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Vice President Joe Biden’s Civilian Disarmament Committee has postponed their press conference on post-Newtown gun control proposals until tomorrow. Meanwhile, SHOT show officially opens; covered by a national media hell bent on embarrassing our engine of democracy. And New York gun owners are waking up to the worst “comprehensive” gun control laws in the history of these United States. Click here to contemplate the bill’s provisions. Hear that? That’s the sound of tens of thousands of firearms hitting the road, headed for lock-ups and relatives in nearby Ohio and Pennsylvania, anywhere outside of The Empire State . . .

Depriving hundreds of thousands of Americans of their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Leaving formerly law-abiding citizens less able to defend themselves against criminal violence. And “inspiring” other New England state legislatures to follow New York’s lead.

As the guys hit the SHOT Show floor to update on you on all the new products dropping, I’ve got the political beat. I’ll be bringing you Biden’s assault proposals and New York fallout and every other non-new gear thing going.

If you’ve got a news tip email it to [email protected]. I can’t reply to your email but rest assured it will be read. And if a comment gets trapped in the spam filter I’ll do my best to release it; but we had over 100 pages of spam yesterday and no time to vet them all (as we usually do).

These are interesting times. Stay with TTAG for the fastest, most comprehensive and best coverage the web’s fastest, most comprehensive and most handsome gun bloggers can muster.

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  1. true story, i live in PA, and i found a cheap 20 acre plot in Broome County NY, and after i reviewed their firearms restrictions, (handguns registered, no AW scary features), I decided against it, even though it was a deal of a lifetime for a vacation property. (backed up to 600 acre state forest, stream, hard to get to, etc)

    and that was BEFORE these new laws were suggested.

  2. I’m gonna be one of the NYers hitting the road, was planning on it already because of the AWB we already have, and pistol permit nonsense, but this seals the deal. See ya later, dickheads, I’ll gladly pay tax money to Pennsylvania, they don’t want to imprison me.

  3. Their out of their fricking minds same old sh** can not control crime go after the law abidng gun owners. Then they let out all murders, rapists violent criminals to make room for someone that had a eight round magazine oh the horror. Like we always stated ten rd mag limit now seven then two then zero. Just what they had intended all along.

  4. Section 120.05 of the penal law is amended by adding a new


    • It looks like M1 Garands may be exempt?
      22. “Assault weapon” means:
      …list of evil looking guns…


      M1s can’t accept detachable magazines at all and were all manufactured more than 50 years ago. The funny thing is I can’t find any limitations on fixed magazine capacity in this legislation. Am I missing something?

  5. This is only the final step. NY has been going down this road for a LONG time. Which is fine. One less incentive to live in that shitty State with shitty taxes and a lot of shitty people. Starve the beast of its tax revenue and watch it implode.

    • Agree with all you said, except this being the final step. Though it could be the final straw for many people in NY. Being from PA, I used to go to NYC for shows, shopping, and entertainment now and then. No more. NY doesn’t get another dollar from me if I can help it. Not even on tolls.

      • Me either. I am also from PA, although I now reside in TX. But even when I was there NYC offered me NOTHING that I couldn’t get in Philadelphia at a lower cost and without supporting tyranny to boot. And I could CCW in Philadelphia because PA’s preemption laws rock. Also not having to deal with New Yorkers was a big plus. Every time I have been there I have been underwhelmed and offended by the trashy locals. It’s massively overrated, especially NYC.

    • NYC is my old home town. I have friends there who I enjoy seeing. But I hate being in New York, I hate New Yorkers, I hate crowds and I doubly hate crowds of New Yorkers. I moved out of the Rotten Apple 30 years ago and I’m glad that I did. And now I’m going to get out of Massachusetts while the getting is good.

      • Texas would welcome you. Of course if you’re looking for a change that is a little less drastic I am sure PA would be pleasant.

  6. If you New Yorkers can at least learn how to drive better than the Floridians, you can come to North Carolina.

    Mostly kidding…

  7. I live in NY. Or at least I did. That sound isn’t the firearms leaving alone, it’s their owners leaving with them. Vote with your feet!

    • If you love liberty and vote accordingly, you are welcome in PA. Help us balance out that great “cradle of liberty” Philly that plagues us like a tumor.

      • geomorphically speaking, if we implode Jersey into the ocean, then philly will become a beach, and then the shore will be that much closer.

      • I’m a conservative gun-owning (including two AR-15s) CCW permit-carrying resident of the City of Brotherly Love, and I feel seriously outnumbered around here. If my mortgage wasn’t underwater I’d be trying to sell and get to another county right now (Montgomery, Bucks…anything’s got to be better than this).

        I do my best to voice my opinions, but when 90% of the vote in this county is Dem it’s like trying to push an glacier uphill. A bit demoralizing.

        So please, 2A supporters from up north in NY and New England, or even south (hello Maryland, Delaware…), you are welcome in PA. Help push this state back into the red where it should be! Need to balance out the “free handout crowds” in the cities. Can’t do it alone.

        And please, visit Philadelphia. We have the bagels/sushi/fancy pubs you’re looking for. NYC is over-rated. Just don’t live/work in the county unless you like being bent over for a wage tax that is near enough to 4% as to not matter and a CLEO that won’t approve NFA paperwork. 😛

  8. And thus ends my “Holy cow I won the Powerball” dream of buying a considerable amount of property in the Adirondack Park, building a house and living out my days in the mountains.

  9. I’ve lived in New England all my life. I love this part of the country and never really saw my self living anywhere else. But now…well, the name “New England” has never sounded so ominous. I don’t want to be a part of a New England.

