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In the aftermath of seventeen people shot to death in Marjory Stonemason Douglas High School while police officers waited outside listening to the carnage, the push to arm teachers and administrators in schools has gained new momentum. President Trump has indicated his support for teachers having the option to carry in order to protect themselves and their students. And despite the cries of shock an horror at the idea, hundreds of districts across the country already give their employees that option.

But some are taking their opposition to teachers carrying guns up a notch.

Teachers are prepared to take drastic action across the state, nearly a month after the shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The Baltimore City Teachers Union aren’t the only ones expressing concern. Across the county, some teachers say they will walk off the job if teachers are allowed to carry guns in schools.

Yep. They’d rather walk out than work in a school in which teachers or administrators carry firearms.

In Baltimore County, the teachers’ union says the majority of its members reject the idea of teachers carrying guns in class.

“Our teachers did not sign up to be armed guards in school and most teachers do not want to go anywhere near having guns,” said Abby Beytin of the Teachers Association of Baltimore County.

Never mind the fact that in all cases, the decision to carrying a gun would be up to the individual. Completely voluntary. No one will be compelled to carry a firearm who doesn’t want to.

You might think the fact that these distinguished educators work in the most dangerous city in America would make them even more amenable to having colleagues in the building who are prepared to defend them should the worst happen. But you’d be wrong.

The Baltimore City Teachers Union says “guns should not be in our classrooms, period.”

Here’s a bulletin for the union and its members: there are already guns in your schools. They’re in lockers, backpacks and students’ waistbands. And given the 343 murders that took place in Baltimore last year, teachers would be putting themselves in even more danger by walking out of their schools and picketing than they would by working in the same buildings with armed, trained individuals. Not that facts like that will matter one bit.

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  1. Who are they going to call if someone starts shooting at their school? Mediators? Community organizers?

    I’m sure it’s okay, though, it’s like triple illegal to carry a gun in a MD school so it could never happen right?

  2. If all the indoctrinators walked off the job, the quality of education would increase dramatically.

  3. Teachers everywhere should walk out of classrooms everywhere whenever the first teacher in the nation arrives armed. The most likely result is a rise in the IQ levels in those classrooms lacking teachers.

  4. “Across the county, some teachers say they will walk off the job if teachers are allowed to carry guns in schools.”

    Don’t let the doors hit you in the ass on the way out.

  5. “the first teacher in the nation arrives armed”
    Already happened in Texas in the year 2014.

  6. Well in Baltimore considering their horrible schools, the students would be better off with some fresh blood. That being said, the people’s socialist republic of Maryland would never allow guns to be carried by anyone, not even their saintly enlightened government teachers. They might allow private security guards, because that would allow them to create more taxpayer funded government jobs to feed the state unions.

  7. Cool. Proceed with arming those that want to carry, then fire the whiners when they walk out. Win-win.

  8. These “teachers” are mentally unstable! The worry over a coworker being armed overpowers their rational thinking about what would happen if some psycho were to attack the school where they are teaching.

  9. I bet there’s teachers that have been carrying and still carrying the entire time.

    The whole point is you don’t go showing off and bragging about it.

  10. Allow the teachers, and administrators, who are otherwise permitted to receive appropriate, and accessible, training and carry firearms if they choose to do so. The model needs to change from Kansas’s “districts may allow” to Utah’s “districts may not forbid.” Utah also has other requirements, such as a requirement that the firearm not be visible on normal teaching activities and the like; but the point remains that, with reasonable care and appropriate licensing, teachers are permitted the choice of not being unarmed targets and the opportunity to actively defend their charges if necessary.

    Of course, I realize that most states are even further from the Kansas “district may allow,” legislation (as of date, to the best of my knowledge, no district does allow). Some states even make it clear that “No district may allow.” There is still a lot of movement to be made.

    Do I think every teacher should carry a firearm? No, some are clearly not qualified. However, in conversations, those who are clearly unqualified seem to be quick to self select and choose not to carry a firearm. In no way would I support “district may require.” However, that is a long way from “District must not forbid.” For those who have made it to this point and are asking, “what does this have to do with the militia?” Those teachers are the militia.

    So, now you know another teacher who would carry if it were legal. However, I would attend a training course. There are several for teachers. That brings up a direction I would like to see the issue of teacher firearm training to go, real and appropriate firearm training for teachers. I am not asking for three days of, “don’t shoot your students.” I would like to see marksmanship coaching and training focused on shooting in chaotic situations.

    While I see it as essential that the training be available and affordable, I would like to see those teachers also trained to the basic EMT standard. Yes, this training would eat a better part of a summer; however, it would be a direction toward a teacher first responder certification.

