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Speaker Gingrich was spot-on when he said that the Second Amendment protects a God-given right. In support of this, he wants to present the United Nations with a treaty which would recognize the individual right to keep and bear arms as a human right; to recognize that individuals across the world have the right to protect themselves from rapists, terrorists, and thugs, be they freelance or government sponsored. I don’t agree with the speaker about many things, but this is a great idea.

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I am a bit of a Johnny-come-lately to the civil rights (firearms flavor) movement, having not really gotten involved until after I hit 40. I am not really a "gun guy"; I can generally hit what I aim at, but I'm not a competitive shooter. I enjoy the craftsmanship of a fine pistol or rifle, but I am not particularly knowledgeable about firearms in general nor am I a Glock guy, or 1911 guy, I'm just a guy. What I am is passionate about civil rights, especially those of the firearm flavor.


  1. I’d rather present the United Nations with an eviction notice. They have lived too long in an unhealthy way and now that building is filled with two legged cockroaches.

    • Exactly. Any participation with the UN that grants them any sort of legitimacy is a crime. The UN is just like every other governmental body, hell bent on conquest and confiscation.

    • +1. Let them open their little overpaid bureaucrat heaven in China or Iran. And while we are at it, let’s turn their “twisted gun barrel” statue into scrap metal – “Please Recycle”.

  2. Of course we think its a great idea… that’s the point.
    Speaker Gingrich is supporting a UN treaty that he knows will go nowhere because he’s trying to curry favor with pro-2a folks who are gullible enough to not see through the political BS. Dems do this stuff all the time with resolutions denouncing atrocities in Sudan, or pushing for organic foods, etc… Its all grandstanding for the spotlight.. and accomplishes zilch.
    You’re a Nuc right? You should be able to see through all this pomp. If Speaker Gingrich had been in the navy, he’d have been a SWO all the way.

  3. That seems misguided. For the democracies in the world it is up to the people of those respective countries to make their own laws. The less free societies will not care either way.
    Any such right/entitlement is granted by the society an individual is part of and defended by them. There is nothing god-given about it. For some societies that means public healthcare, for others it means sharia law and yet others it means the 2nd Amendment.

    • I have yet to see any god-given anything actually be protected by the Almighty himself. Like it is up to the individual governments themselves to establish the right to bear arms. And even then, there are places in the world that do not believe as we do, and have every right to ban the right to armed defense. However UN treaties aren’t worth much to begin with, Hell Texas supposedly violated a treaty by executing a Mexican national, and the state hasn’t even been fined for our actions.

  4. Of course it’s a great idea. But ensuring human rights is not the agenda of the United Nations, regardless of the degree to which they say it is. The agenda of the United nations is to avoid disturbing the power of the entrenched dictatorships that comprise its membership. This would surely do that!

  5. Sorry no almighty force came down and gave me a gun.
    I am not saying I am denouncing 2A. but for some reason I would not say god given right. Civil right yes. Right granted to me under the constitution yes. god given no.

    Also yeah this is to drum up support from folks who can’t see beyond the county line. Countries will provide their own laws on arms and so be it. To be honest we can’t even get all 50 states aligned with the same rules, laws, and regulations and he wants to try and do this to the whole world, please get over it and start in your home town and state. geez….

    • Right on.

      By the way, if it’s an affront to our national sovereignty to have the UN tell us how we should run our country…that doesn’t change even if we start agreeing with the policies it advocates.

      As usual, another half-baked idea from Newt.

      • Right off.

        The constitution does not grant rights, it enumerates them. You may not believe in god, but that doesn’t change the fact that these rights are natural and fundamental to all humans, not something given to us by a ruling class.

        • And yet cant have these enumerated rights if they weren’t written down. It took a presidential mandate by honest are to allow black slaves the right to self defense. Natural and god given my foot.

          • I think what he means is we’re born with the rights simply by being birthed from nature to self-defense and freedom, despite what any government or person says. Whether the government recognizes/protects/enumerates them or not, we as humans have those rights by being natural creatures. Anything after that is an offense or recognition to those rights.

        • @MattG:

          You are correct re: granting of rights.

          Although the point I was supporting here was that rights are not contingent on believing in some farcical all-powerful grandfather figure who looks down on mere mortals from Olympus.

          I trust that we’re in agreement that Newt’s idea is a bad one.

          • Nor is it contingent on the 2A like you guys keep saying. This type of “right” is written in lower case and comes with living in a free country.

            Please, remember gun control folks for the most part aren’t trying to take away the guns. We’re just trying to raise the bar a little bit as to who may have them.

  6. Here we go again with this “the Second Amendment protects a God-given right”!?!?

    There are is no such thing as god-given rights, if it actually was a god-given right we would not have to say it was, it would be obvious.

    If you actually read the entire declaration of independence it says, “We hold these truths to be self-evident”. So we, (the white male landowners) decided that these things were true, because we said so, (for white male landowners).

    So, please stop asserting that there is such a thing as god given rights bestowed upon us.

  7. When are we going to bitch-slap the “not a god-given right” morons above?

    I’d do it, but I’ve gotten so tired of talking with the products of our current education system, I’m afraid my head would explode if I had to listen to a few more seconds of their idiotic drivel.

    • Bob, I understand exactly what you mean. I want to dope-slap those who do not believe in God-given rights, also. As a God-fearing Christain living in France during the reign of Louis XIV, I know that God-given rights mean that the King is given the right to rule over me, and I know that God is represented on earth by our Sun-King, blessed Louis, and the Pope in Rome. If Louis demands that something be done, then it would be an affront to God himself to not fulfill Louis’ wishes. I am also glad that our understanding of theology and politics are set in stone, and that ideas are universal and eternal.

  8. I think the UN will find Hillary more groovy, and vice versa.
    I always love the ads of Hillary welcoming UN gun ban.

  9. The whole idea of gun ownership or even worse, concealed carry rights being god-given is ridiculous. It comes from one of you guys with a glib gift of gab who invented this.

    1. right to life
    2. right to self defense
    3. right to own a particular inanimate object called pistol.

    The bizarre leap from number 2 to number 3 should embarrass any of you who are reasonably honest. But, what’s happened in the meantime, you’ve been repeating this nonsense to each other for so long, that you don’t even think about it any more.

    You could just as easily say you have a god-given right to own a waffle iron.

    • For those of you who insist on invoking the concept of god in your RKBA arguments, see the above post.

      Mikeb’s argument actually fails pretty flat (obviously, as a free person, you DO have the right to own guns, cars, cats, and waffle irons,) but by insisting on making this a religious issue, you’ve allowed him the opportunity to score a rhetorical point here.

      • I have an electrical storm coming, but let me just state that my views on the right of people to have guns is more on some of the ideas in Aynn Rand’s books, the Enlightenment, and Natural Law than some religous fanaticism.

  10. The United Nations…and anything or anyone who has anything to do with them sucks. UN sucks. F**K Them.

    Maybe I wasn’t clear…they are not USA friendly.

    Oh Yeah…F**K the UN

  11. What God has given is free will. History shows those with the gold and guns get to exercise their will. Socialists and bureaucrats exercise theirs to deprive you of yours.

  12. The UN will consider that right after they’re done creating new taxes, claiming ownership of all the resources under the ocean, and setting up a world government run by a squad of two bit dictators rotating out every 3 years.

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