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Sandy Hook Elementary School demolition (courtesy
“Behind a black fence that blocks the view from outside, the school in Newtown, Conn., where 20 first graders and six employees were killed by a 20-year-old gunman in December, is being razed,” the reports, using passive construction to chronicle active demolition. Which is no surprise given the lay-down-and-roll-over non-reportage that the Gray Lady has applied to the police report on the Newtown massacre. Who cares what happens to the building? Only people who are superstitious or concerned about real estate values. What we need to know is . . .

What happened last December 14th at Sandy Hook Elementary School? Sure it would be good to have some insight into Adam Lanza’s psychology. But it’s the how, what, when and where of this crime that matters.

There is no doubt who killed 27 people in Newtown, Connecticut that Winter day. There is also no question that the police (and others) made mistakes. A NYT interview with first-on-the-scene Newtown cops hints that they thought they were under fire and delayed entry into the school. And? Not to put too fine a point on it, shit happens. Those of us responsible for our children’s safety need know what kind of shit happens, how to prevent it from happening (if possible) and what to do when it does.

The NRA’s National School Shield program produced an excellent report on defensive measures against active shootings. (Gun control advocates ignored the report in their rush to enact fear-based civilian disarmament legislation). The fact that the NRA panel couldn’t base their report on the exact details of the Sandy Hook slaughter is a missed opportunity that could cost innocent life. The information blackout is a stumbling block for all agencies concerned with protecting innocent life (save the Newtown and Connecticut State Police). Check this from

Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson said Thursday that leading the governor’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission has been “really difficult” because of delays in getting a final report from state police on what happened Dec. 14, 2012, when Adam Lanza opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School, killing 26.Jackson said progress has been stymied without the state police report.

“We can suppose some things, and we have supposed some things, but how do we really know what we’re talking about until we have the report?” he said.

Jackson said the commission has ben [sic] suspended because the commission has done as much work as it could do until the report is released.

“We’re looking to go off in different directions, and we’re not sure if those directions are right,” Jackson said. He added the commission is staffed by committed individuals, many with backgrounds in mental health, and is confident in its mission.

The official Sandy Hook police report’s ongoing if not endless delay—The Warren Commission’s report on the Kennedy assassination took ten months to produce—is a scandal. Rumors of redaction add insult to injury. The New York Times’ failure to follow-up on the shooting, to use its enormous resources to discover the truth about Sandy Hook, is a disgrace. The Gray Lady and its ilk should take immediate steps to uncover the crime’s exact time line. No matter what.

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  1. You think it would be just cheaper to clean up the school and put a bronze plaque in replacement of a floor tile. But I’m not in public finance 😉

    • Would you want to.send your child to a school where dozens were murdered? Would anyone? Not to mention how many morbid individuals it still attracts. Better to destroy it and move on.

      • Seriously? The year is 2013 – I have a hard time accepting that so many people still cling to such ‘magical thinking’ to believe that objects posses mystical, talismanic powers imbued by whom they were once owned by, or their proximity to a certain historical event.

        That is the very same thought process by which some people have an utterly illogical reaction to guns – that an inanimate piece of material might somehow posses evil intent, or attain moral agency on its own.

        Critical thinking is paramount in all areas of our existence – it’s long past time that we disposed of silly superstitions and learned to consider things in a rational manner.

      • Think about the WW2 generation in Europe. Millions of people died in their own cities, like Berlin, Stalingrad, London, pretty much every big city in Europe. They didn’t tear down every city and town where people died. They got over it and moved on. And you’re worried about some school where a nutjob went off his rocker?

        • I’m not talking about a city, just one building. And its far from magical thinking. There’s the very real chance that someone will come to kill people at the school to cause their own famous mass nurser. But by all means, prove me wrong by sending your kids there. And should it give them nightmares you can mocktheir ‘magical’ thinking.
          Back to your WWII analogy, they turned death camps into memorials and museums, not schools.

          • One more time, Pearl High (Miss), Columbine, Va Tech and other schools where such things have happened are still in use. Even U of Texas (Texas Tower) is still in use.

