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Alexander Roubian at the New Jersey Second Amendment Society writes:

Longtime Union County Democratic operative James Devine (above right) has shown his true colors in response to the shooting of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise. Devine, unapologetic with his words, is calling for a “hunt” of Republicans under the hashtag #HuntRepublicanCongressmen.

He also claims he was not advocating for violence, which might be believable to people who think law-abiding citizens protecting their Second Amendment rights are responsible for violence in America.

In fact, he claims he was mirroring GOP Senator Rand Paul’s comment that the Second Amendment is for “shooting at the government when it becomes tyrannical.” His idea of a tyrannical government, however, is one that opposes gun control…

New Jersey gun owners know this type of logic isn’t limited to Devine, but common among the state’s representatives, including his good friend Senator Bob Menendez. Below is a recent tweet where he has called for repealing the Second Amendment, a senseless idea popular within his political network.


This is what we’re up against here in New Jersey. If you want to be a part in turning back the tide on gun control in New Jersey, make sure to join NJ2AS today!

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    • “He also claims he was not advocating for violence, which might be believable to people who think law-abiding citizens protecting their Second Amendment rights are responsible for violence in America.”

      Bullshit, he was calling for violence.

      Push this leftists out of a helicopter.

      • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – The Argentine’s were on the right track with Leftists.

        • yea, but their techniques were more refined than the Chileans. They took their commies up in Lear jets to 30,000 feet and dumped em out over the Atlantic ocean.

  1. This is why we have such a problem with Domestic Liberal Terrorism. They preach nothing but hate and divisiveness. Of course their ranks are stuffed with homicidal nut jobs

    • This man should be arrested for inciting violence, or sedition. Let him spend some time in the clink with the other Democrats.

    • Fair warning would be that if anyone is going to “Hunt Republicans” , this will not be a canned hunt on a game ranch. It will be on the African Savannah, and I’m confident in the sharpness of my teeth and claws, are they?

      • In a coat of gold or a coat of red
        A lion still has claws
        And mine are long and sharp, my lord
        As long and sharp as yours

        And so he spoke, and so he spoke
        That lord of Castamere,
        But now the rains weep o’er his hall
        With no one there to hear
        Yes, now the rains weep o’er his hall
        And not a soul to hear

        The Rains of Castamere – from The Game of Thrones

      • The scariest person is always the coward. Brave men may or may not do you violence, but if they do, you’ll likely see it coming, if only because you know where you stand and where they do, and thus you’ll also know why. Cowards, when they strike, tend to do so more randomly, without warning or rational reason. They justify things like terrorism and attacking soft civiliian targets, from thier fearful position.

        So yes, many of them are sissies, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t dangerous.

      • I admit I read this wrong on my first pass.
        “So are libs sissies or scary? Ya’ll partisans need to make up your minds.”

        Yes, they are.

    • It would certainly explain that man’s deathly pallor… He has to be the whitest person I’ve ever seen. “James Devine (above right) has shown his true colors…” indeed!

  2. Can we start issuing tags on these savages? They’re no different than any other animal so why not treat them like so?

    • This is largely true. Most of these lefty city types seem to think civilians are terrible fighters, since gangbangers are generally terrible fighters, and since the city cops, who everyone knows are largely non-warrior types, regularly and handily defeat bangers.

      What they have no experience of is how many people in the flyover country have arms, and are profficient with them. We also don’t riot if the power goes out, and we aren’t apt to die if the tap stops giving water. We also are used to trusting each other, a lot, and to turning out to face trouble together.

      Down here in Appalachian Ohio, the hills are many and steep, the roads few, people scarce compared to a city, and the woods are deep. Also, everyone is a Republican, from the county sheriff and city police chief, to the prosecutor and the judges.

      We are also heavily related, through isolation and genetations of intermarriage between a relatively few large families. We tend to share values, and styles, and even looks.

      Hunting republicans in a NJ city might be child’s play, and you might even get away with it. Out here, those types look funny, sound funny, and stick out badly. They are also severely out numbered, facing well armed and for the most part decently trained individual riflemen and hunters, on their home turf, with the populace squarely behind them, and the police, politicians, judges and all else against them. A guerrilla war down here would tie up a 1st world army for years, and would likely only end when either the conditions of occupation were such that the motivation to fight died out, or the occupier decided not to keep wasting blood and treasure.

