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There are as many ways to carry a firearm as Israeli models worthy of linkage. But just as Bar Refaeli and Esti Ginzburg stand apart from their comely colleagues, inside-the-waistband (IWB) and outside-the-waistband (OWB) holsters are the go-to options for concealed carriers. Adherents of either method can choose from a wide range of holster designs and materials made by manufacturers chasing an elusive mix of comfort, reliability, efficiency of presentation and affordability. I’ve made my choice: outside-the-waistband. YMMV but here’s why I reckon OWB beats IWB . . .

dragonleather holster

1. Grip

When you extract your firearm from concealment, your first grip is your best grip. It should be your only grip (the model above shows you how not to do it). Changing the way you hold the gun from extraction to presentation increases the odds that you’ll miss your target. Even if you’ve practiced drawing your gun and changing your grip – however slightly – there’s still plenty of margin for error. Fingers turn to flippers during an adrenalin dump, making the slightest readjustment a potential disaster. Lest we forget, your hands may sweat.

Most inside-the-waistband holsters press your gun flat against holster material that’s in contact with your body (keeping the gun from making contact with your skin).  To get a grip on your gat and extract it, you have to insert your thumb between the gun and the holster material. “Combat-cut” IWB holsters (e.g., Kinetic Concealment’s Hybrid Neoprene Holster above) minimize the problem, but don’t eliminate it.

Some IWB holsters don’t put material between your gun’s handle and your body (e.g. Galco’s Stow-N-Go above). If you’re wearing a tucked-in shirt or undershirt underneath an outer garment (i.e., a jacket or a second shirt), I reckon this is the better option for assuring a good initial grip on the gun’s handle with an IWB holster. However . . .

If you live in a warm, one-shirt-to-rule-them-all locale (e.g., the great state of Texas) this type of IWB holster places the gun’s grip directly against your skin. Your thumb scrapes across your flesh during extraction. It’s not a huge deal – especially if you’re partial to manicures. And a scraped stomach is way better than whatever injury your attacker may inflict. But the ergonomic insult doesn’t encourage precision or practice.

Yes, you can quickly and efficiently draw a gun from an IWB holster. As with any firearm-handling skill, the more you practice the more instinctive extraction becomes. But most people don’t practice drawing their firearm on a regular, consistent basis. Wedging your thumb into position, sinking your hand all the way down on the gun’s grip and securing a full hold on your firearm (trigger finger ready to slide onto the barrel in the proper position) before extraction is not the easy option.

Generally, it’s much easier to get a full, complete and locked-in grip on your gun with an OWB holster. The gun stands slightly proud of your body so there’s significantly faster and more precise access to you gun and less nail-on-flesh scrapage in one-shirt applications. For gun schleppers who can put a shirt between the OWB holster and their body, drawing couldn’t be easier. [See: video below.]

Even better, an OWB holster lets you feel you the exact location of your trigger finger the instant it touches the holster. With an IWB holster, your trigger finger touches your pants and/or belt. A slight change in the angle of approach can put your trigger finger in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not dismissing inside-the-waistband carry. I’ve listed reasons why it’s superior to OWB below. But getting a good, firm grip on your gun is more instinctive with OWB than an IWB holster. Note: this rule of thumb (so to speak) is even more applicable for pulchritudinous carriers (a.k.a., OFWGs).

2. Re-holstering

Re-holstering is an extremely important part of a defensive gun use. While you should never put your gun away until you are sure there are no more imminent, credible threats of death or grievous bodily harm (e.g., the recent Las Vegas Walmart CCW killing) you want to stash your gat before the police arrive. The Boys in Blue like to see both gun-free hands in the air, no matter who did what to whom before they arrived.

Re-holstering after a defensive gun use (DGU) is bound to be a bitch – no matter which carry system you use or how much you practice. And you really should. Practice. A lot. Wearing whatever cover garments you wear in the real world. But an OWB holster beats an IWB for re-holstering for both speed and efficiency. In fact, re-holstering into an IWB holster is potentially dangerous.

