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Tony Salvino from Ohio sends in his updated everyday carry gear he calls newer and lighter.  Last fall, he had another, more robust EDC outfit. For whatever reason, he’s slimmed down his carry.  Nevertheless, it’s a big step up considering three years ago he didn’t even carry a Roscoe.

He wrote this about his choices (obviously a Twitter user):

I’m about due for an update of my #EDC. Going smaller and lighter! I’ve upgraded my smith and wesson #m&p #shield 7rd mag with a magguts +1 spring and a pinky extended. Ive also been carrying the streamlight #styluspro pen light, my new spyderco #dragonfly #salt series as well as the trust old leatherman #wingman and minimalist wallet. I’m looking to upgrade my wallet game so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

Holster by sbf custom kydex

Kudos to Tony for packing a reload. After all, reloads are important.  Ditto for an illumination tool. Dear reader:  You carry one of those too, don’t you?




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  1. I like it. my streamlight is the single aaa version of the one he carries. it gets almost as much use as my knife.

  2. When I first commented on this site I lamented the fact that many EDCs didn’t have a reload. I pretty much got my ass blistered for this point of view. Who needs a reload? Are you a cowboy? If you can’t get it done with 5, 6, 7 or 17 rounds you can’t get it done. Now a reload is commented on as a matter of fact. Don’t get me wrong. If you walk out the door without a reload, you’re half wrong. Just wondering. What happened?

      • Dylan.

        Strych, you are far older than your ‘millennial’ years belie…

    • Nothing happened. I guess something had to replace memo notes.

      I’m still waiting to hear about all the defensive gun uses with every day carry (not a cop\security guard or defending home) where someone actually reloaded and fired another shot.

      • That’s a fair point.

        I dunno, for me personally at the weight and bulk I just sort of figure a spare mag is something that the “two is one and one is none” principle can apply to. Obviously you can take that sort of thing to an extreme but I feel a mag isn’t “too extreme” on that front given the number of things that might cause you to want a spare mag, particularly a failure/loss of your primary mag. Generally that’s because in my personal, and admittedly anecdotal, experience if there’s going to be a failure it’s going to involve the mag and simply replacing it is often the fastest/easiest solution. YMMV.

        I also have to admit that mag failure is one issue where the revolver truly is king.

        • “I also have to admit that mag failure is one issue where the revolver truly is king.”

          Yup, doesn’t go “bang”, pull the trigger again…

    • I dunno. Lots of people don’t carry a reload.

      I sometimes do, but sometimes don’t.

      The easiest reload to carry is speed strips for a revolver, and I always carry two when I tote a wheel gun. Usually a sppedloader as well.

      If I am carrying an auto with 10 or more, I often don’t carry a reload.

      Pay your nickle and ride the ride.

      • “If I am carrying an auto with 10 or more, I often don’t carry a reload.”

        And IF you have a mag failure, then what…???

        • Maybe buy better equipment?

          ‘Feed lips get damaged you say?”

          Keep the same magazine in your edc weapon and it won’t get damaged.

        • Truly, Magazine failure? If you “drop” your mag, you can do damage. So either don’t “drop” your mags or make sure your “drop” mags are in a different box. Carried semi autos for decades, not one mag failure. But then I don’t throw my mags on the ground during “training”. My first non-mil pistol had the euro style mag release on the bottom of the mag well witch allows you to catch your mag.

        • If I have a mag failure with the one in the pistol, I have a big problem that started well before that day.

          Plus, I don’t worry about mag failures since I don’t carry a 1911 anymore.

        • The ignorance here abounds…Magazine failures DO occur, for various reasons, NOT just “dropping the magazine”…

          To the wisea** who “doesn’t worry about mag failures because he doesn’t carry a 1911 anymore” is just a tad bit more ignorant than the rest who replied…

          Seem like all of you “Internet specialists” are a bit more savvy than the rest of us, who happen to live in the real world…

        • WI Pat

          I have not had a single magazine failure with SR9, SR9c, Beretta 92, LCP, or Glock 43. Ever.

          When I carried a 1911 there was usually 1 in 10 mags that had a problem even when new. Granted that was 20 years ago but was pretty common among my shooting friends.

          So I really don’t worry too much about mags these days. Ruger has been smart enough to get MecGar to build their mags. Glock mags are great. I usually run 3 or 4 loadings of each mag to see if it hunts.

          So carry your spare mag and be happy you’ve got a reload. Some of us don’t always carry one.

          And you’re right. I’ve probably forgotten more than you’ll ever know.

    • What most people here don’t realize is that the one time you most likely need your carry gun is after you just dumped a magazine into a threat. Have a empty gun after a defensive gun use will suck.

  3. I wonder how this person carries? I have a few holster observations: the holster has a slight cant, and most apenndix carriers keep it at neutral. No holster wing/claw or Bravo Concealment “Torsion” design will let the pistol grip stick out. But then thr ride height on that holster is very low for a very deep concealment so maybe printing is not a concern? I think this person carries at 3:00 position.

  4. Love that knife, have the very same spyderco. Absolutely fantastic.

    And none of my money goes to that 2A hating owner of benchmade.

    • “Love that knife, have the very same spyderco. Absolutely fantastic.”

      I have the 1st generation ‘Dragonfly’. Non-‘gimped’, but still a delightful small blade…

      • a taichung chapparal in raffir noble just arrived. shame about the tie one on part, exquisite nontheless.

  5. Bob Dylan. Sang “Knocking on Heaven’s Door.” Movie Pat Garrett and Billie the Kid. I believe it was James Coburn and someone else I don’t remember. Could be wrong. Still, Pat Garrett carried a reload. So should you.

  6. I burnt the straps on my pocket watch complete with straps for attaching to your wrist and it fell off and got lost while illuminating a pile of brush with a Zippo lighter and bean powered methane illumination.

  7. I just updated to newer and lighter. Just picked up a brand new LCPII. I still have my SR9C, just wanted something a little lighter and more easily concealed for when the weather finally warms up.

  8. Having watched hundreds of officer involved shooting videos. Almost without fail everyone of them. Involve the officer firing until their firearm is empty. This is generally due to the fact that in the excitement and stress of the moment they have no idea how many times they pulled the trigger. My guess is the same thing would happen to most anyone under the same circumstances. For that reason alone it is probably a good idea to carry a backup magazine. Keep Your Powder Dry…

    • I agree that is most.

      But we had one on a few weeks ago where a cop was talking to a guy and the guy drew a gun. The cop deflected the gun and shot the perp (2 or 3 times).

      He then had the presence of mind to scan his surroundings and wave away the guys friend who had come out of the house. He did not shoot that guy and he didn’t empty his gun.

      Most of the videos show cops in pursuit or on route and they get plenty worked up. They arrive and open fire with half a mag and then pop up and dump the other half. They appear to only be shooting in the general direction of the perp not aiming fire.

      Kinda dumps shot on the idea that only the cops are trained enough to engage thugs. If a CCW holder did that , they would be in big legal trouble.

      If you watch videos of defensive shootings, most are 2 or 3 rounds. Not a mag dump….or cylinder.


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