Father Shot To Death Held Daughter Hostage
courtesy nbcla.com
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Most of us have seen it happen before; a custody dispute can become hateful and violent. Quickly. In this case, that situation went just about as badly as it could have without any physical harm to the children.

During a planned custody exchange at the police department in Whittier (outside L.A.), the father became aggressive, forcing the mother into the vehicle and abducting her at knifepoint. Both the 4-year-old and 7-year-old children were already in the car. The father drove a short distance before they stopped to argue. The mother escaped the car and ran frantically to a neighbor’s house, where she was let inside. Presumably, the police were on their way.

“She just said he was going to kill her,” a witness told NBC LA.

The father held their 7-year-old daughter hostage, gradually becoming more and more belligerent. The neighbor tried to talk the father down, at which point “hostage” became “hostage at knifepoint.”

At that point, the man failed to calm down and decided to pull out a knife and hold it to his child’s throat.

That’s when police shot him. The father was airlifted to the hospital and pronounced dead shortly after.


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        • Drugs are just more tools. Everything’s a tool one way or the other. You’ll die without water but it can kill you too.

          Before you start demonizing all drugs all the time, think. You’re just following the gun grabbers mantra.

        • The “gun grabbers mantra” is “anything that destroys Society, goes”, including drugs. Can’t do serious FU if your brain ain’t squishy enough.

          Anti-gun Docs against GLOCKS are just one weapon of the POS (D) Leftists.

        • Drugs do not make someone put a knife to their child’s throat. Do you have some acts in your past that you tried to excuse with the whole “substances” thing?

          I am telling you: stop being an idiot.

        • Drugs does (often) happen to break off the little piece of you that ‘gives a FV<K'. That's the PURPOSE of drugs.

          Drugs definitively FV<Ks with Society's continuance, as, if you are not "in it" for "Today" you cannot be said to be in it for "Tomorrow" and the tomorrow of tomorrow, or me or my offspring's tomorrow. In those situations I am compelled then to waste more of my time in my continual assessment of you in our interactions, and that's a tax I am not willing to pay and only do so up until the point that I don't and we are forced to hash-out our relationship in the immediate moment. [loosely paraphrased, J.M. Thomas R., TERMS, 2012].

      • Stop blaming imaginary forces for people’s behavior. Human thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are a very complex interaction of genetics and environment in the long run and incentives and situations in the short run.

        You don’t know this man’s history or character. I’m not suggesting he is not culpable here. Despite motivations and influences, he still has free will. I’m just saying that claiming the Devil made him do it is as silly as blaming the knife.

      • Yep.

        I once worked as a laboratory director for one of the largest toxicology / drugs of abuse laboratories in America. The meth epidemic came on in the 80s and 90s like a runaway locomotive.

        We were often asked to do a tox panel STAT (meaning right away) only to have the STAT status canceled. I suspect it was because the patient no longer needed quick tox results. Perhaps, only the coroner needed them…later.

        Maybe meth. Maybe any number of other killer injection drugs. But those experiences coincided with the penetration of meth into the drug culture.

      • We should probably ban that. And get some meth-free zones put in place.

        Barring that, maybe define how many ‘features’ meth can have before it becomes assault meth and need to have harsher penalties.

        Oh, wait…

        • We could Ezra Pound treatment the MFrs selling it. We ban slavery only to have drug-dealing “slave owners” living at large as wealthy and comfortable members of Society.


          I say, peel the pelt off a few live ones in the public square and see if the market doesn’t drop a few points.

    • “Vengence is MINE” sayeth the LORD. – Romans 12:19

      But we could do some serious “War” sh_t on them.

  1. No winners here, only degrees of losing. People get to these points in their lives where they believe they have no other choice. Maybe that might even be accurate.

    Well, try harder and keep calmer and come up with better solutions earlier, while more options are available. The key is not to play brinksmanship until all options dwindle down to the worst possible “no other choice.”

    • My question too…it ain’t me. The fact that the dead guy had supervised visits is really bad. My ex-wife wasn’t fond of me but always wanted me to be a good dad…

    • Usually publications use “staff writer” when the piece is just a re-written press release and doesn’t require or rate the traditional byline of original content.

    • Hey!

      Mr. & Mrs. Writer wanted to name their child after a dearly departed relative. You never knew Mr. Writer’s maternal uncle, Mr. Staff Meeting. Anyway, Uncle Staff died without any children of his own, so they when the author of this post was born, they named him Staff Writer.

      • Everyone here would rather remain anonymous, and not have to divulge the GPS coordinates of their previous fiery boating accidents at sea.

  2. Thank goodness he had a knife instead of a firearm, POTG do not need any more idiots using firearms to do idiotic things. Good shooting there “Badge”, you saved some lives that day.

  3. I object to my tax dollars being wasted on a helicopter ride for this dud.

    Wonder what category of gun violence this will be listed?

  4. Anyone here think their wife couldn’t have talked them into an armed stand-off over their family / small kids?

    You better hope.

  5. hopefully the kid won’t remember any of this. not like any of you ever gave the kid one second of thought. not when there is an echo chamber to fill.

  6. My earliest memories are high stress things, like my folks going through their divorce when I was 5 and getting my ride stuck in a fire ant nest, or my mom whipping my hienie with a pink Revlon hairbrush cause I was rude at another kids birthday party. The 7 year old will remember this, and it’s gonna be awful for her. Maybe life was already awful, maybe the moms not so innocent. The younger one may not remember, but will know about it. I can’t believe the father would hold a knife to his daughter. It’s unbelievable to me that people do the things they do. I can’t imagine being so screwed in the head.

  7. Yeah, when the cops get called, usually it’s past the point of letting cooler heads prevail. No matter how angry you are, you need to recognize the signals that you are becoming a bad guy. Hurting puppies or kids is never looked kindly on. Whatever beef the guy had with the mother, it likely wasn’t worth dying a stupid death for.


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