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The suspect in yesterday’s shooting at Noblesville Middle School in Noblesville, Indiana had asked for permission to leave his classroom. When he returned, he had two handguns with him. When he raised one of them and opened fire, science teacher Jason Seaman happen to be holding a basketball. Seaman launched it at the shooter and then charged him.

“Immediately [teacher] Mr. [Jason] Seaman was yelling and running right at him and tackled him to the ground,” Ethan said. “I was trying to stay crouched behind the back table, but also see what’s going on and that’s when [Mr. Seaman] was running right at him with this arms in front of him, and then he just tackled him against the wall.

Seaman played football and was a defensive end in college so he no doubt hit the shooter with a good deal of force.

“Then they were on the ground after [Mr. Seaman] swatted the gun from him and he just laid on the shooter so he couldn’t do anything,” Ethan said. “We got behind the back table in the corner of the room, and most people were just crouched covering their heads, but some people were trying to peer over the table and make sure they could see what’s going on.”

One student was shot and Seaman hit three times as he charged the shooter. Both are expected to recover. Seaman’s wife read a statement from him after the surgery.

“First of all, thank you to the first responders from Noblesville and Fishers for their immediate action and care. I want to let everyone know that I was injured but am doing great. To all the students, you are all wonderful and I thank you for your support. You are the reason I teach.”

Seaman, through his quick thinking and bravery, clearly saved a number of lives yesterday. A lot of people throw the word ‘hero’ around in a lot of circumstances, but if the term has any meaning, it certainly applies to him. Here’s hoping for a quick and complete recovery.

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      • This is one of the reasons why it is good to have some male teachers, and even masculine male teachers. Most middle school teachers are women. If the shooter had gone on his rampage in English class instead of science class, there would probably be a dozen dead kids now. I’m so glad the teacher was quick thinking, had courage, and the ability to take the monster down.

        • A prime and wonderful example of “toxic” masculinity. Not some Soy sucking metrosexual educator.

          Well Done.

      • What are you talking about, its all over the news, even MSNBC. So all over the news, that even liberal TTAG is covering it.

    • Great example of a hero taking action. This is the kind of true American that I want protecting my children in schools. This episode has the problem solver in me wondering what is the ideal sports equipment to have standing by in this scenario. If you can’t have a gun and you’re relegated to keeping something close by that wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary…what would you use? I was going to say football or three with Mr. Simmons background in mind, but I’m thinking a bucket of baseballs makes a lot more sense… and a good ole Louisville slugger for good measure.

  1. Damn, that is heroic. And to think we call be people who kill brown people for the new world order “heroes”, or cops writing tickets or infringing the 2nd amendment “heroes”. Really makes the word worthless. Still, why did he call the responders “first” responders when they were secondary or tertiary at best? If he was inclined, he should have been armed. Too bad Indiana decided to make them kill zones.

      • I don’t known whether this is the world’s lamest segue, or if you just didn’t understand the original post.

        • Actually I am indeed lost. Upon rereading it, I am not at all sure what ‘stateisevil’ was talking about.

        • I believe he was referring to US soldiers fighting in the middle east.

    • There are quite a number of “brown people” that needed/still need killen”. Unfortunately your Eurowussie “New World Order” has never had the balls required so it has largely fallen onto Uncle Sam to take care of the job. So bite me.

      • Most of the people police killed, black or white, earned it, I grant you that, even if still too many are killed that didn’t earn it.

    • I would say his comment had more to do with establishing A New World Order type of war probably in the Middle East.

  2. I appears that the students still didn’t help him at least while the outcome of his struggle was still in question. Seems a bit sheepish. I would rather I was wrong about these kids.

    • I wasn’t insulting them and did in fact think they were a bit older. In other times and cultures, kids were indeed much tougher. Children should be taught to defend themselves. Instead, just like I was in the ’70s, they are taught not to defend themselves. Their lives may depend on it in case you hadn’t thought it through, knee jerking creature of grace.

