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X400 Uktra light green laser combo (courtesy

Gearscout has scouted-out two new products from SureFire that look like sure fire hits. The $790 X400 rail-mounted light now comes with a green laser. “In addition to being highly visible, the five-milliwatt (505 nanometer) green laser of this new X400 Ultra is generated by a green-laser diode, making it more reliable over a wider temperature range than double YAG green lasers on the market.” ‘Cause operators operating operationally need both arctic and equatorial reliability. In terms of actual operation, try this [from the SureFire product page] at home . . .

X400 Ultra operation (courtesy

Activating the X400 Ultra is done via ambidextrous switching located at the rear of body, providing one-finger control — press the switch on either side for momentary-on activation, flip up or down for constant-on activation. A separate switch at the rear of the X400 Ultra allows you to (1) activate white light illumination only, (2) activate white light illumination simultaneously with the laser sight, (3) activate the laser sight only, or (4) disable the entire X400 Ultra. See illustration above. 

Now try that with people shooting at you. Or while scanning for bad guys – but not muzzling – in a room with friendlies. With people shooting at you. Just sayin’. Meanwhile, check out the $140 XM-style tailcap for SureFire Scout lights . . .

XM tailcap for SureFire Scout lights (courtesy


The new set-up gives shooters activational redundancy. If the pressure pad fails, he or she can press the back of the light up their lives. Works for me, only I don’t like wires hanging off my gun. I’d like to try it when serving a warrant thought. Know what I mean? [h/t MP]


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  1. I would not buy a light that is more expensive than my gun…that’s like the cars you see with wheels more expensive than their car…silly!

    • Surefire makes great (overpriced) stuff. BUT their focus appears to be on militarizing cops (where wacker boner beats out waste of taxpayer $ on overpriced kit).. For wannabe “opertors”.

  2. With the gun light the desired setting should be tested and set at the range and then left that way. You shouldn’t need to fiddle with the dial when in use because you train as you fight. The actual light/laser is activated by a larger paddle on the back near where your indexed finger would rest.
    Now using a weapon light as a flash light to search for things is another matter all together…

  3. Ok… 5mW green is probably a class IIIa laser which is going to be stupidly bright when your pupils dilate in low light conditions. Yeah… This is a recipe for somebody getting serious laser injuries.

    • Seriously!

      I have a 5mw green diode laser pen, and it will light up buildings several *miles* away. In a room or a hallway it will make it bright enough to read just reflected off a painted wall.

      This seems like severe overkill.

    • There is growing branding overlap between the “sports” labels and law enforcement. Oakley, Under Armour, Reebok, etc…. It’s only a matter of time before shooting dogs and flashbanging babies in cribs in the X-Games. Gotta look cool and trendy when the kids are crying and screaming “you shot my dog!”

      • I meant the plastic armored knuckle guards. Then again, those are probably good for punching someone. You are right, though, I see officers all the time wearing Underarmor and stuff like that.

        • Those are Oakley dry carbon fiber tactical gloves. They are even issued down range in Afghanistan to many of the “combat” orientated units. You can buy those gloves from many different site (ie… … just for example and to show that they are “real” tactical gloves and not the motorcycle ones. The motorcycle ones use a polymer reinforced Carbon fiber in the knuckles since it is more durable when it comes to scuffs.) With all that said, what is wrong with wearing high performance clothing. Yes there is “brand” names on them, but isn’t there brand names on everything. Even if it is less noticeable or not as well known. But I have to say Underarmor and Oakley have really stepped up their game on providing “professional” clothing at a much lower price then before and with a greater choice. The fact that you see more officers wearing them just goes to show how well their stuff works. Doing contract work myself I can really appreciate the better sweat wicking properties of the Underarmor stuff. That and Oakley offers their stuff on at a major discount, around 60% or so off of retail to, Fire Fighters, Law Enforcers, Contractors, the Military, etc… I buy all kinds of things on there, well worth it 🙂

  4. At that price they better be throwing the gun in with it. Who’s going to have money to buy a gun after spending $800 on a flashlight?

