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Ruger’s added to their Ruger American Pistol lineup with a new compact .45 model. Novak sights, adjustable grips, 10+1 and an MSRP of $579. Here’s their announcement:

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      • Yeah, I’m just nitpicking how Ruger writes their product info. On their website, Ruger lists the capacity as 10+1 in the Specs section, right beneath a picture of it with the 7-round mag in. At first glance, that suggests the gun is comparable to a Glock 30 in capacity as pictured. It’s not. You have to read nine lines down in the details below the specs to find that out.

        I never carry my SR9c with the longer 17-round mag and grip extension, because it is no more concealable IWB than the full size SR9 that way. I don’t even use the pinky extension on the 10-round mag for carry, because it prints more than the flat baseplate.

        • Fat, fat, fat! It’s so fat, they don’t even list an overall width; they weasel-out and list “Slide Width”, when you can tell just by looking at the photos that the slide isn’t even CLOSE to the widest part of the pistol!

          I really don’t understand this. Do they think no one will notice? Do they think word won’t eventually get out? Do they think no one else owns friggin’ calipers? Just man-up and tell us how wide it is, ya dang weasels!

          *shakes head*

          /rant off

  1. Yawn…who buys .45 caliber anything? People who want to carry less bullets and more weight? People who don’t understand that 9mm is no less deadly than .45? People who don’t understand that 9mm is better at intermediate barrier penetration than .45? People who want to pay more for bullets? Look, any gun chambered in .45 would be a BETTER gun if it were instead chambered in 9mm. Its time for .45 to go away, no…its overdue, its an obsolete caliber.

    • Well.
      At least you don’t resort to fake libtard rhetoric to troll us here.
      No, you just throw a grenade like the 9mm vs. .45 debate…

      • Look, there’s no debate about it, .45 caliber does nothing but offer disadvantages in comparison to 9mm. Its nothing but a bad decision to buy .45, and it really is that simple. In addition to all the disadvantages I mentioned earlier, what are you looking for in .45? A loopier trajectory from that heavy slow bullet? Shorter effective range? I’ll repeat myself for the cheap seats in the back…ANY gun in .45 would be a better gun in 9mm. That includes the 1911, as well as the Thompson. .45 needs to go away, its a bad decision every single time.

        • >shorter effective range
          Oho, so you’re out there shooting your 9mm out to 2000 meters everyday, huh, bro? .45 is just as effective as 9×19 at pistol ranges (within 25 meters, and if you are trying to push a 9mm handgun farther than that you better hope whatever you’re shooting at doesn’t have a way to shoot back).
          >.45 costs more
          Stop being poor. Also these new Rugers can be swapped between 9mm and .45, just like the P320, with other calibers presumably to follow.
          >less bullets
          So people who live in ban states should just deal with crappy, unreliable neutered mags, or buy Glock 26s and nothing but? Plus we live in the era of hi-cap .45s, so the capacity argument really does not hold up anymore, and the capacity-whores’ old favorite Glock 17 is now 1upped by the CZ P09 and Mec-Gar 18-round mags for the Beretta 92 and P226. Your trolling is poor. You would get eaten alive on /k/ or /r/guns. You are probably either a noguns or own some boring basic stuff like a police-tradein Gen3 G19 or G17 and a 1/9 M4gery and turn your nose up at .308s and AKs because .30cal is “obsolete.”

        • “what are you looking for in .45? ”

          Bigger holes, more “recoil” felt by the other guy messing with his aim, larger percentage of energy/momentum delivered towards the end of the wound cavity versus the beginning, less painfully sharp blast if used indoors…..

          Besides, may as well buy them now, while the indoctrinati have all been told to shun them in favor of the flavor of the month 9. Then buy nines a few years down the road, when the same indoctrinati are being told that the .45 is the, like scientifimecally, bees knees again….

    • Besides, 9mm is the perfect caliber for weak women and small children who can’t handle a man’s gun and who need 97 rounds to hit the broad side of a barn.

      • My father said that when he was in the Army in 46/47, they trained with 1911s. He said he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with one. This was a backwoods Pennsylvania man who was 6′ 225 at the time and who played HS football as a guard. Now it is true that he had probably never fired a handgun up to that point, but it may have also been a bunch of clapped out .45s needing a rebuild. I have two .45s, one a 4″ and the other a 4.75″ in .45 Colt; I have no problems hitting targets with either.