    As you can see, I am not entirely in favor of Utah’s “sure, you can carry a gun” policy. Then, I am not in favor of “no guns” either. I want to see training that is appropriate and affordable. I will tell you that my research has shown that there are teacher firearm courses available. The next step is to decide on a minimum level of training, insuring it is, as I have said several times, appropriate and affordable and to then allow those teachers to be armed.

    Toward the training mentioned, I have recently found that a county near where I live runs a seven week “Critical Incident” course for teachers. There will be a condensed 3.5 week version of it offered this summer I have already been told that my name is on the list for the class.

    This issue seems to be gaining traction. I recently had a couple of non-shooting, not anti, just non, teachers ask me my position in this issue. The inquiry was unprompted and my position was taken seriously.

  11. This is why public sector unions shouldn’t exist.

    Without the union the schools would be free to say “Walk out if you wish. Pink slips are in the basket to the right of the door, sign one on your way out.”

  12. I can live with that. The ones that would walk are the ones I would never want having influence over anyone’s children. Big win.

  13. This is proof the left wants children to die to further their cause of disarming law abiding citizens.

    They oppose the only action that would actually help reduce if not prevent shooters in schools.

  14. “Don’t shoot the students” no matter how much you want to, or how much they deserve it.

    Then why carry a gun?

  15. “This is proof the left wants children to die to further their cause of disarming law abiding citizens.”

    My caring, concerned, protective leftist family member hates it when others are around and I point out that he is truly evil for wanting dead all those who successfully defended themselves with firearms. (I usually say that from the outer ring of folks listening to him, to keep things non-violent – I can crush an afternoon football watching party)

  16. Just more of the “room to destroy” mentality. Way to go Baltimore. Worse than Chiraq per capita…walk out goofballs.

  17. and fire them!

    I might be available for the job–all that retirement money and have to do nothen with them!

  18. “We demand helplessness! Say no to the ability to defend yourself and the children you’re entrusted with!” Idiots.

  19. Methinks the teachers’ unions are going the way of the Teamsters where the leadership acted against the interests of rank and file members instead for them. Given the response to the offer of free classes by the Top Gun range (see today’s Daily Digest), it looks like the membership isn’t as anti-gun as the leadership.

  20. Good. Walk out and don’t come back.

    Maybe we can find some people that actually know something about Constitutional law, civic duty, and American history take up teaching.

  21. There he is….. Made me laugh. …… God forbid they get run over by a truck. MASH ON ER

  22. of course, sending yr kids to “schools” where they are indoctrinated by SJWs, New World Order freaks, gun-grabbers, femi-fascists and homosexual “activists” should be categorised as CHILD ABUSE!

  23. When I went to school ( graduated 1969) teachers taught us what was in the text books. They made very little money and worked second jobs and through summer vacation. If you didn’t want to go along with the program you were expelled.

    These teachers being mentioned above are the result of kids that went to school after my generation. Given excuses like “Behavior Disorder” for bad behavior. My day it was called an asshole. These coddled kids grew up thinking that they have a sense of entitlement.
    They learned to make others miserable and now you see the results.

  24. “There’s not a pill you can take, there’s not a class you can go to. Stupid, is forever.” – Ron White

  25. Would be amazing and incredible if teachers in Baltimore would concern themselves with….teaching.

  26. Let them walk, fire them and hire good teachers that care about the kids and can educate the kids. Those test scores are not great!

  27. Yes. Yes please. Go. Go away. All of you idiots who seek to indoctrinate my children with your libtard crap, go away. Leave the schools, hell leave the country. But we all know they won’t, nobody left the country since Trump won, and not a single crying libtard will miss a single dollar of his .gov paycheck from working in a public school. Of course not. Spineless scum…

  28. How many of those teachers would shield the students with their bodies?… Or use the students as shields?

  29. Eh, Baltimore teachers don’t need guns cause kids in the ghetto don’t do mass shootings. By and large, they like school cause it is a legit safe space compared to everywhere else in their life.

    When they go home, it is to a broken home.
    When they walk the streets, they get robbed and beaten.
    School on the other hand gives them free food and relative safety. They can chill for 8 hours without having to see cockroaches climb the walls or rats scurry about their feet.

    It’s why Baltimore has around 360 murders per year but none of them are mass shootings in schools. They take care of their “problems” in the streets because it is an unspoken rule that you do not hurt the one good thing the community has.

    • “Eh, Baltimore teachers don’t need guns cause kids in the ghetto don’t do mass shootings. By and large, they like school cause it is a legit safe space compared to everywhere else in their life. ”

      Maybe it is because the students all know everybody is armed. And not just with a gat.

  30. This may be the absolutely most underperforming collection of people on the planet. they get more money to educate a student per year in this sewer of a city than Harvard charges. Look it up!

  31. Oh….and I forgot to add……their students can hardly; if at all…read or write when they’re done in school.

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