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From @New Jersey Second Amendment Society

If it’s true that guns have two enemies – rust and politicians – then New Jersey’s gun buyback program is a perfect marriage!

As if the State of New Jersey couldn’t think of another way to waste taxpayer funds, in the past two weeks $482,000 has been spent… to take a lot of rusty and broken shotguns off the streets.

Although no reasonable person expects gun buyback programs to have an impact on violence in Newark, Camden and Trenton – New Jersey’s public officials love them anyway! It’s a phenomenal opportunity to squander taxpayer dollars, stand in front of a podium and shout talking points written by a consultant. If they’re lucky, some of these politicians might get quoted in a newspaper or featured on a local TV broadcast.

At the very least, all of them will get a photo-op for social media to let their constituents know “how hard their working” to stop gun violence. Is anyone surprised that, instead of focusing on real criminals, NJ’s politicians and public officials prefer to grandstand in front of useless guns than do their jobs?

NJ 101.5 has a great gallery of pictures you can see of these gun buybacks.

The media, seemingly unconcerned with questioning the value of piles of useless shotguns and rifles, emphasized NJ Attorney General Christopher Porrino’s focus on 129 “assault weapons” that were turned in.

As every informed gun owner knows, an “assault weapon” is an entirely made up term by fearmongers. The legal definition is based purely on the cosmetic appearance of the weapon and is unrelated to its function. Nonetheless, the term assault weapon makes for great propaganda, and NJ’s media will never question the false narratives. The quote below by Porrino about “assault weapons” that were “taken off the street” perfectly illustrates that point:

“Assault weapons are designed to pierce body armor, and getting just one off the street has tremendous value, not to mention getting 129 off the street in two days.”

“Assault weapons” are not “designed to pierce body armor,” nor does their definition have anything to do with the ballistics of the weapon. The appearance of a weapon, and that’s all the legal definition of an assault weapon deals with, has no bearing on the weapon’s ballistics or its ability to pierce body armor. Additionally, ANY rifle round will pierce body armor because body armor, excluding level III ballistic plates, is designed to stop handgun rounds, not rifle rounds. The quote below by the US Attorney for the State of NJ, Bill Fitzpatrick, perfectly illustrates this well-worn falsehood:

“Those are weapons of war, those are weapons designed to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible.”

Such hyperbole isn’t worthy of a counter argument, our only response is that we hope President Donald Trump replaces Fitzpatrick with someone who supports the constitution soon.

If you’d like to be a part of stopping the madness of NJ’s gun control laws, join NJ2AS or become a Frontline donor. Remember, everyone who joins NJ2AS or donates $10 or more this month will automatically be entered into our August Giveaway. There’s no cavalry on the horizon, it’s just us, so join today and help make a difference in this state. Christie isn’t going to be around forever to veto the endless stream of nonsense coming out of Trenton.

(This post originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission.)

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    • In picture #7 in the picture gallery it clearly shows the warning tag for a Daisy CO2 gun. Talk about padding the results.

  1. to take a lot of rusty and broken shotguns off the streets.

    Don’t forget that muzzle loader on the right. We don’t want any of those Amish drive-by shootings.

    • I like that 10-pump Crosman 760 pellet rifle on the front right. Imma sleep good tonight knowing that is off the street.

        • I still have my 760 and it works great! Got it back in 69′. More than one rat met it’s demise along with a few mice! Great for teaching my kids to shoot with and next my grandson. One of the best guns you can use to improve your own shooting skills!

  2. didnt anyone tell you? taxpayers are rich, inexhaustible sources of free money. they dont even really deserve what they have, anyway. whats a half million here or there?

  3. I would like to know if the nicer looking units are plants. All the junk guns are at a distance. The ARs, AK and nice revolvers are right up front.

    • ^ This. A few valuable antiques in need of TLC that their owners probably didn’t understand the history or value. Saw the garand, and many other valuable 100 year old (or more) military rifles. Some in good shape others in rough shape in need of TLC. Saw the M1 carbine that if restored could be a really nice rifle. Lots of history and memories there. Looks like either garbage rifles or rough antiques that the owners thought was garbage. I’d love to buy some of those old 100 year old rifles. Can’t believe they are going to melt them down.

      • I not only *can’t* believe it, I *don’t* believe it. They will be sold by whoever is in charge of “destroying” them.

      • I’m more than willing to bet that lots of these guns were owned by men who knew what they were, but who have passed on.

        Their women, being bereft of any common sense or thrift, but thinking that “the state always knows best,” turned in their deceased husbands’ valuable guns just to make themselves feel better. I saw women do this time and again when I was growing up in the northeast – just haul their husband’s gun collection down to the cop shop and fork ’em over – because she was too stupid to know how much they were worth, or even offer them up for sale to anyone else.

