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Have a fox problem? Want a way to attract Mr. Wile E. Coyote close enough to dispatch him to canine heaven without waiting for an actual varmint to catch his attention. MOJO Outdoors has just what you’ve been waiting for. A furry, spinny, squealy little gizmo that I have no doubt would would drive my labs freaking nuts for about $60. Beep beep! . . .

MOJO, the World Leader in Decoys introduces the MOJO Super Critter Predator Decoy as the most advanced and versatile predator decoy on the market.  The original MOJO Critter revolutionized the use of decoys in predator calling and quickly became the class leader.  The Super Critter adds great versatility and user friendliness to the same great action that started it all!  With features like:

  • Rugged PC Housing
  • Built-in Tripod
  • Standard MOJO Peg with Camera Mount
  • Built in Selectable Sound (Or Motion Only)
  • Remote Capable from many E-Callers
  • Magnetically Connected Topper
  • Operates with Convenient Removable 
(no wires) AA Battery Holder
  • Operates up to 16 Hours on 4 -AA’s
  • Realistic Looking Fur Cover
While the advanced feature make the Super Critter extremely attractive to the hunter using an e-caller, the soft sound makes it a dream for the mouth caller.Click HERE to watch Product VideoThe soft sound allows the DECOY to finish the predator so it does not pinpoint the location of the mouth caller.  A Great Advantage!The Super Critter is currently shipping and available in most sporting goods retailers.Check it out at our all new, redesigned site:


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  1. “Have a fox problem?”
    I cant speak for the laws in other parts of the country…but using electronic calls and decoys for fox and other “game animals” is illegal in GA.

  2. If you have a genuine problem with Coyote the Trickster, I have no issue with you offing him. When I lived in northern NM, they’d bring their pups around to yip every summer night at 3:3o or so. They never caused the horses a problem, or ate anyone’s cat I knew of; it was like they were showing off, taunting the domesticated canines: “WE’RE FREE! FREE!! HAHAHA!”… and the dogs would whine and bark in their submissive role. I saw them in the yard a couple times. It was a nightly lullabye of comfort to me!

    FOXES? I ain’t seen a silver fox since I was 14, and red ones I could count on a couple fingers..:

    • Those coyotes are still here. Can hear them in Albuquerque at the Sunport next to Kirtland AFB at night (more in the winter time, when it gets dark earlier) when they play taps on the speakers at the base. Sort of a wonderful sound, coyotes howling and singing along to taps.

    • I had red foxes and ‘yotes in my backyard in Rhode Island. Not the “country” part of RI, but the beach resort part of RI. It was very cool. When I mountain biked in the game management areas at dusk, a pack would often run alongside of me. They were just curious. Me too, but we kept our distance from each other just the same.

      When I lived on Cape Cod, we could hear packs of ‘yotes yodeling some evenings. The children of the night. What beautiful music they make.

  3. I bought one of these Super Critters, and it worked great out of the box, and to tease the cat, but now that I am ready to hunt, and put in new batteries, this piece of rubbish will not work. I have now left it on for over 30 mins, on each different switch position, and zip- just a big waste of money..and nothing at all. This is a simple enough device, but is SO absolutely cheaply made.


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