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As PJ Media is reporting, “YouTuber Calum Long-Collins announced he would be effectively shutting down the channel EnglishShooting, a YouTube channel that racked up more than 15,000 subscribers and more than 12 million views in the past four years. Long-Collins said the police had marked his YouTube channel as a ‘forum of extremism,’ and that he had to ‘show the police that I am a fit character to own firearms within the U.K.'”

Here’s the video that Long-Collins made confessing his sins in a last ditch attempt to placate the British authoritarians authorities and convince them to let him keep his firearms.

We looked closely, but didn’t see any coded blinking or other signals — maybe a hidden pattern in the leaves behind him? — directed to the free world, indicating the level of duress he’s obviously under. Let us know if you spot something.

“Over the past two years, I’ve made significant efforts to change the direction of the channel, change the videos, and to change my own beliefs and views around firearms and firearm ownership,” the YouTuber said (emphasis added). “Unfortunately, I’ve failed to bring the channel and the videos to the standard that the police feel is adequate and I only have myself to blame for this.”

Long-Collins did manage to sneak out a sub rosa distress call in his final video. Note the lyrics in the background music:

These days it’s better just not to talk
Just watch the way you’re walking
Everybody watches what we do
Isn’t it strange never thought it would have been this way
Doesn’t matter what I say
‘Cause I know that nothing has changed

This is what the forces of civilian disarmament want to impose here and they work toward that goal every single day. They hold up the UK and their exemplary record of strict gun control laws as a model to be emulated while gun rights supporters see what’s happened there as the cautionary tale that it is.

Not. One. More. Inch.




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  1. Now Brits Can Lose Their Gun Privileges For Talking and Thinking About Guns


    (Free speech is a privilege there too apparently as long as it agrees with the state)

    • I lived and worked in the UK for a couple of years. It is interesting you mention free speech. Ever wonder why there is not much #mettoo in the UK or much of Europe? It is because they have much lower levels of free speech and expression protection than Americans do. As well as lower civil liberties generally.

      The ACLU would say were were going back to the Stone Age of civil liberties if we were to adopt British values on speech, privacy, defendants rights. Yet the ACLU does not handstand the Second Amendment is an as important part of all that as any right.

      • The ACLU has NEVER supported the 1st amendment or the rest of the bill of rights. But do support flag burning, the kkk, and national socialists.

        • You do know that supporting the First Amendment means supporting the right of free speech for people that you don’t agree with, right? Including the KKK, flag-burners and neo-nazis?

          You don’t NEED a First Amendment if all people want to do is wave the flag.

        • Hannibal
          When the ACLU and people like you support the 1st amendment rights of abortion protesters or the Boy Scouts or Christians who refuse to bake a gay wedding cake or refuse to sign a gay marriage certificate, maybe then I will believe the liars in the ACLU.

          The ACLU does not support the second amendment. But they do support the right of the KKK to march through black neighborhoods while carrying guns. And If you think the ACLU supports the civil right to have guns, you are either a fool or a liar.

    • That’s the difference between a country that won back their rights by shooting their oppressors, and a country that got rights by politely asking their rulers “can I please have incrementally more rights, sir?”.

      • Exactly right! Europeans never won their freedom from their rulers and the only freedoms they have are what their leaders grant them – TEMPORARILY! European countries do NOT have Constitutions that restrict their government and protect the rights of the people – they are called subjects for a reason! Sorry chaps, but your lack and loss of gun rights is your own fault!

  2. You are correct Dan. The Gun Grabber/Liberals are quite enamored with the EU way of life. Anybody voting Democrat at this point in time does not see their leader’s desired Utopian future. Just look at EU member nations. Your choice.

    • If you go back and read Reason magazine back when the EU was founded, you will find Libertarians who were totally supportive, creating the EU. Because libertarians don’t believe in national borders. And Libertarians didn’t support the Brexit vote. Check out Reason Magazine articles on calling the English stupid for voting to get out of the EU.

      Libertarians are just socialist who want to smoke pot. They use to be mostly former republicans.

      Good luck to the english gunmen and gun women. very sad.

      • Libertarians run the gamut. The actual polled views of libertarians on immigration show a huge disconnect with libertarian leadership.

        • off the rails

          “the Libertarian Party has gone wrong. They’ve sacrificed principle for percentages. They’ve nominated a ticket of the lesser of three evils”

          Tell me why did the Libertarian Party nominate a gun grabber as vice president???? His support for legal pot is more important to you than guns, correct???