        • They didn’t have to tear down Berlin or Staingrad.

          That said, different people do different things. It’s their town, after all.

          My 2¢.

        • I’m pretty sure those cities were razed to the ground by the war.
          Stalingrad was a wasteland, Berlin in a word Rubble. You cant really forget a city or country without a great deal of time, even then the history is passed down. Constantinople, Phrygia not erased from memory. But the Amish tore down the school house, forgave the murderer, made peace with themselves and quietly began to rebuild their lives. They removed the daily reminder.
          For the living the reminder, if they must pass it or confront it in their daily lives may be very difficult.
          Sometimes a clean slate after proper time, respect and mourning is the best way to get on with life. Just an opinion by no means right or wrong.

      • I drive past countless roadside memorials where someone was killed by a drunk driver, ran off the road, etc. yet they don’t acquire new ROW and reroute the highway every time a fatality occurs. Even if it was a school us full of blind orphans on the way home from the zoo.

      • Students still go to Columbine, Va Tech, Pearl High and numerous other schools where such things happened including University of Texas (Texas Tower).

        • High School and College age students are more mature and better able to handle the murders of students than 6-year-olds. That should be obvious.

          • Why would that be obvious? Furthermore, the children will still be going to an elementary school in an institutional environment. Lastly, you dodged because there have been other elementary & middle school shootings and the entire schools were not razed. Stockton, California and Jonesboro, Arkansas are a couple of examples. Nice try though . . . actually no it wasn’t.

        • I’m not you find so hard to believe here. A 6-year-old will find death harder to deal with than an adult or someone nearing adulthood.

          As for the other elementary schools, what’s your point? I never said all elementary schools needed to be torn down. That should really be left up to the people living there. People in Newtown (And yes I grew up there) want the school razed and it’s their tax money being used to do the demolition. Do you seriously have a problem with that?

          • I never said I had a problem with building a new school. However, it isn’t Newtown’s tax money they are using. The speed with which the decision was made and rapidity with which they are moving is what most people are questioning. Hell, they are going to have the building torn down and a new school built before any official report will be released by the State Police. Plus, you keep ignoring the fact that the demolition crew is sworn to secrecy on the razed building floor plan etc. Why? I understand about making sure “artifacts” don’t make it to ebay etc., but to swear them to silence on the lay out and “police chalk” etc. is bizarre. Lastly, the victims seem to be o.k. with being used as stage props for Barry, Shotgun Joe et al. Why would renovating the existing building be a problem.

      • lightening does not strike twice in the same place. . . . I would be cool sending my kids there and making sure they know why we are honoring the names on the plaque

      • It would have been creepier to have returned to Columbine as a student, but they made it work. Made a nice memorial there as well.

      • Did Virginia Tech tear down their building?

        Did Safeway tear down their store?

        Has the movie theater in Aurora been torn down?

        Any other mass-murder locations that have been razed?

    • That’s a really big school to be tearing down for the reasons stated, and really really really stupid. Tear down a perfectly good school building? Where’s the sense in that? What is even more stupid is replace it with a brand new building WITH TAX PAYER DOLLARS. As a writer stated above, the cities in Europe where civilians were killed by enemy bombs weren’t razed to the ground and rebuilt. No. The buildings were rebuilt, the cities were repaired and life went on. What really gets me is all the clouds of emotion that are thrown up by all the politicians and well meaning people whenever a tragedy happens. Sure, it’s a terrible thing when something like this happens, but hey, life goes on. You can’t let emotion blind you to the degree that a building worth several million dollars of TAX PAYER MONEY, and I’m only guessing at the money involved go down the tubes and even more to build a replacement building that shouldn’t have needed to be built in the first place. Now, if Bloomburg wants to foot the entire bill with his money, that’s fine. Just don’t do it with TAX PAYER DOLLARS.

      • I didn’t put on my tinfoil hat on over this for a really long time, but when I read that the construction company doing the demolition was foced to make all of its employees sign Non-disclosure Agreements before working on the job, agreeing to jail penalties for talking about or taking pictures of what they saw on the job, I tossed that sucker on my head.

