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Whites need not apply. That was the message Guns Save Life took away from a recent foray up to the Windy City to trade in unwanted firearms for $100 pre-paid credit cards. Our experience felt surreal to say the least in this era when profiling – especially racial profiling – is a big no-no, especially in government service. It all began as five Caucasian members of Guns Save Life waited surreptitiously in line at a Chicago gun buyback location. Out of the blue, my wife and I were told by a surly, middle-aged woman from the Mayor’s office that “we won’t be taking those today” in reference to a dozen plus long guns my wife and I brought . . .

I asked if she had an interest in a zip gun and held it up. She looked at it like I was holding a dog turd and said, “I don’t know what that is,” and walked away. Pearls before swine.

We left.


The remaining people in the lobby were asking, “Why did they turn those people away? Aren’t they trying to take guns off the streets?” Our remaining members just shrugged their shoulders and sat idly by waiting to get called in.


Fifteen minutes later, each of our Caucasian members were ejected by the same surly woman. As we chatted with very amiable and professional Chicago Police officers, we watched two other Caucasian males turned away over the course of the next half hour.

In short, we watched first-hand as every Caucasian person who walked into the facility was curtly told their firearms would not be accepted, while African-American individuals with similar quantities and types of firearms were welcomed with open arms.


The reason given directly to some of our people kicked out: “This is for members of the community.” Ironically, two of the three individuals who were told this live and work in Cook County. The third lives in a nearby suburb.

We visited with a pair of Chicago’s finest outside after getting the heave-ho. The plainclothes cops seemed genuinely concerned for our safety and well-being and even helped me load the long guns back into my vehicle. My lovely bride and I left and we returned about fifteen minutes later after the others in our contingent were rejected and the officers came back over.

I introduced myself properly, and they chuckled when I told them what we did in 2013 with Chicago’s gun buyback. The younger cop looked at my card and grinned. I got the impression he remembered it. Neither of them had any love for the gun buyback.


We had a great visit with them for upwards of a half-hour. I asked if they were working overtime for the event. Nope. This was their regular shift and they were detailed to this gun buyback.

“We missed a chance to make a real arrest,” one said. They had a call of a man with a gun just two or three blocks away earlier in the morning, and they couldn’t leave the detail to arrest a “real bad guy”. So real criminals in Chicago are left free on the streets because cops are tied up on the mayor’s feel-good program.


The officers also quickly and emphatically distanced themselves from the surly woman who kicked us to the curb. “She’s not with us,” one said. They noted how she was from the mayor’s office and had the key to the safe with the pre-paid gift cards.

Inside, before getting ejected, one of our party overheard the mayor’s flack explaining to a member of the media why she rejected my wife and I – people with guns. “Oh, they are gun dealers who want to unload guns that won’t sell,” she told him. Pressed for how she’s identifying these dealers by sight alone. “You can tell who’s from the neighborhood and who’s not.”

For the record I’m not a dealer. My C&R license expired last year and I had exactly one gun on my “books”.





This post originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission.

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  1. But liberals can’t be racists. They are the beneficent caretakers of the minority communities in which they so lovingly serve, and selflessly share the wealth of their white private-school-education wisdom with the hapless people of color.

    Only conservatives and libertarians can be racists. It’s cruel to apply equal standards to all people, regardless of their race or creed, don’t you know. How dare you judge people by the content of their character, rather than conferring unasked-for benefits based solely on the color of their skin.

    • If this is “reverse” racism, I wish we’d spread it around. I mean, a lot. “Sorry, we don’t take rights away from YOUR kind….”

    • “Did someone video this?”

      Next time, they damn sure need to. *AND* bring a lawyer with them.

      I can see it now: “Is it because we are *WHITE*???”

      Call a TV station beforehand (your local Fox affiliate) and have them do the dirty work. “Why won’t you take these guns off the streets? You only want guns from black people?”

  2. There’s nothing like a level playing field. The current administration has done wonders in sending this nation back to the future.