Dave Spaulding’s OWB re-holstering move keeps the gun’s muzzle away from his body as he re-holsters. If you don’t master the master’s methodology – and most people won’t – you’re bound to be poking the gun’s muzzle around trying to find the holster hole after a DGU. With an OWB holster, at least you’ll be doing it outside your body.

The same can’t be said with an IWB holster. Turning the muzzle inwards is the “natural” way to locate the [perhaps collapsed] holster entry point; botched attempts at re-holstering will likely involve muzzling yourself. That’s never a great idea.

To be fair, the Yankee Marshall proves that it’s easy to re-holster a gun in an IWB N82 Tactical holster – for him. In the studio. I’d like to see him do it under stress. Still, point taken. Training is all. But why make it harder for yourself if you don’t have to?

3. Comfort and convenience

Despite a renewed acquaintance with Gold’s Gym and a reduction in my carrot cake intake, I still can’t get on with IWB holsters. I can’t abide the boa-constrictor-for-a-belt waist constriction and the constant feeling there’s a gun welded to my hip. Which there is. I know: a gun’s supposed to be comforting, not comfortable. And plenty of gun carriers are perfectly happy wearing an IWB. But how many of them are OFGWs? Or owners who enjoy root canal surgery?

On the practical side, depending on gun size, the IWB carrier must don pants a size larger than normal to accommodate his hidden pistol (a.k.a., the Peter North problem.) When you’re not wearing your IWB holster, those pants start looking like MC Hammer cast-offs. You can cinch them-up with a belt. But there’s no getting around the fact that IWB-compatible trousers compromise a man’s sartorial splendor, which is already compromised by the fact that he’s a man.

My favorite Kydex OWB holsters (by K-Rounds and RKBA Holsters) are perfectly comfortable. I can wear my gun all day long with any pair of pants I choose and a T shirt or (better yet) Charlie Sheen shirt without the slightest inconvenience or physical annoyance. For most people carrying most guns, OWB comfort beats IWB walking away. What else is there to say? Except that there are [at least] three reason why IWB beats OWB.

1. An IWB holster conceals a gun more deeply and completely than an OWB holster. An IWB rig is far less likely to print (i.e., reveal itself to observers) than an OWB holster.

2. By and large, an IWB holster lets you conceal a larger gun than an OWB set-up. [NB: a smaller gun in an OWB holster – such as the Kahr PM-9 in the RKBA Kydex holster above – conceals extremely well.]

3. If you’re disrobing in the presence of a partner who’s unaware of your gun-carrying predilection and you wish to keep your heater on the down-low, it’s easier to remove your pants without revealing your firearm when it’s ensconced in an IWB holster.

And there you have it. As I said at the beginning, Your Mileage May Vary. But if you’re a newbie who’s trying to figure out the best way to carry a gun on or near your hip, OWB is the way to go. Right?

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  1. I find IWB carry very comfortable with my SR9c w/ a trigger guard holster. I sometimes forget its there.

  2. Not all my pants lend themselves to iwb carry. I use a Desantis leather iwb holster and wear it outside the waistband if necessary. No big deal.

  3. Robert, I had no idea that you maintained such a trim tummy. The bare midriff adds a certain OWB “je ne sais quoi.”

  4. I carry a G36 in Mitch Rosen or Gary Brommeland IWB leather and experience none of the problems you write about. I do practice a lot.

  5. Some very good points, I personally prefer IWB and have spent years practicing my draw 40+ times a day (I have the advantage of practicing my draws and reholstering at work as I please so I find myself doing this frequently). However it took me a long time to find a good solid holster that didn’t feel like my gun was being smashed into me or capable of falling out with ease. I finally have settled on white hat holsters maxtuck hybrid holster w/ combat cut ( very wide horsehide with kydex) so comfortable I’ve come home after working all night and fell asleep with my glock on my side and it stays securely locked no matter what without sacrificing the ability to draw with ease if necessary. I doubt I’ll ever buy another holster for concealed carry again

    • “I personally prefer IWB and have spent years practicing my draw 40+ times a day”.

