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Press release me, let me go . . .

The RONI allows you to easily convert your pistol to an accurate carbine in less than 6 seconds by simply unlocking two pins and inserting your handgun. There is no need to carry both rifle and pistol ammunition, with the RONI you are guaranteed increased accuracy to 100 yards and beyond. There is no pistol disassembly or modification required.

The RONI comes equipped with a optional folding forward grip, one full length 9.4” aluminum top rail and two 2.25″ aluminum side rails. A fourth picatinny rail is available under the barrel extension. A 5 position collapsible stock and adjustable cheek piece are provided for your comfort and to increase performance. A spare magazine holder, optional brass catcher and removable barrel shroud for a 1.3″ supressor are additional features to the RONI.

The RONI fits: Glock 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 25, 31, 32, 34 & 35 – In stock now for immediate delivery.

Coming in 30 days – including Bersa 9mm, Beretta PX4 Storm, Jericho, Glock 21, Sig Sauer 226 & 2022, Beretta PX4 Storm and PX4 Storm 45 cal., H&K USP, S&W M&P, Springfield XD 9mm & 40 cal, FN 5-7. Models coming soon include the Beretta 92, M9 & M91A, H&K USP, Bersa Thunder & Bersa Thunder Pro, Jericho, CZ Duty 07 & 08, Para P14, FN Five-7 and Glock 21.

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  1. Looks like fun. But there’s one simple problem, or maybe two. If you attach a shoulder stock to a pistol with a barrel less than rifle length, it becomes an SBR (short barreled rifle) under the National Firearms Act. This is why Thompson-Center warns you not to put an Encore pistol barrel on a stocked rifle receiver. In fact, the mere session of this kit along with a pistol that fits in it might constitute constructive possession of an SBR. Without a tax stamp, you’re heading for felony-land. No more guns for you.

    And even without the shoulder stock, this kit has trouble written all over it because of that cute little foregrip. A pistol with a vertical foregrip becomes an AOW (any other weapon) which also requires a tax stamp.

    • I would hazard a guess that this would not violate the SBR or AOW provisions as the shell is not actually attached to the pistol but is gripped in the shell just like being in a holster. Which would make this a shooting rest.

      • Anything which attaches to a pistol which acts as a shoulder stock converts that pistol into an SBR. Those old wooden holster/stocks on Broomhandle Mausers? SBRs. 'Artillery' Lugers with the shoulder stock attached? SBRs. Colt SAAs with wire shoulder stocks? SBRs.

        This attachment actually clamps around the frame of the donor Glock, and appears to be held on by some kind of sliding clips. Trust me, it's an SBR.

        EMA's own website (way down at the bottom) indeed warms potential buyers to get their NFA permits before they order the conversion.

  2. The problem would be the BATF – which we should ban.

    Did anyone else perceive the "silencer" as a bit flimsy? Looked like it was jumping up and down about half an inch. I note no claims are made for accuracy. Could it be that the handgun is not so securely mounted that it is actually LESS accurate than without the pod?

    And what's with the full-auto intro? Looks sexy, yeah. But what exactly is going on there?

    • The silencer was jumping around because it is actually attached to the barrel of the pistol, not to the shell holding the pistol.

  3. “They are likely relying on the United States v Thompson/Center supreme court case where the court ruled that converting a pistol to a rifle was not illegal.
    You are correct if you install a stock AND a barrel of at least 16″ on a TC then it is not a SBR but a rifle by definition.
    My understanding is that the reverse is NOT true.
    You cannot legally take a TC Rifle action and install a pistol grip & a 6″ barrel and call it a pistol. You have created another SBR since the action was originally manufactured & transferred as a rifle not a pistol.

  4. Everyone is discussing the legality of this device and no one has brought up how silly it is. They should remake it to accompany a rubber dart gun and sell it at toys r us. Or maybe with a BB gun. Point being it should be marketed at those who play with Transformers; I would’ve loved something like this when I was 8. That said, if you want or need a PDW get one and leave your handgun in it’s holster for when you do need it. And if someone wants to make the argument this solves the problem of carrying two different type magazines then, well, just don’t. For your own sake please don’t.

