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Maybe I saw too many gladiator movies as a kid but there’s something distinctly homoerotic about a product named “Spartan Accuracy Oil.” No, they don’t sell brain bleach. But Spartan Accuracy Systems does sell a new “nose friendly” cleaner/lubricant that improves your [shooting] accuracy. Allegedly. According to the manufacturer, Spartan Accuracy Oil’s “the first offering in a bold new system of products designed to extend the life of your firearms and increase their functionality in terms of Accuracy, Reliability, and Performance.” Something about nano nano technology that “makes the gun shoot better.” TTAG’s contacting the manufacturer for a syringe full of gun goodness; we’ll report back ASAP. Full press release after the jump . . .

Suwanee, GA – Modern Spartan Systems LLC., manufacturer of today’s most technologically advanced firearms cleaners and lubricants, has unveiled Spartan Accuracy Oil, the first offering in a bold new system of products designed to extend the life of your firearms and increase their functionality in terms of Accuracy, Reliability, and Performance.

Bold claims from a new company are nothing new to the shooting industry. MSS backs those claims with proven performance! Click here [same video as one above]  and watch as Spartan Accuracy Oil destroys the competition in head-to-head laboratory testing! Spartan Accuracy Oil brings new technology and a completely new outlook to firearms maintenance and optimization.

Friction is the number one enemy inhibiting shooting performance. The traditional battle against friction has been waged using surface oils, which create a slippery wedge between two metal objects. At best, friction is minimally reduced and lasts only for a few shots before high pressures and temperatures carbonize, remove and nullify the lubricant. The intended goals are simply short lasting and contribute to the build-up of contaminants inside the firearm, which can ultimately cause malfunctions. Spartan Accuracy Oil from MSS uses a unique technology to defeat friction; thereby improving your accuracy and reducing malfunctions on any weapon system.

The proprietary formula uses Nano Shield™ molecular particles with heat activation to penetrate and fill in pores and gaps in the metal substrate. Effectively, microscopic mountains are reduced to flat plains, minimizing the points of contact. The smoother, harder surface has been shown to reduce friction by up to an astonishing 85-90%. Whether during a hunt, at a competition or in the heat of battle, Spartan Accuracy Oil can make a critical difference to you – the shooter, and an even more critical difference to the target!

The following testimonials were received from professional shooters that have personally tested Spartan Accuracy Oil:

“I have never used or even heard of products like these. MSS is so advanced that it will change the industry!”
“We have consistently attained higher velocities, smaller shot groups, cleaner operation and overall greater accuracy from all weapons”
“I was amazed not only by how smoothly the weapons all cycled, but how it reduced the heat.”
“This stuff not only makes a gun shoot better, but using it all the time makes clean-up a breeze! I’ll never use anything else.”

Spartan Accuracy Oil – Features and Benefits

• Improved shooting consistency & accuracy (lowers standard deviation and spread rate)
• Fewer malfunctions and more reliable performance
• Reduced gumming of sand and dirt
• Unaffected by temperature (Middle-East highs of 115°+ to Alaskan lows of -52°)
• Environmentally friendly
• Superior corrosion protection
• Increased muzzle velocity
• Smoother overall action
• Lower barrel temperatures (up to 30%+ )
• Easier and faster cleaning (50-75% less clean-up time due to minimal carbon buildup)
• Reduced maintenance costs (lower wear and tear on components)
• Restores surface metal imperfections and extends barrel life
• Non-flammable – non-corrosive
• American ingenuity & American made

About Modern Spartan Systems
Modern Spartan Systems (MSS) was founded in 2013 by a 14-year military veteran with a defense contracting background, an accomplished businessman with an exceptional eye for spotting little known superior technologies, and a successful, well-respected retail entrepreneur. Combined, they are bringing the tactical, shooting and hunting communities a line of weapons cleaners and lubricants proven to far surpass its competition. For more information on the company’s system of firearms lubricants and cleaners, contact Modern Spartan Systems at
4610 Lambton Circle, Suwanee, GA 30024 • Telephone: 847-669-1640 • or visit

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  1. Didn’t another new gun oil company just make an ad campaign exactly with this kind of “scientific” testing just a few months ago? Not very original.

  2. “…technology that “makes the gun shoot better.”

    Haven’t I heard some complaining recently about giving the gun anthropomorphic volition? I think what they are trying to say is that it makes the gun more accurate in spite of whatever failings the shooter may have.

    • Didn’t we cover “bond on a molecular level” in a previous post? Snake oil words that mean nothing. Rust is oxygen “bonding on a molecular level” to the metal in your gun through a chemical reaction. Water is “bonding on a molecular level” to your gun through weak atomic attraction. Poppycock.

  3. I’d volunteer for you to send the test material to me, but seriously, how would I know the difference? Put the gun in a vise and then use match-lot ammo? I’m really not feelin’ it.

  4. unicorn blood i.e snake oil, buy a bottle and put it on the shelf next to the box of ammo that guarantees one shot stops regardless of cal and barrel length.

    Also see- the magic bore cleaner, the sling that works for everyone on all rifles, the perfect holster and the perfect scope. I don’t know why the firearms and accessory business is so big when these products are introduced into the market every 2-3 months.

    Amazing that we fought all the wars we did and hunted certain species to extinction without these products.

  5. That scientist guy has me sold. He screams “credibility” from every pore. And that high test, well staged testing set-up. Man, I am IN!

    • I’d be happier if they could keep their units straight and actually used the bearing correctly. All they proved is that bearings fail most the time when not used correctly. Running the wheel across a flat plate would have been far more indicative.

