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Winchester’s unveiled their Super X3 Sporting shotgun. For serious clay shooters (as opposed to Ralph and me who are always making jokes), the SX3S’s lightweight aluminum alloy receiver and ported, ventilated rib barrel should make the gun easy to swing hither and yon, and reduce muzzle jump. The X3’s Active Valve gas system gets an upgrade: a new, unique sporting gas piston that cycles all 2 ¾ inch shotshells, from light to heavy, and back. You also get a fiber optic front sight (high speed internet optional), five Signature choke tubes, AND an Invector-Plus™ Choke System partnered with a precise .742″ Back-Boring (that regulates the shot more efficiently than any other system, apparently). Now how much would you pay? Don’t answer! If nothing else, on the Internet no one can hear you scream. Unless you’ve got a webcam. Anyway . . .

The Super X3 Sporting Adjustable shotgun—Item 511115392 for short—boasts a walnut stock and forearm with an “oil-like satin finish” and an adjustable comb. For those of you who have trouble shouldering the responsibility that knocking clay pigeons out of the sky entails, there’s a Pachmayr® Decelerator recoil pad.

Choose you barrel length—28, 30 or 32 inch—fork over $1,629.99, and Winnie will slap that bad boy in a fitted ABS hard case embossed with the Winchester logo and send it to your local FFL.

  • Receiver – Aluminum alloy
  • Barrel – Ventilated rib; Ported; Fiber-optic front sight; mid bead
  • Action – Gas operated with Active Valve System; 12 gauge, 2 3/4″ chamber;
  • Stock – Satin, walnut; Fully adjustable comb
  • Features – Chrome Plated chamber and bore; Five extended Signature Invector Plus™ choke tubes (LF,IM,M,IC,SK); Pachmayr® Decelerator® recoil pad; Molded red case included



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    • I’m pretty sure the SX3 will handle better and be more appropriate for clay bird shoots… then again, I had a guy who asked me to run trap for him when he was trying out his Siaga magazine-fed 12-ga.

      Having shot a standard SX3, I can say that they handle wonderfully, although not as smooth as my older 11-87. They do cycle fast, much to their “hype”, and make a great hunting companion. For serious trap/skeet shooting, O/U shotties are still “king”. I do however, see a lot more semi’s each week.

  1. The best thing about shooting clay pidgeons is that you don’t have to walk 300 yards downrange to check whether you hit the bullseye. I wish somebody would invent exploding targets ’cause those long walks are killing me.

  2. I can’t help but wonder how that sucker would look chopped down to 18″ and wearing a tactical flashlight…

  3. I have a winchester sx3 sporting in 28″ barrel and it is the best semi-auto ive ever owned by far…. And for the cost compared to Benelli and Beretta i believe it is the better value in firearms.

  4. Hey all,,,
    Felt like blowing some money so I went ahead and bought a SX 3, the 30″ Sporting Clays version, and a Benelli Ethos with a 28″ bbl.
    The Ethos is a great gun. Its impressive looking, and a well built Shotgun. Plus having a inertia action, its a real blessing not to have to clean any gas ports and pistons every time I use it.
    But,,, I have to admit that despite that additional cleaning required, I am more impressed with my Winchester.
    Despite Benellis claims, the Winchester has it all over the Ethos when it comes to a soft recoil.
    It also swings and handles better when shooting any of the Clay Sports.
    Benelli insists that you use 1 1/8 loads to cycle their action, but I have shot 7/8 oz. skeet loads with the SX 3 and It works consistently with just about anything I feed it.
    Sorry Benelli but this time the folks at Winchester definitely out did the Italians and for considerably less money.


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