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Shannon Watts (front right) (courtesy

“’We’re moving on from Starbucks to Staples,” Shannon Watts tells The biz mag describes Ms. Watts as the “founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a group of 110,000 grassroots activists formed in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school massacre in Newtown, Conn.” That would be the organization originally known as One Million Moms for Gun Control, a goal it failed to reach by well over 900k moms. Truth be told, Ms. Watt’s re-branded anti-gun org has 100k activists like I have a 11″ penis. Not that Forbes’ scribe Clare O’Connor is interested in either stat. She’s focused on mindlessly pimping Watts’ anti-gun agenda . . .

“Last month there was an accidental shooting at a Staples in North Carolina, and there have been other incidents of gun violence inside stores,” said Watts, who lobbied Starbucks and Schultz prior to their policy change.

“Staples allows individual stores to prohibit guns, but there is no explicit corporate policy banning firearms.”

The North Carolina Staples story Ms. Watts cited involved a negligent discharge, not “gun violence.” What other “incidents” is Ms. Watts referring to? Googling “Staples armed robbery store” (to avoid armed robberies in Staples, Texas) reveals plenty of firearms-related crime inside Staples. Here’s one example. And another. And another. Two more here. And so on.

Is that the gun violence Ms. Watts’ seeks to eliminate by forcing Staples to ban legally armed Americans from their store? What are the odds that making Staples into a “gun free zone” would stop its staff from facing armed robbers? Probably not as great as the odds of robbers thinking twice in stores where Americans are likely exercise their right to keep and bear arms. Care to compare armed robbery stats in New England Staples and those down South?

Moms Demand Action is putting pressure on Staples to enact a formal, nationwide no-guns rule in its 1,500-plus U.S. stores.

Watts sent a letter to Staples CEO Ronald Sargent in late September asking that the office supply chain act as a leader in prohibiting guns on its premises:

“More than 30 states allow citizens to legally buy and carry loaded weapons with no screening or training,” Watts wrote. “There is no guarantee that even a well-meaning individual knows how to properly carry and handle a gun.”

Which 30 states would that be? What kind of “screening and training” is Ms. Watts talking about? Why is the Forbes’ scribe giving the MDA matriarch a free pass on factuality?

This quote reveals Ms. Watts’ mission: civilian disarmament. If Staples should ban gun owners from its premises because “there is no guarantee that even a well-meaning individual knows how to properly carry and handle a gun” why shouldn’t every store in the U.S. do the same? Why allow legally armed Americans anywhere?

Watts noted that Staples is her group’s next target, but by no means its last.

“Obviously there are other companies we continue to target for pressure campaigns, including Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Cabela’s,” she said. “But they sell assault weapons. Companies like Staples should know better than to allow loaded guns inside their stores.”

And publications like Forbes should know better than to give voice to anti-gun agitators like Ms. Watts without some attempt to put their extremist views in context.

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  1. So I saw a fender bender on the highway today, so I’m starting “Men Demand Action for Automobile Control”. We believe people don’t need cars because they cause the deaths of thousands worldwide every year. It’s time to make transportation automatic or only allow state DOT recognized drivers the ability to drive people around. More buses and trains, no personal vehicles. Plus, we save on gasoline, save the environment, and save money by NOT giving out drivers licenses. You never have to spend another minute at the DMV. Isn’t that wonderful?

    • That sounds like it should be common sense! We could call it ‘Common Sense Automobile Control Laws’! Can you believe teenagers are driving these things around? WITHOUT adult supervision?

      • And these inexperienced drivers are even being allowed to bring their cars to school, where hundreds, and even thousands of innocent lives are put at risk.

        • Exactly… There is no guarantee that even a well-meaning individual knows how to properly drive and handle a car.

        • But you’ll never find a group of zealots to ban them, because owning one isn’t a Constitutionally guaranteed, Creator-given Right.

