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Now even Matt is getting in on the fun. “Hey Nick, it’s a new M&P15-22. Because it’s got a new paint job. New.” Sigh. The M&P15-22, a .22lr version of the AR-15 rifle, now comes with a new paint job. Hooray.

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  1. It’s a great little rifle, wonderful training tool and fun at the range, but come on guys…

    This is akin to Ford announcing, “New for 2014: The Ford F-150 Now Comes with A Black/Tan Paint Job”

    • Haha, I saw the video and sent it to him as a joke. I didn’t expect him to make a post out of it.

      But I laughed when he did.

      • I read it first in Nick’s normal voice. And then I read it in his ‘deep sigh/sad voice’

        I highly recommend the second.

  2. On its website, S&W is calling it “Tan and Black,” rather than “Black and Tan.” Black and Tan has an unfortunate connection to British domination of Eire and would likely upset the Irish-American contingent.

  3. You guys laugh, but in California manufacturers must certify every color of a handgun separately.

    • I agree. As for the camo job, it’s pretty nice. I enjoy camo patterns and, NO, it’s NOT a tacticool thing. I’ve been fascinated by camo forever. I study it; it’s inherently interesting.

    • Seems like a variant of the Vietnam Tiger Stripe pattern, which was, as I recall, an extreme optical elongation of the Woodland Pattern, barely in use here and there.

      Tiger Stripe seems to be making a comeback, here and there, in new variations. It was always better than Woodland. The Pentagon is SO prone to use the worst available pattern; I’m not going to go into why I think this is so.

  4. I’ve had one for about a year now, and really have fun shooting it. Great gun. I just can’t remember what color it is. Guess I’ll open the safe and look, or not. But the gun is great, whatever the color.

  5. Ok, not a new rifle. Blatant attempt by S&W to pander to mall ninjas. I get all that.

    But here I am, a 57 year old OFWG that uses an M1 Carbine for home defense, and I’ve got to admit, that is a fine looking rifle. And I own absolutely nothing that is camouflaged. Rifle is shore purty, though.

  6. I have been contemplating which threaded .22 rifle for a suppressor host as my stamp should be coming any month now. Finally decided on the M&P 15-22. I went to every shop in town planning on just picking up a threaded black one . Then I saw this camo version and for $50 more, I thought it was pretty cool. And I am no mall ninja. What’s wrong with a little flavor to spruce things up a bit with the line-up? I’m an old guy, and I think it looks nice. Definitely a better camo paint job than I could do for 50 bucks.

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