New Order Firearms and Their NO9 Pistol Line are New


A new player has entered the U.S.-manufactured pistol market. New Order Firearms is based out of Pennsylvania and is ramping up manufacture of its first firearm, the duty-oriented NO9. It’s available in three model versions, each in three colors. There’s even a fully left-handed version . . .

There is no manual safety. Instead, the trigger pull length is fairly long but clocks in at a smooth, even 5 lbs.


All NO9 models are chambered for 9x19mm. All metal parts are machined from stock — no castings or MIM.


Parts count is fairly low, and the front and rear slide rail blocks are decently sized.


A competition model is available with an extended barrel and front sight actually on that barrel. It shot nicely, but the long trigger pull would have to be changed before anyone actually considered running it for speed.


The NO9L is a mirror-image of the standard NO9. It ejects out the left side and the magazine release is installed for activation from the right.


Mag releases are swappable, though. The slide catch is ambidextrous on all models, and regardless of model the takedown lever remains on the left. It certainly was funny to see the brass shooting out the wrong way while shooting the L. Overall, these pistols seem to be made fairly well — especially for a first iteration — and it appeared as though they were running reliably during Range Day.



  1. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    I can see their advertising campaign: Just say NO!

    1. avatar MurrDog says:

      With an MSRP of $675? I think most people will be saying “I’ll take that Glock or that HK” instead.

      1. avatar John in Ohio says:


      2. avatar Roadie says:

        Or 2 Canik TP9s

        1. avatar sagebrushracer says:

          or 3 hi-points!

        2. Or a partridge in a pear tree.

      3. avatar Rusty Chains says:

        I will agree at that price I am unlikely to say yes. My Walther PPQ cost me a lot less than that!

  2. avatar WRH says:

    Give me an NO9 and an NO9L so I can go guns akimbo!

  3. avatar MattG says:

    Negative ghostrider, the market is full…

    1. avatar Mmmtacos says:

      Well I wanted to say something to that effect, but I don’t think I could say it any better than that…

      But yes, the market is full. It seems so far that this pistol only distinguishes itself from having a southpaw version… but so what? It ejects to the left instead of the right, how advantageous is that? How is that possibly a feature attractive enough to make one want it more than a Sig, Glock, H&K, S&W, etc.? Last I checked most people shoot isosceles nowadays which practically makes that a moot feature. Even if they were shooting CAR John Wick style as a lefty it doesn’t even seem like an impediment. Especially not when so many pistols are ambi or can be configured to be so.

      Too little, too late. Unless you’re already an established name (i.e. Ruger) or you make some wunderpistole I don’t see something like this gaining any traction.

      I predict the next time I will see this gun is on Forgotten Weapons in 30 years (too harsh?)

      1. avatar Chris. says:

        I agree, I shoot left, right side ejection is non-issue.

      2. avatar James in AZ says:

        If you are lefty, left side ejection helps when you shoot from retention or clear malfunctions strong hand only.
        On a pistol i as a lefty may prefer left side ejection for those reasons. But whether this gun is good enough to let me give up on glocks remains to be seen.
        On a rifle i want right side ejection for fast ejection port observation, ease to use gravity to clear malfunctions, and stovepipes stovepiping on the better side to clear

      3. avatar Sock Monkey says:

        ” Last I checked most people shoot isosceles nowadays which practically makes that a moot feature.”

        What, most people on YouTube? How could you know which stance “most people” are using?

  4. avatar John in Ohio says:

    I might have missed it but I don’t think I see it in the article nor on their website anywhere, any idea of a price range?

  5. avatar James in AZ says:

    Reversible mag catch. Slide stop forward left only. Lefty’s dream. Take my money

  6. avatar David B says:

    Nice to see a new mfg. Hope they make it.

  7. avatar jwm says:

    OH. Golly. More compressed cheeze whiz. And at a higher price.

  8. avatar Jonathan Kidd says:

    You left out the best part; the magazines! The 9mm uses Beretta 92 magazines and the .40 uses 96 magazines. I think that’s great. The Mec Gar 18 round flush fitting 92 magazines are great and less expensive than factory Beretta magazines. Beretta makes 30 round magazines for the Beretta 92 and CX4 Carbine. I’m anxiously awaiting my tax return to buy a Beretta 92G(Decocker only) and if this gun is a success, I will definitely try to get one.

    1. avatar Andrew Lias says:

      That is awesome it means the mags probably don’t suck one of the most important aspects of a properly working semi auto.

      1. avatar Jonathan Kidd says:
        Comes with 3 magazines too.

  9. avatar Tile floor says:

    I wish them luck and I hope they find success, but I don’t see anything in them that makes me want one badly enough to drop down a chunk of cash that big on it.

  10. avatar Chris. says:

    Looks sort of like an FN & a Sig had a baby…

  11. avatar CJ Minnesota says:

    I wonder if it is truly left. Did they reverse the rifling on the lefty version? That kind of attention to detail cannot be overlooked. It simply doesn’t seem to have the features that makes it stand out above the other pistols in that price range. It will be interesting to see the reviews after someone puts it through some paces…

  12. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    “A competition model is available…”
    Now that’s funny right there.

