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Amanda Peet in The Whole Nine Yards (courtesy

“Comedian Chris Rock, long outspoken about the issues of guns in American culture, is heading to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to support President Barack Obama’s new gun control package in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., shootings,” reports, previewing a Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) press conference. Again, I put pro-gun control African Americans in the same category as pro-steak vegans. Sure, Rock’s movie career has been firearms-intensive (e.g., Walther P38, M1911A1, Makarov PM, MAC 11 and a brace of 1911’s). But who really cares? The real problem here is Amanda Peet. It was bad enough when Scarlett Johansson joined MAIG . . . OK, it was worse. In the sense that young men will do anything—including abandoning their natural interest in firearms and their political convictions—to please a beautiful woman. Mark my words: these anti-gun starlets are the fifth column. Drop-dead gorgeous pro-gun women need to contact this website immediately to help mount a counter-offensive. So to speak.

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    • Laura Prepon (Donna Pinciatti) LOVES her Mini-14, Miranda Lambert is a gun owner as is Angelina Jolie who favors a tricked out 1911.


  1. I say we do a TTAG bikini calendar! 😉
    Yeah ok it is sexiest, but it would sell like hot cakes I imagine…
    For the girls we could do a guys calendar too.. just sayin..

    Oh and RF where are the IWI girls you promised!

    • Seconded! And part of the proceeds could go to SAF / NRA / FPC / “Assaulted” etc…

      I’d buy one or more, because I love freedom so much!

    • OK, here’s a crazy idea. I’m going to have to think beyond the fifth grade here, but work with me. How about we skip a calendar, or Israeli models, and ask for some guest posts from well-known women gun slingers? I won’t post all the websites and make the spam filter go wacky, but here are a few ideas:

      Shelley Rae, Amanda Furrer, Michelle Viscusi, the ladies over at, Destinee from the FateofDestinee youtube channel, and any of the fine ladies from the US Olympic Shooting team. The list goes on and on. Hell, you’ve seen the “I am a gun owner” posts, there are some nice ladies reading this blog right now, I’m sure they’ve got something to say!

      Robert, if you want more specifics, shoot me an email and I’ll give you whatever contact information I have for them.

      Sorry, back to your regularly scheduled “guy stuff”.

  2. Amanda Peet is not HOT. Come on over rated now if Tia Carrer or Kate Hudson would have been there that’s HEART BREAKING!!!!


    Dan’s got it have a gun babe bikini contest women only pls!!!

  3. Why does any self respecting adult care what celebrities think about any topic aside from the acting or singing that made them famous? If I want to know what the most artistically important film was this year, I’ll listen to what they have to say, aside from that, they’re just some jerk with an opinion.

    And people think Amanda Peet is hot? Really? Weird.

    • Why should a celebrity know what’s artistically important? Isn’t that like expecting a cop to know what’s politically important?

    • Anglina Jolie is a gun person and Bruce Willis is pro-rights as well…

      “I think that you can’t start to pick apart anything out of the Bill of Rights without thinking that it’s all going to become undone,” Willis said. “If you take one out or change one law, then why wouldn’t they take all your rights away from you?”

      Willis went on to say, “It’s a difficult thing and I really feel bad for those families,” he said. “I’m a father and it’s just a tragedy. But I don’t know how you legislate insanity. I don’t know what you do about it. I don’t even know how you begin to stop that.”

      • Great, but there is a yearning; manufactured or real to “do something”. Paul Ryan offered a budget a few years back that our treasonist in chief said(paraphrasing) was a real alternative. I see local and even some state governments putting teacher carry and non-interstate commerce laws on the books.

        But where is the bill from “our side”? Where are the senators and representatives lining up to give press conferences on nationwide conceal carry? Where is the bill abolishing gun free zones and telling employers to respect civil rights and civic duties?

        Where is the bill giving every law abiding American two weekends a year of government paid for firearms training to ensure our well regulated militia.

    • I way more sad when I saw Sarah Silverman on that horrible demand a plan video. She’s way hotter than miss Whole Nine Yards up there.

    • > “I think that you can’t start to pick apart anything
      > out of the Bill of Rights without thinking that it’s all
      > going to become undone,” Willis told The Associated
      > Press. ”If you take one out or change one law, then
      > why wouldn’t they take all your rights away from you?”

      OK, I get it. We care about what celebrities say when they agree with us. Otherwise, they’re “just celebrities”.

      That being said, if there’s anybody who has the ability and resources to do this, here’s an idea for a very short film based on Bruce’s quote:

      Show the Bill of Rights printed on a tapestry.

      Somebody says something like, “We need to do something about gun violence”, and starts pulling loose threads from the Second Amendment.

      As they keep pulling threads, the entire tapestry comes undone and falls to pieces.

      Or something like that. Hopefully I explained it well enough so you get the idea.

      The Willis quote is great, but I think a short video illustrating his point would get the message across to a wider audience.

  4. “Drop-dead gorgeous pro-gun women need to contact this website immediately to help mount a counter-offensive”

    YES. A counter-offensive. With women. Lots of beautiful women.

