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NJ Governor Chris Christie

Garden State Governor Chris Christie issued the following press release concerning self-defense and gun rights. [Click here for copies of Executive Order 180. Click here for the new Attorney General regulation.]

Acting on his commitment to ensure a fair application of the state’s gun laws that respects individual rights to possess firearms and that also protects public safety, Governor Christie today took action to make commonsense changes to New Jersey’s gun regulations that ensure victims of domestic violence or violent crime, or those living under a direct or material threat, have their firearms applications processed quickly and without delay. The Governor announced that the Attorney General will file a regulatory change that will ensure expedited, priority firearm application processing for victims of domestic violence, violent crimes, or those who have a demonstrable threat against them, including those who are seeking to obtain or carry firearms for self-protection . . .

“I have always said that when there are sensible changes to improve our laws and the fair administration of justice, I will take action, and that is what I am doing today. The Constitution grants and our courts have affirmed the individual right to bear arms as a fundamental right, and that is all the more important for those who are victims of violence or under threat,” said Governor Christie. “This commonsense step will protect the rights of victims and people at risk of violent acts by giving them priority, while ensuring the core protections of the permitting process remain fully in effect.”

The Governor has spoken out about the tragic murder of Carol Bowne, a Camden County resident, by her ex-boyfriend earlier this month. Bowne secured a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend and filed an application for a handgun permit in April. Less than two months later, and with her application delayed beyond the 30-day statutory deadline for its processing, she was stabbed to death in her front yard by her ex-boyfriend.

Under the changes proposed by the Governor today, such an application would be reviewed and processed for approval or rejection on an expedited, 14-day basis, if possible, if either of the following circumstances exist:

  • · That the applicant has been the victim of violence or threatened with violence or a deadly weapon and there is a substantial likelihood of another such incident in the foreseeable future.
  • ·The applicant is living under a demonstrable threat, vis-à-vis court-ordered protection in the form of a restraining order or some other condition imposed by the court, restraining another person from contact with the applicant where there is a substantial likelihood that the applicant will be the victim of violence or threatened with a deadly weapon in the foreseeable future.

In addition, if either of the above circumstances exist, the new regulation would provide for the same expedited and priority processing for a permit to carry application, and would be deemed to meet the “justifiable need” standard required for a permit to carry a firearm to be issued.

Apart from the submission of the new regulation, Governor Christie also signed Executive Order No. 180, creating the New Jersey Firearm Purchase and Permitting Study Commission, with the specific task of reviewing the state’s laws, regulations and procedures pertaining to the ownership and possession of firearms and ensuring they do not infringe on New Jerseyans’ constitutional rights. Based on its findings, the Study Commission will recommend any appropriate modifications to the existing licensing process.

In the coming days and weeks, Governor Christie will name three members with experience in law enforcement and/or criminal law to serve as the Study Commission’s membership. Upon being named and meeting, the Commission will report back to the Governor within 90 days on its findings and recommendations.

[h/t New Jersey Association of Pistol and Rifle Clubs]

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    • As Governor with a Democrat legislature, he cannot change the State law from may issue to shall issue all by himself. Such a change would have to be passed by the NJ Legislature first, which it has not. Not defending Christie, but this situation is a bit beyond his ability to change.

      • It’s absolutely NOT beyond his ability to change.

        The definition of what constitutes “justifiable need” is detailed in the NJ Administrative Code, which is purely up to the Attorney General, not the legislature.

        In other words, the law says you must have “justifiable need”… the executive branch can say “fine, we’ll just consider everything justifiable.”

        • Maybe, I am not an expert on the NJ statutes. However, that still leaves the State as a ‘may issue’ jurisdiction. Changing the criteria under which a local Sheriff ‘may’ issue a permit is not really the same as going to ‘shall issue’ status.

      • Sounds like you’re defending him. This is Romney all over again – “Well, he’s pro-gun (just ignore all of his anti-gun rants), but the legislature wants gun control and he’s never heard of a thing called a ‘veto’…so he HAS to sign it!”.

        Don’t ever fall for the bullshit because Jabba the Hutt is 150% anti-gun to the core.

  1. On this, I trust him as far as I can throw him, which is… well… not very far.

    It will go nowhere. The language will be wishy-washy (i.e. “if possible”). Judges will still have final say on who gets/doesn’t get a permit. When he’s no longer governor, it will be backpedaled faster than you can blink.

    If he really cared about 2A issues, he’s had YEARS to make recommendations to the AG (which could be as simple as defining justifiable need as “self defense”.)

  2. the individual right to bear arms as a fundamental right, and that is all the more important for those who are victims of violence or under threat

    How can it be a fundamental right if only frightened women can have it?

    • Not just frightened women: frightened women who fill out the proper forms, get them approved by the proper bureaucrat, pay the necessary fee, and wait four to six weeks for processing.
      Don’t we go through an almost identical process before speaking in public, reading a newspaper, going to a church, etc.?

  3. While I feel that this is only an attempt to win over voters now that he’s officially making his presidential run, it’s interesting to see how this will turn out. I would love to see some of these draconian gun laws will be lightened up, given that I live in NJ myself.