    • The rather ironic thing is this woman used her position of power (i.e. being in charge of the gift cards) to discriminate against white people because they didn’t look like they were from “the community”. Power + discrimination = racism according to all of the SJWs I’ve had the displeasure of talking to.

  3. I would have gotten her name and demanded an answer from the mayor’s office. I actually think this story has legs in the mainstream media.

    • I agree with this. And it would be very interesting to see just how the matter was covered as well.


  4. Sounds like the Mayor’s office thinks its OK for whites to possess guns but not minorities.

    • Well, after all, we ARE talking about CHICAGO, AREN’T we?

      You know the place where a former mayor was part of the group which helped instigate the 1919 race riot, and whose son, as Cook County State’s Attorney directly benefited from an organized police TORTURE ring, which tortured confessions out of Black suspects, exclusively?

  5. Forget it Jake, it’s Chiraq, bar NONE the most racist (and corrupt) city in North America.

    * Whites hate Blacks.
    * Blacks hate Jews.
    * Mexicans hate Puerto Ricans.

    If there were REAL aliens there (not the kind from Sinaloa), the Romulans would hate the Vulcans.

    The average Chiraqi will cheerfully let you steal his last $5.00 if he thinks you’re going to use it to harm somebody who’s different.

    In Chiraq, the “solution” to White racism isn’t equality for all, it’s “empowering” Black people to be racist too.

    You can ONLY understand Chiraq by watching that old Star Trek episode where the white on the right, left on the black faced guy was fighting the white on the left, black on the right faced guy for all time.

    • This, exactly! I grew up in Illinois, and worked in Chicago for several years. I’ve lived in the South for most of the last 25 years, and despite every media depiction of a racist as having a southern accent, I’ve never seen any community down here as racially divided as Chicago is. Everybody hates everybody else up there. People like to play up Chicago’s “diverse” neighborhoods, but they gloss over the fact that the Chinese and Polish and Ukrainian and black and whatever-else neighborhoods are tightly-knit enclaves that only reinforce the bigotry that’s so deeply ingrained in the city. In my experience, there is nowhere near the level of overt, hostile racism here in Texas or in parts of the Deep South I’ve been as there is in Chicago. Racism and bigotry has been elevated to a high art up there.

      • I have a couple of acquaintances from Atlanta. They are an interracial, gay couple. I asked them “So, what brought you to Colorado? Looking for acceptance in the community?” They both answered that no, they didn’t face a lot of racism and bigotry there. They were just tired of the heat. Sure, there were some church ladies who tsk tsk’d them, and some old Stormers who yelled, but for the most part?

        Southern conservatives: Not too keen on “equal rights” for Blacks, but tend to work and play well with individuals. Northern liberals: All for “equality” for the group, just keep “those people” away from me.

  6. You know, maybe they could ask to see I D with an address, so they know who is from “the community.” Or maybe a membership card of some kind, if that’s how they define “community.” I wonder what would be less comfortable: what would count as acceptable memberships, or the whole “Your papers please.” image. Of course with this.program, some animals are more equal than others, surprising no one. (It’s almost like that’s the point. Oh, wait…)

    I do want to confirm that none of the “reporters” spoke the pale G S L folks, or cops. No mention of that in the story above. My bet is that as part of the machine the stenographers were tasked with content to record what they were fed by the reality T V producer Mayor’s office apparatchek, without followup.

    It’s so much easier when you don’t have to investigate or write your own reports. Generates less flack, too. Write it yourself, and you might get something wrong. Where’s the percentage in that?

  7. Discrimination is bad… unless it’s against people we don’t like, of course. Then it’s perfectly acceptable.

  8. Unless this woman was verifying addresses and ejected these people because they did not live in the county, she is guilty of racial profiling and she needs to lose her government job.

    I mean… Who does she think she is? Hillary Clinton?

