Letitia James new york attorney general ag
Attorney General of New York, Letitia James. New York state’s attorney general has begun an investigation into the National Rifle Association. A spokeswoman for Attorney General Letitia James said Saturday, April, 27, 2019 that James’ office has issued subpoenas as part of an investigation related to the NRA. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)
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During yesterday’s National Rifle Association membership meeting, one of the organization’s foes that Executive director Wayne LaPierre singled out for criticism was New York’s newly-elected attorney general Letitia James. Now, in the wake of allegations of overspending, conflicts of interest and a lack of internal controls, James has announced that her office has opened a formal investigation of the NRA.

As we’ve noted, the NRA is chartered in New York, going back to its founding. That gives it the power to regulate the organization. From the New Yorker . . .

James Fishman, a co-author of “New York Nonprofit Law and Practice: With Tax Analysis,” a leading text on nonprofit law, told me, “There is no such thing as a director who doesn’t direct. You’re responsible to make yourself aware of what’s going on. If the board doesn’t know, they’ve breached their duty of care, which is against the law in New York,” where the N.R.A. is chartered. According to Owens, the former I.R.S. official, New York State “could sanction board members, remove board members, disband the board, or close down the organization entirely.”

This is a very real threat to the nation’s oldest civil rights organization. See the AP’s report below, which notes that subpoenas — no doubt for both officers and board members — have been issued by the AG . . .

NEW YORK (AP) — New York state’s attorney general, who promised during her campaign to (investigate) the National Rifle Association’s nonprofit status, has begun an investigation into the finances of the gun owners’ group, her spokeswoman said Saturday.

“The Office of New York State Attorney General Letitia James has launched an investigation related to the National Rifle Association (NRA),” spokeswoman Kelly Donnelly said in an email. “As part of this investigation, the Attorney General has issued subpoenas.”

William A. Brewer, the NRA’s outside lawyer, says the organization “will fully cooperate with any inquiry into its finances.” He added, “The NRA is prepared for this, and has full confidence in its accounting practices and commitment to good governance.”

James, a Democrat, had vowed during her campaign last year to investigate the NRA’s not-for-profit status if elected.

“I will use the constitutional power as an attorney general to regulate charities, that includes the NRA, to investigate their legitimacy,” she said at a July 12 rally.

News of the investigation came as a struggle for leadership of the NRA erupted at the gun lobby’s annual convention in Indianapolis.

Iran-Contra figure Oliver North announced Saturday that he would not serve a second term as the NRA’s president. The move followed North’s failed attempt to remove longtime NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre.

The factional rift within the NRA was fueled in part by the threatened New York investigation. The group began a review of all its contractors last summer after James promised to investigate.

The review led the NRA to sue its longtime public relations firm, Oklahoma-based Ackerman McQueen, which some NRA officials complained was refusing to turn over financial records. North had taken the firm’s side in the legal battle.

The NRA has clashed repeatedly with New York elected officials aiming to curb the organization’s influence.

The group filed a lawsuit last year against Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other state officials after New York fined insurance broker Lockton Cos. LLC $7 million for underwriting an NRA-branded insurance program called Carry Guard.

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  1. Yeah sure, typical! Whenever you get caught runnin your games, look for someone else to throw a light on. Appears that most politicians in N.Y. need to be fitted for orange jumpsuits.

    • One thing about those wonderful New York Attorneys General: they sure aren’t corrupt. No sir.

      Except when they’re raping, embezzling, enslaving, or grifting. Otherwise, they’re great!

    • For a second there I thought you were talking about the NRA.

      The NRA controllers are destroying the organization from within. The leadership hijacked it and don’t care about its destruction.

      During the meeting they didn’t want to talk openly about their wrong doings because they feared the press would publicize the details and the government would use the information to get rid of the NRA. They “argued” for almost an hour about whether they should cloak things in secrecy and put the responsibilities on the board at a later time. Most people got up to make statements that they weren’t allowed to without first deciding whether to operate in secrecy or openly discuss the issues. It became an intentional clown show to waste time and not address the problems. Then Adam Kraut called to end the meeting before anything could really get done.

      What’s even worse is most of the members cheering for things that will destroy the organization and they continue to support the leadership regardless of their misdeeds. The doublethink was very strong.

