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“Gavin Newsom’s dangerous ballot measure threatens to criminalize law-abiding Californians without taking one weapon out of the hands of criminals and terrorists,” the caption under this just released Coalition for Civil Liberties’ YouTube video asserts. “Thousands of sheriffs, officers and prosecutors — our frontline law enforcement officials — are opposed to Newsom’s proposal.” reports that the ad will run on unspecified TV channels. Richard Grenell is the GOP “operative” behind the ads, an NRA-ILA-supported project of California Rifle & Pistol Association. Grenell told that . . .

the group is aiming to upset the traditional Democratic coalition in an effort to defeat the proposal.

What’s more (literally) . . .

A second, nearly identical commercial will be released Wednesday, except the character in the spot will transgender, and that ad will be targeted to areas with large concentrations of LGBT Californians . . .

“Because Gavin’s latest proposal goes too far and tramples on personal freedoms, he has opened up a real opportunity for those of us who believe in more civil liberties,” Grenell told TIME. “Gavin is losing the traditional Democrat coalitions like women, the working class and the LGBT community who are challenging the progressive idea that the government should be the center of our lives.”

This effort reflects a sea change in pro-gun campaigning. While the NRA is largely populated by OFWGs and deep into promoting Republicans (e.g., Donald Trump), their media mavens have been making the move to portraying gun rights as an apolitical issue for some time.

Right answer. Too late for California?


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  1. So long as the fight for our rights continues, it will never be too late. Only when we give up. Fight on California. Every hole can be climbed out of. It just takes time and effort.

  2. We must work hard as the govt anywhere can be crazy. Today’s news. Bangladesh slapped a ban on more than one person riding pillion on a motorcycle on Monday, a day after the wife of a prominent anti-terror police official was shot dead by three men riding a motorbike.
    Mahmuda Aktar, the wife of Superintendent of Police Babul Aktar, known for battling Islamist militants, was stabbed and shot dead by the three in the southeastern port city of Chittagong.

    “Only two people are allowed to ride a motorcycle, not three,” Interior Minister Asaduzzaman Khan told reporters, adding motorcyclists will not even be allowed to carry a spouse and child, common across South Asia.

    Didn’t you just know that riding triple on a motorcycle is the cause? Didn’t you know that banning this will stop all violence? Sounds vaguely familiar.

  3. I’ll start believing the people in Cali care about an issue like this when they stop electing retards like Newsom in the first place.

    • Retards like Newsom are not being elected by gun owners who care about their rights and pay attention to what’s happening.

    • No wonder Kimberly Guilfoyle divorced that asshole (other than wanting to supplement her income with a fat alimony check)

    • You assume that we chose this jackass. Politicians aren’t elected by California, politicians are elected by San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, etc.

      That’s the problem with non Californians judging our situation. Yeah, it’s shitty and voters deserve their candidates and laws, but for us pro Liberty types, we get screwed and lumped in with the idiots. And no, picking up and moving isn’t a feasible thing for many of us. Lots of us own businesses or cannot financially afford a move out of state. For some of us, fighting is our only option, and we can’t fight California, AND the hordes of people telling us just to give up.

  4. The only thing that will save California is bankruptcy. Then laws, policies, retirement benefits, and the whole illegal alien thing can all be set external to the land of slaves and home of their statist masters.

    • When California implodes, people are going to move out of this state like rats on a sinking ship. They are going to bring their California ideas to your state and they will turn your state in to California…… Fight them here and now or fight them on your front lawn later, because one way or another California is coming for your guns.

  5. Given the current political climate, I suppose California is going to have to create so called “sanctuary cities” for the protection of its moribund law abiding citizens.

    (And we’ve seen how well that concept has worked in the recent past.)

  6. “Too late for California?”

    In just about every way. Amazing what people will tolerate, just to get to a beach.


    Ads like those in the posting are the right way to go about pushing the fight into the faces of the gun grabbers. On offense. ‘Bout bloody time. This needs to become the modus operendi for all pro-gun efforts.

  7. It to late well have little no affect on California. It been lost battle for firearms rights there ever sent state first agree regulate gun rights from people live there. Ever year some people there fight get gun rights back from California ever year state fight just hard regulate more there firearms from them. I live through 1990 as gun owner California when state passed so called first assault rifle ban bill than ten round only magazines bill. Watch year after year more regulation got add to point. Where realize only thing I could do as firearms owner was leave state which I did 2007. Sent 2007 state California only gotten worst for people that are firearms owners there. California well all,s be place that grew up at but well never come back way is these days.

  8. Richard Grenell, former spokesman for several ambassidors to the U N?

    He’s good.

  9. A very effective advertisement more so because there is no voice over. It is just possible that targeting this message at multiple Democrat core groups might help turn the tide. A Spanish language version in addition to the English version would be simple and cheap.

  10. Ad also demonstrates one of the immediate hazards of off-body carry; if purse facing other way, even her hypothetical firearm is out of reach when she needs it.

  11. Playing devil’s advocate here, it looked like a grab and run by the perp and that she wanted to shoot him in the back as he ran, at least that’s how 100% of anti’s will see it. I don’t think we Calif residents are well served by this ad.

    • Oh, another good point Bob R. (See my comment below stating how I also believe this add will actually work against gun rights in California.)

      Gun-grabbers will point out how a firearm turns a simple strong-arm robbery into a deadly encounter, which is too high a price to exact on the robber for such a minor transgression. (Especially a robber who was a good boy just turning his life around.)

  12. Well first of all, I suffered a seizure after watching that commercial due to the “artful” scene changes every 1/4 second … including the “strobe light” lighting “quality” of alternating scenes.

    More importantly, this commercial reinforces the notion that laws will reduce the number of firearms and the amount of ammunition available … which most gun grabbers see as a good thing! In other words this commercial will actually encourage people who “feel sick when they see guns” — something like 70% of Californians — to support the ballot measure rather than oppose it.

    I don’t know if any commercial can get gun-grabbers on board to oppose the ballot measure. Gun grabbers see any reduction in firearms and ammunition supply as a good thing. Remember, the last thing gun-grabbers want is some “Rambo wannabe whipping out his penis compensator and blowing someone away for taking his/her parking space”.

    If anything, the commercial might have a chance of being effective if it demonstrated how this ballot measure will do absolutely nothing to reduce the supply of firearms and ammunition to criminals. Then again, we are talking about gun-grabbers who routinely dismiss data and write-off facts, because guns.

  13. They should drop the rights talk and just remind people of real threats they face daily and how the police are not going to protect them.
    Or just show video of the riots CA has experienced.

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