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“While there is no data on whether legally armed white or black people are shot at higher rates in the United States, experts on implicit bias said that negative stereotypes of black people would suggest that they are at a greater risk of having their actions or intentions misinterpreted when they carry guns.”

That’s the befuddled not-to-say misleading money shot in the middle of the New York Times article Police Shootings Highlight Unease Among Black Gun Owners. Presented complete with incendiary, irrelevant images (as above). 

The majority of John Eligon’s and Frances Robles’ article focuses on the founder of the less-than-inclusive Huey P. Newton Gun Club. Which leads to this equally incendiary remark:

“I don’t condone the killing of anyone, black, white, brown, poor,” Mr. Balogun said, adding that he nonetheless viewed the violence against the officers as a response to “years and years and years of injustice.”

“Nonetheless.” Cute. The Times’ reporters could have interviewed Colion Noir, black NRA member, YouTube star and Dallas resident. Or Rick Ector, African American Detroit firearms instructor and proponent of responsibly armed Americans (regardless of race). Instead we get Balogun. Selection bias much?

And talk about chutzpah. The same august journal that never misses an opportunity to promote civilian disarmament wants readers decries a “Second Amendment” gap for black gun owners.

“It’s really just getting at what we know to be a pervasive stereotype of blackness and criminality,” said Robin Wright, a researcher with the Kirwan Institute at Ohio State University who studies implicit bias. “If you see a black person with a weapon, you don’t assume that it’s legal.”

Put more bluntly: “Skin color is synonymous with crime,” said Jasmine Rand, the lawyer for a man who was shot by the police, and later died, in Florida.

Maybe that’s because gun control was created to suppress black gun ownership, Second Amendment infringement supported the African-American community and the politicians feeding upon it. Like this:

Anyway, to further their narrative the authors cite the case of Earl D. Brown, a security guard gunned down by — you guessed it — white cops. Who were exonerated.

“Honestly, I hear the N.R.A. talking about the right to bear arms,” Mr. Brown’s widow, Gloria, wrote in an email on Thursday, referring to the National Rifle Association. “He had the right to bear his that night; they just never told us he wouldn’t have the right to life. It seems like white men and police officers are the only ones who have the right to bear arms in this country.”

The Times should get off the fence. Either support all Americans right to keep and bear arms in its editorials or STFU.

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  1. Part of this may be true but how many shootings by black officers of black men are in these figures, this is Obama’s operatives at work, preaching hate and distrust is the Muslim way, encouraging extreme Black people too commit horrible crimes for His own Goals and the Goals of his Democratic party! purposelessly promoting revolution for his personnel gain! Our president is out of control, Impeach him and censure all the Democratic party members!

    • A recent shooting of an unarmed (buck naked… can’t get more unarmed than that) black teen in Austin, TX occurred, and the officer involved was black. Didn’t get anywhere near the sort of traction the two recent events did. Local media instead spun it more as police brutality, rather than a racially motivated incident. Cops can’t get decent press in the media 95% of the time.

  2. I don’t have a problem with that headline-just the fleshing out of that thought. Hell I’ve written many times the good black folks of Chicago should arm up and take back their streets. But it WOULD be at their peril. Such is reality…

    • That’s the consequence of civil disobedience most people choose to ignore, there are perils…

    • i don’t think so. after the micheal brown stuff MANY black residents started arming up and guarding local business, that they didn’t even own, from looting. none of them were shot by police.

  3. “While there is no data on whether legally armed white or black people are shot at higher rates in the United States…”

    Then there’s no real story, just conjecture and opinion. Is there a race problem? Absolutely. Is there a bad cop problem? They’re out there. So are good cops, and people who can live in racial harmony without shooting someone with more or less melanin than them.

    Phrases and words like “while there is no data,” and “nonetheless,” and other weasel words automatically stand out as red flags for biased journalism, regardless of the source.

    • Yep. Well said.

      Opening with “While there is no data” means I just stopped reading. Why bother?

    • Yeah, with black people being a hivemind and all, they should all just decide to not shoot people, even though they individually might not be doing that. You aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you?

      • Yeah… Because societal moral and expectations have nothing to do with that… Funny how poverty is always used as an excuse when piss poor Appalachia has a crime rate 2/3 the national average. What’s the difference between Appalachia and Chiraq?

        • Yeah, you’re still not getting it. You cannot tell someone that as a group they should do x, because for all you know that individual has nothing to do with it. How is it the fault of one man that he might be profiled for another’s actions? What do you propose would be the best course of action?

        • So how would you as a non gang member change gang culture if you were black? Do you know how stupid you sound right now?

    • Many people in the Black Community cannot even acknowledge their own culture problems and the Democrats have brain washed them to blame someone, anyone else except for themselves.

      Broken families and generational welfare cannot be solved by gun control nor politicians. All those Black Men in prison who are now pretty much unable to get a job does not help. Poor education and kids having to run through drug infested neighborhoods does not help.

      They have a cultural problem — culture is hard to fix.

      Democrats believe that throwing money into these communities will fix everything. The evidence says otherwise

      This Impoverished City Hiked Spending to $25,000 per Student to Fix Its Schools. And Nothing Changed.