      It really appears the NRA will collapse eventually because of the actions of the members, the board and the leadership. How do you fix something when the majority thinks they are doing the correct things? I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say the NRA is doomed. Eventually most of the members will be dead in 10-20 years, the NRA will effectively die with them, that is if the government doesn’t continue to get handed the opportunity to do it first.

      • Are you receiving your funding from Soros operations or from Blumberg? FOID

        Prove you were at the Annual Meeting troll.

        • If you don’t believe me, you should be able to watch what happened via NRATV. That is if you are not just a subverter.

        • User1 might even prove he/she/it is actually an NRA member since it is necessary to participate in the Meeting of the Members…

          I was there and sat 2 rows in front of Mics 1A/1B. From there I could hear all speakers as well as the comments and exclamations from the gang assembled there and around the other set of mics trying to shout down the chair and other leadership.

          The assembled members (and the chair and officers) gave ample time to the Kraut disciples and in the end, couldn’t even be pursuaded into passing a motion to move the meeting into executive session to dicuss the grievances in “private” away from the media and live coverage. Most of the proponents couldn’t even follow the flow of motions, amendments and debate and had to shout to figure out what was being voted on. Total embarrassment as far as I’m concerned, and not the kind of people I’d want leading the gun rights movement. In the end, Jay Printz summed it up fairly well- a lynch mob mentality by a small minority trying to goad the rest of the attendees into an action that they could not substantiate.

          If Kraut shows up at today’s Board meeting to air his case he’ll double in respect from me. I assume he and his forces will not, however since there won’t be live, real time media coverage. We’ll see. (He was actually one of the 7 Board candidates I voted for if only to prove he would likely be as ineffective as a Board member as he appears to be outside of it.)

          “It really appears the NRA will collapse eventually because of the actions of the members, the board and the leadership.” (User1)

          Appears to whom?? Not to the vast majority assembled at the meeting, nor, do I imagine, to the 5+ million members. I made my reservations for next years events in Nashville and look forward to returning to Indy in another 4 years as well. I’ve continued my donations and advocacy, will continue recruiting members and supporting the organization as best I can. Really, with only about 1/20th of US gun owners being paid-up members, NRA has made outstanding efforts in promoting and maintaining a right that is attacked nearly every minute, 24/7/365 from detractors from outside of the US, to actual gun owners who claim to be from inside the privately owned firearms populace. Soros, Steyer and Bloomberg LOVE you guys.

          Anyway, those of you planning the “NRA Funeral Celebration” will likely have a long, long wait, and if you plan on hiring the Hillary victory fireworks vendor you’ll probably have to pay upfront. All the best.

      • Idiot troll.

        Your ‘reply’ was as stupid and inconsequential as your post.

        Go vote for Biden.

      • The cancerous trolls are out in force, creating dissension and spreading lies. It is incredible that in the face of a virulent anti-gun attack by the Srate of New York, these propagandists still openly display their handiwork. Whatever you think of the NRA at the moment, NY is looking to kick your pro 2A ass, and will as long as you fall for these repugnant interlopers.

    • She needs one of those orange striped jumpsuits with the “P” for “princess” on the back…

      • Getting it too. Nothing that I could see in my original post seemed likely to have triggered it, and simply removing the last paragraph got it to go through.


      • I got my first this AM.
        Freaked me out at first.

        Then I started experimenting with changing my comment that triggered it.
        I was quoting from the “Armed Security Guard Opened Fire” and included the dateline in my quote.
        When I removed the Poway CA dateline, I was able to quote A 19-year-old gunman opened fire and comment on it.

        So no hack, just me running into a silly block, that was probably imposed this weekend if you managed to run into it today also.

      • “I received a first time notice that I have been blocked. Continuing drama.”

        Same here Danny, but for a few days now. The length of a comment seems to trigger it sometimes.

        I just wish TTAG would lay out what exactly is triggering it…

      • So far as I can tell, length triggers it, repeating a word an arbitrary number of times triggers it and using html editing more than a certain amount triggers it.

        It’s an anti spam feature that’s overprotective.

      • Cloudflare kept blocking me a few days ago. I tried different providers with respective different IPs on different devices. It kept blocking me until I deleted some of the innocuous text I quoted in my reply.

        I emailed TTAG twice about the issue and they never replied. Frankly, they don’t give a damn. IMHO, this site has gone to shit since RF sold it.