    • At 12 years old & living in a cardboard refrigerator box. I had run away from an abusive foster family. I’ll tell you this , I was no one to trifle with. But as I said I took many a punch in th face by 12 so I learned not to be bullied , by anyone. That kid has a beard . I’m guessing other kids in the classroom might have had the strength in numbers alone to help the good teacher once he had the scumbag on the floor. Imho. People that engrain victim in their kids aren’t doing them justice. Show them they do not have to be victims. Its a good life lesson. All teachers should be as brave as this man. Too bad he wasn’t armed , one less coward would exist. Get well soon Mr Seaman. You are a hero.

      • It took me years of difficult retraining and humiliating lessons to undo the pacifism conditioned into me at public schools and a very easy life as a child.

      • We have to look at the “powers that be” in the context of elementary/middle/high-school. The overwhelming objective is to create succeeding generations of passive drones to perform the work of society under the rule of the queen-bee.

        A few escape this indoctrination; e.g., football and hockey players, who often pursue their degrees in Education school and become coaches and teachers. These few are indulged as the Pretorian Guard for the elites who hold the reins of power.

        It’s going to be a tough row to hoe to change this mentality. If it is to change at all, I think it will require a revolution in the regime we have for public schooling. It’s going to have to be pulled branch+stem+roots out of our nation’s core. That’s not going to happen based on an argument for protecting children. That alone won’t do it.

        Instead, what will do it is a recognition that the monopoly on school-choice must be broken. The monopoly is controlled by each school district’s Board of Education. The voucher system is likely the best wedge to drive into the fissure; and, the best place to do this is in inner-city failing schools. If the mothers of children who suffer in these environments won’t motivate their State legislators to act then there is nothing anyone else could possibly do.

        (Incidentally, I am the product of a religious elementary school, a small-rural-community public school, and finally in my senior HS year, a State run laboratory school ordered by revolutionary libertarian educational principles. The last experiment was so successful that it threatened traditional public education to the point that it had to be exterminated. Nevertheless, it did work. The kids immediately adapted like ducks to water. Faculty had trouble digesting change.)

      • At twelve you were living in a cardboard box and now you are doing internet blog stuff. My hat’s off to you, you have my admiration, life well done

    • When I was 12 years old I was 5’11” and played ice hockey with grown men almost every night. I held my own with dudes who were 6’5″ to 6’8″. I would have crushed that kid’s face in with my backpack since they made us take all of our 30-40lbs of textbooks and binders to every class (no locker visits allowed during the day because fraternization is evil!).

  3. You have to live life to have any life experiences. Since most kids didn’t/don’t yet. I have no expectations nor listen to what a kid may have to say or even think. For the most part. Their collective opinions mean nothing to very little to me.
    How many times growing up did your dad say do this or that because I say so.
    Years later when you think about it.
    He was /is right.
    WTF do kids know and why should we expect them to jump into or on a shooter??
    I should add I have no kids.

  4. This how Liberal Socialist DemoCRAPS ruined public schools through social engineering programs……

      • “I guess he knew how to follow it up though”

        Hell, yeah!

        That basketball the teacher bounced off the twerp’s head was a remotely-delivered clean punch to the head that bought him the time to sprint and tackle the little bastard.

        Next time that teacher is in that class, the physics lesson o the day should be for the kids to throw *anything* they have at a shooter that walks in the door.

        A hail of textbooks raining down on the POS buys time for someone to jump the shooter…

    • I’m waiting for the AR15 meme with a Tactical Basketball hanging in front.

      Apparently better than the tactical chainsaw.

    • “Don’t bring a basketball to a gunfight.”

      Sounds to me like a basketball was right thing to have at the right time, Ralph. Teacher executed a high-pass right to the kids forehead and rang his bell, then tackled his ass.

      It beat the hell out of ‘conflict resolution strategy’.

      They said it was a science class. It would be really cool if it was a physics demonstration…

  5. Former teacher here. Again.

    Teachers – and their employers – have a legal and ethical responsibility to protect the kids in their class: In loco parentis. It’s a long standing, well documented principle in educational law. There were kids who I loved, and kids who I loathed, but they were my students and I would’ve done everything possible to defend them in an active shooter situation.