      You need to find yourself a girl, mate.

  6. 3. If you’re disrobing in the presence of a partner who’s unaware of your gun-carrying predilection and you wish to keep your heater on the down-low, it’s easier to remove your pants without revealing your firearm when it’s ensconced in an IWB holster.

    I think if you’re to that part of the relationship, the gun topic should have probably come up at least once.

    • If the topic hasn’t come up, more than likely the “partner” has put their hands on you at least once before you start disrobing.He or she would either have already noticed or they are far too stupid to bother disrobing for…

  7. OWB is pretty much out for me. The dress code at my office requires that men’s shirts be tucked in, and there’s no way I’ll wear a sport coat or some such on a 90 degree day. Since I always wear an undershirt (military habit), the Sig Sauer 226 in a belly band completely disappears under a tucked in golf shirt, and after getting used to it, I forget it’s even there most of the time.

    • I never have looked at a belly band, but since I’m assuming it is not on the belt inside or out, that’s why you can tuck a dress or golf shirt. I like the idea.
      1) But how much padding or streamlining does the band have to hide while wearing it with a t shirt and Golf shirt.- as a p226 is not an LCP.
      2) Do you wear a larger than usual golf shirt thus being tucked but more loose?
      3) How comfortable is the band?
      4) What brand holster is it?
      5) Don’t it feel like you are being squeezed or strangled mid body for it to stay in place?
      I currently have a few too many donuts that have taken up residence right above the belt -line, so I’m wondering if a bellyband would be temporarily problematic, while my washboard stomach is “out of service”

      • Hopefully you get to see these responses:

        1. No padding at all. It took some fiddling with to find just the right position on my body. I found about 3:30 works best.

        2. Yes. I am not a large fellow and 5’8″ and 150 lb. Ideally, I would wear a medium shirt, but I buy large shirts for extra coverage.

        3. It takes some getting used to. At first it felt like a girdle, now I hardly notice it.

        4. Great question! I have no idea, was given to me by a buddy.

        5. A little, like I said, it takes some getting used to. I’m actively attempting to reduce the radius of my midsection so it’s a little more comfortable. It’s not bad.

        When I’m in work clothes, I wear either a button down or a golf shirt, slightly oversized, tucked into khaki pants over my gun. I untuck and sort of “fluff” the shirt out a little, and even the boat anchor 226 completely disappears. The only time I sometimes run into a problem is when I bend over at the waist, so i make a conscious effort to keep my right side out of view if I have to do that.

        • THANKS for your thoughts!!!
          I’m envious, you at 150lbs- ( danthemann5 said-5. I’m actively attempting to reduce the radius of my midsection so it’s a little more comfortable. It’s not bad.)

          Hey that’s what I want… Reduce my (Sight) radius… I’d like to get back to my youthful 165- 170lbs, at about a (short)5’10” or (tall) 5’9″ I need to do more active attempting though.
          As for “fluffing” the tuck, it sure is hard to find shirts that have generously long tails.

          some followup Qs
          6) Is it continuous band or velco (adjust)?
          7) does it have just one or ? number pockets?
          8) does yours happen to have a (like a velcro) retention strap to aid not falling out while moving aggressively, or simply rely on the pressure of the elastic?
          9) what kind of cleaning the band? Occasional soap and water? Anything special to protect the 226?

          BONUS QUESTION have you ever compared the p226 to a Beretta 92? Thoughts comparing them, if you have.

          Thanks again for sharing your insights and experience ! ! !