    • No kidding, I’ve figured this site and any other major gunm blog has been hacked for quite some time. What better place for the Feds to monitor the feelings of gunm owners then gunm blog sites. Once I get my Neutrino Fusion Bomb built I will fix all that

      • You think the progs have not figured out finally that the internet news/forum is the SOLE reason for their demise?

        With Soros/Bloomberg cash at war with America, including the 2nd/NRA where would you spend it? Direct your basement dwelling trolls to Constitutional sites/forums, buy them up (WHO actually bought THIS forum from Robert?).

        Cloward–Piven is all you need to know to understand the only idea the prog have as how to destroy the US.

        • If I were an anti-gun billionaire? I’d pay the amoral, money grubbing tool directing the NRA’s affairs to make a series of self-destructive decisions ahead of his retirement that doom the advocacy mission of the organization for decades. First, I’d do everything possible to bring political party elements into the organization so as to permanently shut off access to half the US population (and begin siphoning org money into related political PACs), then I’d set up contracts for a ton of “mosquito” lobbying & media groups to suck more cash from the org (making sure to have personal stakes in these firms, for a solid win-win), then I’d direct the expenditure of what little operating capital is left on expensive shooting facilities that are certain to be a financial drag on the org for decades, and last but not least, I would begin driving wedges between the portions of the NRA ‘electorate’ that are aware of what is happening and the apathetic Fudd majority, by reversing course on “guns don’t kill, people do” and denouncing the more controversial/less popular firearms & accessories.

          When you look at it strategically, the NRA has been committing suicide under Wayne’s leadership since practically the beginning. Well, maybe not *complete* suicide, but working to crush the pesky advocacy/political mission of the NRA so it could turn back into a sleepy shooting sports & industry org that makes money on training & branding, but doesn’t have the burden of delivering ‘results’ to the membership.

        • “If I were an anti-gun billionaire?”

          Obviously, you’re not one.

          Why even bother to spend money when you have dupes from within doing your work for you? Wayne’s salary? Small potatoes to what we have to spend overall, and his ability to raise money for NRA, every day, all these years have been phenomenal. Worse- when you have to spend against not only the formal and known anti-gun peeps but also to defend against those who claim to be friends of the 2A, that’s where money and time are being wasted…

  2. Over 20 years ago the NAACP went through similar investigations after it was discovered that it’s president was sexually harassing a staff member. And using donated funds to pay hush money to his victim.

    There were also allegations of misuse of donated funds, excessive salaries, and money being given to cronies, favored vendors, and people not interested in civil rights.

    Unfortunately no one went to jail for these crimes.

    We will see if there is a different outcome regarding the NRA. Another civil rights organization.

    • “Over 20 years ago the NAACP went through similar investigations…..”

      Are you kidding me? There was/is nothing the NAACP could do or could have done that would have the slightest possibility of anyone ever being brought to account. To even suggest so is white privilege racism at it’s finest.

      This is the NRA we’re talking about. You know, that group of old white men. Hang ’em all…..

      • So you say hang them all?

        Friend, I’m afraid history shows it’s the black folk being hanged not the white folk. Almost 5000 lynchings across the south, all African-Americans, some veterans of the United States military.

        Have you no sense of history or decency?

      • “This is the NRA we’re talking about. You know, that group of old white men. Hang ’em all…..”

        This 46 years old white male NRA member says – come and try it!

  3. Let’s hope the NRA is in the middle of reincorporating in another state as this isn’t going to go well. To borrow a tennis analogy, a lot of unforced errors here. I know this site has a lot of anti-NRA commenters but at the end of the day, we’re better off with them than without. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have other voices such as SAF, who was at the NRA annual meeting, or GOA, or the myriad or state groups – they may not align 100% with your beliefs or mine but they are a strong voice in the 2A crowd.

    • WHAT makes you think these twits are actually pro 2A vs paid for Soros/Blumberg (or Russian) trolls fomenting revolution? I assume they DO work for the progs.

      • Yup, *we’re* the problem. The NRA is doing just *perfect*. Beautiful even, nothing to complain about. It’s a global conspiracy that’s drained their finances, pissed off much of the membership, brought in corrupt figures as the face of the organization, and opened them to (bullshit, but still very much real) legal liability.

        How dare we point out the flaws; they’ll disappear if we ignore them harder. That’s how the liberals do it, and see how well they run things.