          Even Libertarians say there is such a thing as a Left wing Libertarian. Really???
          I call them socialists.

      • Most of the Reason articles on Brexit were supportive of it and even the ones that weren’t did so for anti-socialist reasons. It sounds like some talk radio idiot cherry picked some quotes and fooled you. Libertarians are socialists? That is an absurd and stupid assertion.

  3. Brits can’t lose their gun rights. It’s not possible for them to lose something they don’t have.

  4. This is where I would (hypothetically speaking) nut up, if I were a Britain.

      • On the plus side, the subjects of England are so pathetic that harsh words would be enough to compel them to surrender their money, dignity, or even their life. And with a sharpened stick you could control entire neighborhoods! Truly a paradise for predators

  5. Sorry Callum. No amount of ass kissing and goveling will fix this. It’s sickening to watch a grown man tap dance like this, begging for forgiveness for having a functioning brain and wanting to live free.

    • Welp.
      He wouldn’t be the first Englishman to flee to the New World for the promise of freedom and liberty. Wonder when we can expect him?

      • In the meantime we need to ensure the “…promise of freedom and liberty…” remains a real thing.

      • He had better get here soon and with Trump’s blessing. Because otherwise he of the wrong ethnicity, language, and political persuasion.

  6. It’s definitely a slippery slope that a lot of people (& their rich backers) are fighting for. Extreme political correctness, the censoring of different or dissenting voices, groupthink etc. We’ve all joked that one day the mere fact that you’re a firearm owner will mark you as some sort of right wing nut job and your rights will be forcibly removed. That day has occurred in the UK and everything must be done to prevent that happening here also.

  7. Thanks to the Kinks and Micheal Savage for talking about this song several years ago. I saw the amazing Kinks at the Hampton coliseum in 1984. But this song they didn’t perform.

    There’s no England now

    • When all you do is give away free cheese???

      expect RATS to show up!

      UK being eaten from within!

    • – Living on a thin line
      Songwriter: Dave Davies

      “All the stories have been told
      Of kings and days of old,
      But there’s no england now.
      All the wars that were won and lost
      Somehow don’t seem to matter very much anymore.
      All the lies we were told,
      All the lies of the people running round,
      They’re castles have burned.
      Now i see change,
      But inside we’re the same as we ever were.
      Living on a thin line,
      Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?
      Living on a thin line,
      Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?
      Living on a thin line,
      Living this way, each day is a dream.
      What am i, what are we supposed to do?
      Living on a thin line,
      Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?
      Now another century nearly gone,
      What are we gonna leave for the young?
      What we couldn’t do, what we wouldn’t do,
      It’s a crime, but does it matter?
      Does it matter much, does it matter much to you?
      Does it ever really matter?
      Yes, it really, really matters.
      Living on a thin line,
      Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?
      Living on a thin line,
      Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?
      Now another leader says
      Break their hearts and break some heads.
      Is there nothing we can say or do?
      Blame the future on the past,
      Always lost in blood and guts.
      And when they’re gone, it’s me and you.
      Living on a thin line,
      Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?
      Living on a thin line,
      Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?
      Living on a thin line.”

  8. P.A Luty went to jail for writing a book about how to make a submachine gun from scratch in Jolly Old England. It’s a good read. Glad I don’t have to move somewhere else to enjoy it. And now it’s available as a .pdf online. Also, in that vein, I heard the military is looking for a sub gun and has asked for submissions. Need an article on that!

    • “Also, in that vein, I heard the military is looking for a sub gun and has asked for submissions. Need an article on that!”

      Along with Luty, the full plans for the British Sten SMG are online in PDF, and with a few small tweaks, would probably accept inexpensive Glock 30 round mags…

      • I’m actually planning a semi auto Sten build right now with that exact goal in mind. Along with a couple other updates, optics rail, pistol brace, etc.

        The perks of being a welder haha

  9. And this from the country that gave us the Magna Carta. Those brave men who forced the king to sign it must be up in heaven weeping at what’s been done to their once great country.

    • The Magna Carta was virtually all about elite warlords, the 1%, protecting their feudal rights.

      A few weeks ago I was in London and the US play “Hamilton” was playing to acclaim. He was an elitist. Yet here in the US we have Jackson vilified and removed from the currency, when he was a great democratizer, extended suffrage to the common non-landed dirty masses.