        These women should be denied all future claims to public assistance for having given away valuable personal property for the stupidity of their solipsism. No more Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security for you, Granny. You had personal property worth thousands of dollars (in some of those instances I see in those piles) and you just gave it up for jack-squat.

        • I agree with D.G. about what happens to gun collections after their owners pass away. I have heard lots of stories like this myself. So…I made sure not to leave my wife ignorant about the value of my stuff. I listed my collection, with model numbers, serial numbers, and values. I then printed it out, and left it in my safe. If for nothing else, she can take things to our LGS, who will at least give her 50% of retail value. This is important…Don’t be stupid…write down what you have, what it is worth, and keep a copy that will be easily found if you suddenly kick the bucket, and your stuff (not just guns), gets thrown in the trash or sold for scrap.

    • A lot of the wood stocks are decent- could be useful for someone needing to restore an old rifle or shotgun. Worst case scenario, they’d be good for someone to learn various techniques on.

      • Oh, absolutely.

        I see some “gunsmith specials” in those piles, to be sure.

        I also see some perfectly good, higher-$$$ guns in there, too. I see plenty of SxS shotguns. In another media outlet’s pics of this haul for the cops, I saw a couple of LC Smiths, a Parker (field grade) and what looked like a few hammer doubles. Most any of those, unless they’re completely clapped-out, are worth at least $1K each.

  4. I do see a M1 Garand and maybe a M1A1 in the background. Other than that, have not a clue what is shown. GUN BUY BACKS are a scam! I remember a few years ago LA Sheriff made a huge deal when 10 AR15 “MACHINE GUNS” were taken off the streets. Saving thousands of lives. Problem was, they were rubber movie props. The local media did not retract.

  5. Trump get rid of a local political hack? Never gonna happen. Fitzpatrick is there because he plays local politics at the federal level and plays well. Trump is personally heavily invested in the area and if he wants to remain so, he wont rock the new jersey/new york boat. Fitzpatrick isnt going anywhere.

  6. I see a Crossman model 760 10-pump air-powered pellet rifle on the front row toward the right side. Is New Jersey paying $100 (or whatever) for those as well?

  7. I also see a nice looking 12 gauge semi-auto shotgun and at least two 12 gauge double-barrel (side-by-side) shotguns.

  8. My Crossman 760 pump .177 cal. pellet rifle is shown there on the right. Far right looks like a TC .50 cal cap and ball muzzle loading rifle. Yeah, real threats. Even spotted a double barrel Houdah cap and ball muzzle loading pistol. And a few double barrel muzzle loading shot guns. Yeah, real threats alright! You know what’s even worse about these BS buys? The cops get first pick to go through the collection and take home any of them they want! So how did that get them off the street?

  9. Ooh, I spot one of those Daisy assault BB guns, with a deadly, high capacity 650-round clip and a penchant for shooting eyes out.

    Lower right corner, buried under a couple shotguns.

  10. Good!

    we got nearly a half million dollars that would have otherwise gone to prop up that liberal cesspool out of the hands of government.

    money well spent

  11. This year is election year in the People’s Republic of New Jersey (PRNJ) and the Democratic candidate is Wall Street guy Phil Murphy. Phil is already a hypocrite with his local tax evasion (farm subsidy on his mansion). They already have 20 anti-gun bills lined up for him to sign. The general consensus is that he will be put in office because the PRNJ always votes democrat. Some of the things they have talked about is further magazine limitations, banning the ar15 outright, forced education if you buy a gun, premises inspections for safety + lots of other fun things that will be forced on the public. Yet they will make no difference on the crime in fun places like Camden, Newark, Trenton and Patterson. Yet the public will be “safer”. And there is of course he also wants to increase taxes.

    • Hey Phil,
      I’m in agreement with you. We un owners are in for a rocky four years when the John Corzine avatar wins in November. Hand-in-glove with the Democrats in the Legislature this slimeball will be on the phone to California looking for new ways to punish the law-abiding. The worst is they have records of everything we’ve bought legally. I’m giving serious thought to moving my good stuff to my nephew’s home in Virginia until I retire and get the hell out of here.

  12. Could stopped at “NJ Wastes”

    Once we kick POS communist China’s ass for saying it’ll back communist NK in a U.S. attack, I’m going to petition that we proceed to wipe the globe of whatever other communist fV<Ks we find out there.

      • When we go against China (and their official, decades old, state policy recites that it’s inevitable that they will enter into a war with the U.S) I expect we’ll ALL have to go. They outnumber us by billions per shift.

        But yes, ready, are you?

        You’re not a commie or sympathizer are you momma?

  13. We really need to pass a federal law prohibiting the malicious destruction of historical firearms. (Of coarse we would have an exception for Bubba. 😀 )


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