    • “Unforced errors.” This, precisely. It’s frustrating to be a fan of a team, when you feel (know?) you could do a better job as coach. And then you find out the coach has been embezzling from the team & molesting the players. Very demoralizing.

      The latest of said errors is LaPierre staying put. His continued existence throws fuel on the corruption-conspiracy fire, to say nothing of the highly questionable performance up until now. If North tried to blackmail him, they both need to be gone, yesterday. End of story. It’s insane for Wayne to think he can recover from this, and only serves to show how utterly loathsome & useless the board of directors have become under his tenure.

      Reformation is what’s needed, now. Off the top of my head, I can think of a half-dozen anti-corruption measures that could be implemented, which would assuage most of the concerns swirling about the organization today, and ensure the org remains both true to its mission and its membership for the foreseeable future. I have every expectation that the BoD and leadership will resist such necessary changes until they are forcibly removed or die of old age.

      • Colonel Oliver North should have never been president, he’s a traitor to our country and supplied millions in arms to the Muslim terrorists and Iran. Having him head the NRA is rather appropriate, as he is still serving his masters the military industrial complex selling arms across the world.

    • I *sort of* understand the need for the HQ to be in an big hub-city. NY is where the action is (DC* even more so), so in the end it makes sense to put the HQ there. Even if they moved the HQ someplace else and left a lobbying office behind, in a few years that lobbying office would grow to dwarf the HQ! If the NRA were truly the big-dog it likes to pretend it is, and politicians came *to them* instead of the other way around, what you propose might work, though.

      *I remember an article some time back about the crazy millions in rent the NRA spends to maintain a DC office –seeing as they’ve been lobbying since at least 1934 when they helped write/pass the NFA, you’d think they could have taken out & paid off a mortgage on a whole office building/apartment block by now.

    • Because under NY law, organizations chartered there can’t pick and move on a whim. They can’t leave without special permission from the AG first. Maybe 10 years ago they could (and should) have asked… but if the AG is investigating them now, she’s not going to let them just pull up stakes and take off for greener pastures outside of her jurisdiction.

      • Bullshit. We did away with slavery a long time ago, you can leave her stupid state anytime you wish, and there’s nothing she can do about it, regardless how much she thinks of herself. And trying to prevent their leaving while simultaneously trying to throw them out would be amusing.

  4. According to Owens, the former I.R.S. official, New York State “could sanction board members, remove board members, disband the board, or close down the organization entirely.”

    This sounds like way too much power held by the state in meddling in the affairs of a private organization. Able to close down an organization entirely? What are the metrics for doing so? Is “because guns!” enough to shut down an organization?

    • Is “because guns!” enough to shut down an organization?

      Not at this point in time.

      However, things like widespread internal corruption (e.g. use of the business for personal gain, as opposed to the organization’s charter), fraud, selling illegal products or services, operating without the proper permits, failing to observe government regulations (think Carry Guard for the last few points, depending on the state…), etc., can do it.

    • Fraud, laundering, embezzlement, tax evasion, etc.

      The government gave them a permission slip to operate. They can take it away or dictate to the permit holder. That’s what you get when you allow your government to give out licenses/permits.

      • It’s mostly about having a tax exempt status. And just why would a collection of people like the NRA or any other organization get a pass on paying taxes. I pay taxes, most people I know pay taxes and receive services such as police, fire, highways, airports, bridges, schools, etc.

        We, as a society, see the value of the services so we agree to pay for them in the form of taxes. So, in a fact we have socialized fire protection, socialized police protection, socialized transportation services such as the FAA and the DOT, socialized medical support in the form of grants to medical schools and universities, grants to hospitals for better facilities, etc.

        While our system of socialist support is not perfect, I imagine most of the people on this forum enjoys their social security benefits, and I am happy to pay into a fund to provide a socialist support system for my fellow Americans.

        Oh, the joys of socialism!

        • Many Republicans like to pretend that America isn’t a nationalist socialist country. They think socialism only comes from the Democrats. People love the U.S. flag and they enjoy their socialism.

          I remember when Republicans used to call for getting rid of things like public education. Now Republicans call for socialized security/police to be put into socialized schools. A lot of them don’t mind gun confiscation without due process.

