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    • Even stocking up is difficult, since we are not able to purchase ammo online and have it shipped to your house. Right now, all ammo purchases have to be through a FFL, but the background check enforcement starts July 1st. I was lucky enough to find a FFL that would take my online shipment for me, but many FFL won’t do that and he would only do it for certain ammo companies.

      • The law does have a way for individuals to buy online without going through a dealer. You just need to get two things: a C&R FFL ($30, good for several years, and can sometimes get you discounts at online shops in addition to buying C&R guns directly) and a “Certificate of Eligibility” from the state.

        The CoE costs about $100 for the first year and about $20 for annual renewals and is essentially a confirmation that you’ve passed a NICS check. It’s a requirement for people working at gun shops, but anyone can get one.

        Just send copies of both to the online shop and you’re good to go. Ammoman and Lucky Gunner handled mine with zero issues.

        In addition to being cheaper and more convenient than the local shop, one avoids the hassle of a background check each time, plus avoiding the state having purchase records of one’s ammo. (The retail purchase gets sent to the state for their records, but the CoE + C&R + online purchase does not.)

        Don’t get me wrong, I loathe the fact that such measures are needed and regularly write about it to my legislators (who don’t care), but it is handy that such an exception exists.

        • Don’t broadcast it too loudly or they’ll find a way to close the ‘dealer loophole’!

        • I have a buddy that has a FFL03 and COE. He had a random audit, and it was not a problem. I’ve been stock up for over a year and am noticing every month, for theTurner’s ammo sales, they keep running out fast on 6.5 CM, but still a lot of pistol, 5.56 and 308Win available.

        • I began stocking up way back in 2012, when Obummer was re-elected. Been buying, stacking, and storing ever since just in case…and here we now are, looking at an approaching deadline where the freedom to purchase simple ammo will need permission from the State. I have lots in my inventory, but I train often and it only represents about three years’ worth of uninterrupted training.

          BTW, there are still ways under the new July 1 law to legally “import” ammo without an FFL. The text of the law is shown below, but the gist of it is that you’re basically limited to only 50 rounds per person, per border entry. The law does not define any limit to entries, so that’s still up for debate.

          As amended by AB 1235:

          CA Penal Code 30368

          (a) Commencing July 1, 2019, a resident of this state shall not bring or transport into this state any ammunition that he or she purchased from outside of this state unless he or she first has that ammunition delivered to an ammunition vendor in this state for delivery to that resident pursuant to the procedures set forth in Section 30366

          (b) Subdivision (a) does not apply to any of the following bringing or transporting into this state any ammunition:

          (11) A person who purchases the ammunition from an immediate family member, spouse, or registered domestic partner if the person brings or transports into this state no more than 50 rounds.

          (12) The executor or administrator of an estate that includes ammunition.

          (13) A person that at the time he or she acquired the ammunition was not a resident of this state.

          (15) A licensed hunter who purchased the ammunition outside of this state for use in a lawful hunting activity that occurred outside of this state if the person brings or imports no more than 50 rounds into this state and the ammunition is designed and intended for use in the firearm the hunter used in that hunting activity.

          (16) A person who attended and participated in an organized competitive match or league competition that involves the use of firearms in a match or competition sponsored by, conducted under the auspices of, or approved by, a law enforcement agency or a nationally or state recognized entity that fosters proficiency in, or promotes education about, firearms, and the person brings or imports into this state no more than 50 rounds of ammunition designed and intended to be used in the firearm the person used in the match or competition.

    • Learn to reload. Stock up on all the brass , primers, bullets and powders for the firearms that you shoot.. Go out of state to buy if you have too.

  1. I must be developing dyslexia. I glanced at that headline and read ‘NRA and CRPA to Hold Winebar…’

      • My first thought was ‘is this like an open wine bar?’ then ‘can I carry at this wine bar’, then ‘Doh! the “in” is in the wrong place’.

  2. We can’t own any of those snake shot rounds here in CA (Makes the gun a short barrel shotgun).

    • You gotta be kidding!! Snake/rat shot is about as “less lethal” as it gets, unless you’re a snake or a rat. And given the rat problem in cities like LA they oughta be giving it away.

      • Can’t shoot the rats in LA, that’s homicide. Besides, most of them have armed security.
        Oh wait, you were talking about the 4 legged kind…

        • Btw, what does CA think about shotguns with rifled barrels and slugs/sabot such as the Brenneke offerings?

    • The rounds are fine. What I think you’re thinking of are the revolvers that are chambered in .410 Those are SBS under CA definitions/law

      • –26 USC 5845

        (e)Any other weapon

        The term “any other weapon” means any weapon or device capable of being concealed on the person from which a shot can be discharged through the energy of an explosive, a pistol or revolver having a barrel with a smooth bore designed or redesigned to fire a fixed shotgun shell, weapons with combination shotgun and rifle barrels 12 inches or more, less than 18 inches in length, from which only a single discharge can be made from either barrel without manual reloading, and shall include any such weapon which may be readily restored to fire. Such term shall not include a pistol or a revolver having a rifled bore, or rifled bores, or weapons designed, made, or intended to be fired from the shoulder and not capable of firing fixed ammunition.