  10. I’d like to see New Yuck gunmakers move, taking jobs with them. Let the morons who run that state buy guns and ammo for their police from outside, making pro gun states wealthier. 😉

  11. Come to Virginia! With the explosion of government workers and anti-gun libs in the DC suburbs, we need as many pro-gun folks as possible to stanch the slow leftward list of this great commonwealth. Where else can you carry to church and on school property? (But hurry before that Clinton drone seizes the governor’s mansion next January!)

  12. all you new yorkers can buy the original russian sks rifles made in the 1950’s. get on fast , the price will go up when everyone figures this out.

  13. What we need is for all manufacturers and distributors to get on board with a boycott.

    No more sales into the state for ANYONE, including all law enforcement. We need to put together a letter to the manufacturers thanking them, promising our continued support and urging them to leave.

    Many gun stores will close down anyway due to this. Hopefully the manufacturers have already looked into moving and have plans. I will come help them pack.

  14. I am a NJ resident who has been actively looking for a new job for the past two months. I am a Mechanical Engineer with 4 years of experience looking to move into eastern PA, looking primarily between Philly and Allentown. If you would like to see my resume feel free to respond to this comment.

  15. What a move to make the cap limit at 7. How many manufacturers make magazines less than 10 rounds? They will need to completely redesign and retool their shops. What pol is going to point out the financial hit to gun manufacturers to accomodate these provisions?

    This also demonstrates the slippery slope phenomena. The argument has mostly been you don’t need anything more than 10, no all of a sudden it’s down to 7…

    • That’s the point. It’s a back door way to ban guns. I am sure that is why the number 7 was chosen, a Ma and CA allow 10. So it is pocket pistols and 1911s for all you NYawkers.

  16. I bet the forefathers would roll over in their graves knowing part of the original 13 colonys are the first to lose their liberties. Meanwhile, I won’t be leaving Texas anytime soon. Ol’ Rick Perry’s not such a joke in days like these.

  17. Reminds me of the California AWB back in 1991, when I was still a “prisoner at large” in the PRCa. The state estimated that there were 300,000 firearms that met their definition of “assault weapon”, and were required to be registered with the PRCa DOJ. Want to guess how many actually ended up registered? 10% of the first estimate – 30,000. Guess the remaining quarter-million just evaporated.

    On a more positive note, Idaho residents have probably purchased (or tried to, anyway) at least that many eeevil black rifles in just the last two months.

  18. This is what really drives me nuts. Here is some wording from the new NY law:

    S 265.04 Criminal possession of a weapon in the first degree.
    A person is guilty of criminal possession of a weapon in the first
    degree when such person:
    (1) possesses any explosive substance with intent to use the same
    unlawfully against the person or property of another; or
    (2) possesses ten or more firearms; OR
    Criminal possession of a weapon in the first degree is a class B felo

    Here is a section of the NY PC for rape:

    §130.35 Rape in the first degree.

    A person is guilty of rape in the first degree when he or she engages in sexual intercourse with another person:
    1.By forcible compulsion; or

    2.Who is incapable of consent by reason of being physically helpless; or

    3.Who is less than eleven years old; or

    4.Who is less than thirteen years old and the actor is eighteen years old or more.

    Rape in the first degree is a class B felony.

    In other words, they just equated the possession of firearms with forcible rape and child abuse.

  19. I bet our forefathers would roll over in their graves knowing it’s the original 13 colonies losing thier liberties first. I won’t be leaving Texas anytime soon!

  20. Run Away? That’s your option?
    Hide your guns in another state? Really?
    Happy because your Garand is safe? (for now).

    You gun owning New Yorkers are going to let them snap their fingers in your face, steal your lunch money?

    I suggest you just turn them in rather than further weaken the patriot gene pool.

  21. I live in NY. I have a 50 acre farm and have been collecting guns my whole life. I own 10 “AW” rifles with a case of 30 round mags for each. They’re not going anywhere..ever. Either are my handguns, each of which have Hi cap mags. Nope. Ill bury them in my backyard first.

  22. To all you NYers saying you’re going to move…what exactly is your endgame? Where are you going to move when these unconstitutional attacks creep to your new state? Move again until there’s nowhere safe to go? Do you really think it’s going to stop here?

    Instead of moving, how about those in these states being attacked actually stand their ground? Running away and letting the fascists run roughshod over the country didn’t work so well for the people when the last Nazi regime rose in the 30s.

  23. Fine lot of good their guns will do them in another state. What will you do when the roads are locked down, WALK and get them? Tell an intruder to hold off while you travel 400 miles to get your guns?

  24. Well fight this call your Reps and Senators we can kill this ban. Remember if we kill the AWB in congress this shuts the MSMs war on gun ownership for a bit.

  25. Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado. These are all swing states that could use more conservative votes. Places like NY, NJ, MD, DE, and the New England states are lost causes. They will never vote conservative for POTUS ever again. If you are part of the 30% who live in these states like NY and still believe in the Constitution and a literal interpretation of it, move to one of the swing states. Empty those states of conservatives. They will lose their tax base, representation in the electoral college, and representation in the U.S. House of Representatives. The swing states would gain in all those areas and we would get a more conservative congress and POTUS who may just respect the 2A.

  26. To all my unfortunate New York brothers, come on down to Louisiana. We love guns, vote conservative, have 2.7 unemployment (in my hometown), love to drink, love to eat .and we have bagels too…we just fry them in oil, cover them in sugar and call them doughnuts.

    But seriously, I hope it works out for you.

  27. HELP – # of guns: Am filing first constitutional challenge to New York limit on number of firearms limitation (10 firearms). Appeal of B Felony conviction, 5 years imprisoned for guns legally purchased while residing in another state, then unregistered upon move to NYState. Unloaded, locked away, no criminal use or sale. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR NRA/SAF and legislative CONTACTS TO HELP ME with AMICUS BRIEFS . . . . [email protected]


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