        • Yep. Those .45s we had in the day were clapped out and that’s putting it mildly.. I shot a shotgun style pattern at a lot shorter range than 25 yards. I could at that time put 6 rounds from a .38 in a cloverleaf hole up to and including 25 yards.

          Those GI 1911’s were flat wore out. The armorers told us some had cracked frames. Generations of “Murphy” have their effect on the best of gear.

    • So, then by the same logic, who would carry a 9mm when you can carry a 10mm ? Faster, flatter shooting, heavier round with way more ft. Lbs. Of torque on impact. Who doesn’t want 41 magnum ballistics out of an auto? I’d rather carry a .45 acp than a 9mm simply because of bullet weight and torque. I want to KNOCK a perp down, not wait for him to fall on his own.

      • 10mm is not flatter shooting that 9mm. I’ll go out to 80 yards with my MPX or my Ruger Police Carbine, that’s the effective range of those tools. At that distance, Federal defensive hollow points are down 4.5 inches in 9mm, Federals 10mm is down 6 inches, and stupid .45 caliber has dropped 8 inches. That’s a fair evaluation comparing equal (non +P) defensive loads. For the record, at 100 yards .45 is down a whopping 15 inches…keep that in mind Thompson shooters. See, I know a lot more about ballistics than your average cat, and when I say .45 is a foolish round that you have no business fooling with, its just the truth.

        • Normally I don’t respond to trolls, but your head is so far up your a@@ I have to respond.

          1. Federal 10mm is not a legitimate 10mm round. Anyone who actually knows anything about firearms knows the federal 10mm is actually a watered down .40, with less power than an actual .40 caliber. So this is the first clue you’re a
          jacka$$ troll.

          2. Since when did the law of physics suddenly change? 10mm underwood load will hit hard, go faster and have a longer and straighter flight path versus a 9mm

          3. .45 acp is used by LAPD Special Investigations in a glock 30s. These are real people who hunt down serial killers, rapists, violent scum of the earth. Their requests are based on what works in putting deranged killers in gun fights and not the opinion of a snot noise kid who repeats what he reads on the internet. Because magically the technology that makes the 9mm better also makes the
          .45 acp even b etter.

          4. Once again, please refer to the laws of physics when you claim to bullets traveling the same speed, the lighter bullet is more effective.

          5. If you are going to be a troll, at least have a clue as to what the F**k you’re talking about.

    • It’s well known that 9mm will kill you just as dead as a .45acp. It’s also well known that the .45 not only kills your body but your soul as well. What’s not so widely known is that the .357 magnum not only kills you and your soul but the souls of all 72 of your virgins waiting for you in paradise. .357 magnum – It’s what Jesus would carry.

      • 357 is the greatest handgun round ever developed — if fired out of a 4″+ barrel. With exception of a Chiapa RINO you can’t carry a 4″ barrel revolver concealed. The longest barrel you can reasonably carry is a 3″ and it isn’t any better than a 40. (See ballistics by the inch.) As a weapons system the automatic is far more accurate than a revolver because of the shorter/lighter trigger pull and less recoil.

        • Well, I was being facetious, but since you brought it up:

          ‘The longest barrel you can reasonably carry is a 3″ and it isn’t any better than a 40.’ – In my personal experience a 3″ revolver carries like a 4″ auto, so I won’t argue your first point, but… You’re comparing full pressure .40S&W to neutered .357 loads. There is no such thing (that I’ve ever seen) as +p .357. The Buffalo Bore, Double Tap, etc. loads are actually just run of the mill full pressure .357 magnum. (I blame S&W for making crapping guns for the weenie factory loads.) True, the Federal, Remington or Winchester loads you buy at Walmart will pump out 475-500ft/lbs out of 3″ revolver, however the true .357 loads crank out around 600ft/lbs.

          ‘As a weapons system the automatic is far more accurate than a revolver because of the shorter/lighter trigger pull and less recoil.’ – Well if you can’t handle the recoil that’s your problem, not the gun’s. As far as trigger pull goes, there’s this thing called ‘single action’ which gives any revolver with an exposed hammer a much better trigger pull than any semi-auto other than some of the better 1911s. True, some self appointed experts declare that you must not use your thumb with a DA revolver, this is completely contrary to the original concept. DA for up close, SA for accurate shots. Beyond that, any revolver that is properly timed will be inherently more accurate than a semi-auto because the sights are fixed to the barrel and frame which do not move independently of each other and are not subject to tolerance limits.

