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Drive-by victim Mackenzie Baskin (courtesy

I get the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Facebook feed. Anytime anyone is shot MDA waves the bloody shirt. The younger the victim, the better. For example, “A two-year-old toddler, Mackenzie Baskins, was hospitalized after being struck by a bullet from a drive-by shooting that targeted several houses in a North Carolina neighborhood this week. It was the fourth shooting in Charlotte within a two-day period.” Gang banging ain’t the point. The post’s underlying concept . . .

if we banned guns, babies wouldn’t get shot.

It’s a totally preposterous proposition. You can’t eliminate guns or “gun violence.” America is home to some 300+ million guns. Certain models excepting, none of these guns will cease functioning for the next 100 years. And if all guns did suddenly cease to function, or if the banners somehow confiscated all of them, criminals would be able to make guns easily enough.

Truth be told, the gunpowder genie left the bottle more than a thousand years ago. There’s no going back. All we can do is arm the innocents against the bad guys. A strategy that has helped America’s violent crime rates plummet over the last three decades.

To appreciate the similarity between believing in unicorns and working towards a “gun-free” world, let’s travel to the country where gunpowder began: the People’s Republic of China. Anti-gunners often hold up this civil rights black hole as the paragon of gun-free zone virtue. T’ain’t necessarily so. Check this dispatch from . . .

BEIJING: A 51-year-old Chinese bank employee in the country’s northeast fatally wounded two bank officials on Wednesday with a shotgun in a rare shooting incident, local media reported.

Local newspapers from the Liaoning province said the man, upset over a monetary dispute with his employer, opened fire on the president, the union chairman and two other colleagues in the lobby of a local branch of People’s Bank of China.

Liaoshen Evening News said the suspect, identified by his family name Liu, was taken into custody. The paper said the man also wounded some bank customers. Calls to the local police were unanswered on Wednesday evening.

China bans private ownership of firearms but allows purchase of shotguns in regions that have a hunting tradition.

Violent incidents in China usually involve more primitive weapons such as cleavers and knives.

Well then, ban hunting guns! And when you’re done with that, follow the UK’s lead and ban cleavers and knives (I kid you not). And just for fun, ban police/government accountability. Oh wait. That’s a feature not a feature. If you know what I mean.

If you don’t, you might want to think about it. Citizens with guns keep governments honest. Without them, it isn’t. Speaking of inconvenient truth, how many of these incidents of “gun violence” in China remain unreported? More to the point, gun free zones = killing fields, whether we’re talking about Indianapolis or Liaoshen.

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  1. Killing bankers? Sounds pretty patriotic to me, ha!

    But seriously, the “MOMS DEMAND” crowd is so narrow and idiotic in their fixation on “gun violence” that’s it’s laughable. A smart strategy to deal with ALL violence is what we need as a society – not more nanny laws like I-594 here in WA. Of course, with WA’s already lower than average violent crime rate, they’ll claim that I-594 was the cause

    • What’s outrageous yet “laughable” is that Watts, being the minor hiccup she truly is, is able to garner SO MUCH media attention to push Bloomberg/Obama/Feinstein’s pet cause to disarm all Americans and create more dependence on government.

      And that’s all orchestrated by the anti-gun power brokers both in and out of government, and the big media charlatans of truth.

    • Someone should Photoshop Watts’ and Bloomberg’s facial image onto each and every one of those ‘child’ images and sell them as range targets.

        • Gallows humor is appropriate for those two notorious gun grabbers. Putting the face of these two purveyors of fiction on the victims of violence would serve as a reminder to all just who will be primarily responsible for creating more victims if they ever get their way pushing their no longer so hidden agendas. And Bloomberg and Watts are truly the leaders and instigators of the disarmament pack.

          A disarmed populace will be at the mercy of violent predators; lack of deterrence and disparity of force alone will result in many more victims than we see as a result of their so called “gun violence”.

          All should be reminded of exactly who will be primarily responsible for creating the façade that may well, in time, lead to a disarmed dependent, brainwashed, and increasingly aged populace left at the mercy of opportunist thugs, domestic and foreign.