  8. I would agree entirely that OWB is more comfortable and faster than IWB. However, IWB allows me to carry a full size defensive handgun in almost any dress in any weather. For consistancy I carry stricktly IWB. OWB only works for me under a jacket. For a newbie I would agree that OWB is better for becoming familiar with the life of concealed carry. Per the issue with getting a good grip, IWB makes it harder but with proper training and enough repetition it can be done quite effiectively. it is all compromise. An IDPA vest and good OWB holster is faster than a t-shirt over an IWB holster, but which are you more likely to wear in your daily life? I will sacrifice a couple 10ths of a second to have a rig that I can wear all the time.

  9. If you do not practice drawing and firing your CCW from your holster, you have no business carrying concealed. (deciding: flame suit on, flame suit off….)

    • I would agree with you, excepting the fact that not one single gun range with a 100 miles allows me to do that. I practice drawing and dry firing all the time, but actually drawing and shooting simply isn’t possible.

        • Tomorrow is the third Saturday of the month. That means the County Police Shooting Range is open to the public free of charge as long as you have a membership card, which my wife and I do. The card is good for one year and all we had to do was take a safety course which included shooting for only $25. The range is open from 9am to 3pm and we are usually the only non LEOs there. They love seeing us train and usually we get private tips from the RO. One day he was the only one there so he opened up the steel range for us and had us doing tandem drills such as having my wife hold my shoulder while navigating obstacles as I fired at the targets while walking backwards. The last time we were there, I was doing my draw from conceal and shooting and I had my wife work on purse draw while retreating. She doesn’t carry on body yet. The RO saw this and came over and said “I am glad to see you train the way you will probably have to use your weapons”. This range is 8 miles from my house. I love GA and my town.

    • Dry Practice is a perfect alternative for firing when you don’t have that capability. 97% of my practice is dry, or unloaded, practice from IWB and OWB, with and without concealment garment. The most important skill to keep well oiled is the perfect grip-sight alignment-sight picture-trigger press without yanking drill.

    • @ Blake–That’s a very ignorant, closed minded and offensive statement, sir. Regardless of practice, every CCW holder has the right to carry and defend his/her life and YOURS as well. Of course, if I ever see you in need of protection, I will make sure to keep my firearm holstered, since you obviously think I do not deserve to carry it. You’re a prime example of idiocy. Liberalism is a disease, please seek treatment…SMH

  10. I’ve written about this before. There is never a shortage of opinions about this subject and there never will be. It will continue on just like conversations go on about calibers, .40 vs .357 or brands of firearms, Glock vs Sig and the debate goes on.

    No concealed carry position is perfect for every occasion. Every method has its positives and negatives with much of it coming down to personal preference and more importantly, becoming proficient in that particular configuration.

    Someone who does not practice a known fast method, may very well be smoked in time by someone who practices drawing in a known slower configuration.

    My point is to chose a method that suits the individual and practice practice practice.

    My personal choice is IWB, appendix, sticky holster, Sig P229 .40

  11. As a religious OWB CCW carrier, I’ve got to say that I agree on all points. It also seems to me that a larger / fatter handgun can be carrier OWB. I usually double T-shirt, using a white undershirt which goes under my main shirt (or body armor). It’s easy to IWV a Smith M&P Shield single stack, whereas a Glock 27 or 23 double stack isuch more difficult. My default carry is still the biggest gun I can conceal with the most ammo I can carry. Plus knives.

    • As a religious OWB CCW carrier

      I didn’t know that you’re religious. But dude, seriously, you have a badge. You can carry between your teeth and nobody can bust your agates for it.

      For many of us, the choices would be either getting shot by an “overzealous” LEO or getting arrested for disturbing the peace or something equally lame.

      • I’ve got 50 and non-50 friends who carry. Virtually everyone prints a little if you are observant. While printing may be technically illegal in some states, I don’t know anyone who has actually taken enforcement action on it.

        Talking about my teeth carry experiences will probably cause censorship.

      • (Most) cops aren’t going to arrest you for disturbing the peace or shoot you. Cops know lots of people open carry.

        • (MOST COPS???????) Jesus Christ, who cares about MOST COPS? It only takes one dork cop to make a person VERY unhappy!

