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So you’ve tried every standard type of holster under the sun and can’t abide dragging around a boat anchor pistol all day long. Some people are recoil sensitive, you’re carry sensitive. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The thing is, you still want to have a gun with you wherever you go. That means off-body carry, with the attendant compromises that go along with not having possession of your mohaska at all times. You’re not alone. Plenty of gun owners out there go that way. The problem is, fanny packs are, well, fanny packs. So if you’re a dood, that leaves you with some kind of turse . . .

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But what if your daily appointed rounds mean you need to carry a laptop, files, folders and other assorted EDC chazerai with you? You’ll need something bigger. Something like a messenger bag, maybe. The dilemma: bags from makers like Timbuk2 and Tom Bihn are nice, but a little too urban hipster for your tastes. There’s Maxpedition, but like the other stuff, that’ll leave a healthy dent in your ammo budget. Just when you were about to give up, though, along comes Tacprogear with their new Pro Travel Bag. Here’s their press release:

DELRAY BEACH, FL (April 2014) –  Tacprogear, a leading manufacturer of tactical equipment used by professionals around the globe, has developed travel gear for the security conscious person looking for an alternative to the every day fanny pack. The Pro Travel Bag combines the best features found in today’s laptop and messenger bags with quick access to a hidden pistol compartment through a side pouch. The Tacprogear Universal pistol wheel is included with the Pro Travel Bag.


An interior, reinforced and padded laptop bag is removable, allowing the user to expedite laptop withdrawal when processing through a security check point. The Tacprogear Pro Travel Bag is made from a durable 1000D Cordura® nylon with YKK® zippers, additional storage pockets and a padded shoulder strap; it measures 8-inches deep by 11-inches wide by 18-inches high. Available in black only with an MSRP of $109.00.

For more information on the Pro Travel Bag or any of the Tacprogear product line, visit

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  1. Now, that is something to get for the Patriot who “has everything”! I’ve telephoned the company and will buy one or more. Great idea and I hope a great design, durable and comfortable…we’ll see!

  2. What could be worse than having your laptop, paperwork and chapstick ganked? Having your pistola ganked at the same time. I just can’t get behind off-body carry. Too little security in an already insecure world. If you partake in this method I wish you the best of luck, but I will not be insecure. Unsecure? Not secure?

    …..Do I look fat?

  3. Pfft. In my day we would just hang our gats inside our trenchcoats.

    All the advantages of off-body carry without most of the cons.

  4. >Pfft. In my day we would just hang our gats inside our trenchcoats.<

    That would look a bit odd when it is sunny, humid, and 104.

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