      • Given the under funded and over committed teacher’s pension funds that are sucking up alarming percentages of school budgets these days, I’m surprised they are demolishing a perfectly good school with many years of life. Perhaps they’re over capacity with school rooms and this was a good excuse to consolidate.

    • Actually, not where the shootings occurred, but is moot because they are tearing down the whole thing to build a new one.

  2. We don’t get to find out that most of the shooting came from his handgun, because it doesn’t fit the agenda. Almost 1 year and the only school safety I see improved is some situational awareness.

  3. It will be released around the anniversary, so any one attempting to analyze it for practical lessons can be mocked as a heartless gun nut who should respect the tragic date – or is my cynicism getting the better of me.

    • I also agree, and for two possible reasons (of many):
      1. It will document the many LE slip-ups (like the “shooter” in the woods)
      2. It will document the damaged mental state that the prescription pharmaceuticals caused.

      Both of these challenge the neatly-packaged story that has been spun by the MSM. And no tinfoil hat for me.

      And it’ll probably be leaked to the Guardian anyway.

    • I found this interesting from the NY Times article:

      “The bricks will be crushed beyond recognition, he said, and the contractors were required to sign confidentiality agreements intended to keep descriptions of the inside of the school from circulating on the Internet. “

  4. Tardiness of the report aside (and let’s be frank, neither side is going to acknowledge any errors on their part based on it’s contents, and shooting massacres are too statistically rare and unique to apply anything learned from Sandy Hook to anything else), I see no issue with tearing down this crime scene. If it had been the site of an awful fire, flood, or other accident that caused a loss of life on this scale people would view it as a cleansing, moving on while never forgetting and it would bring that community some peace, perhaps. The injection of gun politics into this sullies that process, I think.

    And conspiracy theorists are idiots.

    • But then there will be no blood-stained anti-gun monument to parade in front of. Oh the horror, I tell you.

    • Except that fire, flood, etc. would have actually caused property damage that would have required remediation on some level. This is purely psychological and political.

      • That’s a good point, but I still see no issue with this. Regardless of the political aftermath, I don’t see any way any community could continue to send children to a place with that kind of history. Just my .02.

      • I already kinda responded to that, but to your point on Columbine, so what? There are plenty of crime scenes that are left standing, and plenty that are demolished. What’s your problem with demolishing this one?

        • The cost…this demolition ain’t free, and building a new school is effing expensive…and for no “real” reason

        • I agree, and I’m a pretty staunch fiscal conservative, but the money is theirs to do with as they please, and the reason they’re doing it is quite real.

        • Severely doubt it is “their” (the town of Newtown) only. You can be pretty darn sure there will be some money from the Fed (my money and yours) in this demo and new building.

        • So what? That is the best you got? It isn’t just Columbine. Stockton (Cleveland School) wasn’t torn down nor was the school in Jonesboro, Arkansas (Westside Middle) nor any number of others. You still haven’t explained why the decision to do this was done and implemented in 21 days. The government generally can’t pick out toilet paper that fast. Plus they are spending 7x what a school would typically cost.

        • It was a $50 million state grant, and my guess is that most of the people in Newtown and CT as a whole would be for it. I’m against any Federal funds being used for certain, but that applies to most other things as well.

          You can use as many examples of other crime scenes being left standing as you want, but there are plenty of examples of similar locations being razed as well, and neither decision nullifies or justifies the decision made in Newtown, nor does it explain why you have such an issue with it.

  5. Well, the police can’t release the report now, because it’s so close to the one-year anniversary of the shooting dontcha know. And the police can’t release the report just a couple of months after the anniversary, because that would be disrespectful, see? And then there are the kids’ birthdays, elections, Arbor Day, the Summer Solstice, the Super Bowl . . . .

  6. >> Jackson said the commission has ben suspended ….

    As a loyal reader of this site I DEMAND the use of spell check technology before articles get posted. Random misspellings hurt the legitimacy of this site and suggest a sloppy, haphazard approach. You can do better.