  4. The Constitution grants and our courts have affirmed the individual right to bear arms as a fundamental right …

    No no no!!!!! The United States Constitution does NOT, I repeat, does NOT grant rights to us. Rather, it codifies our rights which SUPERCEDE government. Our Constitution codifies them to explicitly and emphatically remove government power to infringe upon them.

    • Exactly. The Constitution does not “grant” a single right to us – it places restriction on the government in respect to those rights we are understood to already have. For all the variations on the phrases “Congress shall pass no law” or “The right of the people to ______________ shall not be infringed” there is not one single instance of “The people shall be allowed to…” or “The right to _____________ shall be granted”.

      There is a reason for this. It’s not hard to grasp.

      • Sadly it is very hard to grasp for a lot of people.
        Others choose to ignore it because it takes away from their power.

      • Exactly. The Constitution does not “grant” a single right to us – it places restriction on the government in respect to those rights we are understood to already have.

        So you’re saying that we have a god-given right to a jury trial??? How does that work?

  5. He lost me at the first “commonsense”. Every time I hear another Christie news item I think “RINO” (no double entendre intended).

  6. This is just putting lipstick on a pig. No sale.

    Tell ya what Gov., since you’re all in a puckering up mood for GOP Presidential Primary Season, how about you…..kiss………

  7. Yo! Give Christie a break! At least he’s doing a helleva lot better for U.S. citizens than some other famous polliticians out there (i.e., Obama, Feinstein, Gabby, Dan Malloy, etc.). He used the power of his office to pardon Shaneen Allen, Steffon Josey-Davis, and some others I can’t recall. So all things being relative, he’s good with me!

    • Actually, those are actions I also hold against him. That PA woman who strayed into NJ and that cop-applicant illegally carrying, both should have been prosecuted.

      Yes, I agree, those laws shouldn’t exist and the Governor should make it a priority to repeal them. Until then, the law is the law. Unless it isn’t.

      If we’re going to go around giving passes based on what, exactly, (publicity? sympathy factor of the accused? election year politics?), then we’re no longer a nation of laws. We become a nation of circumstance, expedience, fortune, likeability, and luck; anything but predetermined and transparent laws adjudicated objective courts. We already have an anti-Constitutional SCOTUS/Obama cabal. We don’t need another.

      Arbitrary law is no law, really, and is worse than bad law, because you never know what actions beget what consequences.

      Chris “Bridgegate retaliation” Christie is a petty tyrant immensely at ease with dispensing rewards and retribution capriciously. A lawless satrap such as that has no business being in command of a crosswalk, let alone a state or a nation.

  8. 14 days = Expidited???
    I used to be able to do a complete background check in less than 5 minutes.
    Good grief

    • I’ve been waiting just over 3 months now for my purchase permits. But I’m just a white guy so I’ll easily have to wait another month or two.

      At the very minimum, Christie should look into why the current 30 day approval time period is constantly violated by many, many months. Even if he recommends 14 days for special cases, it won’t be followed anyway. Best to get rid of this ridiculous process altogether.

      He’s obviously trying to score political points. I just can’t stand these RINO opportunist. This guy had many years to stand up for 2A rights in NJ but he didn’t. Too late now.

      • last paragraph sums up my thoughts on christie perfectly. He should of addressed the ridiculous gun laws as soon as he took office. Right now he’s just sucking up, which any person with half a brain can see. But the dem legislature and liberal media in jersey will still browbeat him over this Glad I got out of there with what i owned ( all my weapons fell in the chesapeake bay on my move to Florida) To think I always had at least a shotgun in my truck at all times, never had a problem. Probably go away for life now.

  9. How about just not make people apply to be given permission to excercise their natural, civil and constitutional rights?

  10. Christie has been described as a “pragmatic” politician, which for us means he’ll sell the Second Amendment down the river in a heartbeat if that’s what it takes to get what he wants. Anything he does for gun rights is done with what’s in it for Chris Christie in mind.

  11. Anytime a Pol says “common sense law” it means another infringement or restriction on law abiding people.
    Until the Commie States roll back all their gun laws, I refuse to visit or travel through.
    We have it fairly good here in SC, but still no open carry.

    • I’ll be joining you soon… the moving company packs up my house in NJ on July 27/28… and then I’m off to SC!

  12. I had a NJ carry permit but Christie ate it.

    Seriously, even Californians can be thankful that we don’t have it as bad as New Jersey

  13. Pitiful, Jabba, just pitiful. You can’t piss all over people and then hand them a towel when you need their votes.

  14. Actually, Christie can unilaterally turn NJ into shall issue. All he has to do is direct the NJ Attorney General to define “Justifiable Need” as something similar to “bearing a legal firearm for self defense as provided for by the 2nd amendment” and boom, CCW applications are now approved for having “justifiable need”.

  15. No thanks. Not interested in the creation of another “special” group of people. Animal Farm at its finest.

  16. Yuck…yeah anytime anyone uses “commonsense” I suppress the urge to hurl…on the off off chance big chris is nominated(think Jimmy” previously the worst president ever” Carter I will abstain from rinoing(Is that a word?)