        • I grant that shooting a revolver single action makes it more accurate but I doubt you will be doing much single action shooting in a DGU. It will slow your rate of fire considerably. I can empty an 8 round mag of Buffalo Bore from my 10mm 1911 in 6 seconds plus or minus and hit Ivan everytime. I would be lucky to get 3 rounds from a 686 in the same time and the best I can do is maybe put 2 of 3 rounds on the paper. There is reason that the autoloader has taken over the hangun market.

        • You sir need to watch more Clint Eastwood movies.

          No, you’re not likely to use SA in a DGU because even if you never practice in DA it’s still fine for 10 yards on human sized targets. Very few DGUs occur outside of that range. However, if you need to take a long or a very accurate shot, it only takes a quarter second (tops) to thumb the hammer. I have complete confidence that I can put my shots on target out to 50 yards unsupported and 100 yards with a rest. Try shooting your semi-autos at 100 yards. Personally I don’t practice a lot in DA largely because it’s easier to make fast accurate shots in SA. Keeping all shots on a 12″ target at 25 yards I can shoot a cylinder in 4 or 5 seconds in SA. In DA I have to slowly stage the trigger each time and it takes twice as much time. If I had more time and a bigger ammo budget I could be like Jerry Miculek and shoot DA out to 400 yards just fine, but for the time being SA just doesn’t slow you down much.

        • You sir need to watch more Clint Eastwood movies.

          No you’re not likely to use SA in a DGU because even if you never practice in DA it’s still just fine out to 10 yards or so. However, if you need to make a long or very accurate shot it only takes a quarter second to thumb the hammer back. Personally I don’t practice a lot in DA because it’s so easy to shoot fast in SA. Keeping all shots on a 12″ target at 25 yards I can clear the cylinder in 4 or 5 seconds in SA. DA takes twice as long because I have to stage the trig ger. If 6 shots of .357 magnum dumped center mass in 4 seconds doesn’t put you assailant down for good you’re not fighting another human.

        • Life is full of compromises, Shnake. Not that the Coonan isn’t totally cool, but first off for the same money you could buy 2 GP 100s and still have enough left over for 1000 rounds of am mo. Second, semi-autos’ grips are compromised by the necessity of inserting magazines through them. Although I’ve never actually handled the Coonan (I have handled the Desert Eagle), I suspect some may find the elongated grip to be unwieldy. .355 Sig was supposedly the solution, but it only matches watered down 125gr. loads. tdi’s 10mm is your best bet IMHO if you want .357 power in an auto.

          BTW, I like how my comment above went down the rabbit hole for 24 hours or so and I had to retype it so now I’ve got duplicate comments. How do these things pop back up a day and a half later?

      • Yeah? Well, I am personally tight with Jesus, and what he’s got to say on the matter might surprise you. The gist of it being: fooling around with .357 Magnum is just foolish tomfoolery for fools. Because it is so obviously obsolete. The .327 Federal Magnum is Today’s Where It’s At. Now, I know a shit ton about ballistics, but I won’t bore you with how many inches a .357 Magnum drops at 100yds when fired out of my Marlin (that I swear I’m gonna buy one day… after I manage to pick up that 1895SBL in .45-70…). The fact is, .327 Federal Magnum has less flatulence, is less obnoxious, and brings an extra “Operate This, MF” to every joyous snubbie cylinder out there (even though it’s like one manufacturer that makes one, which will change when all you Desert Eagle .357 dorks wake up and recognize…). Again, for the cheap seats, I say… .327 Magnum grabs life by the pussy, and .357 Magnum is just something Jesus wishes he’d not taken home that one night he drank too much.

        And that’s all there is to say about the matter.

        PS– Ya, well… the OP who started this food fight is probably right about 9×19 vs. .45ACP, though.

        • Ha! I’d love a .327 if I could actually find a revolver chambered in it. But I don’t see Jesus taking a .327 home to Mary. Too skinny. Although he’s not into the full figured girls either.

          When it comes to Marlins I’ll stick with my .30-30. Why fool around with wimpy pis tol rounds when you can have a much more powerful and longer ranging wimpy rifle round?

          And yea, I kind of lean toward 9mm over .45 myself. Just seems a little trivial when you’ve got a .357 magnum.