  10. “Unfortunately, I’ve failed to bring the channel and the videos to the standard that the police feel is adequate…”

    When our friendly Democrat “progressives” say we should be more like England, this is where they want to take us: your right to speak being held hostage by the iron grip they hold on everything else you know and love.

    Evil has a name, an address, a fundraising arm, and seats in Congress.

  11. The United Kingdom is not a free country. From the Cheshire police:

    “We would remind all social media users to think carefully about what they are saying before posting messages online. Although you may believe your message is acceptable, other people may take offence, and you could face a large fine or up to two years in prison if your message is deemed to have broken the law.”

    Paul Weston, U.K. citizen/subject, was arrested for quoting the words of Winston Churchill on Islam. Mark Meechan(a.k.a. known at Count Dankula) was imprisoned and fined 800 pounds for teaching his dog to raise its paw in a parody of a Nazi salute. Now this.

  12. Assuming he can afford it, he can move to the U.S. and become a Lawful Permanent Resident and in many States (South Carolina for one, where I live) he can not only buy firearms of any kind he wants, he can also get a Concealed Weapons Permit (SC CWP).
    How long he would have to live here to qualify as a LPR, I don’t know what the Law says.

  13. Oh well buddy…didn’t you see V For VENDETTA? Or read 1984?!? Man up and do a 1776😧

      • Both broad tryanny and local tyrannical actions have been deterred aplenty just by the presence of an armed population, usually with no pulling of the trigger.

        • Deterrence of armed populace only works as long as the wannabe tyrants believe that triggers will be pulled. Arms are not of much good if you are not able and willing to use them when necessary.

      • UPS Driver is on point here and below in his response to Rastan.

        The sad thing is, the firearm owners in California and New Jersey don’t even have to resort to pulling the trigger. All they have to do is OVERWHELM their respective legislatures and governor’s offices with petitions for their government to redress their grievances. Something like 1 in 10 firearm owners contacting their governors and legislatures via phone call, e-mail, and certified U.S. mail over the course of three days would bring them to their knees.

  14. Now he can spend more time writing women biographies on Wikipedia to close the Wiki-gap as per Sadiq Khan. You know, tackling the really important stuff.

  15. Hey Civic Nationalists, do you still require further proof that diversity is cancer?

    Immigration is invasion, and if you jokers value your constitution, your rights and your very way of life, you better wake up.

      • Immigration without assimilation is invasion.

        My ancestors weren’t Americans when they arrived (and the American Indians surely considered them invaders) but they assimilated quickly into what we now recognize as American culture. Actually, more than that — they helped create it. All despite having been born and raised someplace else.

        Your “blood and soil” garbage is just that. Garbage. America doesn’t work that way, and never did.

        • That’s a very odd use of “quisling” coming from you, Mack. Go crawl back under your rock, little fascist.

          Also, America is my home. I was born here. Repatriate me, and I’ll still be right here, defending the Constitution and my American neighbors against people like you.

        • Tell me how America works then, and disprove your quisling status.

          You can start by explaining the difference between colonist and immigrant.

        • Okay, I’ll bite.

          Colonists actually are very much like invaders; they set up shop in what is probably someone else’s territory and establish themselves in it.

          Immigrants come from one already established polity into another established polity — which is what most of my ancestors did when they came to the US. (A few of them, who came to NYC when it was still New Amsterdam, might be considered colonists.)

          Now, 3 generations removed from the most recent immigrants in my family, I’m an American, pure and simple. Doesn’t matter where my ancestors came from. The point of origin stopped mattering when they became citizens and started acting like it (they acted like it from day one; citizenship came a little later).

          That’s how America works, and always has been. Hasn’t always worked smoothly, but it’s been working that way since before the Revolutionary War. It’s what made the revolution and the Constitution possible.

          So, to sum up: my immigrant ancestors, who came here because they wanted to BE American, not just live here, were as American as you and I. What I see from you is that you don’t understand America any better than the vile progs we’re both fighting against.

  16. That was sad to watch. In the video, he says his focus now is “just keeping his head down”.
    And bowed low it is indeed.

    I will never understand this kind of behavior.

    • A hallmark of totalitarian states is dramaturgical acts of allegiance. The state doesn’t care whether you actually believe what you are required to say and do, and in fact derives some satisfaction from forcing unbelieving people to pretend that they do. Sad to see this happen in the UK and in other parts of Europe. This just makes me thankful at how different we in America are from them.