      It’s not only that though, it’s that if you take the threat of prosecution off the table, there are plenty of people out here who would relish the opportunity to have a nice hot fight with this type of tyrannical, immoral statist scum. Sure, lots might regret it, but there will be those who would never want to give it up either.

      Let us also not forget we are in a culture war, and the people of flyover country despise and fear this nearly as much as the left hates them.

      I shouldn’t like to make predictions under such circumstances ordinarily, but in this case the outcome is pretty well already decided by logistics. See, if the flyovers stop sending food to the city, the flyovers eat, but the damn leftist do not, and that’s about all that needs said.

      • “if you take the threat of prosecution off the table, there are plenty of people out here who would relish the opportunity to have a nice hot fight with this type of tyrannical, immoral statist scum.”

        Hear! Hear!

      • I’ve been thinking about tjis more since last night. Today my wife and I are temporarily leaving out little piece of paradise to go right up to the edge of Detroit. 7 hours and an entire culture away.

        Of course we will be armed, we always are even down here in our little peaceful place. Going into these places is a regular business fuction for us, and ours is a cash business. I don’t worry to much about random crime: we don’t like cities, we are armed, and on alert in the D, and don’t look like victims on purpose. We gas up before we go in, try to stop as little as necessary, and don’t consider ourselves in the clear again until the restrooms in the gas stations are unlocked and open to the public again. We avoid obvious trouble, but we do have to attend to our business.

        We talk about people and mannerisms, but just to communicate and stay sharp, but as a form of awareness testing and training. We aren’t paranoid, just wise and aware that in tje city we don’t know or make the rules, and that as our lives go, it’s a dangerous place, with some very needy and entitles people, and our cloths, things and vehicle mark us as a potential resource. We hope our demeanor and mechanisms will dissuade trouble from trying US, and by prior agreement will quit a place on signal no questions asked till we are away, and no recriminations. Combat avoided in this context is combat won, and all we have to do to win is get out if the city again with our lives, liberty and possessions.

        Crime is one thing, and targeted or random, we have the tools and skills to avoid or mitigate it. Fear of potential unjust and ideologically motivated prosecution worries US should we have to fight or flee.

        Detroit has a large, and relatively peaceful Muslim community, but Islamic terrorism is barely on our radar. Now though, and more so since the virginia shooting we worry a bit about domestic terrorism. Unfortunately that means these leftist scum are winning a little, except that we will still do the things we have to do, only with a touch more awareness of this newer, different potential problem.

        We don’t want to fight anyone, or make a statement so far from home, but we know our style, vehicle, tags and accents may mark us as targets of this new type of terrorism as it does for some types of crime, as may our race. We know we can lose a fight, we know we can win and still be ruined or imprisoned too.

        We are not afraid, but we are realists, the city just is more dangerous than home in general , and even more so for we who don’t know it well.

        The thing I realize is this: down here no one targets anyone generally, and certainly not for their race or politics. My people, these outer Appalachian people believe in real tolerance, they believe in country hospitality and trust. BLM or radical anti-fa members passing through here being polite and respectful would get the same in return from almost everyone, and any local acting different would be set back in line by us.

        I feel like large sections of the D wouldn’t welcome us this way, police their own for us, and go out of their way to make us feel safe and welcome. That’s ok, but then lack of community pride and involvement is part of the urban problem.

        I’m rambling I realize, and short of time now too.
        I guess what I came here to say is that while I get in something of a rural fellow, if not very naive at this age and place in life, the city isn’t just different for me, it changes the people, and not in good ways generally. City folks always go on about how nice everyone is and how safe they feel when here, and we nearly gird ourselves for battle when we visit the city.
        The crime has always been there though, and the big fears these days are unjust prosecution following self defense and forms of what look like domestic terrorism. The first could be a bipartisan problem I suppose, but The latter two I place squarely at the feet of the American left. This forces me to again to think about the divide in the nation culturally, because this is culture as much as politics or policy driven. Now, as I visit an American city I consider the possibility of being attacked for who I am and what believe, and this from the supposedly tolerant people.

        I don’t know what I mean to say, other than it doesn’t seem like this kind of division can long stand.