    This blog is a leader in the space. Please start acting like it.

    • Stev, sory buddi, no can do on spelchek.
      fingers too fat on itty bitty phone keypad,
      which autokeerectifiys it wrong.

      my bad!

    • The spell check functions on most blogging sw is pretty awful. It’s not as elegant and instant as on email or documents.

      But it is there. Sorta.

      My name links to what GuardAmerican proposed to Sandy Hook Promise-affiliated group of VCs in San Francisco. They chose to do nothing.

      • I think Steve is over reacting but that’s a poor reason. If the blog is a terrible word processor then use a good word processor and copy that into the blog. If the blog mangles things from outside sources, copy it the other direction and do the spell check there.

        Edit: For clarity, I know the errors are from another source. I’m just saying as a general rule, it’s not a good idea to continue to rely on a tool that is known to be poor at certain functions.

  7. Wonder if the report includes any info on the two guys they caught in the woods. I know one was supposedly a SWAT officer from a neighboring town…who was unarmed and wearing camo..I guess he could have just been out for a walk in the woods but I haven’t seen anything that goes beyond the above info. My guess would be theres nothing further in the report about him.

  8. Since the official report has been delayed so long, by the time it is finally released to the public, nothing will be able to be forensically challenged. How convenient.

    • It was always designed to be that way. There will be a cover up to hide mistakes and to enhance the agenda. This is all done by design. Look how quickly all other mass shooting investigations have gone.

  9. I live one town over from Newtown, and the now former Sandy Hook Elementary is about three miles from my home. I remember driving into work about an hour later than usual and seeing swarms of state police vehicles getting off at exit 10 on I-84, and thinking it was a bank robbery or something like that. I’m not in any way a conspiracy theorist, I believe that Lanza did it and acted alone, but I am starting to scratch my head about how long this report has taken to be released. It’s not as if one detective was assigned to investigate; there was and probably still is a small army of investigators from several different local, state and federal agencies. Also, a freedom of information request was made for the 911 tapes, they were ordered released, and then someone (don’t recall if it was a district attorney or whoever) ordered that they be kept sealed, as it is an “active child abuse investigation”. I don’t have much interest in hearing the tapes, I can guess what they are like, but I’m just concerned as to what exactly is being held back and why. Every current and future gun owner in my state (along with those in NY, MD, CO and CA) was severely punished for one lunatic’s actions, and it’s getting to be ridiculous that we don’t even know exactly what happened 10 months later.

    • Find the article about all the towns that participated and received money for OT. They have had plenty of people looking at this — the delay is unacceptable and is being done for political reasons. While I to do not dispute Lanza did this, there is nobody to charge so what is the hold up? The excuse is that they want to protect the parents from reliving the tragedy again, the problem is the parents do not get to trump the public’s right to know nor do they get to dictate the agenda. They want to be protected, but have no issue being used as pawns in political debates and gun rights. They cannot have it both ways. If they are willing to go cry for the cameras, then the information should be allowed to be free for the public to see — what do they have to hide?. Without full information we have no idea what is being covered up if anything — there will never be a way to know. In the end, whatever harm they are trying to protect the parents from will be worse once the conspiracy theories come or if someone leaks some bit of information that was suppose to be redacted. While they cry protect me protect me, come December 14th they will be more than happy to sit in front of the camera’s and play the political pawns. If they TRUELY wish to be emotionally protected, they would have private ceremonies, instead we will be sure to have national if not international coverage and the politicians will be the first to trump a gun control agenda — again!

      I am sorry, they cannot have it both ways — this is why many are angry both within the state and outside the state.

  10. Small town mindset, it can’t happen here, got the local cops. They probably had an instant breakdown in cohesion and command.

    The back up state police took longer to get there and were probably reading their response out of a training manual as they went. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that they expected to cordon off the area and then negioate with a hostage taker. It was probably pretty much over by the time they got there.

    Anytown America that has schools and other public buildings near parks or woods has people walking in those woods daily. People unused to facing the horrors of Sandy Hook allowed their imaginations to run wild and every figure in the woods became a potential hostile or conspirator.

