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If you carry a gun, you need a light. If you’re not going to have a light in your pocket, you should have one on your handgun. Nightstick has just announced two knew weapon lights for compact carry guns like the GLOCK 48, the SIG P365 and the Springfield Hellcat. Here’s their press release . . .

Nightstick, a global manufacturer of professional portable LED lighting products announces the launch of its TCM-365 for the Sig Sauer P365 family and TCM-5B model for more than two dozen narrow rail EDC handguns including the Glock G43X & G48X MOS, Springfield Armory Hellcat and Sig Sauer P365 X-Macro.

Both new models feature ultra-performance LEDs and an optimized TIR lens, delivering a brighter and more penetrating 650-lumen beam for up to 2 hours, illuminating objects up to 136 meters away. The TCM-365’s unique rail clamp is engineered specifically to lock into the proprietary slots on each side of the P365, X, XL, SAS, 380 and Specter Comp frames.

Weighing only 2.2 ounces, constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, and rated as IP-X7 waterproof, each light provides robust illumination at moments when low-light threat identification and target discrimination are imperative. Both feature intuitive dual rear-facing switches, programmable ON/OFF strobe mode, and a ‘Safe Mode’ battery lockout to prevent accidental activation during storage or transportation.

“Nationwide we’ve continued to see data indicating consumers are moving towards more compact EDC pistols from major brands, especially narrow frame models with increased round capacity that rival standard width compact pistol models from a decade ago. That strategic decision to reduce weight and bulk for a daily-carry pistol shouldn’t penalize buyers who still prioritize a weapon light as part of their carry setup with limited options,” says Brian Whalen, Public Safety Marketing Manager for Nightstick. “These handgun owners and concealed carry practitioners will now benefit from the powerful 650-lumen beam and intuitive rear-facing switches from our TCM-365 and 5B for threat identification and confirmation, when life depends on light™.”

The Nightstick TCM-365 and TCM-5B feature a spring-loaded rail clamp and a convenient coin-cut screw head for toolless installation. Ready to install out of the box, the TCM-5B include two additional handgun-specific rail inserts, Allen wrench, and one CR123 lithium battery. Both lights care covered by Nightstick’s limited lifetime warranty.

To see which Nightstick weapon lights fit your specific handgun, check out our new Light Finder tool at

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  1. Never heard of Night Stick. Like the name though. All my handhelds are Surefire, but I don’t like the way the switch works on their pistol lights. So I use Streamlight on pistols. In fact I just bought a new Streamlight to install on a new pistol. I do have a Crimson Trace my son bought and mounted on one of my ARs. I like it also. No laser. My son knows me.

      • I picked mine up under the free batteries for life program. The lights were also reasonably priced back then.

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  2. It seems expensive for something I’ve never heard of. It’s easy to find holsters that fit Streamlights. Plus, they’re a known quantity. I also have a Crimson Trace mounted on an AR. I’m happy with it as well as the price (when I got it) and the multiple mounting options.

    • Where did you find prices? Went on the sites mentioned & gunbroker and “nothing”. Anyhow unimpressed. Gotta an El cheapo NC Star that’s perfect for pretty much nothing. It always works quite well🙄

    • Georgia State Patrol issues them. I’ve used them for about four years with no problems. They seem to be a close copy of the Streamlights (fit a lot of the same holsters) but cost a little less.

  3. born in humboldt park… whenever i hear “nightstick” i subconciously rub a phantom lump on my head. and where my tooth went through my (keep a stiff) upper lip.

  4. Do NOT appreciate having to chase down, through multiple sites, the damn price!

    No easily found published price = no interest in your product.

    It seems so simple – give the info necessary for an informed purchase or lose the sale.

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