    • For those of us in ban states, capacity is a nonissue. California is a max 10+1 in whatever caliber you choose. In addition, most of the single stack easily concealable pistols in .380 or 9mm are 5+, 6+ or 7+1. My Kahr is 7+1, my 1911 8+1. Six of one,… But I’ve always liked the thought that if I stuck the gaping maw of my .45 in some poor perps face, in the right light he could actually see the ashtray-sized hole of the HP at the other end.

    • Some states mandate 10+1 as the most rounds you can carry in a gun. At that point the main disadvantage of a .45- ammo capacity- goes out the window. Sure, you can carry a 9mm and get a smaller gun but not everyone wants a tiny gun.

    • Men used to wear plate armor and carry broad swords all day and I bet they didn’t whine about weight as much as you do Mark N.

    • So Wrong you Girly Man. .45 is superior to weak 9mm in every way. So is 10mm. And .357 sig. And .22 mag. And even .40. If anything, 9mm is an inadequate filler round and obsolete as well. Just wait until militaries and police forces get real and adopt 10mm. Then your beloved weakling 9mm will die off as it’s a pointless round.

    • I used to be a calibre snob until +p loads started to change my mind, so i;ll admit a +p 9mm performs well, and even .38 +p loads now challenge the mighty .357mag. Butt, and there is always a butt, i have several weapons in 45acp and have lots of ammo stocked in that caliber, might as well get my moneys worth. Those living “behind enemy lines” who are subject to mag limits might as well make the biggest holes possible. Since i also live where it gets very cold my daily carry is a model 1927 on my weak side and my short barrel Blackhawk convertible loaded with +p+ 45acp on my strong side. Both fit in my Bern CC jackets pockets for when i dont want them on my belt, and my spare mags can feed either weapon. You asked why, thats my story and im sticking to it. In the summer my daily carry is two tiny .380 auto’s loaded with Buffalo Bores best. So my trolling question would by why bother with a 9, for me its either to big to carry in the summer or why bother with something that small in the winter. lol.

      • What people somehow fail to grasp is that all the technology that makes the small rounds better, also makes the big rounds better. People will say “9mm +p!” When .45 can be +p’d all the way up until it becomes .460 rowland, which is grizzly bear gun territory.

    • And .45 hollow points are even dumber. Take a fat slow moving projectile and put a parachute on it.
      Saw an x-ray of a .45 that penetrated the sternum and stopped a couple millimeters from the heart. The patient survived a heart shot and it wasn’t Ramon who fired it.

      • As opposed to the 9mm HP loged in the chest of a 5 year old girl, who went to school all day, and only went to the hospital when she complained of feeling sick to a teacher, who then discovered she had a bullet wound? She was shot by her brother with one of your wonder 9s, and was too afraid to tell anyone, so she just tried to ignore it. So no, 9mm doesn’t kill God.

    • Well they used to have those Czech “Micro Desert Eagles,” and they have the Baby Eagle in .45 and the new L5 Deagles in .44Mag recently, so maybe they can bring out a Glock 19-sized gun in .50AE (which is also made entirely of stainless steel and has to be fired with a massive muzzle-brake to keep you from breaking your wrists).

  2. Looks OK I guess. Choice is good. Anyone have/ shoot a Ruger 9E? Cheaper version of SR9. They got ’em cheap enough at my LGS(where I can layaway forever). They only come with 1 mag is the only downside…

    • I have the 9e and love it! Glad they took the LCI off of it.Good balance, fits my hand, and being a lefty, I love the Ambi controls.

      My brother is a Glock fan and even he was impressed when he shot it the other week.

  3. I’ve read a lot comments on various forums about barrier penetration being important when selecting caliber and/or ammo. Why would a civilian need the ability to shoot someone through a barrier? Seems like you’re asking for legal trouble if you’re trying things like that…

    • Any potential legal troubles are problem #2; if you don’t solve problem #1 (stopping the person that is trying to kill you), you’ll never get a chance to address problem #2. If you are in the open (like a parking lot), and they are shooting at you from in (or behind) a vehicle, having decent penetration is a good thing.

      Also, cheap bullet-resistant panels/vests are getting more and more common, and the .45 ACP is one of the easiest calibers to “stop” with a vest (basically, ANY vest that will stop ANY pistol bullet, will stop a .45 ACP).

      I usually chose 9mm, with a .40 as my second choice. Generally, having a .45 ACP is better than a rock — but I’d want to compare the quality of the .45 pistol and the rock before I’d willingly choose a .45 for defense.