      What’s Become of Zuckerberg’s $100M Gift to Newark Schools [Hint: Cory Booker pissed it away]

      There are solutions that work

      See Harlem Academy. Instead of Bloomberg spending all his money on gun control, which does not work, he should do more of this, which he himself proved that it does work. BUT, inexplicably he stopped funding (however Chase has continued to invest). Chase, Bloomberg give $7.5 million to connect New Orleans youth with jobs

      • Then there was the Moynihan Report, which was leaked in July 1965. Moynihan, then a 37-year-old social scientist in Johnson’s Labor Department, presented in “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action” what then counted as shocking news: 23.6 percent of African American births were to unmarried women.

        I wonder what the national plan for action entailed.

    • Oh my, are you still using this garbage? Your math and logic is bad and you should feel bad.

  4. And the majority of black men killed with guns are by other black men illegally in possession of those guns. I guess they forgot that part.

    Do black men have an implicit bias against other black men?

    • No, but the gangs have take the place of families and those gang families have a business of drugs and they are shooting each other to protect their turf. The drug war has failed but between the Prison Industry and money to be made on the Drug War, who is going to stop the gravy train.

      IMHO, I want a 5 year experiment in legalizing Marijuana across the US. If the crime goes down, if the drug related shooting goes away, we can stop this stupid war on drugs.

      • That works for me! Don’t expect all drug related crime to disappear, since there would still be illegal drugs, but I bet the decrease would be clearly measurable. We managed to unconstitutionally ban some guns on a temporary basis, sure enough it made no difference, why not try it with pot?

      • Don’t forget to legalize Crack, oxy, heroin, coke and everything in between so there is nothing illegal any longer. Surely there won’t be any side problems from this and we’ll all be better off, right? And criminals will just get regarding jobs and wonder why they didn’t do this before.

  5. Did I hear the the term “muzzle economy is the only economy in the black community”

    Also newspapers in the 60″s would post freedom riders bus schedules and the location they stop at. My dad relayed southerners would stand at the bus station armed with long guns and direct the buses to move along.

  6. Heh, at least they are finally admitting they have no evidence behind their arguments. Real progress from the progressives!

  7. Race or sex shouldn’t matter but in this divided country of ours it does more now then ever.
    Also as for The Times.
    The Times should just foldup and give up. No one needs a newspaper today when you can read the same biased crap on the interwebs. All a newspaper is good for today is wrapping fish and swatting fly’s. And most importantly, good for cleaning glass. It works much better then paper towels. Although they both contain the same blank content. Used newspaper is free and that all its worth to begin with. ZERO.

  8. Hard to say if this is not true, without data. I suspect it might be though.

    Even if it is, Do people want to live in slavery or do people want the ability to do the same things other people do, to live as full-fledged citizens with natural, civil, and constitutional rights? Is the NYT saying freedom is not worth dying for? How long are black people going to allow the law to be determined by a small set of drug dealers and addicts misusing guns?

  9. Obama and the NY Slime have both been chumming the water like crazy. Mass murder of police officers specifically and white people generally is the result. Unexpected? I don’t think so.

  10. “If you see a black person with a weapon, you don’t assume that it’s legal.”

    I see black people hunting where I live. I see black people buying ammo at the same places I do. I see black people buying handguns and rifles at the gun shows. I kind of assumed that there were black people legally carrying guns if black people were legally buying all that stuff.

  11. This is just more racial agitprop.

    There’s money to be made and power to be had in race baiting and that’s all this is. An old timey term would be snake oil.

    There’s a message to be sent here and that message is that America is a deeply flawed and highly racist country. [But we can fix that if you just vote the right way and pay your money to the right people.] That’s not true, but like beauty, truth is in the eye of the beholder and there are people who will believe this.

    Said agitprop is effective. Generally speaking if a white guy gets shot by the police the first thing other whites ask is “What was the situation? What happened? Did that person do something to get themselves shot?” when a black guy gets killed by a cop, especially a white cop, many black people don’t ask “What are the facts?” they immediately jump to the conclusion that it must have been a racially motivated shooting.

    When that happens it’s the cue for someone like Sharpton to make a speech and get paid and for a certain breed of politician to jump on the “Dat’s racist yo!” bandwagon to gin up some votes.

  12. I am conflicted. As much as I believe in the rule of law, isn’t the same “man” we are all trying to “stick it too”? We want “the man” out of our guns they want “the man” out of their lives. Sounds like there is an opportunity to tell them the message of “government leave me alone” and that is not what the Democrats are selling.

    If I were to guess, I’d say all of this is just a natural, albeit tragic, reaction to government overreach. Sorry, but when the government is afraid of the people that is when we get reforms, not the other way around.

    • Ha! I used to watch Tommy’s vids a few years back. He is intense. He goes off on black women who don’t know how to act and get in public fights (men, too), black women wearing wigs (he calls them “hair hats”), women who keep having children and expecting someone else to pay for them, goofy black names, ebonics, etc.

      He used to do a live call-in show, too. Don’t know if he still does that.

  13. No legally armed person should be shot by police unless they are in the act of committing a crime. However, given recent history of blacks murdering police, it’s not any surprise that police are a bit nervous. We need to get this under control ASAP or the police will be shooting first and asking questions later in every case of anyone who is armed.

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