    • jwtaylor,

      There are at least two monumental problems dogging Calum Long-Collins:
      (1) He cannot affect meaningful change all by himself since his enemy is literally at least 20 million times his size/strength.
      (2) He cannot win his freedoms on Britain’s terms in parliament and the courts.

      What do you suggest he do? Grab a shotgun and go shoot up the local police station who is telling him to change his YouTube messages?

      Even if he went berserk at the local police station, all that would do is guarantee his prompt death and would change nothing. If he cannot organize a critical mass for lasting change, his best option is to leave the country if he can. If he cannot leave the country, then a guerilla war campaign might be in order. Remember, even our nation’s revered Founding Fathers tended to start their campaign for independence in the shadows and anonymously — perhaps the very first documented guerilla warfare campaign.

      • What I suggest that he do is first raise an exhaustive legal and public defense of his basic human rights.
        I realize this may be a difficult, or impossible challenge. Still, it is a man’s duty to protect his rights, and the rights of his fellow countrymen.
        Failing an exhaustive legal and Public Defense of his basic human rights, then yes, he should resort to illegal but moral means of protecting those rights. That would include violence against those attempting to deny him his human rights.
        If this does not seem like a possible successful scenario, I would refer you to the struggle and success of Nelson Mandela.

        • Some people just aren’t up to the task. You might be, but I wouldn’t be, and I know it. Probably he knows the same.

  17. That is what happens when one is a “SUBJECT” of the Government instead of a free “CITIZEN”.

  18. The conditions in the former motherland always remind me that the leftists and socialists and liberals and hippies and dopers and statists continue to insist the book “1984” was about a totalitarian far right wing government. And I laugh.


    UK has earned the government they deserve (but the wave is washing over us now).

    • If the people in the UK prefer living with a fascist boot on their collective necks then they should have simply surrendered to Hitler and sped the process up by about 75 years.

  19. This is thoroughly disgusting. This whole ordeal makes my skin crawl, as it should any freedom loving individual, regardless of political persuasion. This kind of Big Brother bullying must be prevented at all cost.

  20. From a 4473 form (year 2084):
    11a. Are you the actual transferee/buyer of the sharpened pencil(s) listed on this form?

    xx. Have you ever been convicted of a thought crime?

  21. Well, Unfortunately Eastern Bloc Socialist Utopia police states like NJ., Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, R.I., N.Y., etc…As well as the Left-Coast have Paramilitarized local/city/state POLICE that act this way…Or States like NJ, MA. That have Draconian Licensing systems where YOU as a U.S. resident/Citizen CAN NOT purchase, posess, own ,or carry any Firearm without long, multiple POLICE Permissions…No 2nd Amendment….Very similar in my state like the U.K….Its hard to believe it’s inside America!

  22. Meet the REAL gatekeepers who set policy , they have the money and political PULL to Bully + Influence Tech Platforms as well as the ‘ Free Press ‘

    CFR – Combating Disinformation and Fake News …… see 8 and 35 minute segments.

  23. We kicked King “Crazy Eyes” George III to the curb on our side of the pond. The Brits kept him. Let them have their island

  24. He needs to get outta England…stat!

    America needs more guys like him.

    England is a lost cause.

      • “America needs more people whom bow their heads and submit to tyranny? …NOT”

        I find it difficult to not believe that the founders would consider we also are the same already.

  25. not to long ago there was an online video showing UK gun culture is alive and well, they just have some more restrictions. and went on to show off their version of 3 or 2 gun.

    wonder if that’s getting flagged as extremist.

  26. This has happened because the government fears it s people. Now the people fear the government. The exact reason we have the second amendment to the Constitution.

    • The “government” (NO MATTER WHERE ON THIS FUCKING PLANET THAT YOU HAPPEN TO FIND ONE) is merely made up of your stupid ahole neighbors who needed a job. Government definitely has ‘work to do’ and people need to manage that work. That’s the job of government, not the governance of people [who would not sustain the existence of a government if not for being endowed with sufficient self-governance]. Your stupid ahole neighbors who needed a job (which was a job of service, but then used their job to lord themselves over you) hate you and don’t trust you, and are merely attempting to use you up to further their own interests.

      F em all.

  27. Brits can lose their whole Fing country. And when we, for kicks, scrape your invited muslim hoarde off of your asses, we’re taking it down to the slate.