    The biggest reason, I believe, for the delay in the release of the report is that local and state LE believe that it paints them in a bad light.

    And guess what. The next time a Sandy Hook happens in a small town where the cops are mostly traffic enforcement the results will be pretty much the same.

    The only way to change this dynamic is to arm staff and vetted parents at every school in America and make that public knowledge. The shooters will then concentrate on other GFZ’s.

  11. What I find suspicious is how they won’t even release one security camera photo of Lanza shooting through the glass (as the official story goes) or a photo of the shot-through door (which we will never see now, after the demolition) I know it’s an “ongoing investigation” but I don’t see how releasing a piece of evidence like that could compromise anything.

    What probably happened is that Lanza just waltzed right in through an unsecured door, or the person in charge of buzzing people in just buzzed him in without even checking to see who it was. If people knew that this is what happened, they might say “well hey, before we go banning peoples’ guns, why don’t we try to improve school security first?” And you know how the progressives would hate that.

    Is it a conspiracy theory? Absolutely. But sometimes conspiracy theories turn out to be true. If they do release evidence showing how Lanza entered the building, I will humbly stand corrected. Until then, I will remain suspicious of the official story.

    • Quite frankly, considering we have yet to see any evidence of the crime, or even a body bag with Lanza in it, and considering all the freaky secretive sh*t the government does, id be surprised if this Lanza boy even existed. Im not a conspiracy theorist, but sometimes even the craziest conspiracies have ground.

    • Or, like in my old highschool, there is no one to buzz him in and the doors are left unlocked. so he just traipsed through the door and opened fire.

    • Some good points about the cctv footage. It only took 5 days before every major news outlet had video of the Navy Yard shooter from security footage. I generally shake my head at the tin foil hat bragade, but even I wonder why this has been such a drawn out and tight-lipped process.

      • probably because this shooting involved mostly small kids as victims. I have empathy for the town and the survivors and I would hope that if the cctv showed any of the children being killed that it never is released.

        • I’m talking more about the camera footage from him walking through the front door. Even my HS back in the 90’s had cctv cameras in the reception area that watched the front door… and that was prior Columbine.

          • Absolutely right. The cops know how Lanza got in the building. Most likely he just walked in.

            None of the elementary schools I’ve seen have a proper buzz-in system. Those that do are easily defeated.

            Very few schools have learned anything from Sandy Hook. God forbid a terrorist group targets a school (as in the Belsen slaughter).

        • It is interesting that many of the parents let Barry and Shotgun Joe yous them as stage props numerous times to raise the bloody shirt. I think that if there was anything that morbid on video, Barry would have used it to freak out the public in favor of banning Bushmasters when the stuff was up for vote back in April.

        • I live in a much crapier city in CT and none of our schools ever had cctv or locked front doors; you could walk in the front door and be greeted by a hall monitor and that was it. I can’t personally speak to what Newtown had but, I wouldn’t be surprised if an open door and no cctv was the case.

          I agree, we don’t necessarily need to see video of kids getting killed but all this secrecy just smacks of something being hidden. Maybe it is that a first responder peed his pants, maybe it is something more serious or sinister. Taking such pains to hide the truth only leads to this speculation and wonder.

  12. Is the entire building shut down? Where are the students? If the other part of the building is being used, it seems that tearing down the building would be more traumatic than just cleaning up the wing now destroyed. I keep pointing out to the banners and other people including those the post on this site the complain about Ms. Lanza not securing her guns that we don’t know crap because the State Police have not released the report. How did he get in the safe? What kind of safe? What was destroyed on the computers etc. etc. etc.

    • Answered my own question from the NY Times article. They students have been going to a school that wasn’t being used in a nearby town. There will be a new building built on this sight.

      • I drive past the school every day to go to work. The children are at a school one town over. The school is indeed being used by they the other town but they have done things to combine classes or have separate classrooms where they can classes.

        There is also a police barrier and full time police office that guards the entrance and any car, truck etc. is checked before they are allowed in the school area.

