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According to our man at, this is it: the new Russian AK-12. “Not so long ago it was announced, but photo was fake,” he writes with a distinctly FPSRussia accent. “Well, there’s new prototype was shown today.” Make the jump to see the gun in the flesh . . .

Our man Leghorn’s contacting our Russian pal to get more deets. Watch this space.

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  1. Where are the bells and whistles? Can’t have a modern military weapon without at least one whistle and four tiny bells.

  2. My god. Is there some kind of “who can design the ugliest gun” contest that Russia keeps holding to select their rifles?

    Chris, If SKAR doesn’t pan out as a name they can call it the SCAT.

  3. i think some people are applying western sense of aesthetic here. I’d say its about as pretty as a bottle of unopened, low end potato vodka. sexy as a Siberian grandma. (btw, i would DEFINITELY, buy one.)

  4. Well if were talkin aesthetics the AK-47 is the ugliest weapon around but it can be submerged in water, buried in sand and still put 30+1 rounds down range without a hiccup and has for 60+ years, i”ll take that over any pretty little piston operated AR any day

  5. Another sweet in AK family!
    Well, it looks ugly, but works well. It is VERY RELIABLE!
    US soldiers were fighting for captured AK-47 in Vietnam… 😛

  6. No matter beauty or ugly what matter is to do the job,, to kill perfect that is all so if it is reliable and acure so lets take to the playing ground guys

  7. Us we knew all ak47 is the gun of the century so thanks to the russian and the desighner kalashnikov,, so this gun will take part the conflects victors desaster and etc, so lates see what it will came out,, you can defend your self,, attack someone or group, or kill your self at list


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