  5. This is what Chris Rock said about our POS president.

    “The President and the First Lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country,” Rock said at a press conference. “And when your dad says something, you listen. And when you don’t, it usually bites you in the ass later on. So I’m here to support the president.”

    I wonder if he felt that way when Bush was president, 0r if he will still feel this way when the next non-black President is elected?

  6. Can we ask Hollywood just how many films have been made in the last 75 years or so (especially westerns) where the bad guys were finally defeated by an armed populace willing to stand their ground? Does “The Magnificent Seven” ring a bell? (Mexico, I know, but the same idea.) And how many movies have they made where the government or some faction of government turns rogue, fascist or tyrannical and the people have to rise up in self defense and take their freedoms back?

    How can they write, produce and act in such stories and then come back and say individual citizens should not need or be trusted with guns for personal protection?

  7. I can understand when someone may compromise their opinion for a vagina that they have a chance at getting into, but for one they have zero chance of getting into? That’s just stupid.

    Oh, and by compromise, I mean only act like you give a crap about her side of the opinion.

  8. I say this is a good move – in that when they start rolling out the celebrities, they are desperate and have no other plan.

  9. I can’t understand for the life of me why we lend any weight at all to the opinions of people whose primary achievement in life is pretending to be someone they’re not.

  10. I admit, I cried when Nick Offerman was in the “demand a plan” garbage. Ron Swanson would kick him in the face if he knew.

  11. I liked it when Amanda Peet spoke out against Jenny McCarthy and the anti-vaccination crowd. C’est la vie…

    I think the real thing to focus on here, aside from purely subjective declarations of what constitutes physical beauty among members of the fairer sex, is ‘celebrity.’ Sure, it would be nice if scores of beautiful women spoke out in support of the Second Amendment. It would probably even get the media’s attention. Sadly, it would need to make the covers of trashy pop-culture magazines to have a real impact. There is an entire meta-industry that thrives on the doings of celebrities, and the people who fuel that industry are unlikely to be TTAG viewers.

    If you genuinely want to spread the pro-2A message to those people, you need to put it where they’ll find it – in terms they can understand. There *are* pro-2A celebrities, and though that title has little bearing on the validity of their statements, the unwashed masses listen to them. Sad, but true… and we’re not exactly in a position to dismiss them.

    Until the events of last December, firearms owners and 2A supporters had good reasons to think our views were becoming more mainstream. Of course, most – if not all – firearms related programming has vanished from the airwaves. Perhaps network execs only saw those shows as curiosities… as windows into the lives of people they could care less about. Either way, it helped.

    I know that Hollywood doesn’t exactly embrace our position, or members of the entertainment industry who go against the grain; however, we *know* that there are pro-2A celebrities, and we *need* them to be vocal and active. I don’t like it, but their voices reach ears ours never will.

  12. Really too bad. I respected her quite a bit when she spoke out against Jenny McCarthy’s inane anti vaccination rants. She basically suggested not to listen to celebrities, but listen to researchers and doctors.

    Wish she would at least be consistent and look at the FBI/DOJ crime statistics and make an objective assessment herself. “Don’t listen to me, I’m just a celebrity. Look up the crime statistics and see for yourself.”

  13. “young men will do anything—including abandoning their natural interest in firearms and their political convictions—to please a beautiful woman’

    Many young men of today are not the naive dupes and slaves to women that older generations of men were at their age. We’ve observed them in the Men’s Rights Movement. Today’s young men have grown up under feminism and its values. They’ve experienced being the unfavored sexx as students since kindergarten and in college. They’ve seen what has happened to older generations of men during divorce and with child support and in seeking jobs and not getting promotions they deserved. Sure, some guys will be anti-gun idiots and those guys were already destined to be metro-sexxuals and sheeple. Don’t worry about too mamy of the young men. Besides, many young women love guns.

  14. When you think Hollywood, think Herman Goebbels, The Hitler stooge who oversaw the propaganda machine for the fatherland. Todays Holleywood would make him proud (If he didn’t hang himself) :^)

    • Herman “Fettsack” Goering was the guy that hung himself. Josef Goebbels was the propaganda minister. He poisoned his kids, shot his wife then himself outside the bunker. But yeah, the propaganda machine is a-crankin’. Just say “No” kids.

    • I think they own a gun range in France, a gift from him to her. Great gift, I guess. I offered to buy my wife a Sig 226 in .40 that she likes and she gave me divorce papers but heck, I’m not Brad Pitt

      • My ex took the Sig (actually, a Smith & Wesson) and everything else I owned some of which I got back after the police had a little talk with her. You got lucky.

        • I believe that would be Aharon’s comment a half-page up, timestamped about two hours before your comment, Joke…

        • “Speaking of womyn, where’s Aharon? Did he get himself a giiiiiirlfriend?”

          That depends on how you define a girlfriend. Full time girlfriends are too expensive and demanding of a man’s time. I prefer other arrangements.

    • There’s a delightful picture (which I don’t have) of Jolie and her kids by her parked car during a Beverly Hills shopping trip…and her son has a full-sized toy AR with him.

