Marshals Shot New York City
A police officer stands watch in front of a house, right, which was the scene of a shooting in The Bronx, Friday, Dec. 4, 2020 in New York. A suspect in the shooting of a state trooper in Massachusetts was killed during a shootout with U.S. marshals in New York City early Friday that left two of the officers wounded. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)
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By Michael R. Sisak, AP

A fugitive who shot a Massachusetts state trooper in the hand during a traffic stop two weeks ago was killed early Friday during a gunfight with U.S. marshals in New York City that left two of the officers wounded.

The two deputy marshals injured in the 5:30 a.m. confrontation at a Bronx apartment were treated at a hospital and were expected to recover. One was hit in the leg and another was struck in his arm and leg, according to federal officials.

Andre Sterling, 35, was killed in the shootout and his gun was recovered at the scene. A second man in the apartment was arrested.

This poster, from the Massachusetts State Police Twitter page, posted Nov. 24, 2020, shows Andre K. Sterling. Sterling, a suspect in the shooting of a state trooper in Massachusetts, was killed during a shootout with U.S. marshals in the Bronx borough of New York early Friday, Dec. 4, 2020. (Massachusetts State Police via AP)

Sterling was wanted for the Nov. 20 shooting of a trooper during a late-night traffic stop in Hyannis, on Cape Cod. Trooper John Lennon, 28, was hospitalized for several days after a round went through his right hand and appeared to have struck his ballistic vest.

Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling said the deputies were executing a fugitive warrant his office issued for Sterling when they were confronted with gunfire.

There was a national alert sent out advising law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for Sterling and that he was “armed and dangerous.”

“At a time of constant, opportunistic, and absurd anti-police rhetoric, this is today’s reminder of the sacrifices law enforcement officers make every day to keep us safe,” Lelling said in a statement.

Police vehicles are parked near the scene of a shooting in The Bronx, Friday, Dec. 4, 2020 in New York. A suspect in the shooting of a state trooper in Massachusetts was killed during a shootout with U.S. marshals in New York City early Friday that left two of the officers wounded. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

City police blocked off a four-block area of the Bronx’s Wakefield neighborhood, where trees, brick row houses and single-family homes line the streets.

Three marshals with the New York/New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force took fire as soon as they entered the Bronx home where they believed Sterling was located, according to a law enforcement official who was not authorized to discuss the incident publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity.

Four Massachusetts state troopers were at the scene to maintain a perimeter.

Sterling had two more warrants in Massachusetts on charges including identity fraud and assault and battery on a police officer, and he was wanted on narcotics charges in Wyoming, according to police in Massachusetts.

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  1. Crying shame another thug died as a result of his life choices.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the two Deputy U.S. Marshals.

    I wonder when the AntiFa and BLM “mostly peaceful” riots, looting and arson will begin. We should start a betting pool here on TTAG. I dibs the Monday, 7 December slots from 1700 – 2100 hrs.

    • “I wonder when the AntiFa and BLM “mostly peaceful” riots, looting and arson will begin.”

      No point in it as long as Biden wins. Remember, now it’s a time for unity. Plus, Obama, Rep. Clyburn, and a few others said the anti-cop message hurts them politically. Notice they say nothing about that message hurting the citizens or the cops. Priorities.

  2. So professional criminal and most likely illegal alien ends up D.R.T, his crime spree injured 3 LEO, but fortunately all are alive. Taxpayer relief shot courtesy U.S. Marshals. Mission accomplished.

  3. These are the animals the blue states want to let out of prison’s all over the country because their incarcerated unfairly.
    Us common law abiding folks are too narrow minded to understand that these animals just need another chance at being nice people…(sarc)

    • Just a point of contention, we already let ours out to play and no time out unless they kill someone or really really piss off somebody important. On another tangent great job to the Marshals breaking up a few nearby child sex trafficking rings that were not NXIVM leftovers.

    • According to Progressive ideology, Andre Sterling is a victim of our racist and unjust society. We, as members of this society, need to be punished for shamelessly flaunting our privilege. ANTIFA and BLM will vehemently protest the loss of their fellow traveler by taking reprisals, err, mostly peaceful protesting in the states of Massachusetts, Wyoming, and New York City.

    • Oddly enough, that music has the same beats per minute that you do chest compressions with during CPR. I trust they didn’t waste time with those in this case.

      • It’s not odd at all. Basically any music with a 4-on-the-floor beat (common in disco music) can be used to keep pace with chest compressions. You can also just as easily say the same of Miss You by The Rolling Stones.

        • If I am revived by someone keeping tone out loud to disco, I’ll instantly commit self die.

          If you can’t keep the pace with some Cannibal Corpse while doing my chest compressions, I don’t deserve to live.

        • MA, if you do drop in my vicinity, I’ll compress with a little Lordi, “I dug a hole in the yard for you”.

  4. It is pitiful that a man is able to collect so many charges and still be out walking around. One arrest and detention might have prevented three officers from getting shot. You cannot let them get COVID though.

  5. It isn’t illegal to bring a gun into NYC (shall not be infringed). It is illegal for NYC to infringe on our right to keep and bear arms.

