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Colorado capitol building courtesy

We’ve highlighted the fact that parts of Northern Colorado are considering the “screw you guys, I’m going home” approach over energy and livestock regulation coming down from Denver. Oh, and gun control, too. Further fanning those flames is Weld County’s recent unanimous vote to not pass any new gun control legislation. State law still trumps their local ordinances, but the gesture is one more that fans the flames in an increasingly divided state.

From the Denver ABC affiliate:

The ordinance says “the Board of County Commissioners shall not enact any ordinance which:

– “Limits the ammunition capacity of a firearm magazine;

– “Requires any background check of any owner or potential owner of a firearm;

– “Charges any fee related to the possession, ownership, use, or transfer of a firearm; Requires any specialized training or class related to the possession, ownership, use, or transfer of a firearm;

– “Limits the possession, ownership, use, or transfer of a firearm to specific classes of persons; or

– “Prohibits, limits, or restricts where an individual may lawfully carry a firearm within the unincorporated area of Weld County.”

In short, the state laws still stand, but no city in the county can make any further laws in this area. Like I said, a hollow piece of legislation in and of itself, but taken with the secessionist feelings in the state, it might be proof that Northern Colorado may become the 51st state sooner rather than later.

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  1. “We’ve highlighted the fact that parts of Northern Colorado are considering the “screw you guys, I’m going home” approach…”

    Colorado should have taken the Eric Cartman approach to hippies years ago.

    • Now lets take that county law and make it a state amendment! Now that folks is progress!

      • Just a thought that I’ve sent to a number of your Colorado counties not happy with Denver.The process for seccession is a long and hard one.If it becomes the stone around your neck if your serious about leaving maybe consider joining Wyoming.Just a thought like minded people on 2nd amendment,farmers,ranchers,oil and gas and less gov.Like I say maybe an option.

  2. “screw you guys, I’m going home”

    And Weld County will not respect Denver’s “authoritaaa”.

  3. Politicians take heed! This is the will of the people that you represent, if you are unable to support and defend the constitution that you swore to protect when you took your oath of office, be ready to look for another job!

    • The problem here is that the state reps are representing their districts faithfully (Morse and whatsername notwithstanding). The control of the state rests firmly in Denver Metro. That area outweighs the entirety of the rest of the state.

  4. Colorado used to be an OK place. Then it was overrun with Californians and other people with more money than sense fleeing various workers’ paradise states.

    • There are exceptions.

      I was raised in Ventura County, CA. I lived in Santa Clara County, CA for 16 years. In 2011, I moved to Douglas County, CO.

      I didn’t bring mainstream CA politics with me – I was escaping them. When my new next-door neighbor told me that I had moved to the second-most conservative county in the state, I replied that I’d fit right in.

        • If you’re asking how a “California conservative” compares to a “real conservative”, then the answer is likely based on geography. Someone who calls himself “conservative” in the SF Bay area isn’t necessarily the same thing as one who calls himself “conservative” in, say, Alturas (that’s a guess, based on a map and my 45 years of living in CA).

          I think I would’ve been considered “pretty conservative” in the 1970s in eastern Ventura County; of course, that was the norm then and there. When I moved to Douglas County, CO in 2011, I found that I fit right in; I also would’ve meshed well with El Paso or Weld county politics.

      • Well, then Welcome! Can always use more voters that will let the politicians know that they cannot vote for gun control and expect to remain in office!!!

  5. Here’s a shout out to my neighbors to the East. Larimer county could be part of it too if not for the d-bags in old town Fort Collins.

  6. Have you read this?

    “Medical advances mask epidemic of violence by cutting murder rate. Murder rates would be up to five times higher than they are but for medical developments over the past 40 years. Our lethality findings are strongly consistent with the hypothesis that progress in emergency medical care has converted an ever increasing proportion of homicides into non-lethal assaults and thus, by virtue of good intentions, ironically and unintentionally masked a continuing epidemic of violence in America”

    Guns save lives? I doubt it.

    “The researchers also highlight an irony in the life saving achievements of medical technology and doctors. Keeping down the murder rate may, perversely, have influenced the debate on gun control.”

    And the best part is:

    “Without this technology, we estimate there would be no less than 50 000 and as many as 115000 homicides annually instead of an actual 15 000”

    Again: guns save lives? You kidding me?

  7. So if they become the 51st state can we Texans go ahead and secede entirely so the US can maintain a nice five-oh number?

    • Not with all the potential tax revenue to be lost due to secession.

      Cattle don’t get to leave the farm man.

      • “Cattle don’t get to leave the farm man.” If they do its in pieces…tasty, tasty pieces.

  8. I wish Maine would do this. At the very least we should send
    all the Massholes back to their own screwed up state.

    • No way we want them back here, man. We already have all the Massh0les we need and are happy to export the excess.

  9. The hippies (and crazy California ex-pats) living in Boulder and Denver think they’ve got a good thing going. And I guess they have. But there’s a lesson they need to learn: It only goes so far.


  10. Just a step closer to the “Red”states,secession from the US?Could be a lot of Patriotic citizens have been calling for it,and even petitioning for it.But of course up to now Boobama has turned it down.But one day soon,he won’t be asked for his OK,it will just happen,then the SHTF.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  11. The ordinance sounds like a simple explanation of “shall not be infringed”. Can someone send a copy of this to all justices at all of our federal courts?

  12. When are you secessionists going to actually get around to that? I keep waiting.

    Also waiting for you guys to use your guns to fight tyranny. I’ll keep waiting, I guess. It would be nice to see somebody stick up for the rights and freedoms we are due as Americans. You know, like the right to marry the person you love.

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