    • You need to do a bit more research! Fab Defense makes a similar pistol carbine kit, which is approved by the Swiss Police. I have a RONI kit for my Glock 20 (10mm), and if you think using a 10mm round for a pistol and carbine isn’t beneficial, you don’t know much about tactical advantages. I have a carbine for targets up to 100 yards, and if quarters get tight, I can remove the pistol from the kit and sweep rooms without ever changing weapons, mags or ammo. A no-brainer! By the way, the media loved this kit at Shot Show 2011.

  5. are they going to do a universal conversion kit? because this would be awesome on my EAA witness p full.

  6. You cant physically take delivery of the Roni until your ATF paper work has been completed. Yes it has to be registered as an SBR.

    • Not wanting to sound like a know-it-all, but YES, you can. I took delivery of mine without a tax stamp. Where it becomes (allegedly) illegal according to ATF is when you actually insert the Glock into the chasis before getting the tax stamp. They have to be physically separated or you risk a felony weapon charge short of giving the fed money which, for some reason, makes it legal and safer than before you write out another $200 check.

  7. When you use a 16 ” barrel you do not need a tax stamp. I have done sevrral stocks on glocks with 16 ” barrel. Atf ok with that

    • IM getting one soon in a trade,glock 17 w/ roni and 16″ threaded barrel.Do you know if I thread on a muzzle brake would there still be enough room for barrel to move up as slide moves back.also would muzzle brake redirect too much gas and keep slide from going back far enough?

  8. I also think this is kind of silly..especially for the price. You can buy the Kel-tec sub-2000 that takes pistol mags such as glock ,Beretta, etc…and it’s cheaper, or mine was, than this plastic shell. I have the glock version..So now i can carry my glock 19 and my carbine and never have to change to a different mag.

  9. I was really interested in the Roni system until I did some homework and found that CAA is an Israeli company. Not giving my money to these thugs, I’ll be buying a more American product.

    • Ah, Israel! Where a very large chunk of the US’s military research is done under contract. Where the port of Haifa might as well be a de facto US Navy base. yada, yada, yada. Thugs holding the entire Arab Middle East at bay while providing sanctuary to Christians, Druze, and other religions.

      • your supposed understanding of the geopolitics of the region is elementary at best. not only is your comment a gross oversimplification. it’s also incorrect. it’s almost like you still think it’s 1967. you exhibit either a willful ignorance on the matter or are attempting classic misdirection/propaganda. in the age of google simply being uninformed just isn’t an excuse.

        get informed.

        • Riz/troll, Having a different opinion than you, isn’t called ignorance….unless of course you’re a liberal.

          P.S. Your punctuation is elementary at best.

      • Sir…GOD’s chosen people are to be highly regarded. You may not agree with them. You may not believe. YAHWEH is in control

  10. I purchased one for my Glock 20 and intend to use it to hunt; not for playing Star Wars or any other trash being brought up by Jim. Why? Steadier to shoot a shoulder-fired weapon than a hand-held one. Paid $300 for it and have no issues buying from Israelis, like “the riz” apparently has. Seriously, thugs? If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, but don’t be a douche bag and belittle others who are interested.
    The only hang up I’ve run into was trying to get it to work using my Lone Wolf 6″ barrel. You can shoehorn the Glock with the Lone Wolf barrel into the Roni but the slide won’t rack back the whole way. The problem is the metal housing in front of the barrel hinders the 6″ barrel when it pivots up when the slide goes back. So it’s back to using the stock barrel on the Glock 20.
    I’m pretty happy with it and like I said plan to hunt deer this Fall with it, where my shots are 50 yards and under.

  11. hi guys
    I have a S&W 40 C sigma Smith & Wesson, would i able to get the Roni conversion kit for this weapon
    will have to import as i am living in South Africa , East London

    • Beautiful country South Africa. The explanation given to me about your gun laws made it sound restrictive. Been shooting a Glock 10mm in the Roni and love it. Well worth the investment.

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