          • I’ve never had an incident in four years of carrying openly. I’m not going to change my mode of self-defense on the off-chance some cop will be an a-hole.

  12. We’re talking concealed carry, right? What kind of shirts are you wearing? The girl shown above isn’t concealing anything. As a FWG (not old yet) IWB isn’t working for me comfort-wise, and I only ever wear T shirts.

    • I don’t drink beer!

      It’s never too late to start. I am organizing the “take a newbie drinking” campaign, winning their hearts and minds twelve ounces at a time.

      You must be of legal age, sound mind and body and a non-Morman. I like Mormans, but they’re better as the designated driver than they are as the wingman.

  13. Anyone got a rec on a good OWB Shield holster? Level 2 retention is preferred. I carry my Glocks IWB, but the comfort of OWB is superior, admittedly.

    I can’t see running my 19 OWB unless it was an extremely high riding holster. My shield, might just work.

    • I carry a Walther PPS 9mm, which is about the same size as a Shield. I use a Don Hume H721 O.T. (Open Top) and it works exceptionally well. I also have the same model with a thumb-break, but never have really worn it much more than to break it in. The O.T. holds the gun well enough that it won’t drop out, even upside down.

    • Sorry. I just checked the link. They don’t show one for the Shield, but you can call and see.

    • It is IWB, but it is leather and once it heats/absorbs sweat it molds to your body and you don’t know it is there. The exact one I got came off Amazon but it looks like this. The only issue is you have to draw and reholster hundreds of times to break in the leather so it doesn’t stick so much. plus being leather the front sight post slightly digs the leather on withdraw and can fill in the front sight with leather bits. It is very very comfortable. with a tight t-shirt, you can’t see it at all.

      • I have a hybrid holster for my Shield, but to be fair I kind of don’t like it. It’s a top of the line horse hide whatever from a large online holster maker and the horse hide creaks something awful. I bought an off the shelf Galco KingTuk and I like it loads better.

        I hesitate to buy a new IWB until I find one that seems purpose made for a small subcompact rather than a generic leather backing with molded kydex bolted on.

        To be very fair I should probably order a kydex body for my other IWB and see if I prefer the horsehide with my glock…

    • I can carry my 29 IWB, it’s my new fave EDC pistol. The 20 usually stays OWB though, it’s a little too big for me IWB. I could say “it’s just too crowded in my pants for a pistol that big” but there are about a dozen ways to take that comment and not all of them are totally complimentary to me or my physique 🙂

    • This one for me is very difficult to re-holster because with its soft back the belt tension causes it to collapse. A younger person limber enough to reach around to their 4 o’clock with their left hand to help would have it better.

  14. I am certain there is such a thing as a comfortable IWB holster–but I haven’t found one that is comfortable for me, or that has been able to conceal a 1911 grip without digging sharply into my ribs. Plus I have a thing for leather. I go with pancake holsters and compact single stack pistols.

  15. I think this article was probably pretty good, but I made the mistake of clicking on the links to the lovely young ladies and I found myself contemplating God’s good creation of women and kind of didn’t pay any attention to your article Robert.

  16. Interesting, though like finding a gun you like, choosing a IWB vs OWB holster takes a lot of hands on / belt-on trial and error. I have both kinds of holsters, for different kinds of guns.

  17. I like to carry OWB at three o’clock. There’s nothing more comfortable or faster for me. Right up to the time that I get blown up by every cop in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who will spot me and my mohaska ten blocks away.

    So I carry IWB at four o’clock. ‘Cause I do whatever it takes to get home safely at night, just like the po-po do.

      • Massachusetts has terrible gun laws? Who knew.

        Interestingly, open carry is not illegal in MA when you have an unrestricted class A License to Carry, which I do. But the law has nothing to do with the way the police enforce it. If you flash here, you are either going to get a ration of sh1t, have to look down the barrel of some cop’s pistol or get pinched for disturbing.

