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The flags the fact that father and son gunmakers Peter and Phil Noreen are now selling the “Noreen Bad News.” It’s a $5k custom-made AR-style rifle chambered in the increasingly popular .338 Lapua (manufactured by your Nordic friends at Nammo Lapua Oy). Our favorite apolitical gun blogger lists the new weapon’s advantages: “semi-automatic (faster than old action), long range (much more power than the .308 Win) and comfortable recoil (on account of the semi-auto action and muzzlebrake).” Not to mention long range. Oh wait. He did. But it’s worth mentioning again. The round achieved fame recently when British soldiers blew the brains out— I mean “neutralized” enemy machine gunners in Afghanistan. The team set the world’s record for longest recorded sniper kill at 1.54 miles. Speaking of bad news, 20 285 GR BTHP MATCH™ .338 Lapua Hornady cartidges will run ya $106.80 a box.

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  1. Look on the bright side! At those ammo prices, a reloading press would pay for itself in about 100 rounds.

  2. SWEET! Now all I need to do is get $10,000 together for the gun and a good scope, then another few grand for ammunition…..

  3. we are marketing a high capacity, wildey frame, with a two tone finish, fluted heavy barrel, also an aug inspired 338 snipetac, and two variations of a hk 51 k in 458 socom and the hk pdw in 6.5 grendal, 6.5 creedmore, and a hk 94 inspired 338 snipetac

  4. About six months ago I purchased a brand new Noreen “Bad News” .338 Lapua Magnum. The gun never ran.
    The fail to feed problems were constant and frustrating. At best one could fire 2, 3 or 4 shots without a fail to feed.
    Sometimes after the first shot there was a fail to feed. It was very frustrating to constantly be required to remove the
    magazine and dig out the jammed brass. Noreen’s customer service is also “Bad News”.
    The gun was returned to Noreen on multiple occasions. Each time the gun was returned to me with a
    statement that the rifle was functioning properly. Each time on the range thereafter the same fail to feed problems
    continued. Noreen aptly named the rifle. In blogs I had read about problems with the Noreen after it was first introduced.
    My gunshop people told me that those problems had been resolved so I was excited to get another large caliber semi auto.
    While one could suggest user error or bad ammunition, I own other large caliber semi autos which function seamlessly.
    Those rifles include a Barrett .50 BMG as well as a Browning .300 Magnum.
    I also have a multitude of Sig, Springfield, SCAR and FN semi auto .308’s that likewise function seamlessly.
    I used .338 Lapua ammunition manufactured by Lapua, Nosler, Remington and Winchester. All of the ammunition without regard to
    manufacturer had the same results–fail to feed. I was fortunate to have a great gun dealer who was as frustrated with the
    gun as I. He took the gun back and said he was sorry for all of the frustration and the poor response of Noreen’s customer

  5. I have never in 30 years serving in local and federal law enforcement have met a company such as Noreen Firearms, They are rude, uncaring and carry a product that they gave a fitting name Noreen Bad News 338 Lapua. I purchased this firearm four months ago and had sent it back four times with the same problem, failure to feed, short storking, each time I was informed that the problem was not putting the firearm back properly after cleaning. this is pure bullshit, I have a class 7 ffl and my partner is a gun smith, after receiving the gun back one time they neglected to put the extractor spring back in. I called them up and reported it and they sent me one and ordered two more and paid for two more. Each time they returned the gun there was no written report on what was wrong and how they repaired it. all they say is we video it and that is complete bullshit. it is very easy to do to take parts out or place parts back in and video same, The owner is very rude and so is his gunsmith. I asked the gun smith what was wrong and how he repaired it and all he said was chamber work. I finally demanded my money back but the owner Phil told me to dump the gun on gun broker, then they said I ruined thegun by firing it without the extactor spring the gun was under warranty and they demanded I pay for a new bolt as they said I ruined it by firing it and demanded the old bolt back which was legally mine. I received the gun back without the old bolt and no written report on how they repaired it all their was was a tag on it saying we repaired the gun and it works perfectly fine along with saying we video taped it. I believe they say such things in order to avoid mail and wire fraud!! So I paid for the gun to be repaired as they where holding it hostage on me. I sold the gun (traded it in) on a different brand ! So my friends if you want to avoid a headache do NOT purchase a weapon from Noreen firearms! But they did give the 338 a fitting name by calling it BAD NEWS!!!!

    • Ugh…I just received mine back from Noreen. I had similar problems hope they are solved.

  6. Given the above comments, I shall refrain from purchasing anything from Noreen. I was going to purchase a rifle from them until I miraculously came across this site.

    I cannot those of you who posted your problems with such a terribly fraudulent company as is Noreen. They must somehow be put out of business and criminally prosecuted for their fraudulent actions.

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