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It’s not time to panic yet, but we’re getting close. There’s now only one week left until your favorite shooter will look under the tree to see what the jolly old elf has left for him or her. You still have time, but you better act now. Here are a few ideas to make your gun guy or gal smile ear to ear on Christmas morning.

Every shooter can use a pack or two of adhesive targets like Champion Traps and Targets Re-Stick Precision Sight-In Target 

Every shooter needs a way to organize their ammo and keep it dry and ready to go. How many ammo cans does your favorite shooter need? More.

Large capacity, impact-resistant, plastic, dry box keeps your ammo and precision shooting equipment and accessories secure, transportable and protected from the elements. Hinged cover features beefy, fold down, carry handle and integral tool compartment with snap down lid. Cam latch pulls cover down tight to form watertight seal between gasket and base. Two, molded flanges allow locked storage using your padlocks. Inside features 13½” x 7¼” removable tray with built-in handle; keeps cleaning supplies and other items organized on the shooting bench. Easy access, base compartment provides a roomy 13¼” x 6¾” x 5¼” storage space with tray installed.

Every shooter needs a good, secure way to get their firearm to the range or secure it when traveling. A sturdy, well-made pistol case like the Plano Mil-Spec Single pistol case is just the thing.

Engineered to meet military specifications, Plano’s new Field Locker™ line of gun cases provides top-level security for high-end shotguns, rifles and handguns.  Equipped with reinforced construction, watertight seals, double-density foam, industrial draw-down latches and customization inserts, these cases provide absolute security for the transportation and storage of your firearms.

Help your gun gun zero his rifle or test out those new loads the right way…with a Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest

The Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest works to eliminate the human variable from the shooting experience, allowing users to get the best possible shot groups from their rifle or shotgun with ease. The Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest is designed as an affordable option for budget-minded shooters, featuring a central frame constructed from aluminum and a newly designed front-elevation system that allows for easy one-handed adjustments.

Make sure your favorite shooter has a handy cleaning kit in their range bag with a convenient kit like the Hoppe’s Boresnake Cleaning Kit.

Compact soft-sided pack attaches to belt or stows in range bag so you always have the required supplies for quick bore cleaning on the go. Contains a caliber/gauge-specific BoreSnake, 2 oz. aerosol can of classic Hoppe’s No. 9 Solvent, 2¼ fl. oz. plastic squeeze bottle of Hoppe’s Lubricating Oil, and two anti-rust gun wipes in sealed packets. Extra room in pouch for other small tools or cleaning components. Hook-and-loop closures keep pouch sealed up tight.

It’s time to get your first silencer. And make it a good one like SilencerCo’s Saker 7.62mm With ASR Mount

The SilencerCo Saker ASR suppressor is engineered specifically for use on bolt action, semi-auto, and full-auto rifles. It’s versatile, too. Using SilencerCo’s ASR™ (Active Spring Retention) mount technology, the Saker ASR can be attached to a gun using a variety of flash hiders, muzzle brakes, or direct-thread mounts, making it fast and painlessly easy to swap the Saker between different rifles.

Not ready to make the suppressor leap? Check out Jeremy’s muzzle brake and flash hider tests (first 5.56 test, second test, third test, .308 test, first flash hider test, second test) and find your favorite one at Brownells.

Make cleaning your guns a snap with a collection of handy, re-usable Swab-Its Cleaning Swabs

A multi-surface pack of efficient, lint free tools, perfect for cleaning and lubricating the fiream action areas of your guns.

Want co carry concealed but not look like you’re a SWAT team member? Thunderbolt Tactical Jeans look good and have a little give to make IWB or OWB carry ultra-comfortable.

Made with water and wind resistant Schoeller® Dryskin soft-shell fabric these pants are designed to be extremely light and breathable while easily moving freely in all four directions for all day comfort. The Mark II Lite is packed with features like mesh pocket bags, corrosion resistant zippers while the lightweight Schoeller fabric is abrasion-resistant, fast drying and extremely durable.

Make cleaning your gun a breeze with an Otis Ripcord in your shooter’s favorite caliber.

This convenient tool cleans from Breech-to-Muzzle in one quick and easy pass. The molded rubberized core and Nomex® fibers together create an effective way to trap and remove fouling. Available in .223 cal/5.56mm, .308cal/7.62mm, 9mm, .45 cal, and .40 cal, .243 cal/6.5mm, .270 cal/6.8mm, 12 gauge.