  3. Extremism breeds extremism. One side pushes the line, then the other side pushes it further. No strategy. Constant battle. Wars aren’t won without an end strategy. Neither side has a way out to win. Just to keep fighting raising the ante. Only the elite ruling class politicians win that battle plan. Reading these comments I thought I was one Mother Jones for a moment.

    • The Democrats have a strategy. Right now the third highest ranked Republican Congressman is in critical condition in the hospital. It’s hard to do legislation from the ICU. Congress stopped working for a full day during the attack. James Devine is hoping he can inspire more leftists to continue derailing the Republican agenda through violence. Every time a Republican gets a death threat they now know with certainty the Democrats can deliver. Some Republicans might even be intimidated to not propose or pass controversial legislation, kind of like how Western newspapers are too terrified to publish a picture of Mohammed for fear of another Charlie Hebdo.

        • If the shooter hated Hillary — and by extension “Republican Light” (his words on his FaceBook page referring to Democrats) so much, why did he shoot Republicans?

        • Or I could read James Hodgkinson’s facebook page and also listen to Bernie Sanders admitting Hodgkinson worked on his campaign. Bernie was running in which party’s presidential primary again? Hint, it wasn’t the Green party.

  4. I recall the Secret Service investigating some MMA fighter because he wanted to fight Obama. Why are so many of these asshats getting away with encouraging violence against not just elected officials but US citizens of a certain demographic in general?

    I got my concealed carry permit because I got tired of people recognizing me as a former prison guard (from about ten years ago!) but it seems I might need it to protect myself against fellow citizens more than those convicted felons.

  5. Hey, at least he’s honest for a change. He actually admits he wants to “repeal the 2nd amendment”.

    Most of the time, they hide behind platitudes like “Common sense gun control” crap.

  6. Apparantly, it is the primary platform of the Democratic party to instigate another Civil War in the USA.

    If that’s what they want, that’s fine, but what they better understand is that it will be their heads that end up on pikes, not ours.

  7. The more some of these people flap their lips the more I think serge has the right answer when it comes to dealing with these jerks.

  8. “Be vewy, vewy quiet. I’m hunting Wepubwicans, hahaha!”

    Tell you what, matey; when you can name which 38 states you think will agree to ratify a repeal of the 2nd, you go ahead and make that list.

    In the meantime, someone should probably remind Mr. Stay Puft that violent rhetoric like his gets taken a lot more seriously by people when it comes on the heels of violent actions against them.

  9. Google James Devine’s close pal “Neil Cohen assemblyman”, the disgraced N.J. legislator who was forced to resign after police got a tip from one of his employees and seized his office and home computers loaded with 1,000’s of images of kiddie porn. James Devine spent countless hours each week in Neil Cohen’s office, it was the hub for powerful Union County Democrats, eight (8) current or former legislators in two offices in one building within 100 feet of each other in Union Township N.J.’s town center.

    Fun Fact: Neil Cohen’s office restroom overlooked a child’s playground, you could imagine how it would light up if you sprayed it down with luminol and illuminated with an ultra-violet light

  10. Just a few numbers to keep in mind. The federal government Guesstimates there are 300 Million privately owned firearms in the country. With 1 Billion rounds of ammo in private ownership. Of these 300 Million guns more than 1/3 have never been registered or have changed possession through private sales. Since anti 2A people rarely own guns. It stands to reason that nearly all are in the hands of pro 2A people. Making threats against the very people who have the guns doesn’t seem to be a very advantages way of survival. People have been reasonably peaceful up until now. It’s liberals you have been rioting and destroying the property of hard working people. Now they are pushing the violence to attempted assassinations and threats of assassination. Just never let your jaybird ass overload your humming bird mouth or you may find yourself under the cats paw.

    • If they’re only guestimating 300MM guns and a billion rounds of ammo, they need to hire a qualified guesstimater.

      That 300MM number has been bandied about for at least a decade, and always seemed laughably low to me. Now some cat with too much time on his hands did a little scientific estimate. Spoiler alert- more like 450MM to 600MM.

      As far as a billion rounds of ammo that’s even more laughable – that’s about 3 rounds per gun, even at 300MM!
      I personally know several folks with at least 100K rounds, and I’m not that plugged in to the collector scene, just friends. They make ~4.5B rounds of .22LR per year alone. Last figure I remember reading (update me if I’m wrong) US production all tolled was about a billion rounds per week.

