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Press release:

Las Vegas, Nev. / Horseshoe Bend, Idaho (December 2018) –American Reserve Munitions, producers of quality ammunition for quality shooters, has launched a new Predator ammunition landing page, complete with a video history of the development of the projectile from Stephen Damron, U.S. Army Veteran, long-range shooting competitor and president of Dynamic Research LLC, and video testimonial from actual users of this most innovative projectile.

Visit and fill out a very brief survey and you will receive a discount on the caliber of your choice. This introduction offer is a perfect opportunity for you to take your long-range shooting to the next level. Calibers available in the Predator line include .338 Lapua, .300 Win., 30-06, .308 Win., 6.5 Creedmoor and .260 Rem.

The Predator projectile, introduced in the summer of 2018, is the result of a partnership between Go West Trading, a manufacturer of American made rifle brass and American Reserve Munitions. Unlike any other long-range cartridge, the Predator bullet is developed from a patented process using proprietary brass with a parasitic drag elimination design that eliminates instability and results in a more accurate, longer range projectile.

The benefits to your long-range competition or hunting adventure include the ability to drop game in one shot and achieve greater distances than traditional boat tail projectiles with the patented back-end design. The bullet flies with less air cavitation and the Predator is hands-down more accurate than boat tail projectiles.

“The new landing page for Predator ammo gives customers a quick overview of this amazing bullet and the chance to try it at a discounted price,” Vaugh Wilkes of ARM explained. “We believe that once you use Predator ammo on your next hunt or range day, you’ll be hooked, because the results are truly phenomenal.”

For more information on the Predator line of ammo, or to purchase, go to , visit and for additional information.

About Go West Trading:
Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Go West Trading is a manufacturer dedicated to producing the finest American-made rifle brass using the toughest quality control standards available. GWT uses match-grade, American-made rifle brass that exceeds MIL-Spec and through a 9-step projectile forming process using the most stringent quality control.

About American Reserve Munitions (ARM):
American Reserve Munitions, located in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho, proudly produce superior quality ammunition for serious shooters. Specializing in research and development, private label and creating custom loads, ARM is the main distributor of the new, ultra-long-range bullet, the Predator.

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  1. Seems there’s a few outfits really pushing the envelope. Trom ammo is producing projectiles that also have different back ends and process to be able to reach out farther than conventional ammo. They say their 300blk supers can reach out to 900m and their .308 ammo out to 1200. They also make 5.56 but haven’t bothered to look over those claims. Long range specialist Tiborasaurus Rex has sampled some of their offerings and says they have promise. They are expensive though (too rich for my blood). I wonder if these predator ammo guys will get into 300blk and 5.56?

      • “I thought the Creedmore couldn’t be improved upon.” Oh, YEAH? How about the 6.5 PRC???

        This infatuation for extended range shooting is facinating to me, considering what one can normally see at these distances, how long it may remain static once one decides to squeeze off the shot, and the distance one would have to travel overland to either retrieve or confirm a “kill”. I understand the need for bragging rights and all, and that most of this stuff will likely be shot on a range and probably within 200 yards. It’s a good exercise, I guess, and it does provide another need for a new rifle, components, reloading dies, etc.

    • Me too. More Creedmoor for my Creedmoor! IDK if I will be able to see any difference though. Longest range at Aurora Sportsman Club is just 600 yards and they are not planning on adding anything longer.

    • “Hi, MyName here, am I the only one who’s comments are disappearing into a black hole?”

      It’s happening to me as well, hit-or-miss.

      There’s a work-around to make it less annoying –

      When you compose a comment, *before* you hit ‘Send’, highlight and copy all the text in the comment box.

      That way, if it doesn’t show up, all you have to do is click-and-paste the text again in the comment box, and hit send again.

      It’s a pain in the ass, but it beats having to type out the whole damn thing again…

        • Sometimes comments fall into a moderation/spam queue and it takes a few minutes until somebody manually reviews and approves the comment before it shows up. Obviously this can be frustrating and it’s hard to know exactly what causes the automated system to flag a comment for manual approval, but if you could see the amount of complete BS spam crap it correctly nabs you’d be happy it’s in place.

        • I’m aware there is a spam filter, and I’m glad it is there, but my current problem, for the last several days, is posts that don’t show up at all (at least, the recent spate of them have not shown up even after 24 hours or more). The really odd part is that it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the content of the comment but, rather, my screen name. For instance, my post immediately above yours. I posted that initially with my common screen name (MyName), it failed to show up so I reposted exactly the same comment as AName and it showed up immediately.

          It’s not the end of the world or anything but it seems odd that it would start doing that all of a sudden – especially since “MyName” is a handle I’ve used for some time without issue.

        • You had 9 comments stuck in spam under the MyName name (770 successfully posted, FYI). I just approved those 9 through. I cannot see any reason why they were in there. You’re using the same email address every time and you’re on a few IP addresses but they all had plenty of comments approved by the system no problem and at least two were represented in the comments caught in spam. There’s nothing in the comment text that was abnormal at all. I can’t explain it. But, there were zero AName comments caught in spam, only MyName. I think the system dislikes that for some reason, but only some of the time. No idea.

    • “How Does One See a Target and/or Threat From 1 Mile Away?”

      Binoculars or a spotting scope first, followed up with a multi-power rifle scope.


    • I was surprised the first couple times I shot long range just how easy it is to see, with the naked eye, a white target at extended range. Sure it’s a different story if we start talking about animals and such, but seeing a white steel target at a mile on a natural colored background ain’t no thang. Seeing a 24″ square, white target at 1.5 miles with no assistance was fine, too. 4,000 yards (over 2.25 miles) gets hard but it’s there in the right light. And my right eye is horrible (barely, barely passes the driver’s license vision test).

  2. A hunk of brass is a hunk of brass. At the end of the day, clever shapes can only get you so far.

    Eventually we’re going to be looking at entirely new projectiles and delivery methods- THAT will be unparalleled technology.

  3. 1. The main page doesn’t have any ballistic or drop information which doesn’t tell me how it compares with it’s competitors such as the Berger 200.20X.
    2. I did the survey and in step 2 and and it stopped working at this question:
    “Would you like to try the #1 LONG RANGE BULLET available in the market today?”
    3. The questions are pointless and doesn’t help with the site.
    4. They should also consider making .224 valkyrie.

    Just provide the online store and ask what I think of the ammo after I try it.

  4. so they caught on that if it says “sponsored content” none of us will read it so know they just post it under their name.

    good god this site has zero fucking integrity. not that it ever had much anyway.

    • I really don’t understand. It’s just a press release. It says “press release.” It’s a copied-and-pasted press release. TTAG has posted press releases that we have found interesting since the founding of this site. When major manufacturers release a brand new product they issue a press release and we run it. Small manufacturers do the same thing and, if it seems interesting, we post it. This often provides the impetus for us to get our hands on a loaner unit from the company or from an FFL or individual so we can test it and do a full review. Until that time, it’s gun and gear news. People like getting news of new products hitting the market, and that news arrives in the form of press releases. There are entire websites — popular ones — that literally do nothing but post industry press releases, industry news, and coupon codes. They are popular websites because people like me who are interested in guns and gear are interested in finding out when new products are hitting the market. TTAG has always done press releases and news without editorializing. This is NOT an endorsement!

  5. I think one can do well by getting solid copper blocks, put them on a CNC machine and then make your own bullets with similar design for hand loads?
    Copper being lighter, you can have low weight and longer shapes for better BC?


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