  28. Be more like the UK, oh hell no, America should adopt Burma’s ideals. If we are going to fuck it up go full bore.

  29. A Libertarian who wants to smoke pot just does so in the privacy of his/her own home or a like minded person’s home. They don’t care that it is against the law, they do it anyway. Most Libertarians are socially liberal and fiscally conservative.
    They realize that you can not legislate morality, or even define it, in a political way. They see the Ronald Reagans and Richard Nixons as hypocrites as are the rest of the Republican Party. We are Americans and should be free to be ourselves without being judged by people with their private set of values that do not matter to the running of our country.

  30. Fucking pathetic. Everytime I think the Brits have hit rock bottom, they try to dig deeper.

    • What would you expect when Britain is no longer resembles a Western Nation?

      The entire construct of civil rights only exists and is a by product of the West. AKA Christendom.

      • Paganism did civil rights better. Abrahamic religions pretty much sucked until secularism was the norm.

        • This. Representative republican government and democratic process were given to us by Zeus/Jupiter. Jehovah’s always been much more into absolute kingship.

  31. This is where the anti-gun groups in the USA want to take us. It is a sad state of affairs to see this though the UK has been going down this path for years.

    Every time we give up something we are going down the same path even though “it’s just a small thing.” Not really.
    The NRA News Group should be posting this all over the place or interviewing him though he would probably decline if he wants to ever keep any gun rights in the UK.

  32. If the Germans again have the urge to roam across Euro to hell with the. The Germans can have it. Perhaps the same applies to the mooselems.

    • It’s the muslims taking over Europe and the UK. Look for a violent European Arab Spring within four or five years, probably sooner. The pot is simmering and will boil over faster than anyone ever thought possible.

  33. The police in the UK would rather jail people for thought crimes than real criminals.

    It hasn’t been covered extensively here but there have been multiple instances of ‘rape gangs’ in several cities in England. These gangs took advantage of girls in their early teens and were almost all foreign Muslims. In many instances they operated for years and molested hundreds. Even though people reported these activities to police, they did nothing. The police didn’t want to be perceived as racist. Of course once it all came out, none of the police went to jail or lost their pensions.

  34. 900 years ago in England:
    “Henry II, who is considered the father of the common law, promulgated the Assize of Arms in 1181. This required all British citizens between 15 and 40 to purchase and keep arms. The type of arms required varied with wealth; the wealthiest had to provide themselves with full armor, sword, dagger, and war horse, while even the poorest citizens, “the whole community of freemen”, must have leather armor, helmet and a lance. Twice a year all citizens were to be inspected by the king’s officials to insure that they possessed the necessary arms.”
    “Henry III continued this tradition. In his 1253 Assize of Arms he expanded the age categories to include everyone between 15 and 60 years of age, and made a further modification which bordered on the revolutionary. Now, not only were freemen to be armed, but even villeins, who were little more than serfs and were bound to the land. Now all “citizens, burgesses, free tenants, villeins and others from 15 to 60 years of age” were legally required to be armed.”

    What ever happened to “GREAT” Britain?
    What about these lyrics:

    When Britain first, at heaven’s command,
    Arose from out the azure main,
    This was the charter of the land,
    And Guardian Angels sang this strain:

    Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
    Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

    Great Britain once ruled the world. Now they are nothing but a Caliphate, run by nomads and liberal retards. I have read enough English posts about guns and Muslims to know that this is true……..Let’s face it, a few thousand freedom loving colonists defeated the mightiest empire of it’s day, now that same empire will jail you for a knife infraction or a thought crime.

  35. Poor guy he’s so clueless, he needs to convert to Islam and the gov will leave him alone. He can get to know local muslims and buy and AK from them. Problem solved.

  36. He will be sent to a re-education camp to learn that talking about certain subjects is frowned upon by the Government. He will then be indoctrinated on how to think properly.

  37. “He will then be indoctrinated on how to think properly”

    Sorry, but that job has already been taken over by America’s Marxist public schools.

  38. Good thing we had our revolution. Seems though, that we need, badly need to remind some of our elcted things of the oaths of office they all took, and seem to so readily forget or disregard.

  39. Would love to see Trump offer this poor guy asylum as making this dude grovel like that on the Internet is seriously a violation of his civil rights. That being said, those of us in NY probably aren’t far behind him…

  40. Callum is an Englishman. Scots and Welsh are ‘British’ too yet are seldom denied the courtesy of their right name. It’s true we Englisc do ourselves no favours in this regard but this is a comparatively recent development with suspiciously political overtones. ‘British’ (implying shared credit) when approved, seems to be rule of thumb, English when there’s dirt to be dished.

