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We now know that the Dallas shooter — there may have been more than one, three other people have been arrested –was a U.S. Army veteran. CNN reports that Johnson trained in Army reserves as carpenter/masonry specialist.

Micah Johnson (courtesy facebook)

Micah Xavier Johnson

Micah Johnson full dress (courtesy Facebook)

That would account for the tactics displayed in the video below.

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  1. Could just as easily (and almost more likely) be ex-military. ISIS also tends to immediately and loudly celebrate when they’re directly involved, too.

    • Black Lives Matter – ‘claimed’ the attack, but, like isis, GITMO poo, hezbollah, muslim brotherhood, cair, plo, they are NOT terrorists. The Pres. has declared that the problem is guns.

      • Doesnt take sniper training to do what he did. He had several days of range time in basic, shooting out to 500 or 600 yards. And probably some basic infantry and CQB training. Given the way he moved towards the officer under fire and then flanked him, I have to wonder if he had some combat experience.

        • Impossible I’m in the Army in order to go to sniper trainning you have to be on active duty status and also you have to shoot Hawkeye 40/40 with an assault rifle. In his picture he is clearly wearing an expert marksmanship badge. Not hawkeye. Also he was masonry train. The Army will not send anyone that is not in a combat MOS to sniper school. Either he is the wrong guy or he did not receive sniper training in the Army. And trust being a sniper takes extensive training.

        • BS. A 12W in Reserves is going to fire 40rd at an annual range qual (50 to 300m). Trainup for Afgan would have some additional range time and PERHAPS had patrolling/convoy experience. His job was to hammer nails/lay block.

        • Thank you trout. That used to drive some people I knew nuts when John Muhammad and Lee Malvo were described as “snipers”

        • You don’t need sniper training to pop unsuspecting blues from <100 yards away with an AR15.

      • How the military defines a sniper and how the general public defines one are two different things.
        He used a rifle from a position of stealth and elevation to take precise shots at targets from beyond the effective range of their weapons. Whether he ever went to a sniper school or not, he employed similar tactics.

        • Exactly right. And the tactic used against the officer when he rushed him are basic military skills that anyone who went through basically probably be able to employ.

          I suppose it could even bd argued anyone who went through basic military training in the Army or Marines has superior small weapons and tactics training than most cops.

  2. Thee BENEFICIARY of this shooting is hitlery. Period.

    Last two and a half days national focus on traitors hitlery, comey, lynch and the destruction of the justice system with a supposed 93% interest and awareness and people paying attention

    Then…..poof……several police shootings and then the Dallas police ambush……suddenly a 180 degree change in coverage.mhave not heard hitlery say name since last night – got away again with only two days scrutiny. Willing media glad to change the subject……..GUNS!!!!!!

    Are we witnessing history? A series of false flags leading up to martial law pre election? Could the election be postponed? Are we being set up?

    Time to think past the shootings to the overall political ramifications. IS America being stolen?

    It’s time to really pay attention

    Either way – hitlery is the biggest beneficiary of the Dallas shooting

      • Also, anybody without that level of training should be banned as well, because they can’t use guns safely.

  3. “US Defense officials: Dallas shooting suspect was trained in Army reserves as carpenter/masonry specialist”

    Just saw this on twitter from CNN

      • Im sure they will try that too. Why the fcuk not at this point. If they could they would try to ban toddlers from picking their noses.

  4. This dude was obviously trained. This is a very sad reminder why not to crowd cover. It is a natural instinct to lean against the object of cover, but staying back from it is better tactics overall and in this case “may” have allowed the officer to see the approach. It easy to say “coulda shoulda” after the fact of course. That officer was trying to get it done, unfortunately we know good guys loose sometimes as well.

    • 100% agree. As this poster says very easy to sharpshoot after the fact, but this seems to be the main takeaway. Don’t crowd cover.

    • What many are confusing as we don’t know yet are is the guy in the video on the ground floor the same guy as the one they took out in the parking garage? We don’t know the timeline from when the video was shot, but it was being aired about the same time the Chief was talking about being in talks with the guy in the garage.

      It would not seem to make sense that the guy was shooting from up top, then came down then went back up. It makes more sense that the guy on the ground was puling security for the guys upstairs

  5. Sounds funky…Just another NWO/Globalist “put-up-job” …? More push to eliminate the Bill of Rights…I stopped arguing with lemming co-workers. Who are busy drinking the kool-aid…Most are already to give up the US Constitutional-Bill of Rights…as they would say—“it’s old…It was made a long time ago…And things change…That’s why they call them amendments…Cause they can be amended, like the dangerous 2nd amendment! We need to make a new constitution for the 21st century! ” It’s tough to argue with people who have the IQ of grapefruit! And just plain dumb than a bag of hammers!