      • I can understand the body armor argument, but if he (or she) is behind a car in the parking lot, I think the prudent (and legal) thing to do would be to get the heck away rather than try to shoot them through a vehicle. I suppose you may be in a position where safely getting away isn’t possible… I was just curious to hear people’s thoughts.

        • Being stuck in the open (no cover or concealment), and needing to engage someone in a vehicle, is probably one of the most common potential situations where having ammo with some extra penetration might help you out.

          Under those circumstances, running just means you’ll get shot in the back.

    • “Why would a civilian need the ability to shoot someone through a barrier?”

      If you haven’t been watching the news lately, it seems driving a truck into a crowd of people is becoming more popular these days. It’s a highly unlikely scenario, but it might be nice to be able to apply lethal force through a windshield or window in that situation.

  4. .45acp, because shooting twice is just silly. I have both the .45 and 9mm, guess what i prefer to shoot and carry every day! You guessed it, the .45, the weight of 14 rounds of 230gr hollow points in a full size service pistol never has slowed me down. Its with me every day, even when im rifle hunting, and i shoot it far more accurately than the two 9mm’s in my home, oh and there is just one more thing, in my case the .45 has higher capacity than anything i have other than the AR, but i havent found a holster for a “16 barrel yet.

  5. Goodness, can we stop with the caliber debate and talk about the freakin’ gun here people?

    It’s the Ruger American, only an American on the Atkins diet cuz it’s slimmer. But you know what? You can take a fat pig and slim it down and you know what it is? A slimmer pig and a slim pig or a fat pig is still a pig and I don’t know about you, but I’m gettin’ sick of bacon.

    I don’t care for the American pistols, they’re not as popular as Glock’s, Sig’s, Beretta’s, etc. and they’re never going to be and thus, the Ruger American you buy is pretty much the Ruger American you’re stuck with cuz there won’t be the aftermarket parts available for you to customize to your liking.

    And with Ruger’s track record, in 5 years, they’ll discontinue the Ruger American line and create another pistol line, just like they did with the P85, P90, P95, and SR lines.

    • The Ruger P90 had a 20-year run, far more than 5 years. If you include all the model variations in the timespan, the P95 series was in production for 19 years.

      Not sure which SR you are referring to, as several Ruger pistol series use that prefix.

      I’m still happily shooting several Ruger 22/45 pistols, which were discontinued in 2005. Parts and mags are still easily available.

      The above info is available at the “Instruction Manuals & Product History” link under the Pistols tab at Ruger’s website.

  6. .45 costs more. Stop being poor.

    They’re goats, dude

    .357 magnum – It’s what Jesus would carry.

    Bro, clipazine. Do you even operate?

    Needs more plastic.

    MULTIPLE chuckles for the day.

    P.S. If lord almighty had a .357…no need to hump wood, but hey, I get it someone HAD to save mankind…does that make him an operator?

  7. Caliber is best determined by the shooter. A few hits with a .22 beats a few misses with a .44 Mag. Shooters should use the caliber that’s going to be most accurate for themselves.

    Seriously. This debate needs to go away.

  8. You must be hanging out over at the Yankee Marshal. He doesn’t like 45 either. 45 penetrates the kind of barriers that an armed citizen might face quite well. It has poor hard barrier pwrformance. But please tell me when an armed citizen is going to legal sanction to use deadly force which will require hard barrier penetration? The only situation I can think of is if you are trapped in your cat in road rage incident and 45 ACP blows right through glass and stays on the point of aim better than 9mm or 40 caliber.

    Almost all DGUs are direct fire situations and 45 ACP does very well against soft tissue. A XD service or G-21 holds 13+1 rounds which probably covers the 5 sigma DGU.

    • All this “9mm is more effective than 50BMG” horeshit started because a bunch Butthurt people started to cry after being made fun of too much for carrying a 9, so they set out to prove to God and everyone that 9mm could sink the Bismarck.

  9. I’m really diggin’ where Ruger is going with their new firearms. I have bought the LCP II a month or so ago and the thing is awesome. It feels like a full sized gun (but obviously pocket size)! The trigger is phenomenal, and it isn’t too hard on the eyes.

  10. Well umm, I can make a can dance at 100 yards with a .45, so at 21 feet I am making a ragged hole, and using BuffaloBore 255 grain hardcast I dont worry about the “effectiveness” it will do the job just fine. I like that this is somewhat of a hybrid LC9S Pro and LCP2 in design, if it shoots as well as the girlfriends LC9S I may replace the G30 with one, only thing holding me back is capacity, but thats where practice and training fill the gap, better 1 well placed shot then 19 sprayed and prayed. +P FTW(“sustained”).