  2. As many have said we don’t have a gun problem, we have a gang problem but the recent events in Ferguson will just go to increase the gang problem as the police will face greater official and unofficial constraints on their abilty to confront gangs and the associated volence that go with them.

    • Sounds like another reason to own guns. The precious government is showing that when push comes to shove, they won’t be there since race hustlers, opportunistic poverty pimp politicians, and unethical media reporters will jump all over them as stormtroopers looking to kill any person with the wrong skin color.

      • It’s not just big government lovers who want the gangs in charge. So do faux Libertarians like Rand Paul, Jacob Sullum, Radley Balko and Nick Gillespie. We have are own cadre of gang lovers here as well.

        • It is not a gang problem it is a cultural problem. Ghetto Blacks have a chip of anger on their shoulder that will never go away, and middle class whites turn a blind eye until it affects them only financially. It can’t be blamed on poverty since not all poor Americans feel the system owes them nikes and weaves while producing future felons. Many poor people are thankful that their fellow countrymen will help them through in a time of need, not for raising generations dependent upon welfare. As a fed tdiinva of course you want to put more control in the hands of tax funded thugs. When the people who reside in these areas are fully responsible for allowing the gangs to commit violence, and obviously are content with their own racial genocide, only riled by a death when it is at the hands of a white cop. The libertarians you mentioned are nothing but talking heads as most Americans don’t subscribe to the open border policy they have, but most of us agree with the isolationist approach to other countries. We don’t need storm troopers protecting us, what we need is the law on our side not against us when we defend ourselves against criminals who are either state sanctioned or members of protected racial classes. The defense department doing an autopsy on the armed robber/cop attacker M. brown is proof that our justice system is corrupt.

        • Yes, it is a culture problem caused by the welfare system that broke apart families, created a culture of dependency where fatherless youth run loose and form gangs in search of the familty do not have.

          DoD did not volunteer for the autopsy. They were told to do it. I gather by your comment that you do not think that Brown commited strong armed robbery, attacked a police officer and was shot on his second attempt. If that is what you believe then I lump you with the race hustlers and faux Libertarians.

          Actually, I think the cops should give in to the race huslters and faux Libertarians what they want and let the gangs take over.

          Immigration cuts across parties and ideologies. Just because you don’t open borders doesn’t exclude you from being an idiot Libertarian.

          Isolationists are historically illiterate so please don’t put your ignorance on display. It was unnecessary to make your point.

  3. Criminals love the UK. Easy pickin’s They just knock on the door and wait for the home owner to let them in.
    When too many criminals get hurt by home owners trained in Martial Arts, then the UK will start banning martial arts schools.
    The school I used to train in has an affiliate organization in the UK. The annual tournament there is huge. Makes sense since the government has made “supplemental” self defense tools illegal. About the only option left is martial arts training.

    • Naw, if they are trained, they will be considered lethal weapons and prosecuted anyway.

      Much better to have informal street fighting training and teach em to hit the SOB right in the adams apple with the first punch.

      Whoops, a few of them buggers die…..and if they arent trained, how then can they judge the lethality of their self defense……as obviously certified martial arts training makes it soooo much easier to kill when defending oneself, hence they will make certfified self defense training illegal in the UK!

  4. “Modern” guns are state-of-the-art late 19th century technology. If you have the capability to make a basic bicycle, you have the capability to make a gun.

    Modern ammunition is trickier, but even that isn’t out of reach to the determined and skilled.

    • And how about either opening up or enhancing the revenue stream for the gangs. I think the Mexican cartels could operate a factory with impunity for starters, if they don’t already.

  5. Once again, for MDA and others, it is easier to blame the tool than address the issues precipitating violence.

    So all ‘firing devices’ disappear form planet earth overnight. How quickly with other devices be used instead.

    Will MDA look to ban rocks and stones? Ban anything sharp that can cut? Ban hands that can choke a person?

    Fear and loathing…

  6. “if we banned guns, babies wouldn’t get shot.”

    Sure, but would that really improve things?
    How many actual babies (as opposed to 19 year old gang members, which are also counted as ‘childrens’ in all these bogus statistics) are shot and killed in a year? 5? maybe 10? Horrible, yes. Tragic, yes.