        Per https://www.atf.gov/firearms/doc…:

        It is important to note that any pistol or revolver having a barrel without a rifled bore does not fit within the exclusion and is an “any other weapon” subject to the NFA.

        So, ANY handgun with a smooth bore intended to fire fixed ammunition is an NFA AOW.

        There are, or at least have been, handguns with smooth bores chambered for anything from .22 Shot to .44 Game-Getter and .45 Long Colt shot cartridges.

    • @Kevin(the other one),

      I’ve lived here my entire life and never heard that from anyone. Walmart sells them….I’ve used them for years on rattlesnakes, as they’re all over my property and sometimes even coil up right on my porch. My wife almost stepped on one once. “Snakeshot” does the trick.

  3. https://centipedenation.com/analysis-and-reports/who-runs-cali-the-family-with-wealth-power-influence/

    I received this link on anti-gun California Governor Newsome Gavin (above) and his treasonous socialist ilk who actually run (like a Communist Dictatorship) the State of California! This is deliberately censored, covered up, hidden, and concealed from the American public, which isn’t surprising. No……this only proves consistently what I have asserted about gun control/civilian disarmament for years. It has nothing to do with protecting states and our nation, including communities, from violent crime and criminals, but is predicated upon political deceit personified by “LBJ/KGB” style people control and class warfare! It is actually a form of peonage and political control and bondage!

    James A . Farmer
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)
    Long live the State of Jefferson!

    • i read this article a few months ago, and was wondering a week ago where the hell i originally saw it…thx for posting today 🙂

    • Ok….. We all realize what’s happening in this country…..I personally believe it’s MUCH more nefarious than any of us know..
      So the big question is WHAT WILL WE DO ABOUT IT?

    • Don’t worry, they’ll just start treating primers and propellant as ammo. Just like in Illinois. Last time the cashier at Cabela’s asked for my FOID to sell me projectiles. Inert chunks of copper wrapped lead!

      • I’ve never been asked for any kind of ID to buy bullets, powder or primers, having said that, we don’t have that/those issues here…

        I’m thinkin’ if anything, primers will probably be the hardest to come by, but there are always ways…

  4. Instead of teaching people how to navigate the laws the NRA and CRPA should be asking for volunteers to take CA to court to invalidate these blatantly unconstitutional laws. And pony up whatever amount of money it takes to get it done. I’m sure Wayne Lapierre will contribute some of his paycheck to that cause.

  5. Once again, NRA and CRPA have it upside-down and backwards. Rather than hosting a compliance webinar, they should be hosting a protest webinar.

      • That is one way of looking at it. Actually it’s more like “surrender, bend over, and submit bare assed butt up to the brute with the bullwhip!” Doesn’t this best describe the anti-gun victim mindset?

  6. So, has the NRA even made a single peep about Trump’s comments regarding banning silencers?

    • Havent seen anything yet.
      Though here’s a headscratcher for you:

      WASHINGTON, DC – The American Suppressor Association (ASA), the unified voice of the suppressor community, fully supports President Donald Trump’s nomination of Chuck Canterbury to serve as the next Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). ATF has been without a permanent director since B. Todd Jones resigned in 2015.

  7. Are people allowed to wear a gun and carry ammo while on their “device” during this? Probably not, since that could be hazardous to their “device”.

  8. Banning the cartridge box in the political continuum: Brilliant!
    Rolling over and accepting it: Cowards!

    Aren’t you glad the NRA is out there trying to protect our rights?

  9. Wasn’t there a Revolution or something started because the bad guys were trying to confiscate ammunition?


  10. I’m thinking that by making it extremely difficult and onerous for California shooters to get ammo, the state government will only succeed in creating a robust black market of ammo smuggled in from adjacent states which do not have such silly rules, and organized crime and certain individuals will get rich off of that. Think about what happened during Prohibition, and how the black market in cigarettes into places like New York State and Canada works. It may also result in an uptick in ammo reloading, with components being smuggled in from out of state if California takes steps against reloading. California, unless it becomes a total jack-boot jurisdiciton that hires lots of gestapo for enforcement, does not have the manpower to enforce such laws or prevent black markets.

    • You guys laugh at our gun laws downunder but we don’t have anything near this insanity.

      I can buy ammunition or reloading components and only have to show my license at the cash register. Bulk components can be delivered to my door from interstate.

      • You’re only referring to CA, right? You do know that most other States do not follow CA laws or insanity. 🙂 Buying ammo in MS for example, is no different than buying a bag of potato chips. And there are no restrictions on firearms purchase other than the Fed NICS – and only if you buy from a dealer – Private sales are private. Fully loaded concealed or open carry does not require a permit either.

        • Yes, I’m referring to the CA situation where they are trying to outdo the Australian firearms laws. We’ve always had the situation where you had to be licensed to buy ammunition or components, but there were (and maybe still are) ways of buying ammunition through rural government agencies.

