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Shooting at static targets can be deadly dull — unless you’re moving. Even then it can get a bit repetitive. And it’s not what you’d call realistic preparation for a gunfight; two-legged “targets” tend to move. If you really want to hone your self-defense skills you need to move and shoot at moving targets (and use cover and concealment). Enter the SFP Mover Target System . . .

The new-for-2018 MTS is a heavy metal fan’s dream come true. Steel yourself! You can mount AR-500 steel on the target syetm’s train tracks. Pinging steel as you shoot and move hither and yon? Heaven.

The presser is mum on price and Secure Firearms Products’ website is so 80’s it hertz.  But the basic concept is sound. Now if they could make one where the targets go forward and backwards and side to side and hide behind cover and yell threats, we’d be there. Westworld.

Mover Target System:

New and improved for 2018 is the SFP Mover Target System. The Mover/Track System now includes track that will not only accommodate cardboard targets, but just about any AR-500 steel targets, including AP-1, IDPA silhouettes, poppers, etc.

As always, the control box come preprogrammed for the NRA Bianchi Cup (Modified Mover Match) or the Texas Mover Match. It also has the availability for custom programmable speed that include running targets on tracks independently or simultaneously for more intense Tactical Training.

All the SFP Mover Target models are capable of being wired or operated wirelessly up to 1000+ yards.

Secure Firearm Products

The SFP Mover Target System is an extremely affordable Mover Target system for NRA Action Pistol Competitions, Law Enforcement and Military training, 3-Gun Shoots, IDPA and many other shooting fun and disciplines. It is constructed of heavy gauge welded galvanized steel in 80-inch lengths or custom lengths are also available.

With the SFP Mover Target System, there is NO need for a permanent installation foundation, and risers can be adjusted to compensate for unlevel/uneven ground!

For further information about the full line of Secure Firearm Products, go to the website at

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  1. If you didn’t want to shoot steel, you could rig something like this for paper easily, just with a loop, a motor and a pulley, maybe a dimmer switch if you want to get fancy. We used to do it as kids to practice 10M Running Target for air rifles. Adding remote capability is probably just a trip to Hobby Lobby or Frys.

  2. That’s a … well, it’s quite a website, isn’t it? I think that website was designed before the Internet existed.

    In any case, they already have some moving target systems on their site. Cheapest one is >$6,000. Will be interesting to see what they price an “extremely affordable” unit at.

  3. I like the website design. It reminds me of a time when websites in general were much less “media rich”, AKA obnoxious. However, I wouldn’t mind if they included more links to photos, videos, technical information, etc.

  4. meh. Army has had moving targets for decades. Now the question is, what the hell are those hay bales doing? they won’t protect the rails. the rails need to behind a berm.

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