    But as many are run over by SUVs in their parents’ driveway, and I don’t see an organization called Mothers Demand you Put the Cellphone Down and Pay Attention to Where You’re Fucking Driving. (I would donate money to that)

  7. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” — George Santayana

    There are those from our failed educational system who have no concept of what happened during the Prohibition Era when do-gooders got the government to ban alcohol; a substance ingrained (no pun intended) in both our lives and culture. Now “do-gooders” want the government to ban another element of our society that is part of our culture of “bible and gun clingers”. They have learned nothing. Forgive them Father for you have made them too stupid to understand. I somehow think they wish a new constitutional amendment to repeal the 2nd and that all bad guys will magically give up their weapons. Wishful thinking is not a strategy, but it is dangerous.

  8. If the guy that shot that baby had been put in jail before the killing she’d still be alive too.

    But when he was out surely committing plenty of crimes before this murder I bet no one “snitched” on him. I bet if some cop stopped him and patted him down ten minutes before it would have been racism.

    You can’t get rid of guns and you can’t get rid of gangs… but for some reason talking about one is scarier than the other.

    • There have been so many instances of shootings by those that haven’t been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Remember that Mother’s Day Parade shooting in New Orleans a couple years back? The 19 year old banger had an arrest history that could have rivaled someone twice his age. But then of course it’s the fault of the NRA that a 19 year old prohibited possessor got a hold of a stolen gun according to oped pieces. I remember reading a couple of studies (I think one was the Kates study published in the Harvard Law Journal) that pointed to 90% of adult murderers having an average of 6 prior contacts with law enforcement and an average of two previous arrests. Makes me wonder how much catch and release prosecutors are practicing in order to keep their conviction rates high.

  9. We have thug problems. Some people have no respect for others, and their actions can be highly detrimental to peaceful citizens. Some folks are simply psychopaths.

    We have gang problems. Thugs in groups are even more of a danger to peaceful citizens.

    We have prohibition problems. Prohibition laws enable gangs to finance themselves (via black markets) and promote LEO corruption and militarization, creating and/or enhancing various societal problems.

    We have substance abuse problems. Those who abuse alcohol and various other substances (legal or not) often have physical and psychological damage, and can be irrational and sometimes very dangerous.

    We have mental health problems. Whether caused by substance abuse, a poor family life, a traumatic injury, or other factor(s), some folks need professional help.

    We have education problems. Sometimes the problem is basic, ordinary education for children, which is woefully inadequate in far too many cases. Other times, the problem is an adult and their lack of knowledge about standard firearm safety practices that gets persons into trouble. Both of these issues are education problems.

    We have stupidity problems. These problems include folks who have been educated regarding firearms safety and handling, but for whatever reason choose to ignore these rules, and they – or someone else – suffers the consequences.

    We do not have gun problems. We have the problems listed above. These issues might be more complicated if firearms are involved, but firearms are not the cause of the problem and are in no way at fault. Getting rid of firearms would simply lead people to believe that we have “knife problems” since all of the other issues would still remain and still be problems.

  10. “Violent incidents in China usually involve more primitive weapons such as cleavers and knives.”

    This is exactly what would happen here if guns were banned.

    Mankind has been around for thousands of years, and has never been able to permanently stop violence of any kind. It’s not going to happen. We’re a violent species. But then again, so are many other species. Have you ever seen a Lion walk up to a Gazelle and say “Sorry to bother you, but my family and I are quite hungry. Would it be possible for you to die so that we might use your remains for sustenance”? Nope, doesn’t happen. If the animals of Africa created a law that makes it illegal for Lions to kill other animals, the Lions would ignore it. If they created safe zones and put up signs stating that no Lions are permitted in those zones, the Lions would ignore those too.

  11. Speaking of that glorious gun free mainland Chinese paradise….

    They seem to make a lot of home made shotguns
    and self loading pistols over there. Seems those
    pesky guns just don’t go “poof”…..hmmmm.

    Mods, if linking this way is not acceptable please delete.

  12. Hey guys, I got it..let’s just TOTALLY BAN CRIME! Then there wouldn’t be ANY violence, to include gun violence. And babies wouldn’t get hit by thugs’ stray boolits. Why didn’t anyone else think of that?!


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