    • There’s nothing wrong with wanting to establish a new constitution for the 21st century. The problem is this: the constitution as it was in 1791 was the product of deep thought, by profoundly educated men, taking into consideration centuries of history and two millenia of civic philosophy, refined in the crucible of the experience of living under a tyrannical government and the war that followed.

      But that’s not for them. Their new constitution will be something they make up as they go along, based on their feelings, what they hear in the news, and the latest trending hashtag.

      • There is something fundamentally wrong about “constitutions” that need to be changed every other week, or century. If they do, they’re hardly constitutions, since humans don’t change much at all, even over millennia. As much as the progressives have been indoctrinated to believe that “things are different now”, so Dear Leader shouldn’t be restricted by the past (as in yesterday), in reality, things aren’t different now. They never are. Nukes and WMDs “may” be be the exception that proves the rule, being sufficiently different from the weaponry the framers wrote the 2nd to govern. Beyond that, there’s nothing new under the sun.

      • The Constitution was fine. The problem is they’ve been breaking since the beginning, and how they are saying it is now doesn’t work because we’ve got robed legislators for life, executive legislators that do whatever they want, and legislators that have given up every single power they were supposed to use to stop those other 2 from doing that.

        The failure is ours, because as Ben warned us, we failed to keep the Republic.

  6. I’ll bet and the fact may bear, this was a lone shooter. One ex Army with minimal training combat arms delivered destruction on 11 police officers. Imagine ten men with the same or better level of training. Police do not stand a chance.

    Also red flagging police training. The pillar ambush showed the cop was in over his head.

    • After watching many police shooting videos, I’ve noticed the person with intent to kill and has the initiative almost always wins. Almost always it’s the cop who was in control of the situation feeling threatened and shooting first and only. This guy was actually out to kill police and was devastating. It is such stark contrast to the typical police involved shooting where some unlucky, random guy gets drilled playing the freeze and/or hands up game not expecting his life to end that day. The police just don’t seem to be good against actual threats.

      • Agree however here’s the caveat. Single shooter will always be overwhelmed. Just a matter of time before real coordinated attacks start to occur.

        Note the media and the police got so many thing wrong. Open carrier suspect, three in custody having nothing to do with the shootings, elevated shooting, triangulation of fire, kill zones, coordinated attack. ALL CRAP.

        Lone murder in an angry mood cause the havoc. Absolutely silly to think US police are ready for real terrorist attacking in groups.

      • Can you blame them, though. In some cases there is a lack of training, sure, but for the most part these guys are walking on egg shells. They shoot the wrong person, they get armchair quarterbacked by a malicious prosecutor, they do anything that could be considered wrong after the fact and they can get hung out to dry. I’m not saying that’s what happened with this poor guy, I’ve been fortunate enough to never have been a similar situation, but I’ve seen plenty of footage of cops getting killed because that shred of doubt, of fear, it poisons their ability to effectively deal with a threat.

    • mk10108 obviously has not been at a range with a Southside Chicago Army Postal unit (NOT diverse). The “same” basic training as every other GI but OMG. Those Hyphenated-Americans had the same # of training rounds/yr at their Reserve unit as a NG Infantry troop. Very scary.

  7. Judging by the sparks in the air, I am guessing M855 Green Tips. Get ready for another “armor piercing ammunition” push.

  8. Yep. Get all you can while you can. The police were not there to “protect” demonstraters. They were there to protect private property (as well they should )…

  9. Okay, when you guys are all done huffing and puffing, this fits in exactly how I called it.

    He’s not some super elitt Ranger SEAL SPECOP Snake Eating shoot and pooper.

    He’s just a basically trained soldier who was properly motivated and prepared to give his last – to accept the consequences of his actions.

    The annals of MOH and Silver Star citations are rife with regular joes who gave their last full measure.

    Blame the popular media if you must find someone to blame, this is a guy who saw the world as he knew it as us vs them and for some reason he crowded the US out of us.

    Now, as a thought exercise, let’s imagine that the order comes down to seize privately held weapons. That means door-to-door searches. How long until one of you does exactly what this soldier did?

    You want answers, you want solutions? Start holding the men in blue accountable. Trayvon and Mike Brown might have been good shoots, but Tamir Rice was shot by some asshole who shouldn’t have been wearing a badge. Out of the two in the past week, one might have been justifiable but the other was absolute hogwash.

    Here where I live a cop only lost his job after shooting a drunk, half-deaf indian who wasn’t even facing him who happened to be whittling.

    Cops aren’t better than everyone else, and until you start holding them accountable, expect more of the same.