    • I’m not a scientist so I can’t really comment on the physics aspects, but why are they using steel against a steel bearing?

      Wouldn’t it make more sense to use a brass rod instead? Seems kind of “duh” here.

  6. Lower barrel temperatures up to 30%+? Please explain how your oil accomplishes this. Do I fill my barrel with said magic oil to dissipate heat between each shot?

  7. Never trust an engineer that says “about a hundred pounds of pressure” when he means about a hundred pounds of FORCE. Pressure and force are NOT interchangeable.

  8. Oil additives have been doing this for years. I’ve used Microlon for years in my cars. It is interesting to see a similar product for weapons.

  9. Homoerotic? You worry me, Robert.

    The oil industry is replete with companies making grandiose claims that are more hype than substance. “Our additives are better” is claimed by all, merited by few.

  10. This oil passed all NASA tests and was used exclusively on the space shuttle. Wait there’s more. If you place your order in the next 10 minutes, I”ll double your order. Really!

  11. Ok, this is not defending the product. Their claims are sketchy at best, some are downright physically impossible. But I feel a need to respond to all the engineer hate…

    Remember that the press releases come from your friendly neighborhood marketing department. Marketing guys tend to not be the sharpest bulbs in the tool shed. These are the kind of guys whose eyes glass over when the engineers give them technical specs and then “buzz” them up.

    I have personally had to dope slap a marketing guy who once wrote in a product pamphlet “up to 30% or more.”

    • Marketing guys tend to not be the sharpest bulbs in the tool shed.

      Man, do you ever have that right.

      Once, I was reviewing some marketing litterbox liner to be PR’ed by our company. There was a claim of a “115% reduction in… (insert some variable here).”

      I wandered over to marketing land, where all the suites were pressed, their cuffs had links, the women were oh-so-fine in their plunge-neckline wear, etc. And I asked the question that any competent engineer would ask:

      “OK guys, on this 115% reduction… after the first 100% reduction, how do we reduce ‘nothing’ by another 15%?”

      Complete vapor-lock. Spluttering. Gestures. Turns out I came over after it had gone out to the printers. I then told them if they really wanted a “review” instead of a rubber stamp, they shouldn’t send out the brochures before we engineers reviewed them.

  12. Remember, you need to inspect the bearings in your firearms on a regular basis.
    As we all know, worn bearings are the leading cause of firearm malfunc….WTF?

    They test this oil in a way that is visual; something that makes smoke and noise,
    who cares if it doesn’t accurately reflect the typical friction we see with firearms.
    This oil is supposed to work in a firearm whose motion is mostly linear in nature.
    But they are testing it on a spinning bearing whose motion is radial?

  13. By this guys testing procedures….the best product you can buy for your firearm is straight up motor oil. That is what all those surfactants and such are made for.

    Actually this is exactly why ATF and Mobil 1 motor oil are two of the better lubricants you can use

  14. “there’s something distinctly homoerotic about a product named “Spartan Accuracy Oil.””


    By chance, have you had any radical changes to your diet lately?

  15. I had a problem with lacquer coated steel cased .223 sticking in my AR’s chamber when it heated up. I found that MoS2 (Molybdenum Disulfide) cured this. It’s a lot like graphite, but really bonds to the steel. In an old Marlin model 60 .22, I coated the inside of the receiver, and ran a patch of it through a thoroughly cleaned barrel. I can clean it with a single pass of a bore snake and a soft brush in the action, or compressed air. Accuracy improved slightly. This stuff does not come off easily, so be careful what you get it on. Birchwood Casey markets it under Moly Lube.

    Lots of miracle lubricants out there.

    • Just buy a tub of axel-bearing grease. It is also MoS2 (Molybdenum Disulfide) but cheaper to buy than branded gun products. That said, the only use I have for it is to lube the top of the collets on the Lee Collet neck-sizing dies.

      If I have to lube a gun, the only thing I use is Tetra Gun Grease on the bolt-body of my No4 Lee-Enfields. It makes a difference on rapid courses of fire.

  16. If this works like they’re claiming, the proof would be in the chrony. Otherwise you’re just trying to leave a really thin coating of oil in the barrel to keep the steel from oxidizing and just enough to lube a few moving parts. The most friction coming from the slide on an auto, which doesn’t need a whole lot of lube. Show me a chrony test that says my .308 will magically become a .30-06 and I’d at least be interested enough to investigate further. As it is it seems like a pointless demonstration.

    Personally I like the Remington oil because it seems to be lighter than some of the others (Hoppes), which would explain why it didn’t perform well in this test. WD40 wouldn’t have done well either, but it’s still the greatest thing since duct tape.

      • Wrap some uncooked bacon around the barrel of your AR. 10 shots or less, depending on your cooking preference, does a great job. Just make sure you have a standing chelation appointment to get the lead out of your blood.

        • Wouldn’t really have to worry about the lead in Cali anymore, would you?

          “Safe, cheap, and easy ASSAULT BACON!!”

    • 100 years ago, the most common cutting lube in a machine shop was derived from pork fat.

      In warm weather, it made a machine shop job quite the experience.

  17. Is its just me or during their test is the Arm with the weights at a Significantly higher angle therefore causing less contact……

    Still I use the rind off my pork chops…. works great and after many rounds you get pork scratchings… nom nom….


    Here is the article on the Italian stuff, did you guys try the Italian gunk at all? I won’t use CLP or Remoil anymore because they are garbage, I have been using Tetra. I will probably get beat up by all the experts above me in the comments, But why don’t we get ahold of them and run our own tests that will prove it good or bad. If we can weasel some freebies to try out, why not??


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