    • No No No, It has to be “DADS” demand action for automobile control. Dads are much smarter, more important and newsworthy than just “men”.

    • I too recently saw an accident it involved a high capcity WOMAN with an assault STYLE FACE

      that’s why I would like to amend a name change to your group “MEN for COMMON SENSE DRIVING”
      by that I mean no ugly women on the road…. Do it for the children…….

    • “There is no guarantee that even a well-meaning individual knows how to properly drive and handle an automobile.”

  2. From the previous attempt by these jackholes to pressure Staples into acceding to their fantasies, I wrote this. You’re welcome to use it, if you’d like.

    An open letter to Staples:

    As a Second Amendment supporter and gun enthusiast, I have recently become aware that some folks are urging you to ban guns from all your stores nationwide. While I appreciate these folks’ feelings, I do not appreciate their efforts to demonize and ostracize an entire class of law-abiding, peaceful Americans.

    As a regular customer, I am asking Staples to simply follow the law and not inject your company into the socio-political sphere. I am not asking Staples to take a corporate stand in favor of or against guns or the carry thereof, I am simply asking that your policy be that you do not have a policy, save that dictated by local law. Please do not leave this intrinsic American freedom to politics based on implied financial blackmail or individual managerial discretion. I’m asking that your policy be to follow the local laws at each of your locations, no more, and no less.

    Thank you.

  3. Somebody needs to give this woman a summary of the Luby’s Cafeteria massacre. Then, to make constructive use of her time, she needs to get a vibrator, a box of batteries ….. or some yard and knitting needles.

  4. Shannon Watts needs an 11″ vibrator. her retired former health care company exec/art gallery owner husband ain’t taking care of business at home. . . . . just saying

  5. And that looks like (My eyes! My eyes!) Diane Feinstein sitting in the middle of that group. I guess that says about all we need to know about their political orientation (and acumen).

    It seems pretty obvious that these womyn have been studying Jesse Jackson’s “How to intimidate corporations and get your pay-off” guide-book. Bring down enough bad publicity (via the complicit and liberal Brown Stream Media) and you can get these corporations to cave on almost any issue.

  6. That is a disturbing picture with Feinstein, that’s for sure.

    I wonder if the paper hearts symbolize their preference for vacuous emotional rhetoric in lieu of reality- based policy perscriptions?

    • It’s a coven. The paper hearts celebrate the beating hearts that they each ripped from the chest of their husba^K^K^K^K^K victims and ate.

      • ^K is a vertical tab; you mean ^H for backspace.

        Also, covens and Wiccans are real, and non-violent unless attacked. Personally, I see the MDA as Aztecs or Mayans, with blood aplenty spilled and still-quivering hearts strewn about.

  7. That poor kid in the photo has a hugh growth that needs to be removed. I can’t believe the parents let that growth get as big as it did.

  8. Great photo Robert, I didn’t know you had media contacts for this year’s Sea-Hag Convention!!! With Frau Madame Dictator Frankenfeinstein no less, I see the gang is all there.

    Dr. Vino, I was stationed at Fort Hood when the Lubys massacre happened. I remember going by on an adjacent road just after lunch time and seeing the truck in the front end of the place.

  9. I’m pretty sure that in her lexicon, “assault weapon” means anything that fires a bullet (or BB, or pellet, or Nerf projectile, etc.).

    • I think it means anything that resembles a firearm that one of us would own.
      This group has no problem with violent Socialists and Marxists using guns to oppress the American People

  10. Yeah, I want to see them tell Cabelas to ban civilians from carrying guns in their stores. That would be a death knell to Cabelas.

      • Well, if they are alike a lot of other stores, if you are CCW, they don’t care, but if you are bringing in a gun for service/sale, they want the action open and the gun unloaded. You wouldn’t want to be mistaken for an armed robber, would you? And it certainly reduces the risk of NDs.