  18. OK, what kind of folder is that in the last pic (with the Kahr)..that is a slick-looking knife.

  19. I also have a couple Charlie Harper shirts. (Not Charlie Sheen, Charlie Harper. The difference is huge.)
    Funny, I just bought a nice OWB and for the life of me, I can’t make it work. No matter what shirt I wear, it simply looks like a gun covered by a shirt. I must be missing something. Not a huge deal because I find IWB perfectly comfortable.

  20. Totally Hypothetical situation (maybe not so hypothetical in the future): 1911 with tee shirt and jeans IWB/OWB or other? (no duct taped to back John Mclane style though.)

  21. I actually just bought a BlackHawk Check 6 holster off a friend. It’s an OWB holster but due to the angle of the holster the grip of your handgun is basically vertical, and it is situated behind my right hip, I cam hide it with an untucked shirt, however the bottom of the holster just barely protrudes, a jacket conceals it completely even zipped up, but it is summer. The perk of this holster is being able to carry a slightly larger gun, instead of a 220 Carry, I’ve been carrying a full size sig 220 in this fashion.

  22. I just have to add one thing.
    Living in Florida where I am.
    It is almost 100% impossible to use an OWB holster.
    IWB is the only real choice.
    I have to say I hate having to tuck in my tee shirts.
    I use a trike or motorcycle to commute to work.
    My daily dress no way I can use an OWB as much as Id like to.
    No way can I carry a real gun.
    Im almost forced to use my P238 exclusively down here.
    When I lived in NY and wore a coat or heavy jacket.
    OWB almost 100% of the time.
    Carried my HI-Power most of the time.
    My 2.5 inch Model 66 when not the HP.
    Again and maybe Matt will agree.
    A coat or Hawaiian shirt.
    Just doesn’t cut it.

  23. Funny, I can re-holster my M&P .40 full size easier in my n82 holster than any of my OWB kydex ones- I have no idea why but it just gives me a better sense of where it is by feel than the OWBs. That being said, I would prefer to carry OWB but they all seem to keep the gun so high up above the belt that they trip the entire holster over, making concealing impossible. My love handles are to blame but alas, it’s IWB for me.

  24. Good article. Sadly, academic for us slaves here in CA- cant IWB or OWB, except in limited times and places while hunting.

    So its down to the 3 S’s and getting in MUCH better shape, then going over old martial arts moves, and maybe some krav maga, and/or knife training for after the pepper spray is gone.

    Feel bad for the elderly and smaller folk out there. They have no chance in a real fight. The direct blame for what happens to them, or the victims of Isla Vista or the next school shooting, is on the Presidents Prettiest State AG right now, closely followed by Uncle Lelands enablers in Sacramento, and the StateRunMedia who join with the Littlest Nanny and his blood-dancers.

    • Just moved to VA myself. I’ve never lived in an open carry state and I’ve got to say it’s awesome!

    • Honestly, I couldn’t imagine living in a state that prohibited open carry. That would get on my nerves everyday. Welcome to a taste of freedom. It’s calling you! 🙂

    • Recently returned to VA from a multi-day business trip to MA. I always feel naked up there and wish I could bring my daily carry. I’m always happy to return to civilization.

  25. Rlc2, get the F out of Cali. The grass is greener. Take it from a former slave stater.

  26. I use the CompTac Minotaur MTAC Holster and I never have a grip problem. It’s just as easy as the OWB holster and more comfortable to me. I forget I’m carrying sometimes.

  27. If you go walking around in those boots from the first picture, people will likely be too busy laughing to notice if your gun is printing…

  28. Those are all very good points, however I argue that with different body types and holsters, the outcome can be completely different. I’m 6 feet tall, weigh 165′ and am skinny at the waist. Wearing an OWB kydex holster all day completely wrecks my bony hips. On the other hand, I can wear my N82tactical IWB holster all day and forget I’m carrying a firearm. As far as your 1st and 3rd points, it comes down to training as well as choosing the right holster, IWB or OWB. Basically, my opinion is you made good points on what to look for when figuring out how to carry, but saying one way is better than the other is hogwash. For me, it’s IWB (when I want to conceal) and for you it’s OWB.