    My own reaction to the video is straightforward. Callum shouldn’t have made it. He saw fit to call his site ‘English’ (Englisc) instead of burying us in the anonymity of ‘Britishness’, a label I despise with a passion, and for that I am grateful. I sympathise with his position unequivocally in fact. Guns are his livelihood. Who would want to go back to washing cars or whatever it was we did in another life?

    But does he really think snivelling, pusillanimous displays like this will ingratiate him with the authorities? He says he ‘needs to be a little more selfish’? In what way? Isn’t selfishness what brought us to where we are?

    Did he think to ask how much a video like this might further demoralise gun owners? Perhaps he didn’t. Selfishness does that to you. Asking questions, pertinent questions, questions about how one’s actions affect others in our ‘community’ (that horribly misused word), might get in the way of all that much needed me time, but on this evidence I’d say Callum is doing everything he can to look after himself.

    Selfishness isn’t what we need just now, Callum, and public recantations in the hope of a favourable review down the Lodge invariably prove a bit of a forlorn hope in the long run.

    You overstepped the mark. It makes no difference that you didn’t know which mark or even that it existed. The authorities are always looking to make an example of people. Yours was just the goose they chose to cook.

    How terrifyingly Winston Smith-like to hear a man confessing thought crime and promising to mend his ways, and so terrifically hard to bear when it’s a fellow countryman (no wonder he turned off the comments section). Americans sneering confidently – as Discovery Channel American historians are wonted to do, bless their cotton socks – that it could never happen to them are mistaken however.

    The law? The Constitution? Our own Bill of Rights (yes we have one of those; we sold that for a song too when joining the EU in 1971)? It’s all nonsense. Don’t you get it? It’s all hot air – a fig leaf for betrayal farther down the line.

    Rights are entitlements by definition. The problem we have is who does the defining. There are no natural rights. ‘Universal human rights’ enshrine theft, stealing wealth only to redistribute it among those who played no part in its creation, conferring entitlements and access to people’s homes on a basis once conditional on national belonging at a time when nations were acknowledged bloodlines, and ensuring that what was once local and yours is now the property of a stranger five thousand miles away, who is entitled to live with you though he cannot find your country on the map and cannot read or write in his own language let alone yours.

    The system makes no difference. How is it an advantage to have Supreme Court justices making up law as they go along, selecting and rejecting testimony as it suits the dictates of their own liberal agenda, as they did in Roe v Wade for example? America is the greatest creation of western man, but those who run America are the same, and they are unmoved by such considerations.

    The time to be sensible is now: the law is whatever the ruling elite says it is at any given time and that can change irrevocably without notice. It’s life I’m afraid, and life is full of uncertainty. We are being primed for a global governance it appears we have very little will to prevent, not least since multicultural societies require a police state, and since full bellies and keeping the lights on make us reluctant to rock the boat for all the noise we make about defending our rights.

    This young man wants his day job back and will do or say anything to get it. Perhaps his crestfallen demeanour and servile apologia tell us precisely where we are at in my country I don’t know (England, not ‘Yoo-Kay’), though I’m at a loss to explain what the authorities are worried about. For all the threat implied in Callum’s obvious expertise with firearms I seriously doubt anyone would want to be in the trenches with him after this.

    If you ask me it avoids a lot of confusion to see the left for the ruling elite it always has been: as a creature of capital. All those ‘right-wing establishments’ were never anything else in point of fact. International money funded and organised Marx, Lenin, revolution in France, Germany, Russia, China and elsewhere. But it also founded, funded and controlled mainstream political parties in every major western ‘democracy’. It’s the old one-two of Hegelian dialectic.

    Leftists portray themselves as downtrodden outcasts at the very margins of events so they can use anyone with a claim to similar status as concealment for the violently destructive ideas that have controlled government on both sides of the Atlantic for a century at least.

    Let us not be too hard on the young man. How would anyone react faced with the loss of something they loved? Opposed by forces of such magnitude, armed only with a need to be a ‘little more selfish’ (alone), what chance has Callum?

    @Chris T in KY – I have never seen a ‘gay wedding cake’, and am almost tempted to make the journey to your delightful part of the world in order to have you show me an example, but equally I never imagined it a 1st Amendment issue to support prosecuting those who refuse to make them, thereby abolishing the right to free association. 😉

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