        • The Cabella’s here has a firearms check in station where they ask that you hand over your firearm. You are given a ticket and it is secured until you leave. Needless to say, I ignore this sign along with most others that don’t involve a possible felony conviction, ie. schools.

  11. It’s quite ironic that this woman, who claims to care so much about “the children” used to make a living publicly defending companies that denied children vital healthcare benefits. Then known as Shannon Troughton, she defended bluecross for cutting benefits to a brain damaged 13 year old boy, so he could no longer have a full time nurse. This was against the medical opinion of two of his physicians that he required this service.
    I guess Ms Watts or Ms troughton or whatever she calls herself these days only cares about 17 year old gang bangers who she bemoans as “the children” affected by “gun violence”.

    • I read that article several months back, and the thing that I found interesting was that there was no mention of divorce or re-marriage. Why has her name changed so many times if we can assume that she has been married to the same person all of this time?

      • Perhaps, as is common among professional women, she started working under her maiden name and kept it to preserve her name recognition reputation. Hyphenated names are so awkward.

      • Each name goes on a separate driver’s license from a different state. That way her anti-gun scam can keep going if she’s arrested on a drug, prostitution, or human trafficing charge.

  12. Hmm….must be the winners of the “8 women team guaranteed to make your penis go limp, or become an innie” contest. If some form of tragedy ensued, and those were the last 8 women on earth? Shazam! Gay now.

    Anyway, I guess I’ll ask the question on everyone’s minds: When do we mobilize the open-carry battalions for Staples Appreciation Days? I’m going bandolier shopping later in anticipation.

  13. I wonder, if you add up all the members of MDA and MAIG and People for the Eradication of Firearms Rights, etc, would that number even come close to the NRA’s 4-5 million? Even if half of the NRA’s membership were juvenile noobs, could the entirety of their “movement” come anywhere near the remaining 2-2.5 million? It seems like every move they make is in desperation, relying entirely on their media presence and very little else.

  14. “More than 30 states allow citizens to breed and raise children with no screening or training,” Watts wrote. “There is no guarantee that even a well-meaning individual knows how to properly raise a child.”

    fixed it

  15. Should of known Feinstein was in there somewhere with her California Logic that has proven itself repeatably to be faulty. The blind leading the blind! No one there can see the deeper reasoning to destroy the Constitution and America.

  16. So many upset moms demanding action just because of a little negligent discharge? I don’t know about you, but the impotence involved her seems a little premature.

    • If it weren’t for her father’s negligent discharge, we wouldn’t have to put up with her miserable ass. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  17. Half look like lesbians, the other half look like school teachers. I guess that’s sort of a redundant statement, though. Not sure which group Feinstein fits into – maybe a little of both?

    Does Feinstein even have kids?

  18. 1. Totalitarians never stop. Ms Watts will never stop until he forces everyone to live the way she wants you to live. In her ideal world, you’re a subject, not a free citizen.

    2. Women of the NRA, where are you? If Ms. Watts can was people’s time and printer ink, why the hell has no Moms for Self Defense group risen to counter this nagging yenta? Missing a huge opportunity to blunt this whining from Moms Demand Subjugation.

    3. Please God, all you OCers that want to shove the AR in the public’s face because you can, stay out of Staples. Let’s learn from the Starbucks example and not drag Staples into the middle of the mess. Let Moms Demand Servitude look like the annoying asses.

    4. Please send Staples a respectful note saying you don’t want to see them cave to Moms Demand Serfdom, just please follow the local laws and leave the policy at that.

  19. Their husbands should form an organization called “Dads Demand Nookie.” ‘Cause with all those beyotches running all over the country kissing Feinstein @ss, slurping Star*ucks and buying pencils, I don’t think that the guys are getting very much.

    • No, it is a much more subtle form of demise….. just being near her is enough to allow her to extract your life-force. You don’t see it, because that kind of evil doesn’t print on film (or in digital for some-reason) but if you put on those special sunglasses Mr Piper provided you will see the childs life-force being slowly drained into the heart, well the space where a heart would normally be, of Mrs. Finestein.