  13. avatar defensor fortismo says:

    They actually were calling themselves Nite Owl last year, I guess they got delayed. It is worth noting that they have the international lord of hate’s seal of approval.

  14. avatar Jacob says:

    I’d love a left handed pistol, but beta testing something from a brand new company isn’t for me. Hopefully an established maker brings one to market.

  15. avatar ScottS says:

    It’s 2016. Who puts a hooked trigger guard on a pistol in 2016? To what end?

    1980 is calling. They want their design back.

    1. avatar Roadie says:

      Sig, H&K, Canik, Beretta, CZ, Walther, Glock… 🙂

      1. avatar ScottS says:

        I’ll rephrase: It’s 2016. Why is anyone still putting hooked trigger guards on new pistol designs?

        1. If it quacks like a Glock…

        2. avatar ScottS says:

          Oops, looks like I’m a big fat faggot.

    2. I want to know why this fetish for front serrations.

      1. avatar James in AZ says:

        Grabbing the whole slide to rack it when you’re not expecting ejection?

        1. Why not just do it the correct way every time regardless of expected ejection?
          What do you get like one pinky finger on the front, if that?
          By your logic, why not put serrations in the mid section?
          My hand goes no where near the front of the gun unless it has been field stripped.

        2. avatar James in AZ says:

          Well it really depends on your own manual of arms. Here’s mine: i don’t use the over-hand method. I run the slide like slingshot with thumb, index finger and middle finger. To me that combination is a much better way for a secure grip, and the weak hand ends up closer to the grip, but everyone is different. Now, in a gunfight the only time you rack the slide and are not expecting ejection is after clearing a doublefeed and during the subsequent loading. I find running my entire weak hand in front of the ejection port to be faster because after the rack, the weak hand ends up at a place closer to the grip. That’s the whole reason why i put this extra monkey wrench into my training. Nothing wrong with running the slide in one consistent way, but i found myself capable of remembering this extra item.

          Btw, i really dig the idea of whole slide serration like beretta apx and some pimped out glocks out there. I did the same to my glocks with skateboard tape.

        3. Sounds like you’re way over thinking this dude.
          There is no more delay getting your off hand back on the grip using the overhand method.
          The advantage of the over hand is that you have more contact with the slide, none where front serrations are, so you are more likely to not slip. This is very important under stress.
          Do it however you want but you did not provide a reason for front serrations.

  16. avatar 38Specialist says:

    I admire their pluck for entering a brutally competitive market. We’ll have to see where the street value ends-up and whether they really ship pistols to dealers.

    That said – I see the attraction for a minimalist, non-Glock. Most humans like something that is more sculpted than a Glock and some other 9mm hole-pokers. Good or bad – the way it feels in the hand dictates how many folks will think they can shoot the pistol. I like the way the texturing on the grip looks. They covered all the surface on the lower grip.

    Kind if fits with the Walther PPX in its approach. Glockites may dismiss it but the market will decide for itself. I might take a look when they hit the shelves and settle the price. The real price.

    1. avatar Hai Spletstoser says:

      The price is 560 from the company.

  17. avatar Charlie says:

    Oh Wow! Another polymer frame striker fired pistol! Zzzzzzz 🙂

    1. avatar Stuki Moi says:

      Hey, the more competition from others making the same thing, the less opportunity for Glock to go Sig.

  18. avatar KenW says:

    For some reason I read it as #9 as in Love Potion # 9.
    Hopefully I successfully stuck that song in at least one other persons head beside my own.

  19. avatar Wiregrass says:

    I wish them well. It’s nice to see something starting up in Clairton besides that decaying coke plant.

  20. avatar Fred Frendly says:

    Somebody has to out Taurus Taurus.

    Speaking of Taurus, the so called Millenium “recall” they havent taken one pistol back. So much for “recalls.”

  21. avatar T.F. says:

    Most the comments I see are about how you will stick with your Glock, Sig, Impossibly Cheap Walther or HK… You miss the point.

    There’s nothing wrong with another player in the crowded field. If guys like you had your way, the only new guns introduced would be from your favorite fanboy manufacturers only. If the product from the new guy can’t stand on its own, then it goes away. If it’s great, it can force the lazy soulless big box manufacturers to up their game and drop their prices.

    No MIM, no cheap stamped metal and good reliability says quality all the way. Quality sells even if it’s not a soulless piece of tactical Tupperware – lime the ones some of you seem to love SOOOOOOOO much.

  22. avatar Hai Spletstoser says:

    Talk to the company and day ago and found them to be great people and a big company. The nice thing is that it is an ALL American pistol. Not one part is from somewhere else. Unlike meny of the pre-mentioned company in the post. I think that is pretty good. And why not call and ask about the product. $560.00 with 3, 18 round mags. 4 frame colors and a life time warranty. They have a long slide in the works and sight options too. It’s all buy direct from them. They practically make the pistols to order. Sure you can get other guns cheaper but America was built on taking chances, so take a chance on these guys. You might be surprised. Just saying.

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