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When FAB Defense did it on the Tavor, it made sense to me. The bullpup design makes finding a location for a bipod rather complicated. This? Well…I’ll [try and fail to] reserve judgement until we take one for a test drive, but at first glance it sure looks like a lot of scaffolding to effect a slightly wider MagPod that may get in the way during reloads. Anyway, it’s called the AR-Podium or the AK-Podium and FAB’s product description and more photos follow…

The AR-Podium implements a bi-pod support for the AR-15 in a new and innovative way.

The AR-Podium enables the operator to install a steady and durable bi-pod platform without adding front-end weight and saving valuable rail space.

The AR-Podium is easily deployed with the main shooting hand, without having to alter the grip on the weapon, or lose sight of the target.

*US Patent No. 9,354,012.

* Total weight [ED: 12.59 oz] includes the AGR-43, weight of the Podium alone is 237 g [ED: 8.36 oz]


  • Compact and sleek design with no protruding parts
  • Rapid deployment mechanism operates by the push of a button
  • Provides steady and durable bipod platform
  • Quick and easy installation, no Gunsmith required
  • Made of light and durable high-end reinforced polymer composite
  • Saves valuable rail space for additional mounting options
  • The model includes the AGR-43 pistol grip and the Podium bi-pod
  • Available in Matt-Black, Olive Drab green  or Flat Dark Earth

And the AK variant:

I dig how the legs deploy under spring power, but not gonna lie…the rifle sure rocks a lot while he’s shooting prone…

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  1. FAB Defense designed the AR Podium for urban settings and the different angles such a setting entails. Will be trying one after SHOT Show.

    • It’s to make the rifle look like its hopping on its hind legs.


      (Me no Hablo operator optimally operating operationally)

  2. It makes your rifle ugly as sin for absolutely no extra charge…

    Really serves no purpose for an AR because you shouldn’t have a problem mounting a bipod as is, AND it’s in a terrible position. As for the AK, who actually shoots one off a bipod anyway?

  3. “the rifle sure rocks a lot while he’s shooting prone…”

    I think it moved more in prone than kneeling. Thinking about basic machines i.e. the lever, does this basically just make your rifle into a seesaw?

    Curious to see how some actual people using these turns out.

  4. I don’t know, looks to me like a solution in search of a problem. Even the grip bipod is a bit too wobbly of a position for my liking, I prefer to get the support as far out front as possible to eliminate the less controllable axis.

    • Try a T-Pod (also from FAB Defense). They’re rock solid and double as a vertical grip.

      Plus that vertical grip should be as far forward as you can manage the rifle with anyway. Putting it half-way out on the rail (unless that’s as far as you can reach) reduces its effectiveness. If you want a short throw on your foregrip, use the mag well.

      • As far as positioning a ( dedicated ) bi-pod is concerned the French bolt action FR F1 and the later FR F2 place th bi-pod far to the rear. The reasoning is supposedly to make it easy to track a moving target without picking up and repositioning the rifle. The bi-pod of said rifles doesn’t appear to have a swivel function as far as I can tell, though. Of course this is disregarding using a bi-pod as a grip but my observation was aimed more at the benefits / liabilities of having the bi-pod as far forward as possible.

  5. I saw these when they had them for the Tavor SAR and thoght ok I could see this maybe because of the lack of length in the handguard, but for an AR or AK its jus rediculous. Fab makes some of the dumbest accessories I think I’ve ever seen, but if someone wants it it’s not my money

  6. What the–? The magazine baseplate, is right, freaking, there. The only reason the Tavor needed this dingus is because –duh– there wasn’t a magazine in front of the grip, and they didn’t bother working up a good bipod design located closer to the muzzle where it’d be most helpful.

  7. A wobbly bit of plastic immediately adjacent to or partially supported by the trigger guard, and that gets in the way when swapping mags. That’s stupid dangerous.

  8. If someone I know buys this “thing”, I will slap the shit outta them so fast…
    When I first saw these, I thought it was a joke ad. I thought these guys had a good sense of humor and were trolling the tactical world. But now that it’s still out there, sadly I see that it’s a real product. This belongs with the muzzle device that has a pic rail on it.

  9. “Prone”.

    I love that.

    Even back when this came out for the Tavor and they pitched it for shooting “prone”, it didn’t make any sense.

    You end up with an optic that something like 18″ off the ground.

    That’s not “prone” (or “kneeling” either).

    I’d need a sandbag for myself to be able to shoot this thing…

  10. I reserved judgment until I watched the YouTube video. That asshat “clearing” cow pastures absolutely ruined it for me.

  11. I installed (then removed) the podium thing on my Tavor. It made the base of the grip so wide that I cannot zip a case closed around the gun anymore. The extra width sucks the sides down and exposes the optic out of the zipper. Feh, it makes sense when you see it.

  12. Considering that the AR platform is now well over 50 years old, I think it’s about time that manufacturers began to develop a good walker or brace for its tired joints. I for one have already started to add some Bengay to my CLP. The old rifle just loves it!


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