    Shooting police officers on the other hand is illegal, and I’m glad this evildoer was stopped.

  6. So much for his Content of Character. But when slander, libel, hate America, hate law enforcement, God is dead and rigging elections are en vogue it’s to be expected.

    • Content of character has nothing to do with it. He only shot that cop because of the war on drugs. If narcotics were legal, then he wouldn’t have a warrant. As long as people don’t want to arrest him, I’m sure he’s a great guy. With legalized narcotics, he would probably open up his own corner drug store. He would do everything by the book, and no one would get hurt. #LegalizeNarcotics #andIdentitytheft

  7. Glad they finished him. Otherwise he would absolutely be out on the street in no time. Funny, the left hates guns so much, but if you are a criminal and use one it doesn’t really bother them.

  8. The marshals blasted some scum-bag here not too long ago. Last night, 12/04/20 here in Spokane, a corrections officer blasted some woman in the lobby of the jail. She had an “edged weapon” That’s a new one around here as THAT’S a first!
    Can’t say I’m sorry though, all they do anymore is let everyone out of jail or set low bonds. You have to have done something really bad to get any significant bail amount. Those poor poor disadvantaged folks!!!

    • “Edged weapon” is a strange phrase. I assume it usually means a knife. People probably aren’t running around with spears, battle axes, pikes, etc. very often.

      Edged weapon is kinda like calling a firearm a “projectile weapon”, though slings, bows, blow guns, atlatls, rockets, and mortars are also “projectile weapons”.

      • Training is for ‘edged weapon defense’ in academies and there are books about it, named as such. I think it’s just so no one has to argue the nomenclature between dirks, daggers, short swords and axes versus hatchets.

    • @MLee

      “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

      B. H. Obama

      Apparently one of his (presumed) followers didn’t get the memo…

      It should prove enlightening when the investigation releases her toxicology report with their findings.

      • @ Old Guy in Montana Likely they will discover one of two things or a combination of them. One that she was whacked on meth or she was whacked in the head an off her meds or both. Either way society was done a huge favor now that she’s in the morgue at 36°F

        • Just waiting for her family to jump on the lawsuit bandwagon…”she went to the Jail to get help”, “turning her life around”, “wanted to demonstrate her Martial Arts prowess as a Corrections Officer applicant”…I fully expect separate wrongful death suits against the Jail and the Officer involved…the award money is necessary to make the family “whole” for their loss of a loved one.

          Surprised that Biden hasn’t spoken up with his “the Sergeant should have shot her in the leg…a knife is not lethal weapon” line of baloney…or, knowing his son’s drug and criminal proclivities, “if I had a daughter, she would look like this woman”.

  9. So one set of bad guys shot it out with another bad guy and only one bad guy died, though several were injured.

    While you guys are wishing the Marshalls well remember that LEO are the ones who made you stay home and wear masks all year. LEO let BLM antifa Burn, Loot, and Murder all year. LEO also arrested, charged and locked most of the people who tried to defend themselves or their property. If Biden completes the steal it will be LEO who enforces his unconstitutional gun executive orders and laws.

    • Exactly…… waking up sucks, but things have become SO MUCH clearer after all that has happened this year…
      It has TOTALLY changed my views about law enforcement…. we see who the real enemies are now 😉

      • It’s always been that way, we just don’t want to accept it because they do the dirty work so we can ignore it all. Freedom is ugly, and basically anarchy. Very violent. Even now in 2020 all these businesses saying they will not comply with governors orders to shut down, will be shut down by LEO’s. Literally only one way to prevent this and it’s time we acknowledge it. If a militia shows up and provides security for the business, they will have to send in the national guard… then it gets nasty. And yes, it will happen. It’s the reason I got out of the Army in 2012. I was tired of fighting their wars. I knew the only battle I’d ever fight again would be on our own soil. I just didn’t think it would actually happen in my lifetime. I know where I stand, do you?

  10. I’m surprised TTAG has not noted the recent killing of a female LEO here in West Virginia, it certainly is a tragedy.

    Fortunately, they were able to apprehend the shooter and he is now sitting in jail.

    If Donald Trump had a son by an American woman, he would look like Josh:

    “A man facing a murder charge after the shooting death of Charleston Police Officer Cassie Johnson Tuesday bought drugs shortly before the shooting on Garrison Ave., investigators say.

    Kanawha County Sheriff Mike Rutherford said Saturday Joshua Phillips, 38, from Charleston, bought pills at a home where three people are now facing charges for conspiracy to commit a felony.“

    I just don’t get it, after 44 white presidents, you’d think that these white folks would be a little better behaved but they just seem to keep committing crimes for some reason.

  11. I, as law abiding citizen, just wish politicians could abuse their power and force others like myself to pay for Sterling’s crimes, oh wait, democrats plan to make citizen’s pay and not have firearms so criminals can keep on keeping on…🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  12. Why do all of the “protected class’ seem to always name themselves after something they will never work to obtain, Sterling, Ruby, Diamond, Lexus, Silk??


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