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I support the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, enshrining Americans’ right to bear arms. But I never forget that the First Amendment came first. So I’m totally down with the right of people who disagree with the Second Amendment to voice their opinions in whatever way they choose. But that doesn’t mean I have to like the tone or content of their argument. In fact, it Paines me that so many members of my “loyal opposition” are so filled with hate and anger towards the pro gun rights position—and not just because that’s the way they see gun owners (irony isn’t always funny). I believe that any belief that’s worth having should be able to withstand rational debate and critique. That anyone holding a strongly held belief should invite debate and discussion. But this on mikeb30200’s blog? This is beyond the pale . . .

The NJ governor whose name sounds like a fairy elf has opted to commute the sentence of criminal gunloon Brian Aitken–posterboy of the oppressed small penis crowd.

Remember this: as I’ve sagely noted, gunloons like to talk about getting tough on crime–more enforcement, longer sentences.  But when a (white) gunloon commits a gun crime….well, laws are for other (black, brown) people.

Mikeb302000 has no time for pro gun rights commentators (like myself) who are personally offended by Jadegold’s personally offensive remarks. When I protested, Mikeb replied “I say again, get over it. Quit derailing the discussion into the mundane complaint about Jadegold’s namecalling. Please.”

More irony: Mikeb302000 holds comments in moderation to make sure they are not flames. And yet he’s OK with a flamer flagrantly flaming on a post. Apparently, that’s because . . .

A small penis is a metaphor for psychological inadequacy. That’s how it started and only you’re insistence on taking it literally and pretending to be upset about it is compromising dialogue.

My belief is that many of you, perhaps most of you are motivated by irrational fear and inadequacy, and that right there makes you unfit.

So it’s a Catch-22: gun owners are unfit to own guns because wanting a gun means you are unfit to own one. No wonder they’ve resorted to playground level name-calling. Which is sad, because I genuinely appreciate vigorous debate on all sides of all firearms-related issues.

So if, perchance, there’s anyone reading this who is in favor of gun control, I implore you to email an editorial to [email protected]. I promise to delete all flames, so that we can have more light than heat.

Meanwhile, I won’t dignify Jadgold’s accusation of racism with a reply. But Wikipedia has something to say about Freud, guns, sexuality and psychology, filed under “Misattributed”. . .

  • A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.
    • This is not a statement that appears in any translation of any of Freud’s works. It is a paraphrase of a statement from the essay “Guns, Murders, and the Constitution” (February 1990)by Don B. Kates, Jr. where Kates summarizes his views of passages in Dreams in Folklore (1958) by Freud and David E. Oppenheim, while disputing statements by Emmanuel Tanay in “Neurotic Attachment to Guns” in a 1976 edition of The Fifty Minute Hour: A Collection of True Psychoanalytic Tales (1955) by Robert Mitchell Lindner:
Dr. Tanay is perhaps unaware of — in any event, he does not cite — other passages more relevant to his argument. In these other passages Freud associates retarded sexual and emotional development not with gun ownership, but with fear and loathing of weapons. The probative importance that ought to be attached to the views of Freud is, of course, a matter of opinion. The point here is only that those views provide no support for the penis theory of gun ownership.

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  1. That’s absolutely wonderful, that Freud saw it exactly the opposite. We’re the ones suffering from fear and inadequacy. I love it.

    Robert, my deleting the worst flaming comments is exactly what you do over here. It has nothing to do with anything. There’s no irony in that. When Zorro called me “Jadegold’s greatest (only) cheerleader” about a hundred times, I never complained even though the insinuation is less than complimentary. Is “gunloon” so much worse?

    About the penis thing, regardles of what the Father of Modern Psychiatry said, it’s a colorful metaphor, one which pisses you guys off. That’s why people use it.

    What I said about many or most of you owning guns out of fear and insecurity is a widely held gun-control belief. If, magically, all those guys were removed from your group, imagine the quality of the remaining. As far as removing guns from people, it should only be done to the worst of the worst. That’s where my 10% Theory comes in.

    • “What I said about many or most of you owning guns out of fear and insecurity is a widely held gun-control belief”

      No, I own guns because I enjoy their beauty, utility and functionality (same reasons I loved my a 1968 Lincoln Continental when I was 18). I like the precision of their machining. I enjoy shooting them. I like disassembling, cleaning and reassembling them. I like the smell of Hoppes No. 9. My wife’s cousin has similar feelings for model trains. Does that make him fearful and insecure?

      I freely admit that I carry a pistol out of fear (not so sure about the insecurity bit). I am almost 50 years old and weigh over 330. I have a bad heart (open heart surgery when I was 38), bad knees and a bum shoulder (knees and shoulder courtesy of my military service). I can’t run, I can’t fight and one good punch to my chest could easily kill me, so I would say that my fear of a street crime’s lethal consequences (for me) is quite reasonable. I have a wife who is 5’2″ and a beautiful (not just my opinion) step-daughter who is 5’1″. I would die to protect them, but if it came down to it I would rather make the other sonofabitch die (all things being equal, I would much prefer that any hypothetical BGs run when I pull my weapon). Oh, yeah, and one of my neighbors had a bear crash through her bedroom window in the middle of the night last spring.

      The ‘penis theory’ (that “weapons are phallic symbols representing male dominance and masculine power”) is belied by the fact that about 50% of those owning guns purely for self-defense are women, to say nothing of the fact that if it were true, no man would ever purchase or carry a snubbie.

