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“It won’t be illegal to openly carry guns on city property and parks in Northport,” reports, “but officials there said it will not be permitted.” See what they did there? The City Council won’t arrest open carriers on City property because . . . they can’t. Open Carry is legal in Alabama. But they will ask them to leave city property and parks and arrest then arrest them for trespassing if they don’t skid addle because . . . they can. “We do not want to infringe on anyone’s right to carry firearms,” [Northport City Administrator Scott] Collins said. WAIT! Why is that people who want to infringe on our Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms always say they don’t want to infringe on our Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms? OK, go . . .

However, our highest priority will always be the safety concerns of the public. Anytime their handgun or firearm becomes an issue on city property, or elsewhere, we’ll take every step to preserve the safety of the public first and address legal concerns (about open carry laws) second.

So if a member of the public is concerned about an Alabamian exercising the Second Amendment (example please) their concern has a higher priority than the right itself? In the same sense that the people who were concerned that blacks were educated enough to vote were justified in creating literacy tests for voting, yes?

Speaking of which, those of you who thought that gun control was a problem faced by certain Northern states and California’s urban areas just got schooled.

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  1. Well all the comments on that article says the news person was wrong, and that’s not what it actually is, or it IS what it actually is, and the city is breaking the law. All comments so far have been against it. One guy was talking about how open carry should always be legal and concealed carry should require a license. When it comes down to it, I believe that will stop crime more then anything. Why do criminals always run when a concealed carry person pulls their gun? They don’t want to die. The worse cops can do to them is give them 3 square meals a day in a big building with all their friends.

  2. For once, i’d like to see a government hoplophobe in America who’s honest and says they want anything and everything to do with guns banned. Such an opponent would at least possess some integrity alongside their willfull ignorance.

    • there lucky my car is down and i cant go visit mom in Foley…as i would be seeing some friends in north port and would be Open carrying in there park …and they better hope they dont get to meet me either

  3. Yeah That sounds like it is against the law someone needs to make an example of themselves and get a court case going ASAP.

  4. Yes. Northport will lose any court challenge b/c we have a preemption law that reserves all fireams laws to the legislature of AL.

  5. I’m a student at UA, just across the river. My wife will kill me, but if I had a few lawyers backing me up, I’d willfully open carry all over Northport city property.

    Rights are rights. Nowhere is there a right to be concerned. I’m tired of this crap.

  6. My question is simple: If this is city property and open to the public (like parks or a library) what grounds will they use to trespass OCers?

  7. Is it possible to trespass on public property that is open to the public? Can someone trespass on a sidewalk? He can ‘create a disturbance’ or something like that, but can someone trespass in a place he has every right to be in?

  8. ok here is the issue summed up they think there above the law and we are to do as were told….when we the people are there boss and they should do as there told….call them and pitch a fit…after they have a few “voters” telling them there on grounds of being impeached they will change it…

  9. Ask king Collins to show any open carry law for Alabama. It is just a personal agenda that he is trying to push and hide behind the city..Oh also ask the king and his merry jester(city attorney ) the meaning of Alabama’s Criminal coercion law and what it means. Lord knows he going to have to know soon.

    • Section 13A-6-25
      Criminal coercion.
      (a) A person commits the crime of criminal coercion if, without legal authority, he threatens to confine, restrain or to cause physical injury to the threatened person or another, or to damage the property or reputation of the threatened person or another with intent thereby to induce the threatened person or another against his will to do an unlawful act or refrain from doing a lawful act.

      (b) Criminal coercion is a Class A misdemeanor.


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