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To be fair, Tannerite has always sold its product as a long-range shooting accuracy indicator. Who needs binoculars to check whether or not your rifle round hit the bull when the target explodes on contact? Sure, it’s fun. And yes you can use Tannerite’s binary bits to blow shit up. But that’s not the point is it? Know what I mean? Nudge nudge wink wink. But just in case you do want to use Tannerite for the purpose for which it is advertised, the company now sells its chemical compounds with a target. You can mix-up just the right batch to create a “binary rifle target.” Semantically, I’ve got issues; a binary rifle target should come in two pieces. Practically and commercially?It’s a hit! As in BOOM! And I like the tagline – “A reward for accuracy” – because yup, it sure is. As for the name – “Kill Shot Target” is concerned, well, we can’t let Chris Costa corner the market on testosterone-infused come-ons can we?

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  1. Pie plate with bullseye withy tannerite behind it.

    We could make millions, with an m.

    TTAG binary rifle targets!!

  2. Rumor has it that people have been arrested and prosecuted in California–San Diego any way–for possession of Tannerite as a “destructive device” under state law.

    • You could buy tannerite materials over the Internet before they even were a company……it’s not difficult.

      More idiocy.

      • Oh hell, there are many stores in California that sell it–legally I might add (under Federal law) but the DA in San Diego doesn’t care. He wants it banned and will try to send anyone to jail who uses it (i.e., mixes the two components together) .

        • Is there a county, state, city, or even neighborhood ordinance against it?


          Countersue the county. Go all Leonard embody on them.

  3. Christ Costa’s beard has small, retractable, lightning fast hands that control recoil, clean, lubricate and reload the weapon and send it back into battery faster than they human eye can detect their movement.

    Chuck Norris’ beard gives Christ Costa’s beard bl0w jobs and calls it ‘daddy.’

  4. Ever since a few knuckle heads started some fires in Utah, it appears usage is restricted. I don’t care what the box indicates, Tannerite may start a fire – even when used as directed.

    I’ll bet those targets they provide will smolder…

    That said, I love shooting Tannerite!

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