    • “only thing holding me back is capacity, but thats where practice and training fill the gap, better 1 well placed shot then 19 sprayed and prayed.”

      I don’t understand why you think carrying more ammo is somehow compensating for poor shot placement.
      Also, your shot placement argument is also used to defend smaller caliber choices.
      Why not carry the LC9 since a well placed shot will fill the gap.
      And, I call bullshit on “making a can dance at 100yards.

  11. I own an SP101 in .357 great gun. Very nice looking for a wheel gun. Shoots well. First impression on this gun…
    Typical Ruger Semi – Auto. Fat and Ugly as sin. Lipstick on a pig here. Shame I’m in the market for a quality .45. I’m still waiting for mine to come back from the Taurus crap house (17 months what a mistake that was, NEVER again).

    It seems like everyone has decided that DA/SA actions and hammers are bad, stainless is worse and that plastic is sexy. Have to disagree on all counts.

    I am disabled and have a disease that makes bone injury and fracturing easy. More weight, to absorb recoil is a good thing in my world. DA/SA, with exception of the POS Taurus I owned was DA/SA great accurate shooters all. I have NO PROBLEM with hammers with or without a spur. OK I like Glocks, one of the guns I’m considering is a Glock 30. But just because one successful mfg comes out with a hammer less gun does that make it the perfect solution in every case?

    One of the things I like about the SP101 is that it is Stainless. Stainless adds weight, as stated before I have no issue with that in fact it’s a feature not an issue. It can’t be molded into all the shapes polymer (READ PLASTIC) can. There are and have been solutions to that for decades. It’s more expensive, to produce (this is the issue I believe for the MFG) the MFG’s can charge the same money they use to for a stainless gun producing one that is not made more cheaply out of plastic. As far as all the ways they can easily mold plastic think of the nick names that have been given to some of the plastic guns. My favorite being the Glock Block. Yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder but an ugly woman with silicone boobs is still ugly and someone tell me where “Plastic surgery” ever looks good on anyone 4 or 5 years down the road (yeah I know rarely any plastic in plastic surgery just being flip)?

    Seems like if I want to get a Stainless, semiauto, in DA/SA I’m going to have to buy used, and spend about the same as if I purchased a new Glock, or Sig P-250. And lastly can anyone answer the question of what the heck kind of magic golden mojo the people at Sig think they are putting into their mags that make them worth over $50 a piece???

    OK rant over LOL

  12. Dunno what this .45 vs 9mm debate is all about. I say shoot whatever you like. I own guns in 357, 45 ACP and 9mm. I like them all but my favorite round to shoot is 45 ACP out of my 1911 as well as yes…my full size Ruger American pistol chambered in 45.

    Say what you will about the Ruger American, ugly, bulky blah..blah..blah.. but I will say that at out of the box I put each bullet damn near through the same hole as the first shot that came out of it’s barrel (20 yards). Recoil wise, it has about the same recoil as my full size 1911.

    Ironically, I’m now in the market for a CZ75B. Why, because I shot one the other day and I loved it.

    I guess I’ve always gone against the grain on objects. Most of my friends love the look of Ferrari’s and Lamborghini, Porsche etc… Me, na.

  13. The 45 ACP VS 9mm…..God! enough already! this argument is so old and I think was invented to give writers of gun magazines something to write about. Both are effective. In fact all bullets will kill no matter what size. It is all a matter of shot placement and what you can shoot well. I would not hesitate to carry either and would consider myself well armed regardless of the caliber!

  14. I have the American 45 compact. It’s everything I ever wanted from ruger. 3.75 inch barrel. 28.6 oz. I carry mine everyday in a belly band with a spare 10 round mag. 7 round mag in the weapon it shot true right out of the box. I can’t say that about the M&p 40 duty size that I bought at the same time. I’ve owned rugers my whole life. They are bullet proof in my opinion. Lol. No pun intended. Buy American and you will not be disappointed. It fits nicely concealed and is comfortable wearing all day. I can’t say that about my poor M&p 40.

  15. So….. mr 9mm… tell me why 90% of spec ops prefer .45ACP over 9mm? Quick answer is because
    A) 45 has better one shot stops.
    B) most contacts are less than 25yds
    C) 45 rounds are mostly sub sonic…. attach can

    So, Mr Troll…….. sick it


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