Norma monolithic hollow point personal defense ammunition
courtesy mfr
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Norma’s long been known for their excellent hunting rounds. Now they want to be known for personal defense ammunition, too. They’ve just announced a new 108 grain 9mm MHP round featuring an all-copper bullet they say is “likely the most expanding 9mm bullet in the world.”

Here’s their press release:

Norma Introduces Personal Defense Handgun Ammunition with New Monolithic Hollow Point (MHP)

For more than a century, Norma® has built a world-wide reputation among hunters for accuracy, reliability and terminal performance across a wide range of hunting applications. In 2019, Norma is proud to deliver this same standard of precision and ballistic performance with the release of its new 9mm Monolithic Hollow Point (MHP™).

Norma’s 9mm MHP is an all copper bullet with massive expansion and great stopping power. It is designed to reliably feed into all pistol and carbine chambers and is calibrated for consistent devastating terminal performance, regardless of barrel length. By achieving consistent, massive expansion, repeatable time-after-time, the Norma MHP is poised to set a new standard for personal defense ammunition.

norma mhp personal defense ammunition
courtesy mfr

“Our new MHP is likely the most expanding 9mm bullet in the world,” said Paul Lemke, General Manager for RUAG Ammotec USA. “It also reliably feeds and performs with unmatched terminal affect through expansion, in all barrel lengths/firearm platforms. Getting this performance from an all-copper projectile is a very big accomplishment for our entire team. We’re proud to offer this unique personal protection and home defense option people can trust when it matters most.”

Initially being offered in 9mm with a 108gr projectile, the new MHP is the perfect choice for concealed carry and personal defense. Its cold formed monolithic copper construction delivers extreme terminal performance and consistent penetration out of any type of firearm or barrel length at varied velocities. MSRP for a 20-round box of Norma 9mm Luger MHP is $22.48.

Norma is a registered trademark of RUAG Ammotec, a RUAG Group Company.

Established in 1902 and based out of Amotfors, Sweden, Norma has built a reputation world-wide for its dedication to quality, precision and reliability.  Norma’s commitment to delivering trustworthy ammunition for hunters and shooters has been the driving force in the continual growth and expansion of Norma’s product line-up and manufacturing capabilities. For more information on Norma ammunition and components, please visit

Based in Tampa, Florida, RUAG Ammotec USA, Inc. is a division of Europe’s leading manufacturer of small arms ammunition and OEM components, RUAG Ammotec GmbH.  RUAG Ammotec USA, Inc. not only introduces Swiss, German, Swedish and Hungarian hi-tech offerings to the U.S. marketplace, but also leverages European offerings known for precision, reliability and innovation and combines them with disruptive U.S. components, know-how and partnerships to manufacture and deliver world-class small arms ammunition solutions for use by sports shooters, law enforcers and warfighters in the United States and abroad. RUAG Ammotec markets commercial product offerings under the Norma, Geco, Swiss P and Inceptor brands.

RUAG Ammotec belongs to the Swiss technology corporation RUAG Holding AG, which is headquartered in Bern. RUAG develops and sells internationally renowned technology applications in the field of aerospace along with safety and defence technology for use on land, sea and in space. A total of 57% of RUAG’s products and services are for civilian use, and 43% are intended for the military market. Its corporate headquarters are in Bern (Switzerland). Production sites are located in Switzerland and in 13 other countries in Europe, the USA, and the Asia-Pacific region. Around 8,700 employees – 430 of them trainees – represent 48 nationalities and generate revenue of around CHF 1.86 billion.

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  1. I wonder if Raufoss will ever make some 9mm self-defense ammo that is API-HE…

  2. Lightweight…superyawn. All copper….superyawn. Twice the price of Federal HST…titanic superyawn.

    • “And it has great stopping power.” I wonder how they’d know that since nobody has ever been shot by one. In fact, you’d probably need a thousand shooting incidents to reliably make such a claim. And why do we need to know all the corporate crap? Sounds like they’re really just promoting shares in their stock.

    • {Singing}

      “Bring, back – Oh, bring back, bring back STB410 to TTAG for me, for me!”

      I hope his health improves so he can…

      • Stb410 and tnoutdoors9 had the best ammo reviewing YouTube pages. I still look at them but luckygunner has even better charts and videos for most prominent handgun loads.

  3. They have finally come out with the absolute best expanding/ penetrating 9 mm bullet ever! I was wondering how long it would take. Every other bullet is obsolete now.

    • Oh my g… That is exactly what I was thinking. I started emptying my magazines and throwing out any spare boxes… I thought about putting it on Armslist or something, but then I thought who’d want to buy a ton of useless ammo, right… it’s not yet been long enough for curio collectors to get into it.

      I just hope I can get enough of this Norma to replace all the other junk. I’m pretty experienced, since I do this every other month when technology improves and the next ultimate bullet is released… so I usually keep around a huge pile of money in anticipation for the sacrifices required to be living on the cutting edge.

      Thank goodness for the internet. Back in the 90s, hell, we would be walking around for like a year or two at a time with totally inferior ammunition. Fortunately, we had .40SW to compensate for crappy 9×19 bullets.

      Hey man, good luck… I just ordered 5000 rounds of this. Hopefully I left some for you.

  4. Penetration through car bodies is important. We all spend a great deal of our lives around cars.
    Penetration through clothing and other items likely to be on a body. Vests, rifle magazines, canteens.
    Penetration through buildings and furniture in a building.
    And lastly how it performs in a human body

  5. I wish the term “stopping power” would go with time. Just like hydrostatic shock. Being shot is not a static event. The correct term for the otherwise dubious effect that hydrostatic shock purports to exist would be hydrodynamic shock. Even then it is mostly pseudoscience and not reliably reproducible. Rant over.

    • It should be called increased rate of incapacitation due to more rapid blood loss, instead of stopping power.

  6. One photo, no numbers? Run it through the FBI’s tests, once from a 4.5 inch barrel and then a second time from a 3 inch barrel. Report all results. Then I’ll care.

    • + 1. No FBI test data = hype. Come back when you have some test data to report.
      “likely the most expanding 9mm bullet in the world.” Pretty but useless info without test data.

  7. The testing I’ve seen of these (Lehigh Maximum Expansion) has shown really radical expansion, at the cost of underpenetration – I’m talking 9″ or less.

    • While I carried a 1911 for 15 years and am a firm believer in the .45 ACP cartridge, times change and so do products. I still have my 1911’s but carry my 9’s. It’s more prudent for me to do so not to mention my agency mandates it. My follow up times are much better too. Of course, old age is a great influencing agent.

  8. Just had a look on their website and if I’m not mistaken, they don’t seem to know the difference between m/s and f/s.

    Am I missing something?

    Norma MHP 108 gr
    Product number

    V0 560 f/s
    V25 497 f/s
    V50 444 f/s
    V75 388 f/s
    V100 339 f/s
    V125 305 f/s
    V150 288 f/s
    E0 413 ft.-lb.
    E25 370 ft.-lb.
    E50 333 ft.-lb.
    E75 298 ft.-lb.
    E100 261 ft.-lb.
    E125 234 ft.-lb.
    E150 219 ft.-lb.

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