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When news of the Norwegian atrocity first broke, I caught it on CNN. The news net drafted-in a Norwegian journalist for some instant analysis. “We are a peaceful nation,” he protested, shaking his proverbial head. A media meme was born. A native-born spree killer shoots scores of children in a country that prohibits private ownership of firearms for defensive purposes and the press plays up the country’s non-violence. Hello? Like every nation on earth, Norway’s history is written in blood. From the Viking period to its struggle against Nazi tyranny to the war in Afghanistan, Norway has been and always will be a nation of warriors. Just like every other nation on earth. Turning your back on that tradition, both as a society and individually, leaves you open to slaughter. Just sayin’.

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  1. What he meant to say was that Norway is a nice little socialist nation where everyone is happy to be laboring for the collective, except for that one guy.

    • “What he meant to say was that Norway is a nice little socialist nation where everyone is happy to be laboring for the collective”

      If they are happy with it, what’s wrong with it? Socialism, like capitalism, can do good things and bad things.

      Let’s not confuse the issue by twisting it into Socialism vs whatever system comparison. In the end all systems are the same in the way that there are always those who are happy, and those who are not; the haves and the have-nots. And, under every system, no matter how perfect they are, there will always be the nutty few who are bent to do others harm. Thus, proving gun control efforts are moot and misguided.

  2. Norway was neutral in both World Wars. It’s neutrality was violated by the Nazis, who enjoyed doing that to fence-sitters like Norway, Belgium and Holland. The Nazi invasion of Norway was aided and abetted by Sweden (also neutral) when Sweden granted safe passage to the Nazi army so it could cross Swedish territory without interference and attack Norway. Funny, we often rip France for a perceived lack of balls, but the Scandanavian nations get a free pass because they’re “peaceful.” Meanwhile, France lost more soldiers in WW1 than the US lost in all the wars it ever fought, combined.

    • The Scandinavians generally get a pass because it’s hard to think ‘Scandinavian’ without thinking ‘Viking’. Also, Simo Hayha.

      In other words, how far the mighty have fallen…

  3. “Peaceful” Scandinavians like Alfred Nobel? Say, where did all that Peace Prize money come from anyway?

    The human race is violent, claming that your group is less so is pointless and stupid.

    Yup. Human is Human. We are all born killers, it’s how we got to the top of the food chain.


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