    • Now, as a thought exercise, let’s imagine that the order comes down to seize privately held weapons. That means door-to-door searches. How long until one of you does exactly what this soldier did?

      You propose that undertake their unConstitutional actions, the progtards would NOT use fully integrated and professional Combat Arms units but would deploy all minority halfassed undisciplined Reserve Postal/etc units (Blacklives types) from Southside Chicago/intercity ______ out to whitieland suburbs? You may be onto something had not considered. Standard Infantry Co is not going to do their UnCon bidding.

      • WTF are you even babbling about? If that kind of order came down, it would clearly be local sheriffs and police executing it. Unless you think the ATF is going to poop out a million agents anytime soon.

        The police and sheriffs in New Orleans had no problem either A) abandoning their posts or B) illegally seizing weapons. About 10 seconds of searches on YouTube would tell you that.

        And if you think only minorities are in bed with Big State, you are just beyond saving.

    • His initial shots were from the left side (support) of cover shooting right handed (his strong side) – rather than shoot support side – so initially he was exposed. Not sure from the angle, but moving back to the other column would probably afforded him a strong side shot from cover and a small alley of exposure. He did move and shoot, very deliberate, used low ready, fired and maneuvered, used point shoot technique when closing distance, shot on the move to cover. It appeared they had some interlocking fire. It looks like they were at the parking garage at ground level. I’m just thankful this douche bag didn’t have more people using elevated positions in a L shaped ambush.

    • ” Trayvon and Mike Brown might have been good shoots, but Tamir Rice was shot by some asshole who shouldn’t have been wearing a badge.”

      Nothing against you personally or your comment specifically, but why is John Crawford always left off these lists?

      They rolled in hot expected trouble and did not even ASSESS the situation (apparently).

      And, as an aside, why on EARTH is the scum-bag that caused that incident not in prison?

      But, at least we are not talking about Hillary anymore, eh? So, that part of the Grand Plan seems to be working.

  10. I can’t speak for others, but these videos absolutely INFURIATE me. If I were in a position to video record this, I would be in a position to fire back. Granted I know this may have been taken from someone on vacation, or at work, etc, but between CC and (at this range) a good rifle being handy in the house, I almost always have access to an accurate, reliable weapon. I don’t give a shit about recording what someone is doing, I want to stop it ASAP.

    • You understand that a Dashiki is seperate than “muzzy” dress, right?

      In fact, it’s a hybrid American-West African form of clothing:

      So it has fuck all to do with Muslims. Maybe stop looking for ghosts and start taking a critical look at law enforcement. Because the cops will kill your dumb white ass dead as soon as they would anyone else.

      • Muslims are 44% of Africa’s population, the largest single group. They regularly wear daishiki. Malcolm X and Muhammed Ali wore it without compunction.

  11. (originally posted on the wrong article)
    He was an Army veteran? What a f’in disgrace. And only made it to PFC? Something tells me he was a soup sandwich downrange as well.

    But it also brings up the fact that gangs have been encouraging their young members to enlist for a long time now, that they can return to the streets with military/combat experience & share it with their fellow gangbangers. In my last company alone, three guys were found to be gang members while off-duty; two were active Bloods, and one was a semi-active Norteño. CID flushed them out after gang-related art and other materials were found during a health-&-welfare inspection.
    I remember specifically the Norteño (also an E-5) who was in my platoon, used to talk about Aztlan, and his plans on fighting for it when it came to be.

    It was found that the Blood-affiliated dirtbags were breaking into other soldiers’ vehicles off-post and stealing IBAs (plates & carriers for the non-military here) and other TA50, because lots of guys were lazy and kept their gear in the trunk or back seats. They knew who to target or look for, and then sold or gave the armor to their fellow ‘bangers. Additionally; it was discovered that they had plans to steal ‘nogs,ammunition, and AK parts/receivers while downrange, then smuggle it back in the unit’s connexes. And honestly, if CID hadn’t busted them, they probably would’ve gotten away with it.

  12. “He was a carpentry and masonry specialist, with a rank of private first class, and was awarded the Army Achievement Medal.

    Dallas shooter who killed five cops wanted to kill more: chief

    But he didn’t have an especially glowing reputation among members of his unit.

    “We all knew he was a pervert cuz he got caught stealing girls panties but murdering cops is a different story,” Wells Newsome, a former bunkmate of Johnson’s, wrote on Facebook.”

    “Achievement medal” More bullsh!t “every loser gets a trophy” to make mom and dad proud…

  13. This is one example that being a veteran doesn’t automatically make someone a goodguy.

  14. Douchebag hummer driver in a transport company, I think that’s all this piece of shit was. Blew his ass to piece. GOOD.

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