  13. Short answer: Nowhere.

    Why? “We’re not going to tell you anything because it will prove civil rights advocates right and the obstructionist gun control lobby wrong, so fuck you and stop asking already.” That’s why.

    I dunno about anybody else, but that’s the sentiment I’m getting here. Just glossing over the fact the police outright refuse to release because truth equals inconvenience, and soothing the unwashed masses by drawing the attention to a stigmatized building and then demolishing it to calm their frazzled nerves.

    No amount of FOIAs or lawsuits is ever going to change the fact that that report will never see the light of day without being redacted and altered to the point of being an outright fabrication — and that’s IF we ever see it at all.

    • Note, if you have not been watching, the state actually passed a law that allows the State AG to redact the documents and there is a commission that gets to decide what is or is not released. That commission will no doubt be stacked with people who will uphold a political agenda versus the law and the right of the people to know what happened. No, the full truth will never come out either due to protect the feelings of the parents or to protect a political agenda.

      • I wouldn’t put it past them to redact anything that makes them looks bad, or proves the legion of dissenters correct. They’re absolutely not doing it to protect anybody but themselves. They obviously didn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone that was killed there, otherwise they would have taken any and all necessary steps to protect them.

        Newsflash: they didn’t.

        Not because it was expensive. Not because it was difficult. Not because it would take too long. No, they didn’t do it because they actively don’t give a flying fuck. PERIOD. They insist on living in this fantasy world of rainbows and unicorns, where armed psychopaths specifically don’t target the most vulnerable people in our society because they don’t want armed resistance, and where brave souls trying to defend their charges can then become martyrs for a cause that was never their own and operates — purposefully mind you — only to their detriment.

        Not only that, but they also incessantly demand bringing everyone down with them by forcing them to live in this deluded dystopian nightmare of theirs, propping up their indefensible non-sequitur beliefs with literally nothing but lies, deceit, and venomous hatred for anyone that dares to question their perceived and self-proclaimed righteousness and wisdom.

        Hell, even the demolition crew was sworn to silence. Why in the Hell would they even do that unless they had something to hide?

        Oh, and speaking of laws, the Democrat-controlled legislature shot down a bill that would have allowed Nanzy Lanza to involuntarily commit her adult son, wholesale, not two months before the shooting.

        How’s that for being completely obstinate to the “common sense” that the Statist “liberal” sheep of the far-left are always bleating about?

  14. The report should be released, but it has nothing to do with the demolition. The two are linked in the minds of nutty conspiracy theorists who are a large part of the reason why the pro-gun movement is seen as a cooky bunch of weirdos who are so up their own truther-hole that it’s a different zip code from reality.

    …which is why it is a shame that non-nutty websites like this one cater to them by using their talking points (re: the school demolition).

    • The nutty part about the demolition is that it is being performed. There is no reason to demolish the building. The decision was based entirely on emotion and superstition.

      Although it certainly seems odd that the demolition workers had to sign non-disclosure agreements.

    • Why are THEY being so paranoid and requiring confidentiality agreement on floor plans etc for the demolition crew? It is like they don’t want anyone to know ANY details of what happened but it is ok for Barry and Shotgun Joe to use the victims in public to wave the bloody shirts.

      They got $50M to build a $7 Million building with no requirement to repay it. The police got $2.5 M from Barry. Yet no report.

      • Hahaha! That is definitely not how it works in CT, there is no way they are getting away with spending only 7 million on a new school. Especially if they have a guaranteed $50 million to start with, no company would ever bid below that figure.

  15. It should be obvious that high school and college age students can handle this kind of crime more easily than 6 year olds.

  16. Gun guys talking about some kind if BS going on with respect to the Newtown report is almost as crazy as believing that the government is reading people’s emails from all over the world.

    Nutty. Just nutty.