          Republicans love to socialize the military and police. Then they use the military to build other peoples’ nations after they destroy them, which consequently puts requirements on the U.S. to take in refugees and provide for them. Some of those refugees commit attacks out of revenge, in response the Republicans call for a larger socialized police state.

          With the amount of socialism in America other socialists seek to come to America in the millions. They see how much socialism exists, they do not want to miss out on all the free stuff. They can come here illegally yet still live off the welfare/socialist state happily. The wall won’t stop the socialism, thus it won’t stop the socialists/communists from coming here by the millions.

          America is becoming more socialist each generation. A lot of Millennials and Z generation think “universal basic income” is a great idea and we should do it in 2020. They want government controlled jobs and government paychecks to guarantee their success. The so called “alt right” wants this communist program as much as the Democrats. Even Tucker Carlson wants to artificially stop advancement of technology in an effort to stop progress that will shift the work force into other positions and make life easier.

          Most Americans love themselves some level of socialism. The level they want is much more than the level the founders would have put up with. The founders would have started a revolution by now to stop this creep into communism that everyone is willfully participating in.

        • You pay taxes on profits. If you are a non-profit, you pay no taxes because you make no profits. If you are *not* a non-profit, you still pay no taxes if you make no profit. Come on, guys, don’t get hung up in the legalese, it’s not that tough.

        • No Larry, you know that’s not the whole truth. I pay real estate taxes, many people I know pay real estate taxes. But nonprofit organizations and churches, who own billions in real estate including buildings and other facilities, pay no real estate taxes whatsoever. And yet you and I pay for their fire protection their police protection the jurisprudence system they work under, and many other services that the taxpayers provide. Why should churches get a break on taxes, they expect us to put the fires out when the church is on fire, they expect the police to protect their property when the gunman attack, and they expect our jurisprudence system to deal with those who commit crimes against their properties.

          Why should nonprofits get a pass on paying taxes on their real estate and facilities when they expect us to carry the burden?

  5. Larry North’s honesty and honor flew South long ago. I understand how unfair to Larry it was that so many jackals were getting rich in the fake patriotism industry dominated by NRA and trump. Too bad Larry just wasn’t smart enough to beat those king grifters.

    • It’s Oliver North. And I think we all knew his secretary Fawn Hall was the brains of the outfit, anyway.

      • Perhaps you are right, it was his lovely secretary who was the architect of the plan to supply millions of dollars in tax payer funded weapons to the Iranian ayatollahs. Funny, she doesn’t look like a Moslem sympathizer but one can never tell, right?

  6. Well hell we got caught…. Sounds like the NY AG is trying to make the NRA fly right to me?

    • It can be both; she can be a political hack looking to harass an enemy, and the NRA can be in bad need of a good legal brush-fire.

      Somehow I suspect that however this shakes out, it blows up in the leftist’s faces in the end. They fucked up; allowing the NRA to continue to stagnate as gun rights steadily wither was the smartest strategy they had available. The NRA, either reformed or destroyed/rebuilt as something else (GOA?), will be a far fiercer opponent than the obese octogenarian 800lb gorilla we’ve come to expect. Because the gun owners aren’t going anywhere; politics, unlike war, doesn’t slay the loser (which is why tyrants are so careful about slaughtering the opposition wherever they can)

      This happened once before when Knox/Heston & his crew got in and started kicking ass & taking names (and pissing off the wrong people like LaPierre & the Bushes) at which point the NRA became the fearsome advocacy beast capable of swinging elections and punishing gun banners that we saw after the 94AWB. And that was from an aborted reformation that died out almost immediately when Knox began questioning LaPierre’s mismanagement. If that corrupt power structure is truly disrupted and the org becomes accountable to the membership at the highest levels, it’ll be “Katy bar the door.” Even if the group is totally destroyed & the building demolished, we’ll simply form up as another group, likely over night, and definitely motivated & looking for revenge.

      • “They fucked up; allowing the NRA to continue to stagnate as gun rights steadily wither was the smartest strategy they had available.”

        Exactly. I am a little surprised that government is going after its ever-reliable Judas goat and faux bogeyman. I’m expecting some federal players with a lot of pull to quietly make sure their best asset doesn’t die off completely. Without the complicit NRA, there wouldn’t have been as much progress by gun control since 1934. Then again, perhaps government doesn’t need its NRA asset since our society has been pulled so far left since the early days. The best outcome for the exercise of the unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms would be for the Negotiating Rights Away to disappear. A broken fire extinguisher provides dangerously false comfort. The NRA is like a fire extinguisher filled with accelerant. It’s deadly.