      • ” I can buy ammunition or reloading components and only have to show my license at the cash register. Bulk components can be delivered to my door from interstate. ”

        BFD on that one. Since the Aussies caved in on gun confiscation, who gives a crap how much ammo you can buy. What are ya gonna shoot it with?

        • What can I shoot with? The dozen plus in my safe for a start.

          When they did the “buy-backs”, many people used the money to buy other guns. I bought several replacement guns, a bike, and a PC with my money. It hurt handing the guns in but money is better than a prison cell.

  11. I cant coment on Kalifonia anymore. The state’s gone lost to the dingbats residing there.
    Please leave the Union already. You have inflected most of the west already.
    Now for those who cant leave. Take a trip to a friendly state. Fill up the car or truck with a few friends. Leave some room. Then buy up a few thousand rounds of whatever you can
    Take it home and have a few years supply. Laff at the idiots running your state.

  12. “We can’t own any of those snake shot rounds here in CA (Makes the gun a short barrel shotgun).”

    Yes you can in California, I see it at Wal-Mart all the time.
    You can use it in/for typical handgun calibers (where manufactured) but you can’t use shotgun gauged calibers in handguns. So snake or bird shot in 9mm handgun OK but 410 shotgun shells in a handgun not OK. It is all in the semantics.

    • I would like to add that the law specifically states “Shotgun Shells” not “Shot shells”.

    • Going at this from the other direction, does putting a rifled barrel on your 12 gauge shotgun (bore dia. .729″) for certain slugs/sabot make it a “destructive device” per CA law?

  13. I recommend that every Komifornian buy one (1) round at a time and tie up the “Only the Righteous” background check system to the MAX! !!!!😈

  14. My webinar would go something like this. ” Fck your ammo check, fck your laws and fck California.”

    • That sounds interesting, I think I would like to attend. How much do you charge? 😄

  15. Background checks for ammo is a great way to build a list of who’s got what for guns.

  16. I see a lot of whining and chest beating but far to little of actively defying/ ignoring/ undermining. Get your fellow gun owners together and make a out of state shopping list for the ammo wanted/ needed from some place thats not Nevada. There’s Take a few hints from the moonshine runners. also Interstate checkpoints are illegal and a violation of the 4th . oh and fyi California is not a separate nation thus you are not ” importing” anything.

      It’s about time to push back hard on these commies…

  17. Oh look the NRA doing nothing but talking, I wonder how much they charged themselves to get a nice payday from members dues?

  18. All you people suggesting driving out of state to get ammo… that is a crime in California.
    All it takes is one traffic stop and you are now a convicted criminal.
    Who will lose his right to own guns.
    If you have a professional license, like doctor lawyer, engineer, or architect, your state professional licensing board might revoke your license for a conviction.
    So how will support your family then?
    You are willing to lose your livelihood for 10 cases of 9mm?
    That’s only $3,000. It doesn’t seem worth it when you could just comply with the law. Or reload. Or get the C and R license and c o e license.
    Righteous indignation feels good.
    But active non compliance is risky.

    • The commies just LOVE people like you…. Grow some BALLS my man…. You live in the USA…..I think you, along with your kalicommies need to reread the Constitution… NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY CAN TAKE YOUR RIGHTS AWAY…. YOU NEED TO BE WILLING TO FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS…

  19. Are Californians still allowed hollow-point ammunition, or are hollow points considered weapons-of-mass-destruction like they are here in the People’s Republic of New Jersey? Here in the PRNJ, if you have a single hollow-point bullet in your car (tossed in there by a cop to frame you), even if you’re just passing through the state to get from one free state to another, you’ll get a trip to jail followed by a lengthy prison sentence.

    This is exactly what happened to a woman who was just passing through New Jersey, and she swears the cop planted the hollowpoing bullet in her car when he saw she had an out-of-state CCW permit, so she got arrested. Thanks to New Jersey’s laws, if cops don’t like your attitude, they don’t have to plant drugs in your car, all they have to do is plant a single hollow-point bullet. Yep.

    They do sell hollowpoint bullets in NJ, but you’re not allowed to transport them or use them other than hunting or target shooting. If someone breaks into your house, you have to defend yourself with FMJ, because if you defend yourself with safer HP ammo that won’t overpenetrate and kill innocent people, you get arrested.

    • Hollow points are fully legal and available, as are all thread on muzzle devices (other than sound suppressors of course) if the rifle has a second gen “action break” bullet button. If the rifle is “featureless” then “flash suppressors” aren’t allowed but brakes, comps and blast forwarders are. The worst part is the safety approved handgun list; it contains almost no handgun released on the market after about 2006. Smith shield and ruger LCP/R are about the only only ones I can think of off hand. there are actually many counties outside L.A. and Frisco that are shall issue. In some areas we’re better off than NY/NJ, in some worse.

  20. You folks!! It’s Authoritarianism!!! How long before the slowly boiling frog realizes that it is in trouble!? Life, Liberty, Freedom, and the pursuit of happiness…Eroding fast…When will WE THE PEOPLE takeback our government before its completely to late….

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