      A billion rounds stored in the the whole US private market? Hah! More like 50 billion, bare minimum.

    • “With 1 Billion rounds of ammo in private ownership?”

      For 300 million guns? You do realize that’s not even 4 BBs per gun, right? Try I TRILLION rounds of ammo.

  11. Partisan crap. Grifter in Chief talked about Clinton getting shot as a solution to her getting elected. That governor over in AZ talked about 2nd Amendment remedies against politicians. Ya’ll all talk about 2A being to protect against tyranny. Don’t act like a bunch of snowflakes. Righties shooting up folks was cool but one Green Party nut takes a few shots at someone and ya’ll all piss in your panties. Drop the partisan crap. Until ya’ll drop the partisanship the 2A will never be safe.

    • Call me an ideologue, but I don’t think “It’s okay ‘cuz they do it too!” is the height of bipartisanship. Is that what you were trying to say, or is it normal for you to just let your brain pee wherever it wants?

    • Had she been elected, Hillary’s Australian Style Gun Control would be rounding up everyone’s semi-autos, pumps and pistols about now. Sorry, but YOU need to face the fact that democrats are now the party of Gun Control.

    • “Talked about ‘HER’ getting shot”?

      Typical Marxist/Leninist Sol Alinsky-type LIES!

      You know damn well that what Trump meant about “2nd Amendment people doing ‘something'” is that the NRA and it’s members/supporters are the MOST organized and effective “resistance” in the nation against the collectivist Democrats and their Communist/Socialist candidates/legislators.

      Try again Libturd and prepare for another “pantsing”.

    • Thank you for posting the words “partisan crap” to start your unhinged rant. I took it as a warning and didn’t bother to read the rest of your dribbling lunacy.

      PS: 29 of the last 30 active shooters were registered democrats and/or muslims. Only one was unaffiliated. NONE were right leaning or conservative. Even Dylan Roof was a known leftist, despite the media’s attempt to portray him as a right wing shooter. Perhaps a class or two in basic research methodology would help you, but you really have no excuse. If you’re silly ass can get to TTAG then it can get to Google.

    • shoot all Dems. N. Pelosi, J. Depp,Rachel Maddox, Dana Bash,Elizabeth Warren, and all the rest, especially James Devine of Union County,New Jersey

  12. So, a politician publishes a moniker on prominent public display calling for people to hunt Republican Congressman.

    This has to be a felony. A U.S. District attorney should promptly charge Mr. Devine, acquire a warrant for his arrest, and prosecute him. Even if a jury finds Mr. Devine not guilty, the $40,000+ that he spends on his defense attorney should be enough incentive for him to refrain from such activity in the future.

  13. They believe people who disagree with them are sub-human, don’t deserve consideration: “deplorable”, “irredeemable”, probably better off dead.

    They believe their cause justifies any means to achieve it. Stalking congresscritters with the wrong policies isn’t the last resort, it’s the first, most pleasing.

    They believe other people would do with guns what they would do with guns, if they could. “Bitterly clinging” to guns, in their distress, is the only thing they can imagine.

    Too many of them will #huntrepublicans starting the instant their peeps think it a bit less icky. Meanwhile, they’ll try to keep guns away from peaceful, responsible citizens because they believe that we, like they are neither peaceful, nor responsible (and the notion of “citizen” escapes them.)

    Who are they? “Not all” D-party members, supporters, factions, zealots. Some. And way, way too many of the “civil” D-party people give the whack jobs a pass, because they pick the right enemies. The peaceful ones by and large think no better of the rest of us. They just lack enough courage of their convictions to go stalking unarmed OFWGs practicing for a baseball game.

  14. 2A? You want it, come and take it! Armed prey isn’t as fun to hunt as you’d like to think. Btw get a real job.

  15. As a Red State voter in a blue state, I must inform that I consider the Junta that rules the People’s Republic of New Jersey to be an occupation government consisting of RINOs and a Left Wing Supreme Court, aided and abetted by New Yorkers who grow up, have children, and move here from the Upper West Side, bringing their Utopian politics with them.

  16. Isn’t that Menendez guy the one who doinks young teen girls? Pretty sure that’s been documented several times in the past. Too lazy to look up links. They’re out there if someone feels like looking. Suh-li-mee dude.


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