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“A Swedish company, Yevo Labs, is building its latest headphones with material from an improbable source: guns,” reports. “‘In a way, this is the most valuable material in the world,'” said Andreas Vural, Yevo’s founder and president. ‘It’s a firearm that may have taken someone’s life.'” “May have” my röv! I mean . . .

what are the odds that the gun bits melted down to make Yevo’s headphones were involved in an actual homicide? In Sweden? Besides, why would you want to highlight that fact? Isn’t the “these headphones may have killed someone” marketing appeal to the wrong sort of person? Apparently not . . .

Yevo bought [the materia] from a Swedish initiative called Humanium. In addition to its weight, the Humanium-metal headphones also cost five times more to make. Yevo is using it to make both the accent metals around the edge of the headphones, as well as for the outside case.

Everything about this gun metal device says it isn’t a piece of tech meant to disappear into the background of my everyday life.

“We want to bring more awareness” to the issue of gun violence, Vural said. And a portion of sales will go back to Humanium as well.

Yes, well, here’s a similar but more revealing quote Vural gave to

“We just hope that we can get the product out there to build awareness about the product and the metal.”


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  1. Why the hell would anybody want metal headphones that cost 5 times more than regular headphones? These are obviously for hipsters and SJW’s that want to virtue signal.

    • “Why the hell would anybody want metal headphones that cost 5 times more than regular headphones? These are obviously for hipsters and SJW’s that want to virtue signal.”

      Those exist already, they are sold by one rapper under the ‘Beats’ brand name.

      Hilariously, one tech blog did a ‘bill of materials’ (BOM, in the ‘trade) tear-down on them and discovered an old electronics manufacturing trick, chunks of steel in the product to give it a sense of ‘heft’, and therefore supposed quality.

      Where the quality was supposed to matter, in the sound, they discovered cheap-crap parts-bin commodity drivers, the part that actually makes the sound.

      Bottom line, they cost 17-20 dollars each to make, and are sold for $200.

      From this tear-down, the difference between the counterfeit ‘Beats’ and the genuine one were *minimal*…

    • Buy your headphones based on musicality, not some kind of statement they make to others (Beats, Skullcandy, this crap). For my money, I am going to stick with Shure, Westone, Sennheiser, AKG, AudioTechnica, Beyerdynamic, or Grado Labs.

        • Because all of the above are superior soundstages for less than the price of BOSE (Buy Other Sound Equipment). To Audiophiles, BOSE is the Kel-Tec of audio equipment. Looks interesting to the novice but to those in the know, you avoid it and buy something else.

        • I would compare BOSE to H&K instead of Kel-Tec. It’s a nice product that a lot of people push but you can get better quality for a lower price.

      • Got a set of $50 AudioTechnica headphones recently. Glorious sound. Extremely flat response and isolates extremely well. If I were doing serious work I’d probably have put down a little bit more money, but these are great for listening.

        • Yep, you can get some some solid sound with those.

          The Grado 60e (made in USA) is another solid buy in that price range.

          Make a kid who bought those $200 ‘Beats’ cry, let him listen to yours.

          Let some kid with iPhone earbuds listen to yours and watch his eyes pop…

  2. Odds are people have plenty of things made from metal that came from cars that DID take someone’s life…

    … and they didn’t have to pay 5X as much for it, because scrap metal is scrap metal.

    • Good point. Chances are we’ve all drank water that once helped drowned someone thousands of years ago too, meanwhile breathing the same air Hitler breathed.

      • “…breathing the same air Hitler breathed.”

        Estimates vary, but run around 4-5 atoms in each breath of air has some of what Jesus, Mohamed, and about anyone else who lived to adulthood, including Hillary, Hitler, and Shannon inhaled.

        Speaking of Shannon, here’s an earworm for ya :

        “Shannon is gone again, drifting out to sea…”

        You’re welcome.

        *Evil Snicker* 😉

  3. This is weird.

    Maybe they can sell silverware made from the needles used for lethal injections, death penalty awareness and all. Maybe a shirt woven from fibers of ropes used to hang war criminals?

    Would you want these in your ears? The haunted ghosts of victims might start whispering for you to avenge them…

    Seems to me they are just virtue signaling snake oil sellers out to separate people from their money.

  4. So, you want me to put part of a (former) gun to my head?

    What am I, crazy?! Guns are so evil even former gunmetal must be able to do some damage, right?

  5. Well how do I know my Colt Detective 38 Special didn’t kill someone? It was carried by Detectives in the early to mid 70’s

    Wouldn’t give rat’s rear end if it did!
    Just know it’s not going to kill anything other than paper targets for the rest of it’s useful life.

    Don’t carry a handgun you can’t easily replace.

  6. Don’t waste your money, guys. I got a pair as part of an early-adopter program and no matter what I try listening to, all I can ever hear out of them are the nonstop wails of the restless dead.

  7. I hope these headphones are properly registered (license fees paid to the proper authorities) have had the number of hours of training in usage, a permit to wear issued and have not had the serial number removed!!

    The STUPIDITY of the anti-gun crowd is just so amazing!!

    You just can NOT make this stuff up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I’ll tell you a secret – a nice quality headphone cord is excellent for strangling. I wonder how many lives one cord can take? A versatile thing indeed – homicide, suicide. You name it.

  9. This whole thing reeks of somebody who got a brilliant idea while stoned, but could only kind of half-remember it sober.

  10. We could always reduce the intrinsic value of this precious material by producing more of it. Starting with the idiots who think of shit like this.

  11. Just like my iPhone that may have been assembled by a FOXCON worker shortly before he flung himself off a balcony to his death?

  12. I would certainly be onboard with reusing anything from guns that have to be destroyed (e.g. ones that are damaged beyond repair), but I’m not sure I’d really make that a selling point, beyond “made from recycled materials”.

    As for headphones themselves, I tend to use a Logitech headset while on my PC, and some cheap Sony headphones when I’m out and about.

  13. Recall one of the Apollo flights took some coins along. They were then melted down, mixed with lots more metal, and made back into coins. They were then sold as having ” been to the moon.”
    Pretty sure the same scam applies here.


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