  29. On that first point:

    Maybe I’m doing it wrong. When I draw from my IWB holsters, my thumb goes on top of the beavertail/hammer/slide. This is a GOOD thing, as it puts my thumb in a good starting point to sweep off the safety lever on its way down to a more firm grip, once I’ve cleared leather. Or kydex.

  30. For me, it’s a Blade Tech Partial Eclipse OWB at 4 o’clock. It completely conceals under an untucked T-shirt and it holds the gun very tight to my side.

  31. Over the years, I’ve heard many people talk about reholstering and it’s importance. I’m not necessarily convinced it’s as important as the draw. I figure one can take their time reholstering because there shouldn’t be a threat around and if unable to (for whatever reason), there’s always the ground. When the Police show up, the gun’s taken anyway and will probably never be seen again (at least in a reasonable condition).

  32. Stinkeye, those are high quality boots and around where I live those boots would get compliments so go wear your old white sneakers.

  33. Before my wife and I were gun owners, she would comment that a lot of OFWG wear dress shirts untucked. We speculated that they were trying to hide their gut. That may be true for some but since we now carry, we believe that most of them are concealing, which is fine, but the fasion statement is still “I don’t care that I am a FTOG” (Fat Tub Of Goo).
    I go with the IWB carry because my primary reason is to have a firearm at the ready in places that frown upon that right. Concealment is paramount. I was tired of guys saying that a Glock 19 can’t be concealed so I made this video as a response:

  34. May I ask, what is firearm in the third picture? It looks to have the grip of an XD, the trigger-guard of a Walther PPS and the sights of a high-end 1911. Any ideas?

  35. OWB hasn’t worked for me when I’ve tried it in casual attire. I can make it work if I’m wearing a coat or suit jacket, but if I”m in a T shirt? good luck. I already need XLTs, and even with small guns (like my friend’s LC9) when I’ve tried OWB the bottom of the holster ALWAYS shows.

    • paulWTAMU – sounds like you are missing the “covering garment”. OWB (at least for me) requires a tucked in t-shirt….then an open front item. A vest or a short sleeved button up shirt worn open works great.

  36. By the looks of it, Esti Ginzburg must be using her favorite deep concealment holster, I wonder what brand. No issues with printing either. Looks like it gives her full freedom of movement too. Amazing!

  37. I’m just amazed that in some places simply printing, can be construed as brandishing,
    I always thought, and definition supports, brandishing as having it out being threatening or waving it around.

  38. I guess method of carry is just a personal choice. If I carried a larger piece I would probably switch to OWB, but my Llama Micromax .380 is small enough to carry IWB. I couldn’t find a holster that was exactly what I wanted, so I had to modify a leather Mr. Comfort by repositioning the metal belt clip. The weapon now sits higher with an FBI cant. I can’t get a full grip when I pull it out, but since I carry it at half cock, I have to thumb the hammer back before properly gripping anyway. I know it sounds a bit clumsy, but I can get a smooth presentation even though I don’t spend much time practicing my quick draw. The only issue I have is the hammer and slide are against bare skin if I’m not wearing a tee shirt. If the leather on the back side of the holster was a bit taller, it would be just right.

  39. Your hands become paddles? That must be why everyone lets go of the steering wheel when they get cutoff on the freeway. Oh wait, they don’t. That must mean this is bullshit.

  40. OWB almost exclusively now. Texas has OC now and while i rarely oc (open carry) I do oc (obvious carry). I don’t care about the gun bumps anymore and neither does anyone else.

  41. Tennessee has cc or oc I have carried open since law went into effect not once have I had a problem with law enforcement so Texas and Virginia are not the only states that have open carry

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