Upgrade your AR trigger . . . check out Jeremy’s comprehensive drop-in trigger roundup or hop over to Brownells’ impressive selection and check out all the options like Timmy’s Calvin Elite drop-in trigger.

The Timney Calvin Elite Custom replacement trigger for the AR platform features end user customization in a drop-in unit. It maintains an ultra-reliable 5-pound hammer spring coupled with a crisp and zero creep 1.5-pound pull. The reset is remarkably quick and tactile, allowing for rapid and precise follow up shots.

Organize your gun safe with pistol storage solutions that keep your handgun safe and ready

The FanStand7 is a 7-gun radial pistol rack. The eye-catching, space-saving design makes it perfect for your gun safe or display counter. Easily slide the barrel of your gun onto the angled prong. To adjust the angle of the gun, use hands (not gun) to bend prong up or down. Fits 22 caliber and larger. Easy access, with room for your hand to grasp each gun. Vinyl coated and chamfered (beveled) tips to prevent scratching your gun barrel. Patent Pending. Made in the USA.

Tandemkross “Advantage” Charging Handle and Picatinny Scope Base for the Ruger® 10/22®

This precision machined picatinny rail provides Ruger® 10/22® owners with a serious “Advantage”. In addition to mounting virtually any optic it also features a unique left sided charging handle that actuates but never interferes with the right sided charging handle. This allows shooters, plinkers and competitors alike, to clear jams or charge the gun without ever losing trigger and stock position. Turn the tables and get your Advantage today.

Guns are hungry. Feed yours often. Every shooter needs ammo…quality ammo like...IMI Ammunition 9mm Luger 115 Grain Di-Cut Jacketed Hollow Point Ammo 

Whether you need to supply an entire team or just want to be amply supplied for some range time, IMI’s Bulk Handgun Ammunition is an economical way to replenish your ammo supply. Meets the most stringent military specifications thanks to in-depth testing from raw materials to final product inspection. Includes a dry box.


Never run out of power with one of SnowLizard’s SLXtreme solar-powered iPhone cases

The SLXtreme is a solar-powered, waterproof case for iPhone 8 Plus with a slim design and military-grade ruggedness that still provides 100% phone functionality. You’ll have full touchscreen access to call, text, capture photos or videos while your iPhone is powered and protected in the case.

The watch you’ve always wanted like a LumiNox Evo Navy Seal Dive Watch from Military Watch Exchange

Luminox combined the rugged functionality of the Navy Seal watch with colorful, distinctive styling to create their Navy Seal ColorMark series. Tiny gas lights on the hands and hour markers provide constant visibility at a glance, no matter the conditions.

Slide Fire is getting low on bump fire stock inventory, but most of it is still 10% off for holidays while supplies (and legality) last.

Still don’t see the right thing for your gun guy or girl? Or, who are we kidding, for yourself? Check out Brownells Christmas Gift Center and use coupon code MEJ for free shipping (no minimum order) or code MEK for $10 off plus free shipping ($100 minimum).

And finally, you can always shop Amazon’s Shooting category and Tactical And Personal Defense category. Use these links to and a portion of what you buy will be donated to the Second Amendment Foundation or your favorite pro-2A charity.


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  1. I’m not that hard to shop for… all Mrs.ATFAgentBob needs do is send the kids off to the grandparents’, buy a big silk ribbon, wrap herself with it, and lay in bed. Although a nice big breakfast afterwards would be nice it is not required. However should she buy me ammo, knives, BBQ accessories, or Jeep parts she should probably brace herself for epic snu snu the likes of which this planet may not survive… oh and that really cute diamond necklace, bracelet, or earrings she was going on about.

  2. Already blew my Christmas budget. Got a TV,a coffee press and a GUN. All for my bride…gotta’ buy more ammo.

  3. Christmas. It’s not a time for giving it’s a time for frustrations, long lines, disappointments and really lame music. If I bought anyone a gift it would be badge polish for a police officer. Support your Local Law Enforcement

  4. Yes, I already did my shopping for my favorite shooter (me). Maybe I should think about shopping for the wife.

  5. My amazing employees just gave me my work Christmas gift tonight – a $100 gift card to the local high-end indoor range with 101 yard rifle lanes!

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