    My point is that, as a society, we entrust our “most valuable resource” to strangers to educate them, have access to their personal information, have access to them in a position of trust, etc. We do this based upon the trust we have with the schools we send our children to. We trust them to screen and hire trustworthy, qualified individuals. We require, by law, that they protect our children and do what’s in their best interest in our absence. Yet we don’t trust them enough to be armed in the classroom so that they can protect them?

    This should have been a defensive gun use story.

    • Teachers – and their employers – have a legal and ethical responsibility to protect the kids in their class:
      Well….according to the Supreme Court, it seems teachers have more of a responsibility to protect the kids than the cops do.

    • Teachers stand in loco parentis, yet so far from being able to defend the children in their care, they’re legally required to let them die.

      Progressive policy says there should have been at least a handful of dead children in that classroom.

      Thank God that every once in a while their system fails.

  6. Dude needed a 9mm. I have little doubt he’d carry if given the opportunity. Beats a basketball.

    That said, good work doing what many wouldn’t have. You’re a credit to your profession. Speedy recovery, your students need you.

    • I was thinking that instead of throwing a basketball, he should have been throwing lead. GFZs are great psycho free fire zones.

  7. A basketball to the face/nose, and getting tackled through a door probably took the fight out of the little sh*t.

  8. Probably went down in about 3 seconds so good job on the quick thinking teacher. A basketball to the face dosent feel good. I may have accidently let his gun go off in the punks belly, “oops.” I wonder what David Hogg what have done? The screaming technique I assume?

    • That shifty coward would have hid behind everyone else and played dead, hoping the shooter wouldn’t notice him.

    • I wonder what David Hogg what have done? The screaming technique I assume?
      He would have just layed down and had a die in as he did at the Pubic Grocery Store. ( which caved quickly to his demands). Boycott Pubic grocery stores.

    • He’s calling for two things – Stronger storage laws that have already been declared unconstitutional in the ‘Heller v. DC’ decision, and faster reporting to LEO on mental health issues.

      Doom, he’s requesting little…

  9. Great work Mr. Seaman! Now all we have to do is replace every other teacher in the country with a 200+ lb football player willing to absorb a few rounds. Or maybe, just maybe there is another solution. What if there was a small portable device that allowed you to throw projectiles that are much more effective than a bball? What if this good teacher had had one if those? And knowing that teachers had these small portable projectile throwers this maladjusted kid would have thought better of his nefarious plan? Nah, that’s just crazy talk! It could never work! Then again, it’s never been tried. What could it hurt?

  10. 5 school shootings or attempted school shootings since February.

    4 out of 5 were stopped or mitigated by a quick response by armed or unarmed staff.

    That’s 80%.

    Stopping these shooters cold not only saves lives at the time, it also ensures these shooters don’t become anti-hero celebrities. It may help prevent future incidents.

    If we were using logic, we’d clearly see that a proven method to defend against these shooters already exists and would be arming and training willing staff members.

    Because unlike pie in the sky gun control laws, immediate violent resistance has been empirically demonstrated to work.

  11. Some little shit who thinks that he’s going to be facing no opposition suddenly finds out that there is someone in that classroom who is comfortable with violence and look what happens.

  12. You see Cowar… er… Broward County Sheriff Office, if people do something when it SHTF bad things don’t turn into horrible things.

    Have a speedy recovery, Jason Seaman.

  13. launching a basketball at a spree killer isn’t nearly as effective as launching high-speed lead…most killers never expect serious resistance, and the teacher was a male and a football player. if the teacher had been a flit-boy art teacher it might have been disastrous.

  14. I wonder how this would have come out if that had been a 9mm basketball, delivered at a bit higher speed?

    And they want to make sure this guy can never have a gun in a classroom. This guy. Is so big a risk, he can’t be permitted to arm himself with a gun in a classroom if he wants to.


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