  9. You think this was bad? Wait until the next Chicago election when your vote won’t be counted unless you’re black or dead.

  10. I would either sell those firearms to an antique dealer in Illinois or let some prison guards run around illegally concealing these in California. One way or another, they will disappear

    • Just mail them all to Katie Kouric. She wouldn’t even need an FFL to receive them, as a member of the elite media.

    • You miss (some of) the point.
      GSL makes an annual trek to Chicago with a truckload of broken, rusty guns that have neither historical nor practical value. They take the gift cards from the buyback and buy ammo for various youth-oriented firearms events, then publicize it to demonstrate the idiocy of the buyback program.

      I’m guessing GSL has more than a few black members who would be willing to participate in the future.

      • I think it’s you who missed the point a bit, Curtis. He was mocking a couple of frequent commenters who tend to repeat the same pieces of information in a lot of their comments.

      • They would still be removing guns from the streets. Crappy old guns are commonly sold on Craigslist, often times to people whom cannot legally buy guns. Liberals are incredible racist in almost every part of life. This is just another pathetic liberal racist program.

  11. So file a lawsuit and let’s hear the facts addressed in court, under oath. Otherwise, it’s just he said/nameless, faceless she said, getting people riled up online. To what purpose? I couldn’t say, but I did notice the Guns Save Lives link. Interesting.

  12. Wow, that was more than a little brave of you guys, and thanks for reporting it.

    It’s flat out discrimination, you aren’t the right kind of people. Sounds to me like this is more of a gift card distribution operation.

    Of course, no one cares.

  13. Busted! Sorry guys-the mayor’s gal got wind of what you guys were doin’…make a stink but don’t expect any traction in the orange wearing idiots from the local newz. Sue ’em? Dunno’. Too many online folks talking about selling junk gunz in Chiraq. And the tiny dancer is one sly evil midget…you COULD pay some brown fella’ to stand in line. It’s not like they’re checking actual ownership.

  14. I may have lost something in between the lines, but is this discrimination on two counts?
    The first is obviously the writer and the experience of the white (in appearance at least, who knows if they were mixed or ethnic-but-looks-white like Zimmerman) folks turned away from unloading guns and getting the prepaid cards.
    However, isn’t this also profiling black folks who came to the buyback? The buyback is ostensibly to get erstwhile criminals to turn in their guns which could be used for *gasp* gun violence and a gift card for a possibly “hot” gun that in the minds of those who set up buybacks, was probably stolen to begin with.

    The rationale behind any of this is just heinous in the best of lights, and just plain malicious and condescending at worst.

  15. Crazy law-abiding white folks, we appreciate your interest in making our community safer, but gun-con is for taking “minority” weapons off the street only!

  16. So when any member of Group A is discriminated against by any member of Group B because of the color of their skin it is the most grievous offense and the SJW’s need to be activated.

    When any member of Group B is discriminated against by any member of Group A for the same reason it’s OK because…..

    Maybe the real problem in today’s world is not everyone understanding what words actually mean. Maybe if the term ‘racists’ applied to everyone equally…. maybe.

  17. The liberal disarmed blacks and left whites armed. I think it was Vice President Biden who during the last election cycle said “they (republicans) want to put you all back in chains.” Ironic?

    • “My question is, why would you take guns to a “buy back” event?”

      Capitalism, the ‘American Way’.

      A junk gun worth $20 on the open market gets a $100 gift card.

      • You know there is probably some black guy with an FFL that is totally abusing this program. I don’t blame him either.

    • Back when they gave cash at buy backs I took some busted junk and turned it in. That cash got me a really nice, working, SKS.

      Give me a 100 dollar gift card and I’ll use that to make regular purchases and put that 100 dollar windfall to something shooting related.