    • $800 sounds about right for a flashlight when you’re spending other people’s money (taxes). Expect to see these hanging off SWAT officers’ guns soon…

      Also, tacticool mall-ninja wannabes will spend ridiculous amounts of money one-upping each other for bragging rights, so there’s another market.

  5. Sure, you can rationalize the cost of this thing, but for that price I’d sooner buy another gun.

    • Well if not this version of a spotting laser then some form of one. Depends on your needs. If you are using it in extreme temperatures, I know for a fact the lower dollar lasers do not work. They power up but do not output enough light when it is too cold. They fail quickly when it is too hot out. So to have something with the operational temps that the setup offers is amazing. I have owned 5 different lasers. All about 300 bucks and none of them work in that sort of range.

  6. Streamlight sells their stuff at a fraction of the cost and seems just as durable. What gives? Does surefire have a gov contract that forces their prices up like Knights Amrory?

  7. $790 is way too operationally operational for me. I think it would be interesting to see a comparative performance review of something like this compared to something less expensive and compared to the $40 Wal*Mart special. What would $800 get me that $400 or $40 wouldn’t?

  8. I like Surefire, but that’s way too much money for a gun light. My duty light is an olde school 160 Lumen TLR-1s without a laser. It was $105, and it works fine. The green laser would definitely increase the cost, but Streamlight definitely has more lumens and mW per dollar.

  9. After you put out eight Benjamin’s for the “flash light”, don’t forget the $140.00 “switch” for the fore grip

  10. I like some of the accessories surefire puts out, specifically their flip-up filters and combat rings, but the lights themselves are overpriced and/or rated. I’m fond of Inforce myself, excellent quality, light weight, and pretty reasonably priced. I use their WML at work and it’s a great little light.

  11. The green-laser diode vs double YAG green laser is the reason for the added cost. I personally have a green laser spot attached to my XD40 for the “home security” weapon. It is the double YAG type. It works well in the house at normal temperatures. However take it outdoors in the cold and you can’t see it for the first few minutes it is one at a distance of more then 15 feet on a target, not until the laser “warms up”. I can see why having a laser with a wider temp range is important if anyone were to use this type of setup out doors in colder climates. My house is in Florida, so limited time we see cold weather might not warrant me the need for that type of setup. That and I use the one I have for indoors (intruder protection sort of thing, nice knowing you can point that green spot on something with out the need for a properly timed hold and stance.) When it comes to personal protection, what is $800 in the grand scheme of things. If you get them before they get you, then the money would not be have been that much. However on the flip side of things, lets say someone breaks in to your home and they are standing in between you and you child or spouse. The green dot on the intruders chest might make that person reconsider doing something wrong. If nothing else you are going to be able to protect your family with a lower probability of missing, and running the chance of hurting someone you loved. Personally I would like to see the green laser by itself.

  12. Referencing statement – “‘Cause operators operating operationally need both arctic and equatorial reliability.”

    Robert Farago, please refrain from poking fun at those of us who actually must use our weapons outside… for extended periods of time… without going into a comfortable, temperature controlled environment. Just in case you didn’t know, Alaska is a state of our Union, and the middle of the state (Fairbanks/North Pole/Fox areas) can see extremely high temperature differences. These differences are significant, with temperatures reaching the upper 90’s in summer and the -50’s and -60’s in winter. I know not all of us can be “Pew Professionals” like Leghorn; some of us cannot call our gun related exploits “competitions”. We rely on them to live and let die.

    The price is a little steep for me, but technological improvements regularly require a higher price tag in order to recoup of the initial development cost. Just think back to when LED’s first came out, they were incredibly expensive! Now, LED’s are in everything from the lowest foreign made junk and toys to the most expensive sports car.

    In other news, thank you Jay F. for your comments which are reasonable and not steeped in sarcasm or politics.


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