      • I think I’ve left this penis thing alone too long. Wait. That didn’t sound right. Ahem. Large penis size is largely irrelevant in terms of sexual success. If it was, everyone would have a 10.5 inch penis (like me, of course). The key to sexual prowess is testicle size. Testicle size determines testosterone levels, which determines sexual appetite and stamina. An “alpha” male almost always has larger than normal testicles—which makes sense as you can’t have a human pack with all alphas. I bet you could make a correlation between testicle size and gun ownership. Alpha males are far more likely to be risk takers; gun ownership is inherently risky. And yes, MikeB and Jade, more aggressive. All of which leads me to answer your question: people who dislike firearms wish that all males had smaller testicles. If they but knew it.

    • I have always wondered why anti-gun types are so obsessed with the size of other peoples penises? It will almost always come up (?) in any discussion with anti-gun types. Dont they have other problems in the world that only they can solve? Is there nothing else to think about all day? I can go indefinitely without thinking of penises.

      I think the average anti-gun, pro-crime person just has nothing else to do all day. Maybe they should get a hobby?

      Mikey, want to go shooting?

  2. Since it seems to be impossible to post on the other blog I’ll leave a response here. Jadegold , bantheNRA and others insisting on using the race angle to denounce pro gunners must have somehow missed the Otis McDonald case. As a matter of law, the individual right to arms was incorporated as an equalizer to recently freed slaves in relation to more wealthy gun owning whites/govt. Gun ownership as an equal right for ALL was championed in the recent SCOTUS case and continues to be fought for every day by gun owners and gun organizations.

    Continuing references to HP bullets as “cop killers” and having the ability to defeat bulletproof vests just show a complete lack of knowledge as to the subject at hand. This lack of relying on factual realty seems to pervade the mindset of most anti gunners who think that they can somehow legislate their way to a utopian society where self defense is unneeded and unheard of. I mean really, OPEN YOUR EYES and look around today. Then look at history. Guns are here. All around. “Get over it.” A life worth living is a life worth defending.

  3. My method of dealing with nasty bigots like Jade & MikeB is to ignore them. They are attention whores. They crave the attention and get off on tearing people down in as despicable a way as possible. They’re bigots, but they’re also pure trolls. Trolls feed off the attention. The best thing to do is ignore them IMO.

    That’s the only reason MikeB ever brought Jadegold on. He thought if he upped the nasty rhetoric and vile personal attacks it’d draw attention to his blog. Pure attention whoring. Nothing more.

      • Was it mission accomplished? I think in the short term it did bring more hits and more comments on topics. Especially those topics where JadeGold was being particularly incendiary.

        But long term how has it helped? The inflammatory posts are now widely ignored, if even read. Where you once had a high average of comments on most posts, now there are rarely more than 5 messages a post. It seems Japete has replaced your blog as the place where pro-gun folks are taking their comments to. That is probably because even if she disagrees with them, she doesn’t resort to petty insults.

    • Mike W., The reason I brought Jadegold on was because I was going on vacation for two weeks last summer and I didn’t want to bother with the blog.

      We’re not attention whores or trolls. We’re guys who disagree with you opinions.

      • No Mikeb,

        This just shows that you are unwilling to engage real, constructive discourse. You have set a double standard to give the opinions and diatribes concurring with your arguments greater leeway. It is unfortunate that there are very few anti-gun bloggers willing to truly and honestly engage on this topic. You could be one, but your lack of taking these things seriously show that you are not.

      • Bullshit MikeB. There would be no other reason for you two to continually post inflammatory postings about individuals on the pro-gun side. That is trolling for hits, plain and simple. You are a troll, so ‘get over it’.

  4. Mikeb,

    Yes, labeling anyone who supports the Second Amendment a “gunloon” is worse than a commentator calling you a “cheerleader” for one of your writers. A writer with whom you agree. I’m mystified that you could see any sort of equivalency. How could someone that vituperative be so thin-skinned and myopic? And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

    Pissing people off isn’t an end in and of itself is it? I would hope not. And what’s wrong with someone owning a gun because of fear or insecurity? I know several gun owners who were victims of violent crime who couldn’t live a normal life without the extra security that a gun provides, psychologically.

    The problem with your 10 percent solution (speaking of Freud): who gets to decide who’s in and who’s out? While it’s nice to believe that society could craft laws that prevent this irresponsible/violent/insane 10 percent (if we accept your figure) from owning guns, it has singularly failed to do so. And I see little chance that additional laws and restrictions would accomplish your goal.

    Meanwhile, the laws targeting the “bad” 10 percent abridge the constitutional freedoms of those responsible gun owners who fall in the 90 percent (or would like to but can’t because of restrictive laws).

    Sad but true: there is no solution to the 10 percent “problem.” Your constant litany of “gunloon” behavior proves nothing beyond the obvious: there are stupid people out there. It’s simply a chronicle of the collateral damage that occurs when a free people exercise their right to armed self-defense.

    • And “gunloon” is the least vile thing Jadegold writes. He devotes entire posts to attacking people, even going so far as to levy personal attacks on the family and/or children of whichever pro-gun blogger he’s attacking that day. You can add a history of “outing” pro-gun bloggers as well.

      MikeB of course approves of all of this behavior. I’m sorry, but neither of they should be treated with any respect.

    • “And what’s wrong with someone owning a gun because of fear or insecurity?”

      Robert, you do realize how rare that is, a pro-gun guy admitting this even exists? The problem is with the worst most fearful ones, the ones who are afraid of their own shadow. That’s the problem and they do exist.

      About the 10% idea, you ask a good question, who’s to decide. Does that mean you admit there is a problem here but one which defies easy solution? Good. Once again you’re practically in a class of your own.

      • “The problem is with the worst most fearful ones, the ones who are afraid of their own shadow.”

        Other than your own paranoia, what do you have to back this up?

  5. On a different note. On mikeb30200′s blog he has a program called It would be nice if you included it on your site. I would like to know who is like minded in my neck of the woods. Just so you know I have no relationship to this site.

    Thanks Philip


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