      • My wife knows about Angelina’s pro-2A position, not to mention my appreciation for her significant personal attributes. She has lately taken to theorizing out loud that my motivation for doing Crossfit is a vain hope that I will win Ms Jolie away from Brad Pitt. This amuses me mightily. 🙂

  15. Seriously, if you guys are looking for a hot, gun toting woman you need to look at Shelley Sargeant. She is the editor of Western Shooting Journal and a gorgeous redhead.

    • Did you mean Shelley Rae?

      Perhaps you saw the picture Shelley posted to Facebook this week of her with the lovely Brooke from FNH USA?

      Related: Apparently the trackpad on my Mac is drool-proof and cleans up easily.

      • Follow-up: by, um, zooming in on her nametag in the aforementioned picture (I swear I was just looking at the nametag!) I see that she goes by Shelley Rae on Facebook, but Shelley Sargent in real life.

  16. Like him or hate him, I read an article earlier today that Steven Segal will be training volunteers in Arizona to respond to school shootings. Ill see if I can dig it back up, it was a Yahoo article.

  17. Yes, let’s pander to the lowest male instincts to gain support. Kinda like Fox News and skirt shots. Do you really care when Kim Kardashian tweets a picture of a diamond-encrusted .22 (and then promptly retracts it due to public pressure)?

    What happened to the idea that women who carry have a “wholesomeness” about them (I read this in a comment on an “I am A Gun Owner” post.)

    Make up your minds, are you (sheep)dogs or just pigs?

      • Are you also grass-fed? Because I hear grass-fed is the way to go.

        (Nobody tell Aharon that I’m just trying to get him onto a dodgy grass-based diet so he’ll sell me that sweet .357 levergun in a moment of weakness…)

        • Only a gun owner living in Northern California would come up with such a creative plan. Now go to your room.

  18. I am a black American and I am not pro gun or anti gun. A gun is a tool, like a car. I am however pro 2A……..and I want reciprocity. We should be careful not to let the grabbers label us ” Pro Gun”. It is a bad term. We are pro 2A!

  19. wikipedia:

    “In an interview with Cookie, Peet stated: “Frankly, I feel that parents who don’t vaccinate their children are parasites,” referring to the benefit unvaccinated children derive from herd immunity and the concern that dropping vaccination rates may put all children at increased risk of preventable disease.”

    “Peet’s first screen performance was in a television commercial for Skittles. “

    • Interesting that it used the word “parasites” there.
      That is exactly what liberals are…Parasites that demand everyone else live for them, or die.

  20. If they took a few more snapshots we could have seen her diving in after the gun. Irregardless, it looks like a forming tornado will get her anyways, oh well, Randy

  21. I’m sure they are being threatened…..
    Join our citizen enslavement crusade (It is not gun control at all…It is the first step of UN Agenda 21 implementation) and be a pig in the upcoming Orwellian World Order or refuse and be a serf and never work in Hollywood again.

  22. Is that a photo of her?

    Looks like a transvestite to me. Maybe it’s just the geriatric outfit she has on.

    Anyway, I didnt think adults crushed on celebrities. RF seems to be one step away from “Bieber Fever.”

  23. On the whole, I think that celebrities are subject matter experts on guns just as much as gunshot victims are. Which is to say that they are not. However, when one takes the time to learn about the issues (ala Bruce Willis) it is easy to respect their position. Not because it jibes with my own, but because it demonstrates that he has actually taken the time to learn about the issue instead of taking the lemming approach and parrot what others are saying because it’s popular.

    I’m not an absolutist, but every time the politicians pass laws that have no net effect except to bar legitimate gun owners from having or exercising 2A rights, I get closer and closer to becoming one.

  24. As usual, Bruce Willis ROCKS!

    Chris Rock should work on a new and fact filled bit. Instead of mortgages to buy bullets, he should talk about how African American males are on average responsible for almost 3/4 of ALL gun murders. FBI stats have it at about 67%. Every single year since the 70s, the percentages of black males murdering someone with a gun have rose. A race who holds only about 12% of the population is committing the majority of the gun murders, why not make this the issue if stopping murders is what they want? Chris Rock has no problem coming up with endless bits against his race to make them look dumb, angry, unintelligent and lazy, why can’t he do something important and help his race by speaking the truth about the issue?
    I’m so sick of our nation and especially media being so PC, it does nothing but dodge the true issue of gun murder in our nation today.

    On average it’s not assault rifles(about 50 gun murders a year). It’s not machine guns(about 2 murders a year). It’s not rifles in general(about 350 a year) it’s black males ages 15-45(about 7,500 gun murders a year).

    And ironically Chris, most of those victims are black males as well. Seems the black community is both responsible for the majority of gun murders and the victim of most gun murders. The gun issue in the country IS A BLACK ONE, not a gun one. Yet we hear NOTHING in media or from politicians on a national level, only talk of bans and restrictions on firearms, which ironically again, seems to make it worse.

  25. Betrayed by a beautiful, clueless object of relentless fantasy AGAIN? Well, DANG ME and SHEE-IT, Roberto!!

    Maybe you need a new hobby, mah man… Push has come to shove, and it won’t stop pushing until we neutralize the threat. LEGALLY.

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