    • Yep. Read that story about the gingerbread man before. I’ve also read that he was just out for a hike. These were articles from local and national news sources. I was pretty tired when I left my comment and I think I was unclear. My point is (was) that I would hope the official report can provide a definative truthful answer. I’m one of the many that cannot understand the delay in the official report and the continued impression of “secrecy” by the state of Connecticut. Im sure most folks figure the state would want to get the official report out to settle any questions. Honestly one of my biggest concerns, and I’m sure the report WILL NOT address the issue, is the threats issued by the state police to arrest people who engaged in “speculation” over the incident at the time. I know that has nothing to do with the cause of the crime but it added fuel to the conspiracy fires. That and the odd behavior of the medical examiner.

  17. Only in an America being run by idiots spending others people money do we tear down a perfectly fine building and build a new one so we can “feel” better. Of coarse it’s in a town and country being run by the “emotion” party.

    BTW, every family of 4 in America is a new kind of millionaire. Every family of 4 is a NEGATIVE millionaire because that is the amount of debt and unfunded liability that every family in America currently owes. Shit, yeah, let’s just add another pile of millions to the tab for this vanity project.

  18. I would be willing to bet, sure as eggs is eggs, that something is amiss or does not fit the “official” explanation.
    I have to agree with those who question why demo the school? It is a building. Columbine was not demoed. Virginia Tech did not demo the sites of that shooting. What are they hiding???

  19. “…defensive measures against active shootings.”

    Try keeping guns away from imbeciles and nutjobs. Just a suggestion. No, that is too simple, instead turn schools into bunkers with a garrison.

  20. Whether the school remains or is torn down is a local issue and should be decided by the people of the community. No judgements from me on this one.

  21. I thought it was odd that I hadn’t seen a detailed post-incident report on Sandy Hook yet, I thought maybe it was quietly released and just didn’t get any attention. I’ve typically reviewed such in-depth reports in the past when I can find them.

  22. No doubt who did it, huh? Just because they said so, yea? Pathetic.
    I trust the ‘official story’ on these matters like I trust my f’ing landlord.

  23. LOL. Are you kidding me? Anyone who can not see through this obvious scam deserves to be treated like the fool they really are. This is typical destruction of “non”evidence … meaning, nothing happened, so they had to destroy the property so no one would be able to prove it later. Why the huge black fence? Why are all the “records sealed” …. this was SO in your face FAKE shit that it is honest to God laughable.
    I could sit here all night and type FACTUAL reasons that point to this being a big Hollywood production.
    What would it accomplish? The brain dead who believe this shit are programmed to only believe what the government penis spits at them. EVERYTHING about Sandy Hook was 100% suspicious and there is not one single hard proof evidence that this “event” really happened. On the contrary, there are 100s of FACTS that prove it is all a bull shit lie. Wake the fuck up people.

  24. Excuse my cynicism. But this looks nothing more than a seized opportunity to get a new school that otherwise would not have been built if not for the sake of the little children.

    I expect it won’t even take a few years before the superintendent is credited with getting that lovely new school built with only a passing if any mention to the reason why.

    I dunno, maybe school boards around here are just exceptionally awful. I wouldn’t put too much money on that though.

  25. The government and media has offered no legitimate proof or evidence that Lanza went on a shooting rampage. No independently verifiable evidence or proof has been offered or presented to the public substantiating the claims that a shooting at the school did indeed take place or that any children or adults were murdered at the school. No crime scene photos, no bodies, no autopsy reports, nothing – just official government press releases uncritically disseminated by the controlled mass media and emotionally manipulative and dubious testimony provided by the alleged family members of the purported victims of the shooting and other “survivors.”

    We already know that we cannot trust the government or media as a source of unbiased, truthful, or even credible information. The official narrative that emerged was and remains absurd on its face, and should be considered an insult to any thinking individual.

    Call me old-fashioned, but I need evidence before I start saying what is, and is not, true.

  26. Why is it considered morbid if people want/need to see the school? It’s no different than the hundreds of thousands who visit the World Trade Center site, the book depository in Dallas, the hotel where MLK was assassinated, Pearl Harbor, the Columbine memorial, etc. Some people need that to get closure. It’s not morbid at all to want to be as close to the site as possible to pay respects. It’s human nature.

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