  20. I always enjoy laughing at the non legally binding no guns signs on the front door of establishments next to the non smoking sign. This shannon watts lady looks more derpy and triflin in every time I see her.

  21. I personally do not believe MDA had even the slightest effect on Starbucks policy change. They were completely ineffective in coercing Starbucks to change its policy. Starbucks leadership had enough when the pro-gun side thought it would be a good idea to sit in front of a Starbucks with AR-15’s. That is precisely when Starbucks said enough and came out with their unwelcome policy. We were our own worst enemy. We need to exercise some common sense and consider the possible outcomes of our actions. Think about it, pro-gun supporters were directly responsible for the Starbucks turn around after MDA had been harassing them for years. We brought about defeat through a single action when MDA had been unsuccessful after endless harassment. I believe MDA would have disappeared into failure had we not emboldened them through our own stupidity. Just because you can do something doesn’t always mean you should. I hope we have learned from that mistake.

  22. and our very best response to them is to ignore them.

    the best way to demoralize the left leaning ladies is to wield your superiority over them.

    in this case by pretending not to notice that they have done or said anything at all.

  23. speaking for the inner pig in me, if given the chance, I would bang Shannon Watts like the fist of an angry Norse god. . . . . . and then have her make me a sandwhich.

  24. Are we sure that is a valid photograph? I mean the group has a hard enough time getting more than one or two to rally at their events…. and none of the ladies in the photo are looking at the same thing. I’m gonna go out on a very short limb and say this is photoshopped. I am thinking a couple of different photos cobbled together to look like a larger group.

  25. What a homely looking bunch. I really don’t like this lady – she’s very smug and self important. I’d like to burn her ass good. Not sure how that can be done…yet.

  26. I just sent into Starbucks Marketing the cup dated Sept.11,2013 With the statement: My Last Cup,tall Mocha, I will Never go to Starbucks again until you announce: Mom’sDemand Action Moms are requested not to carry at Starbucks, babies that is ,as that is a distraction to patrons there.
    I am a Marketing Director at a gun range and we have150/ month go thru our CCW classes we no longer recommend Starbucks for lunch breaks and we explain why.We do not recommend them to ANY of our patrons.I believe they should be banned.
    Everywhere these Stupid Moms go so should NRA and pro gun rights owners( 80 million versus 110,000 ) BAN,let these business feel the wrath of lack of business.Let them go out of business for taking the side of these Ignoramuses.

  27. Three very important things all MUST do at the very minimum:
    1) Take a couple of minutes to go to the Starbucks website and email them why you will no longer patronize their business.
    2) If you are getting Starbucks emails, unsubscribe.
    3) Let your friends know why you will not patronize Starbucks.

    Starbucks needs to get immediate feedback from pro-gun customers and they need to feel it in their bottom line.

    • I read that it was because the in-your-face swaggering “Huh! There’s nothing you can do about my gun! Nanner! Nanner!” types were annoying people.

      Open carry if you want, but please don’t swagger.

  28. I have and I’m sure you have also read some good pro-gun rights articles on Forbes. Give ’em time, I expect we will see some type of response to MDA’s whining in a few days.

  29. Something’s wrong with that picture. I don’t mean the funny looking broads staring eerily at the camera. Hmm…

    O I know! That child’s shirt isn’t bloody! Thought they only waved children around if they could feed their fear mongering bullcr4p off the little child’s blood.

  30. Let’s determine what a “standardized” driving test would be and put the moms up to the challenge. Bet majority couldn’t pass it and they’d claim it somehow wasn’t fair. These types of people need to learn that what’s good for one is good for all so don’t whine when your rights are threatened.

  31. I’m glad that Moms against guns and self defense started their gun free zone campaign with Starbucks and staples. I don’t shop at either of those so maybe we can get this shut down before they get to making a store I shop at a crime enhancement zone.


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