  17. Nice try. I guess he’s just trying to play to those who see guns as a political issue and don’t actually know anything about the situation in NJ.

  18. So NJ failed to meet their statutory deadline to issue the permit, so he is just going to shorten the deadline?

    Classic northeastern bullshit.

  19. I’m going to play devils advocate to all the anti-Christie comments above: Never let a good crisis go to waste.

    Even the most rabid New Jersians have to be appalled at the stabbing death of that poor woman. But, look, gun control worked! It prevented the murderous ex from shooting her to death! The problem is, she was also prevented from defending herself. So, now he can “do something.”

    Maybe, just maybe, he is opening the door to proof that people can carry in public. One or two wife beaters get ventilated in public, and then the populace wakes up. Even the most rabid pacifists have to have just a little flutter of joy when truly evil people get blown away. Even if it’s just for a fleeting moment.

    LOL, who am I kidding, this is New Jersey! And I truly despise their governor.

  20. As an NJ resident, i know he has the ability to make NJ shall issue with the stroke of a pen. So until he makes the whole state shall issue by executive order, i’ll hold my breath.

    • Is AG in New Jersey an elected position? If so, is the AG a Democrat and anti 2A? If so, then Christie can’t compel him (her?) to change the criteria for what constitutes “justifiable need.”

  21. I’m not qualified to judge this guy; he resembles my former boss, both physically and in his public personality, way too much for me to be objective.

    That said; will not vote for him. Ever. I just can’t be sure whether that is because he reminds me of a sicking piece of excrement, or because his policies suck, or both.

  22. no substance to this candidate….just political maneuvers…..under HIS watch ..NJ remains an ANTI-GUN State…..imho

  23. This is in response to the woman MURDERED in her driveway by her abusive boyfriend/husband/whatever. She had already WAITED 60+ days for police “permission” to protect herself. But progs like Christi would rather see innocents DIE than relinquish their POWER to dole out “privileges”. Maybe she should have slipped the local police chief $100 to “speed things up”?

    • Even if it was, say, between him and Elisabeth (Pocahontas) Warren? I think you (or any sane person) would walk through fire to get to the pole booth, to pull the lever for fatso.

    • Strictly speaking, “shall” ain’t no prize, either, because “may/shall” implies there is some sort of “appropriate” permit process, no?

  24. Ya but he allowed NJ to become what it is. From what i understand about NJ is their gun laws will need to be gutted and completely reset in order to comply without infringement of the 2A.

  25. that fat fart an kiss my ass. just as can all the rest em: political opportunists who say anything they reckon will get their silly asses in the Oval Asshouse. Pizz on em all.

  26. Is that this week’s photo caption contest pic? Ok, I’m going with:

    Movie poster for “Paul Blart Mall Cop 3: The Wrath of Blart”
    This time, it’s personal.

  27. Too many keystrokes have been wasted here on this guy already. Unfit (No pun intended) unelectable, and unreliable in the extreme. He is posturing for something down the road, and that”s alot of posture ( pun intended). Seriously, you can’t be serious.

  28. Chris Christie is a three-headed snake in the grass, and is not to be trusted. He will not get a vote from me or anyone else I know.

  29. “Executive Order 180” – is it so named because now that he’s running for president, he’s got to make a 180 degree change and pretend like he gives half a shit about the Second Amendment all of a sudden?

  30. Isn’t that big of him, throwing people of the gun a snauzer size milkbone after doing squat for how many years?

  31. “…Governor Christie today took action to make **commonsense** changes to New Jersey’s”

    Sorry, stopped reading right there.

    For those of you who did manage to read all the way through…. anything even remotely close to something that could possibly, maybe if you squint a bit could be called common sense?

  32. Typical liberal socialist Democrat communist policy – we will decide who gets what & when, just trust us!!!!

  33. The fact that he allows the portrayal as “the boss”, a la Tony Soprano, on the cover of Time guarantees that I will NEVER vote for him. Furthermore, the fact that he can’t control his weight shows a lack of discipline and impulse control. No chance.

  34. Good luck getting your presidential campaign off the ground. You live in the age of “we have easy access to your track record.”

  35. He has had, I don’t know how many years, to have used executive action to counter his anti-gun cronies in the legislature. In the mean time countless arrests and confiscations for antique gun collecting, and other obscene uses of the law, have occurred on his watch. Only now he decides to do something. Like many others, he not only didn’t curry any points with me, he just lost some. He was on my list of consideration for my vote next fall. Not now. I’m tired of politicians who only act when it is convenient for them. Sickening.

    Like George Bush said, you are either for us, or against us.

  36. I’m so glad to see how many people in this thread are aware of his triple-face attitude. This man is a PURE politician, plain as day. Also, if G-Dub Bush had a heart attack, and he’s in pretty decent shape, do you really want to take a chance on doughboy? The obese America image is bad enough; we would be the laughingstock of the world if a fat president died of a cardiac disease while in office.


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