  7. This is not a drill…so sez old Wayne. Git your chit together NRA! How hard is it to leave NY? Pathetic…got another year left on my membership..
    Dunno if I’ll reup…

    • We need the NRA! We need the GOA! Not signing up is exactly what the crazy left wants! Don’t fall for the devil’s lies even if they have the slightest truth. They will try and deceive, divide, and disband to eventually disarm all of We The People. Gun owners use the snake as a symbol and say don’t tread on me or we will strike and the truth is a snake can’t bite if it already has a crushing left boot on it’s head while being cut into pieces. This is not a scare tactic, I wish we could say we truly have rights and a constitution that protects our freedom, but just look at the oppression of laws placed in 1934, 1938, 1968, 1986, 1993, 1994, 2019 and then comes the power hungry state level of B.S. in places like New York, Illinois, and California. The right side and NRA combined are not our saviours, the bump stock and red flag bills allowed me to finally see how our rights are not protected and none of them can’t be trusted, but at this time they are all we have and hopefully we will never have the day we all have to bare arms as a well regulated militia just like the country’s forefathers who fought and died against tyranny and forged the Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution, and Bill of Rights that were intended to protect ALL citizens of The United States Of America!

      • The NRA has helped gun control since 1934. It’s a Judas goat. I’m just shocked that government is ready to throw away its best asset for gun control. Perhaps government figures society is now socialist enough that Negotiating Rights Away is no longer necessary.

    • Because, legally, they can’t.

      It’s my understanding that under NY law, an organization that is chartered there can’t simply up and move and recharter to another state without permission of the AG. Maybe they could have pulled this off 10 years ago… but given everything happening in the last two weeks, asking permission *NOW* would look like they were running away from an investigation, so the AG would NEVER give them permission to do so.

      • Why would they ask permission? If you leave the state, the state no longer has control over your future actions. Just leave, establish elsewhere, send the dumbass a note saying it’s done. I’m sure she can veto an organization coming in, leaving there is no chance.

      • Another response might be “Citation?” Like, possibly, “organizational enslavement act of 1960” or some such, requiring other states to return escaped organizations.

  8. Ollie North being gone is a good thing. Now to boot Wayne LaPierre out, fire his ass. If it takes a state AG to force out the bad seeds, thieves, self-aggrandizers and gun-banning compromising political hacks, I’m good with that. Surving a serious illness is never a pleasant passage, so don’t be discouraged by the rough ride the NRA needs to go thru.

    The NRA should move out of New York. There are so many other states where it would be welcome with open arms! Pick a state with the fullest acknowledgement of the Constitutional and Natural Right of Self Defense. Here’s a coule of lists to pick from:



    It is unfortunate that the NRA had to evolve into a “civil rights” organization. It did not begin as that. It began as a marksmanship sponsoring group. It was the

    • “Marksmanship sponsoring group” is an understatement. It actually was started by government men to teach their men how to hit what they were trying to kill. At the time the targets that inspired them were rebellious Americans trying to secede.

      Hence why the NRA is so pro military and police.

  9. A black woman who goes after the prime organization that protects the right of people to protect themselves. Makes all kinds of logical sense, blacks need protection and guns are the best female defense against abuse. Yep, makes all kinds of sense. Almost as much sense as Jews in favor of gun control.

  10. “Targeted” regulatory investigations are the new Bills of Attainder: new and improved and constitutionally approved.

  11. This is another brazen example of the Democrats weaponizing the government against the people. Where’s the evidence the NRA violated any not-for-profit laws to justify the investigation in the first place? Can you imagine the outrage if GOP AGs opened investigations into leftist organizations? It will be interesting if any political leaders on either side call out NY’s gestapo tactics.

      • Yes, the same morons who were calling for gun owners to carry 1 million in insurance coverage got what they requested and now call it murder insurance.

  12. We must protect the Assets of the NRA for gun rights and 2020 election we CANNOT AFFORD TO Lose Congress and White House! Not a option unless u like NZ confiscation and civil wars!