  18. Wait a minute…my white privilege card allows me to just walk in to any gun store and pick what i want and bring it back whenever I’m done.
    I don’t get this?
    Plus i really enjoy the upgrades with the free mini bar on public transit now…oh i guess I’m supposed to keep that on the down low…ooopsie! …really sucked that i had to tip all the time….that crap is over…whew.
    About time!
    I’m headed out to the endless free buffet at the local theater…it’s all free white mondays night…but some of you know that already.
    Money for guns….lol….so old school!
    We don’t pay for anything…so funny!

    • PotCM, I’m reminded of the Eddie Murphy skit/short film from Saturday Night Live back in 1984 called “White Like Me.” I can’t find a you-tube link to it though. Sorry.

  19. I am sure the Mayor will be bragging about how many guns they are getting off the streets, mean while a few really smart black guys are buying up every cheap gun they can on gunbroker for $50, just to cash them in at the next gun buy back, and profit. The Mayor in the mean time will continue to brag about how each time they do a gun buy back they get more and more guns off the streets, while their crime rates continue to go up. I have no problem with blacks abusing the system like this, my only problem is whites are not allowed to abuse it the same. This is racism straight out!

    The biggest problem with gun buy backs are the people who show up to cash in their guns are not the high risk people who cause most of the gun violence.

  20. Is that shotty in the picture a SBS? And if so how do you try to sell it without getting in serious trouble?

    • Looks like at least 18.001 inches to me, but they do advertise “no questions asked”.

    • I had, before that boating incident, a Winchester Model 37 single shot break action cut down in a very similar manner. 18″ bbl. and 26″ overall. Looks… er, I mean LOOKED menacing but totes legal. As an additional “4Q” to “The Man,” early M37s didn’t have serial numbers!

  21. Blacks are the single most racist group in the country. This story is an excellent example.

      • The author mentioned “….surly, middle-aged woman from the Mayor’s office…..” and it IS Chi-Congo so do you really have to ask?

        I’ll bet she stank, weighed close to 300 lbs, was wearing every piece of gold jewelry she owned (so her chilluns, grandchilluns and great grandchilluns wouldn’t steal it) and has a half dozen blocks of Gubbamint cheese in her Rent-A-Center fridge.

        • Indiana Tom:

          Thank you, I just assumed that moniker. RF had contacted me after a recent complaint about my former screen name “Watts’ Twat” and because the “spam” filter was going crazy. I felt my new moniker had to be as equally insulting to our opposition so “Mark Kelly’s Diapered Drooling Ventriloquist’s Dummy” was born.

  22. Where are these “buybacks” advertised? I’ve been watching for them in Chicago and somehow I keep missing them.

  23. Out of the blue, my wife and I were told by a surly, middle-aged woman from the Mayor’s office that “we won’t be taking those today” in reference to a dozen plus long guns my wife and I brought . . .
    I am going to guess the woman from the Mayor’s Office was a Donkeycrap, but what was her ethnic background? Was she Black, White, Hispanic, Jewish?
    I told people at work and they thought the whole thing was hilarious.
    So….No Irish Need Apply?

  24. I would not, but would be tempted to, conspicuously place them all in a nearby garbage bin, knowing full well that someone would eventually be killed with them and I could point and laugh. The only reason I wouldn’t is that it *might* not be a ghetto thug that catches the bullet, considering how bad of shots they are.

  25. I grew up in Chicago and this shocks even me. It’s downright racial profiling. If the actual police officers assigned to this event tried something like that, they’d be in huge trouble, yet the surly middle-aged woman from the mayor’s office gets away with it. Disgraceful.

  26. the irony is thicker that that old bucket of paving tar behind my grandpas shop…

  27. Racist profiling or a discreet admission from the Mayor’s Representative that in Chiraq the overwhelming majority of crimes and specificallt murders are black on black?

    it also shows that the gun grabbers attempts to establish restrictive Laws in other jurisdictions to stop the “gun pipeline” are not a valid concern, at least not in the City of Death.

  28. There are folks on my block who have not lived on my block for more than 20 years tell me I must be new on the block, though I am living in the Detroit home my family bought in 1974. Just because I’m white.

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