    Looks like they are trying the fail option #1
    Option 1. A majority of the Board circles the wagons in defense of Wayne LaPierre and his pals and tries to weather the storm. (They’ll fail, and the whole ship will sink.)
    Option 2. A majority of the Board fires LaPierre and other executives (or accepts their resignations) and nullifies their contracts, suspends all vendor contracts pending thorough review and renegotiation, and purges culpable members of their own body demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding NRA assets on behalf of the membership. (Plugging the holes and possibly saving the ship.)

    • Option #3
      The ship sinks, with those responsible left holding the bag. Members donate to another group. That group becomes lobbying force in DC. The gun community marches on.

      LaPierre and Cox know what they did. They know what’s coming. To try to remove them at this point would almost be a blessing to them. If the NRA was left paying fines and back taxes and they were fired.

    • LOL, almost the exact same “conundrum” faced by the Catholic Church before the Reformation. “We can either keep looting the treasury & pissing off more and more of our followers until they burn us, or we can stop doing those things and instead do our jobs like they pay us to; what’s a VP to do?”

      The ship will sink unevenly, the keel will break, and the front half filled with people actually willing & able to bail water will be kept afloat. If the NRA survives this transition, it won’t be the same NRA as before; it will be one of the following;
      1) Nakedly political PAC with no gun rights mission; that’s what this lawsuit by NYC is trying to prove is *already the case*, btw. NRA-PVF basically takes over in this scenario
      2) Sport shooting, hunting, and training org, with little or no political presence. NRA-ILA & NRA-PVF die off in this scenario, leaving behind all the local orgs/clubs/ranges/trainers, and a loose set of overarching guidelines governing them. A return to the NRA of old.
      3) Radicalization. Hate to use the term, but a reformation at this point is guaranteed to be far more aggressive and adamant than what we have currently. This is what the politically-active portion of the membership wants, and they want it because it will get results. This is what the GOA has been growing so rapidly on, even though they still lack the means to power that the NRA already has. A clearly-defined mission of stopping gun control, promoting gun rights, and refusing to tolerate any deviation from that plan. A massive, coordinated voting/fundraising block ready, willing, and able to turn on any politician stupid enough to betray it, and strategically attacking gun control & its proponents across all available avenues. The sort of dogged, relentless, successful approach we’ve come to so associate with leftist advocacy.

  13. Bloomberg,Soros,De Blasio,Cuomo will push hard to take the NRA along with the 500 million dollars plus all the real estate….can Trump help them?

    If all the anti-gun groups got investigated (Never Happen) there is a treasure trove of scandals in those to employ every lawyer in the world and the whole universe!

    • Being a prog is not prima facia evidence of being a thief who covets another’s property? Tell be it isn’t so.

      How about an investigation how Soros received US Citizenship.

  14. Given she has a legal leg to stand on, I’ve got no sympathy for the NRA here. All they had to do was NOT embezzle money to enrich the senior executives at the cost of their stated mission.

  15. How about she investigates George Soros’ interference in American political groups, including Antifa. I live inthe USSI the United Soviet-like Socialist Illinois with out facsist Democratic house and house leader and its morbidly obese Radical Left wing Gaziollionaire Governor. Couldn’t even buy an AR in Cook County, Can’t get ammunition. I’m homebound for the most part and casn’t benefit from delivery. Can’t wait to get to Florida, but can’t sell my house the taxes in Illinois and “Crook” county are so high

    • Someone, be nice! Yes, at the top of the home page are categories, including “gun reviews” and “gear reviews”. Select and Enjoy.

  16. Letitia James is also sometimes spelled, Andrew Cuomo. She is his hand picked and anointed AG.
    Now that NYS is completely controlled (Assembly, Senate, AG, Comptroller and Governor. NYC has deBlasio but he’s just a garden variety imbecile) by Libs, 2A is front and center.

    • States economy is in the crapper, people are leaving in ” caravans”, but they’ll still find the money to persecute us evil gun nuts! Progressive, my ass!

      • Bingo

        Well, this is the same Governor who said we have no place in HIS state. NY is so far gone I just wish we could leave sooner than we can.

        • That almost sounds like criticism. I for one, certainly have no place in his state, even for a weekend.

  17. Mexico will pay for the investigation and, trust me, there’s been no collision! Agent Orange out.

  18. Talk about things or organizations needful of investigation, the government and operations of New York State are a prime example thereof.

  19. If the NRA wants to get the govt off their back and on their side, they should change their initials to BLM.

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